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We have a 2008 Tundra SR5 TRD, 5.7 4X4 with the factory tow package and Firestone airbags. We previously had a Heartland 24' 5th wheel that we towed over 50K miles over every conceivable terrain... no issues with power or stability. We got 8 to 10 MPG towing the 5er. In April we purchased a Silver Cloud 23 FB and to date have traveled over 10K miles. The major difference is we get between 10 and 12 MPG pulling the Airstream and a lot more "thumbs up" on the road. We miss the slide out rooms but not the leaks and other multiple issues with poor build. We've been RVing since 1979 and this rig is the "keeper"!

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I have owned a Ford 250 with the V-10 for 13 years. I have dragged a 32 ft fifth-wheel, an 25 ft AS and now a 30 ft AS and have been satisfied. I have pulled from coast to coast, over the Rockies and Sierras and power has never been a problem to me. Of course, on some of the pulls up the high passes, I get passed by smoke-blowing diesels, but I still make it to the top just a few minutes later. I still get the stopping power of the 3/4 ton and average about 10.5 mpg on cheaper gasoline while towing. This truck spends most of it's time sitting quietly in my garage and has only a little over 100,000 miles on it. I saved thousands of dollars on my original purchase, can find fuel about anywhere and have no problem finding someone to work on it, on the rare times it has been required.

It just depends on what you want, how deep your pockets are, and where your economic priorities are. Some guys on this forum swear you need a one-ton diesel, with all the bells and whistles, plus a $3,000 hitch, to safely tow a go-cart. Just my take on the whole tow-vehicle thing.

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I switched in August from a 2010 Tundra to a 2015 Ram CTD. I wanted 4x4 and more payload. I was maxed out on the Tundra's 1465lb payload. I was interested in the 2015 F150 3.5L EB but couldn't find anything that met my needs on the local lots. Majority were the 5.5' short bed, no towing mirrors. I gave up and started looking at 3/4T. Decided against a gas version due to the extra weight of the 3/4T chassis. Not much choice around me for GM with Duramax and ended up with the Ram Big Horn, CC, CTD and 6' 4" bed. I've only towed it on one short weekend trip. I'm a first time diesel owner and decided to go with a new unit. The only things I don't like about it is the height above the ground and buying diesel. The truck is several inches higher than the 1/2T 4x4 and even with the side rails you still climb to get into the cab. The tailgate is higher off the ground too. I'm 5'10" and I carry a folding aluminum step stool to help loading the bed. I added a ARE camper shell. I had to get a new Equalizer shank to lower the ball to match my Airstream. Buying diesel requires a little forethought. You can't just pull up to the pumps and expect a diesel pump handle to be there. On more modern stations they are located on the outside islands and older stations off to the side at a single island. I'm also concerned when I'm traveling and need to fuel and only biodiesel is available. The 2015 Cummins is B20 compatible so it should be OK but you never know.

The Ram rides just as well as the Tundra if not better solo and I like the way the Ram tows the Airstream better than the Tundra so far.

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My friend has one of the new RAM turbocharged 1500 diesels pulling a 31' A/S and loves it. He says he gets on the interstates even in hilly country, sets the cruise control and it just keeps on going. He has just about talked me into one.
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Have a 2006 Dodge 2500 4x4 CTD, have towed everything from a 13,000# fifth wheel, 10,000# cargo trailer, and a TT Ultra-ligtht before we bought our AS. We did purchase a Transfer Tank for the truck, holds an extra 40 gal of diesel. No worries about always having to look for fuel. The torque that a diesel delivers makes pulling up hills, easy. I'd purchase another Cummins.
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I have a dodge 1500 eco diesel. I am only pulling a Bambi 16' weighs about 3500 and I fill my truck up with about another 700 lbs. of stuff to go camping. My average is 22miles per gallon towing . Great truck. Fuel in my area is usually about 2.43 a gallon. Its still a half ton truck but its got a little more torque then a 5.7 hemi. Its also super charged with an 8 speed tranny. On hills I down shift to 7th gear and don't have a problem. This works for me but a'm not pulling a big load. The mileage is great for a diesel. Not towing at 55 on flat land on cruise control it gets 32 to 36mpg. Best truck I ever owned .
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One other thing I forgot to mention is the uconnect also tells you where to buy diesel and price and distance from where you are.
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Originally Posted by BW1 View Post
Sounds like I can't go wrong with any 3/4ton, gas or diesel. I might even consider one 3 or 4 years old to save some money.

After towing with my 2010 F150 crew cab 4x4 with tow package 5.4L and having a brake down off the highway with trailer in tow (was the A/C compressor and serpentine belt), and also a cracked camshaft (another time),
I want to try to eliminate these types of troubles.

Not sure if I should look at another Ford or not.
I wouldn't consider a Ford unless you can wait until 2017, assuming they do an update on the F250. We too were partial to Fords when we went shopping last month for our truck. Payload was our priority, but we wanted heated/cooled seats so that put us into a higher trim level.

What we found with F250s is that payload is low (around 2K) and the fuel tank is small (26 gallons). Also the interior hasn't had an update in years. For the payload we wanted, we'd need an F350 -- but all the F350s we saw had the bench seat and no console. Not for for us.

