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Needing a new truck

Hi everybody! I have a 28 international-- I'm in the market for a new truck -- can't decide between ford or Chevy long bed or short bed? Diesel or gas? Thanks for any input!

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That's a wide net you are casting... and there are lots of debates on this topic you can search for. FWIW, if I was towing > 10,000 miles a year, with that size I'd go diesel... if you need the extra space, a long box, but it makes for a big truck to cart around. For something you are driving a lot empty, the Ford Eco-boost is a good compromise. Tundra, Silverado, F-150, Ram... all pretty similar specs in their gas versions... drive them and pick the one you like.

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I agree with the post above. If I was towing nearly all the time, a diesel would be my choice. The 1/2 ton gas powered trucks would be a great choice for towing once in a while.

I own a couple of HD Dodge diesels and a Ram 1500. I'd take the 1/2 any day for comfort and ease of use for daily driver duty. But, there is a night and day difference towing/hauling with the diesels. There are lots of nice choices out there right now. Good luck with your search.
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Welcome to the Forums!

You've just opened a thread on one of the most age-old debates there is! Your profile says you currently tow with a Tundra ... lots of folks on here seem to have good experiences with them. I don't know zip about their tow ratings, but if you're not up against load/tow restrictions, why change to something unknown?
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Originally Posted by Zinger View Post
Hi everybody! I have a 28 international-- I'm in the market for a new truck -- can't decide between ford or Chevy long bed or short bed? Diesel or gas? Thanks for any input!
Chevy Silverado HD2HD | Pickup Truck Comparison |
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...from a direct link to Chevy?...wonder woks gonna come out ahead?...maybe I'll,post ford

Don't listen to the man behind the curtain....

Get the new 2011 to current f250. Great truck and proving to be a solid workhorse. 42,000 miles here and awesome. The modern interior and amenities are amazing. It's truly first class.

On a serious note,...they both will be great additions. Just go drive one and you will make the decision yourself. They both Ford and Chevy are beyond powerful for what you need.

Good luck. Post pics when you get her...also enjoy the hunt!


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I have a 2006 f150 with the 4.6 lit v8. It seems a little underpowered... If u go the f150 route take a close look at the larger 5.4 lit v8, plus it's tow rating is 13,000 lbs.
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We loved our '03 GMC Sierra 5.3 V8, with a 9,000 tow rating. While in the flatlands, she pulled with little complaint. When we tried to cross the Blue Ridge, she resisted, and we dropped to 2nd at times. We knew the trip across the Rockies, Bitteroots, and Cascades would need a diesel. We found a nice used 2500HD. It just reaches into its Pull Bucket and doesn't know the Silver Otter is back there. 30,000 miles later we're still happy.
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I tow an '09 27FB (28') International CCD with an '11 Tundra Dbl Cab 5.7, with tow package, and it tows like a dream. Taking it up to Big Bear this weekend.
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1] How many years will you own the truck?

2] How many nights aboard trailer in that period?

3] How many approximate miles, overall?

A pickup may be a default choice among RV'ers, but it is the worst TV as to handling, braking and for fuel economy. No Airstream made "needs" a pickup. The "advantage" -- the compromise -- is more a worthwhile choice when extended travel is contemplated and extra storage capacity is desired plus utility to the owner when solo is high.

An owner doing around 50/nights year or 5,000-miles annually in travel is at the low end of the scale, generally. Hard to justify a truck when the solo miles are 12-15k or greater and no other need is present.

Start by playing with numbers like this and look to purchase costs, plus ownership and operational costs ( and TCO) versus a sedan or other choice.

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Had a 2010 f150 SuperCrew 5.4 V8 4x4 that pulled my 28CCD just fine but after my tongue weight of 1050lbs it only left 300lbs for gear,fuel,and passengers not to mention any extra weight added to the trailer.It was not rated for the weight.

Traded for 2012 F350 SuperCrew 6.7 litre turbo diesel 4x4 with 8ft box.Now plenty of cargo room and pulls trailer like it isnt there.I can take plenty of gear,ATV for elk hunting in CO or a motorcycle along without being overloaded.Quiet, comfortable and rides like a luxury car.Best money I ever spent (other than the Airstream).
No diesel smell!!!
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from 20-20 hindsight


The tow vehicle death match will never end. Get what works for you in your life. We offer "thinking points" - you sift and choose freely. One size does NOT fit all.

