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Do not forget that a diesel costs more to buy and maintain and buy fuel for than a gas model. Remember, when you compare a Ram to GMC, Chevy and Ford that you get what you pay for. Also, GMC, Chevy and Ford are AMERICAN owned companies unlike the Italian owned Chrysler company.

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Is the Tundra performing well?
I would want to keep the Tundra.
No other truck has a back seat as big as the Tundra or wide, fully opening rear doors like Tundra. I am always towing near or over payload by the numbers, but the Tundra doesn't seem to know or care.
If you are convinced you need a new truck, try a 3/4 ton GM Duramax/Allison.
We have a fleet of them at work. They are beasts.
I have 0 experience with Ram.

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Originally Posted by map-it View Post

I've also read with the straight axle up front on the Dodge seems to go out of alignment more often and requires more frequent tires and brakes due to the heavier chassis.

The Ram 2500 does not have a straight front axle. Like Chevy and Ford the 3/4 toners are all independent coil spring front ends. With the exception of the RAM, I believe since 2014 models, the RAM 2500 is unique in that the rear suspension is also spring versus a leaf spring suspension. There is also an option on the Ram 2500 for a rear air suspension instead of the coil. If you have not driven this Ram suspension configuration you should do so, impressive for a HD.

You might also consider a gas in your HD if you are not needing 800 lbs of torque. The Ram 5.7 and 6.4 they are good performers for a substantial less cost.

I have owned 3 Ford diesels (6.0, 6.4, 6.7) and a Chevy in not their good years. I ordered and took delivery of a Ram with 5.7 in March and already have 5,000 miles pulling a 25FC and 16,000 miles total. Absolutely love everything about it. It has impressed me enough that I will be ordering a 2500 Cummins for the 2016 models.

I don't think you can make a mistake in your choice. They all ride pretty good loaded. They almost all ride like crap unloaded, but again test drive the all coil spring Ram 2500, unloaded. Good luck.
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I have or have had both Chevy and Dodge (3/4 and 1 ton). There are trade offs in both. Can't go wrong either way.

I think the Chevy's are a more comfortable ride.

Or I thought 2016 the Tundra was to have a cummins in 2016 year models. It will most likely be half ton.
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We just went through this ourselves about a month ago. We drove all of the big three new and liked the new GM's the best, but the Ram was a close second, rode better, and was much cheaper. We ended up finding a low mileage 2014 RAM for an excellent deal. We could not find any of the newer style GM's at a good deal. We just put a 1200 mile camping trip on it and were very impressed. I love the way the Silverado looks, but I just could not justify the price difference. I do not regret the RAM. It drives easier than the GM (in my opinion) and rides better as well. It is a little louder, but I liked that as well. In my opinion they are both great choices though.
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Love my RAM 2500 Diesel

I use a 2013 RAM 2500 Diesel Big Horn to two my 25' AS, and love it. My brother in law has over 500K miles on his with no engine work; and my Father law had about the same. Due to their recommendation and the great price, I went with the RAM - and have not been disappointed. Also - the exhaust break works great. I also thought the cabin interior was nicer and seats slightly more comfortable. I have also heard good things about the Chevy. Actually - probably can't go to far wrong with either Chevy or RAM. Older Ford's had MPG issues -- but I suspect the newer ones are much better now.
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I always had fords, after their 6 litre problems with on warranty , I went dodge with the 6.7 , and their 6 speed auto, it is very good, the exhaust also is 2sd to none,as far as engines go the duromax is Isusu, ,and the dodge was cheaper by a bunch, 93000 miles and no problems,
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Originally Posted by AnnArborBob View Post
I do not trust any Chrysler product for durability. They look better (styling-wise) than Ford or GM, but in the long run, they are just plain crap (based on over thirty years of unscientific observations.) No offense intended to any loyal Chrysler owners, you have your reasons for owning them.
Well you never owned a 440 with a 727 tranny they lasted , the 70s dodge pickup cabs weren't very good I agree, gm never built a long lasting diesel, the cummins dodge uses has proven to be very reliable, so unless you own one you know very little about them,I will be in your area in a few days if you care to test one out.....
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I've owned GM trucks for almost thirty years and switched to the Ram in 2011. I can't address athethics, looks are an individual choice, but the durability and reliability factors are more easily calculated. My last GM product spent almost 40% of its days under repair and had more warranty work than acceptable so I ditched it after two years (keeping my other one one). Failures ran the gambit from engine, to transmission, to hardware. It must have been a Friday afternoon build!

By contrast, the RAM (2500 6.7ltr 4x4 crew cab/short bed) has had only recall service and half of those visits didn't apply upon inspection. When I checked my service records, it has had less maintenance expense than my other GM truck through the first 50k: count me in the impressed owner category.

