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Originally Posted by azflycaster
Looks like many of you doyour own oil changes, where do you take the old oil when you are done?
Each Wal-Mart Super-Store in FL and MN that I've asked has got me to sign a register and then pointed me towards a bulk container to dump the old oil. There's a per person limit per day on the quantity.
I've given up paying someone else to do the oil change, however cheap. There have been overfills, underfills, over-tightening, under-tightening, damage to a sump plug, wrecking the new sump plug in one visit by using the wrong size wrench, three hour waits, and stupid pressure to carry out unnecessary work.
Ideally, of course, one finds a local skilled and trusted mechanic, and pays the proper rate for that. However, that's particularly difficult when travelling.

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Another thing to watch out for......

When I first came down to Florida, I stopped at a JL to have my truck suspension greased and tires rotated. After they were done I asked the "technician" who did the work how many grease fittings he hit. He said "8". I told him there were 11. He said he could not "get to the last 3". I explained to him that all he had to do to access them was unscrew the 2 bolts that hold the front splash panel and lower it. He said they were not allowed to do that. So, after I drove it back I home I removed the splash pan and hit those remaining grease zerks. Now, I just do it all myself, including tire rotation.

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I take my old oil to the County dump where they are glad to get it and don't charge me. I don't know if other dumps, especially private ones, do that. I think if a place sells oil they have to take old oil, but most of them would rather not let you know that.

I forgot to add that I don't trust quickie oil change places. Like other quickies, it may do the job, but not very satisfying and sometimes damaging. I don't know how Toyota dealers make a lot of money on repair work because there's so little of it and routine maintenance is easy enough for a shade trade mechanic. I do trust my nearest dealer, but don't see him very often. I won't claim all Toyota dealers are good, but in a rural area they do have a reputation to uphold unlike the large urban areas. He also sells Chrysler products, so I guess he has lots of repair work…

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When I bought my 2000 F150 new in 2001, I took it to the dealer for the first 2 oil changes. The first time I got it back with oily handprints on the hood and fender. The second time I had oily handprints on the door. When I got in there were some on the steering wheel and the carpet. When I complained to the service manager, he sent the kid (it was his first day) over to clean up. He then put his hand on the seat, without washing it, to reach the carpet!

They did get it cleaned up eventually. My F150 has only been back there once, to get the cruse control repair.

I go to a locally owned oil change place near where I work. They do a great job and even vacuum out the front. Plus, the whole thing takes less time than just standing in line to pay at the Ford dealership.
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Either change it yourself or find someone that does good work and stick with them. I change the oil in the Jeep myself because none of the local dealers seem to know what a double Carden is or how to grease it. That only cost me $60 to repair but could have been much worse. The Venture goes to the dealer, they do a good job on it and as has been pointed out they are a very good value. One of the local quick lube type places is staffed by 4x4 enthusiasts and they will also do a good job. Good quality work is available, you just have to find them and it can be expensive in repairs while you are looking.

I have used Mobil One or Convoy or TKO with Valvoline, hydrocarbon not ester based for several years. The Jeep gets a new filter and one quart every 2K and fresh oil every 6K. Filters plug much faster than oil additives break down. BTW the Jeep has 160K+, doesn't burn oil and the oil on the dipstick, still looks quite clean at 6K when I change it.
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I take my Ridgeline to the local Ford dealer. I use their syn blend brand. They advertise to service all brands.
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Different strokes for different folks..............
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Oil Change

We spend a little extra but put it in the hands of our trusted mechanic-Tiger of Tiger's Automotive. It's worth the extra to have peace of mind. He does all the work on our 1997 Tahoe.
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When I do it myself I take the time to slide around the underside, cleaning and inspecting. I take the used oil (or multiple oils; I use a dedicated 5-gl gas can for this) to an auto parts store. Changing the rear gear oil is pretty simple these days, what with re-use-able gaskets.

I prefer to do the other fluids as well (except brakes with ABS; easier to have my mechanic do it); as well, make a day or two of it along with a major clean-up of underside and engine annually. With a creeper or a big piece of cardboard, a good light and plenty of cleaning supplies I have the opportunity to take a very long look at things. Things I can then take to a mechanic and discuss (when also doing state inspection, etc).

In other words, one or two two-day periods per year for this scheduled service. In this same period I also do the work on tires, etc.

But never to Jiffy Lube.

Otherwise, I go to a shop where I can keep an eye on them. I ALWAYS bring my own oil and filter (at this time, Rotella and a Donaldson filter) so that I am assured of what I am paying for. I generally quiz the tech just a bit so as to get an assurance of proper attitude if the shop is new to me. I have usually found that a little rapport goes a long way.

And, then, I'm also one of those guys who will hang out at the gas station while the wife is having the bi-weekly cosmetic stuff done. Buy everyone a soda, maybe. Enjoy a few stories about other customers.
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Originally Posted by azflycaster

Looks like many of you doyour own oil changes, where do you take the old oil when you are done?
Richard, here in the valley I take mine to Checker or Autozone.
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Camry goes to Toyota garage. Mobil oil (not syn) & Toyota filter. They adhere to their time schedule & price is reasonable. They don't use mystery oil or mystery filters, always mobil oil & toyota filter. Some dealers will change brands of bulk oil based on price, not mine.

All oil filters are not created equal.

GMC truck gets Mobil 1 syn, GM filter, & I do myself when home. Oil gets changed at 10,000 miles & filters at 5000 miles or close. I will change before I leave on a caravan & then I might need a filter(which I take with me) & one quart on the road. I will get Wally world to do it plus I talk to them and get the steering linkage grease fittings done. I make sure they don't touch the fittings with rubber boots so they don't get overfilled. I changed one zerk fitting so it can be reached without pulling front splash guard.

GM is changing specified filters so often, next change will probably be mobil 1 filter as well.
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I change my own oil and use Mobil 1 Syn and a genuine Toyota Filter. I have a 2007 FJ Cruiser and changed to Mobil 1 at around 8,000. The engine seems to idle smoother now.

I have read that you shouldn't change to Syn until you have about 5,000 miles or so to make sure that everything is seated properly.

Happy Streaming!
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Horror story...

I had an experience about 15 years ago with one of the no-name quick oil change places. I was driving an old (1977) Toyota Corolla at the time and, due to crappy weather, had brought it in to let someone else do it rather than freeze my butt off outside.

Big mistake.

The "technician" left a screw driver and an oily rag under the hood of the car when he was done. The screwdriver fell at the first opportunity, taking the oily erag with it right into the exhaust headers. I stopped at a store to pick up some film, and a few minutes later, firemen came in asking "who owns the smoking Toyota"? Yup, engine compartment fire. The damages weren't too bad, but enough to really pi$$ me off. Of course, the oil change place denied ANY responsibility.

Now, I either do it myself or go to the dealer. When it's time for a tranny fluid change, I go to a local transmission shop (the owner is a buddy of mine).
Bob Fowler

Some people are like Slinkies. They're really good for nothing, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

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Almost forgot...

For those folks in northeastern Massachusetts, I can recommend VIP auto service in North Billerica Mass. Last November I towed the Basecamp up ther for Thanksgiving and had a shock absorber failure on I-495. I drove the last few miles to Mom's house doing the 3 shock tango and took the van to them the next morning. While they were doing the shocks, I had them do the transmission fluid at the same time. They have a machine that completely flushes out the old fluid from the transmission and torque converter, not just a drop the pan oil change. The service was quick and priced very reasonably.

Bob Fowler

Some people are like Slinkies. They're really good for nothing, but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

TAC - NJ-007

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