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All good advice above. We pull a 30 with the same truck as yours. We signed up for the GoodSam Pilot/Flying J fuel card. Discounts your fuel $0.06 per gallon over posted price.

We use the big truck bays and, with the card, you just insert it, choose your fuel options (skipping the DEF for us!), and enter your control number. The statement comes about the 13-14th of the month, and the automatic draw on your checking about the 29th.

Hodum's advice about the Allstays Camp and RV is right on the money. We use it All. The. Time. from our phones and pads. The other good book is Next Exit, which describes stops if/when you don't use the iPhone.

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We bought our 2008 Duramax Diesel and 30' classic at the same time and I had a lot of concerns at first never having owned a diesel before.

I have found it not to be as much of a problem as expected. I do a lot of the things many others have suggested here.

- I always try to start the day with a full tank of diesel if the truck has been unhooked.

- We use the "Next Exit" book when traveling interstates to try to get off at an exit that shows in the book as having stations with diesel and also being "RV friendly."
I generally try to pick an exit that shows as having a couple of these stations in case one is not as good as claimed.

- I always give preference to Flying J's, Pilot's, TA, etc. if there is one within striking distance.

- If I have to get fuel at a smaller station I try to approach the stations slowly to size them up ensuring that they have a sign for diesel, and if at all possible, pump islands that are parallel to the building, not the stupid arrangement where your truck winds up being pointed right at the building. If I have to go into that type of set up, I park the truck well away from the pump - barely allowing the hose to reach - so I will have more clearance to make the 90 degree turn around the pump island to get out.

- Of course whenever possible. I try hard to spot which pump(s) have diesel before pulling in. A few times, not being sure, I have driven past the station, parked the trailer and walked back to scope things out before returning with the trailer.

- The more experience I have with it of course, the less concern it is. Now that I am more comfortable with towing the larger trailer and driving the truck, I always know that I could back out if I had to. I've only had to do that once or twice and it was really no problem.

I now look at it as at worst, an interesting challenge rather than something to worry about!


Brian & Connie Mitchell

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The price of diesel is higher with the commercial road taxes in those big rig fueling lanes, vs the RV lanes.
I have a freightliner with saddle tanks, there are times I pay the extra just for ease of fueling both sides with the slave pump.
Running solo I always have to flip the truck around to fully fuel up @ the mom & pops. I leave the nozzle on the ground tucked away while I flip to keep the pump active for one transaction.
"Chip Tank" is in Flagstaff Az.
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I pull a 25' a lot and a 32' just a little bit. You can deal with it. Less ground clearance and you have to look for holes and drag points even in the truck fueling areas. And the back swings right when you turn left. When we caravan we generally fill up when we are unhooked in an area. When traveling to and from an area we only need fuel once or sometimes twice a day and look for a place that seems accessible. There are a lot of places to fuel trucks, even in rural areas.
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Spend some time on Google Earth and look at different stations at the exits you want to stop at. The ones where the pumps go toward the store are the ones to stay away from. I don't understand why they make pumps face the store because it limits which vehicles can get in and out. It is easier to find stations when you are not traveling on the interstate. You can size up a station without having to get on and off the interstate. You probably want to stay away from exits that have few places to turn around if you need to. You don't want to get on a narrow two lane road that has no turn arounds for the next 10 miles. Many times you can drive a mile or two down the road and get more choices and better prices. If you have a pickup consider a large bed tank. This will greatly extend your range so you can get fuel where you want and for the price you want. I don't drive a diesel right now but when I did I was always looking for places to get fuel. I don't like the bubba truck stops. If you frequent this route you can map out the places that are best to stop at.

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I actually find it more difficult fueling the Gas truck!

I've towed with a Diesel when My father had the F250, and we always filled at the Commercial truck pump then parked with the truck and went inside to pay, eat, ect.