I have towed my 28' Airstream slideout over 32K now and can report 12 mpg in undulating terrain/mountains, 13.7 mpg on flat coastal areas and I run at 62-63 mph. In everyday stop/go city traffic I get 12.8 mpg and 17.+ interstate. I prefer towing my Airstream with the RAM over the Chevy. The new RAMs claim better fuel mileage and other performance specs than the 2011 model.
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Duramax is your best bet

I recently faced the same dilemma--replacing a 2005 Ford F150 to haul my 27FB—the 5.4 L was still strong, but struggled to pull the mountains of Colorado. So decision was made to look for a “newesd” tow vehicle—I looked for low mileage 2014/2015 ¾ ton diesel vehicles. After lots of research and reviewing multiple forums, I was convinced that the Ram 2500 was the truck for me. I really wanted the Ram with the strong Cummins, but was fascinated by the bulletproof GM Allison transmission. However, my better half, demanded that we test drive them all to make sure given the price point.
We test drove a Ford F250, Ram 2500 and Chevrolet 2400--all 2014/15s with less than 9000 miles. The Ford was a big disappointment compared to GM & Ram, not really even in the running so I’m not going to bother further. I understand the 2016 Ford Superduty has been completely redone, so maybe...
The Ram 2500 Laramie was well appointed on the inside, great entertainment center in the dash, but the seats weren’t that comfortable, less so than our 10 year old King Ranch Ford. The big six fired right up and out we pulled—definitely feel the big motor idling—not a big issue with me, but my wife asked the salesman about the vibration and he said we could try another Ram--stated that it was normal for the Cummins. So out on the highway we went, turbo lag was a little irritating, but when the big turbo Cummins hit, it hit hard and pulled hard, great for me, but not for my wife. The ride was a little rough, but what I expected from a heavy duty truck. Back to the dealer, tried another Ram 2500, same vibration, OK, on to the GM.
Last was a Chevrolet Silverado LTZ 3500—I wasn’t really interested, but I had promised my wife I would test drive them all. The first thing I noticed is that I couldn’t hear the engine when I started it compared to the Ford or Ram. The second was the seats—very comfortable, best of the three. Anyway, out for the test drive—some turbo lag, but nothing like in the Ram—very smooth acceleration that shoves you back in the seat. OK, finally the ride, no vibration at all and felt like we were in a sedan. By far the smoothest riding of the three. My wife then asked me if wanted to spend all day in the Ram and get out with a sore back or with the Allison transmission and the great ride. No need to beat me over the head. We love our Chevrolet, could not be happier. I get 18-19 mpg in and around town and 23 on the highway. When towing I am hovering around 19. According to the Duramax forums, once I hit 40,000 miles my mileage towing should go up. Good luck with your decision. If you choose the GM, you will not be disappointed.
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I plan to drive the Chevy tomorrow afternoon.

I have always owned 1/2 Ton trucks and I love my Tundra but I need to upgrade due to tax reasons and my truck has 160,0000 miles on it.

Im really leaning towards a GM Product based on the ride and interior comfort but the Dodge really impressed me as well.

Thanks for all of your comments and I appreciate the feedback.

But depending on the price the Dodges seem to have their heart right and I hope I can get some good numbers from GM.

But you guys are right I think either truck will do just fine for the intended purpose.

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Good luck Bill. Your right you will enjoy which ever you decide or market sways you.

2016 RAM 2500 6.7L Cummins, 4WD, Crew, Rear Air
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I now own a 2012 RAM 1500 5.7L gas. (400hp/400ft-lbs torque). Previously I owned 4 fords and one thing I can tell you without doubt is the front suspension on the RAM is superior. The front ends on all my Fords would chatter while going around a turn while hitting a pothole which at times was scary. My ram holds the road and you fell secure. I have 80k on my RAM without any maint. issues. The last Ford I had was in the shop 4 times before it hit 100k.
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Have only had my 2015 Ram 2500 Cumins for a month but I love it. The ride is so comfortable I have to remind myself that I'm driving a 3/4 ton truck. Every person that rides in it is impressed with the comfort and quiet ride. Most of my driving is on country roads in the VA Blue Ridge with a little mix of city and interstate and I'm getting 19.5 mpg. Have only towed our 23FB for 50+ miles and it took the hills like I wasn't towing anything. The tow/haul mode and engine brake worked great. Can't speak for reliability but one of the reasons I went with the Ram is I have many friends that have them and they have had no issues. Additionally, see more Ram 2500/3500's used by the farmers in our area that Ford or Chevy. Good luck.

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