I went out and bought a great tow vehicle - cost not a concern. Chevy Silverado 2500 diesel, long bed quad cab (full size back seats). Five years later....
  1. The 2500 Silverado diesel is an awesome motor!
  2. The six speed transmission is amazingly smooth and responsive.
  3. The long bed will carry two coffins with fat guys in them.
  4. The full 4 door cab does carry 6 adult sized adults in comfort when it isn't full of camping crap.
If it burned to a cinder and I got a big check from someone else's insurance company because it was their fault, I'd replace it with:
  1. a 3/4 ton gasser
  2. full 4 door cab
  3. four whell drive
  4. backup camera
  5. short bed OR a utility truck bed (+5-10K)
  6. I'd even consider going back to a 2500 Suburban

Gas - I normally don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, but diesel is less refined than gas, and until 10 years ago or so, it was always cheaper than gas. Now it's priced up there with premium gas - and it isn't always all that easy to find if you get off the interstates. The much touted "fuel economy" of a diesel is a now a non-starter unless you're making backyard biodiesel.

Oil Changes etc, etc, etc - much more expensive with a diesel.

Diesels last forever, but I'll probably die of old age before I put 400K-500K miles on the diesel, which is where the initial cost starts paying you back. Gas engines are a lot better than they used to be so why not?

Full 4 door cab - your family or friends can't ride in the Airstream, and then there's the dog, etc. "sedan seating" comes in very handy sometimes. This is also one of those good arguments for a Suburban vs a pickup truck. Consider how you'll use the vehicle when you're NOT towing.

Short bed or Utility Body - The one thing I really hate about mine is the turning radius - about the same as an aircraft carrier. Seriously cannot U-Turn with less than 3 lanes in the opposite direction - 4 when towing (Dont ask, happened in metro DC late at night with zero traffic but caused me to make noises like a pressure cooker getting ready to explode.) I'd only get the long bed, quad cab combo again if I owned a plumbing company or painting company and had to transport ladders or long pipes all the time. Finding a parking spot has sometimes been funny, is almost always inconvenient, and generally frustrates any unlucky person who happens to also be trying to park, leave or pull into the same one I'm negotiating. If you always like to park WOT (way out there) at the edge of the lot, then it's less of an issue. I've also gotten dinged in the long bed 4 times (twice when it was parked and I found damage when I returned, twice when people decided to change lanes into the right side of my huge truck!) - and I've dinged it twice myself - NEVER had that problem with the Burb or any short bed truck I've had.

I just started thinking about a utility bed like the power trucks and plumbers have - nice storage for the hitch, weight bars, trunnion, torque wrench, cordless drill, many many tools, etc. could probably carry a Keg in there too (Now you're interested aren't you?) and have a cabinet for the generator, with of course an ice maker for the keg! And a swingout shelf for the Volcano grill! Well that's another $5K+ but the idea still lingers.

Four Wheel Drive - NEVER used it when I had it, but got stuck 2 times with my current two wheel truck. I've now adapted to making an "orange brick" road with my levelers - and have unstuck myself a couple of times, but 4 WD is simpler!

Backup Camera - you caught the part where I backed into two objects right? Cheap insurance!

Suburban - I'm 5'6" and shrinking. The 2500 requires a ladder to get into the bed comfortably. The 2500 Burb isn't low, but it's five inches lower than the truck. If you ever had to put the Airstream in for service, you could sleep in the back of the Burb. (Fulltimer so this counts!) Basically, with a truck you have to buy a lot of stuff like a bed cover, Rhino liner or other product, running boards, etc. that a Suburban comes with. Now a suburban is carpeted and civilized inside so you need to think carefully about transporting generators, tires, tools and other dirty stuff inside... but overall it's not a bad choice. And if you choose a Suburban you've got to consider the lift gate vs. the barn door. The lift gate might allow you to hitch in the rain, but do you have enough clearance to close it afterwards? It depends.

Tahoe - very much a short burb half ton - Even comes in a Hybrid. I'd like that for a smaller Airstream, but probably way outside of comfort level for a 28.

Saw a guy towing an Airstream with a white Lincoln Navigator - OMG, just oozed money, status, and Cary Grant glamour. Sad they don't make them any more. Sadly the driver didn't ooze Cary Grant - more like Lou Grant.

Oh well, I rambled on but I hope I've given you some things to think about.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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Great post Paula! You've pretty much summed up why I decided to get a 2500 Suburban instead of the diesel pick up.

That said, if Chevy made a diesel 2500 Suburban...
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2011 Ford F-350 turbo diesel - a great truck and tows my 27' Flying Cloud as if it weren't there. Towing mileage averages 14mpg and without the trailer it averages around 16mpg city and 19-20mpg highway. You can't go wrong.

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