With the Gas truck, at many service areas you have the option of going on the Truck side, where there's parking for long rigs, or on the Car side where the Gas pumps are. More than once we've fueled up on the car side, then driven to the next service area to eat. Once when we were really low on fuel and we pulled in on the truck side then found out we couldn't get to the gas pumps from there so I drove part way down the on ramp then backed up the service area exit to the gas pump and blocked in atleast 3 cars at the gas pump.

Of course I also had a woman block me in at the pump and take her kids in to the restaratunt for lunch!
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My truck has the "older" small-diameter fill pipe. Some of the truck islands only have the large diameter nozzles - which calls for a quick pre-check before pulling up. Other than that, I've never had any real problems with finding "convenient" diesel stations. I do, however, try to fill up before re-hooking if we're parked overnight near a diesel station. My only other caution is that, with the known sensitivitly of the injectors on my GMC, I try to pick out high-volume stations. The "ma and pa" stations that service the local farmers and truckers can't always be counted on for the cleanest fuel!

2003 GMC 3500 D/A, CC, LB, 4x4 and 2000 Airstream Excella 30. WBCCI 7074
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I noticed at the last two Love's they were selling only 20% Bio Diesel. My Mercedes has a limit of 5% Bio Diesel as do many of the pickups. This 20% stuff has caused a lot of challenges for the big rigs. That will also be what comes out of the auto diesel pumps at Love's.

Kind of like the higher ethanol gas eating up the fuel systems on cars and small motorcycles. The Wall Street Journal had an ad by the big 8 automakers saying damage to their engines and fuel systems from this high ethanol gasoline will NOT be covered by warranty.

I was reading on one Cummins forum that the high speed pumps on the truck islands tend to bring along more "trash and water" in the fuel since they do not filter the fuel due to the high fill rate. The slower "car" pumps usually have a filter to get the large debris out of the fuel. Also, check the fuel filter on your vehicle often when using Truck stops. Might even be wise to carry a spare. Big rigs usually have one large and perhaps two smaller fuel filters so the fast fill is no problem.
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I've never thought about all the things discussed in this thread. I am always just looking for the best price on diesel. I figure if I can pull up to a pump, I can pull away from it too. My 3500 Dodge with an 8 foot bed towing an Overlander makes for a pretty long rig. I have never had a problem yet. Small stations, truck stops, whoever has the cheapest diesel gets my business. Small stations tend to get my business since truck stops tend to be the most expensive these days. I do lie a Flying J since they sell the super charged coffee.
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Thanks for the apps for the cell phone and the other advice. I've managed quite well (with a couple of nerve wracking exceptions) with my 25 and LONG long pickup truck.

Traveling solo makes it bad if you're trying to spot a good station while also driving. Planning in advance does help.

If you have to use a non-truck stop I've found most Sheetz stations have a good diesel pump where it's possible to pull up, fuel and pull out. WAWA is good IF the station has diesel.

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Does no one else have an opening on their tank that is too small for the truck stop nozzles?We tow with '02 Ford 7.3 liter 1 ton van.

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Another Non-Problem Solved...

Isn't this a great forum!
This really isn't an issue whether you stop at truck stops or not.
I personally don't like truck stops, and I won't stop anyplace that I cannot pay at the pump.
I have a 30' (actually 31') and a Duramax with a little, tiny fuel tank.
I just never pull into any station that doesn't offer generous space for me, my truck, my trailer, my wife, my two dogs; the full catastrophe.
I also do what "polarlyse" suggests. When I see a nicely laid out, clean looking station, and I've been on the road at least two hours; I pull in and fill up.
Everybody is happy! The wife, both dogs, the owner of the station...
And I have rewarded him for thinking about us guys with travel trailers.
So, now you have time to worry about something else.
Ken L
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Here's another trick I've used...
You really don't have to look at both sides of the fuel island to see if there is a diesel dispenser... Just look at the pavement, the diesel pumps always have a big-o-greasy spot right in front of them!
Hi Ho Silver RV! Vernon, Sarah, Mac the Border Collie -
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we use Next Exit. and it has the stations that are big enough for RV's in Red.

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