We went to Chevy next and were wowed by the Chevy Silverado 2500HD. Ended up buying a 2015 LTZ model & diesel, no moonroof (for higher payload). GM updated the interior in 2015 and the tech is amazing. Fuel tank is 35 (or 36?) gallons, our payload is just under 2500 pounds. It rides much better than the Ford. Extremely smooth and quiet.

We never got around to looking at the Dodge Ram.
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I went through what you're going through now and decided that there is no "perfect" answer. The nicest truck for your "daily driver" is a 1500, but as you point out that is marginal for towing considering payload and tow capacity. If you go to 2500 truck it is not as comfortable for daily driving but it is a better tow vehicle. Then you get into diesel vs gas. I agonized over what to do and finally decided on a 2015 2500 GMC Diesel and I'm glad that I did. It is probably "over kill" for my towing my 28 foot Flying Cloud but I feel safe towing, I get good mileage, the diesel engine hopefully will last longer, have higher resale, and very importantly going down hill I rarely have to touch the breaks. You will hear lots of opinions on this forum; I commend you for doing your due diligence! At some point you will be forced to make a decision based upon your research and your finances. I knew when I made my decision that it wasn't a perfect decision. I wish that I had not had to invest so many $'s in my truck but at the end of the day when I tow my trailer I'm glad that I made the decision to buy the 2500 GMC Diesel. I barely know that the trailer is behind the truck, it is easy to stop, and I have plenty of payload. I hope that this helps, I sympathize with what you are going through. I spent hours reading, visiting sales lots, talking to truck owners etc. You are wise to investigate your options.
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Originally Posted by FreshAirStmr View Post
I wouldn't consider a Ford unless you can wait until 2017...
I just wanted to clarify my own post. I wouldn't consider a Ford F250 IF you are buying new. If you're buying used and going for a diesel, from what I've read on this forum, I wouldn't buy a Ford older than 2012.

Also note that we will be full-timing and spending a lot of time out west (lots of mountains), and all that went into our purchase decision.
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Originally Posted by FreshAirStmr View Post
I just wanted to clarify my own post. I wouldn't consider a Ford F250 IF you are buying new. If you're buying used and going for a diesel, from what I've read on this forum, I wouldn't buy a Ford older than 2012.
A glaring exception to that comment would be if you found a well-kept 7.3L PowerStroke of ANY vintage. I LOVE my original 1995 F250 PowerStroke, and would gladly purchase any of the 7.3's, as long as it was taken care of and not abused.

An older brother of mine has a 6.0L PowerStroke and hasn't had a single problem with it. He doesn't abuse it, I think that's a key. He pulls a GIANT toy-hauler with it.
“What’s good for me may not be good for the weak minded.”

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This is a topic that always elicits a lot of responses. I think if you are looking at a late model truck, you really cannot go too far wrong. It is going to be a matter of personal preference after you look at a few things that aren't that exciting, but necessary:

1) Drive all the major manufacturers-GM, Ford, Ram, Toyota-in different trim packages, get an idea of what you prefer. For example, one of the main reasons that I like GM is the layout of the interior, and it seems to fit me a little better because I am shorter, and like to sit up and see well. I drive a Ford for work, and while a great truck, I don't care for that multi-level window sill, and the steering wheel always seems far away.

2) Check the records, and get a pre-purchase inspection. A well maintained vehicle will save more money regardless of type or brand. And good power management when driving will save more fuel than anything else.

3) Take a real look at the weights you are moving and the equipment of the truck. I bet that 29' '91 has a heavy tongue weight, and it sounds like you put plenty in the back as well. Make sure the specs of any truck have the capacity for what you are moving. A 3/4 is built for heavier weight, but late model 1/2 tons are stronger and stronger. Ford and GM also made some interim models that bridged the gap such as the 1500HD and a 7-lug F-250. Does it have the cooling capacity on the engine and transmission for hills, desert, heavy weight, etc.? Does it have the capacity with the crew cab, or regular cab that you are looking for?


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F350 CC 4x4 6.2 gasser

Just to throw a little salt, I had a 1999 F250 7.3 diesel ext cab 4x4. We towed a 29' HitchHiker II for several years until I tired of the stress of a fifth wheel (I95 Maine to Florida will do that).
Now we have an AS 20' we tow with a 2012 F350 gasser 4x4 cc...oh yes and we carry a Northern Lite 8'11" cabover camper at the same time as the guest house. I don't miss looking for diesel, nor finding a place to get oil changed at a ridiculous cost.
We put a measly 186,000 miles on the diesel at 10 mpg towing the fifth wheel, and 17-18 mpg empty and 12-13 mpg with a camper and towing the AS. Oh and $100-130 for an oil change. The gasser costs $30 for an oil change but only gets 15-16 mpg empty, 11-12 mpg with camper and 10-11 mpg with camper and towing.

Just thought you might want to see my numbers. We're happy with our choice for our situation.
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We had a 2002 GMC 3/4T crew cab when we ordered our Classic this spring. Before our trailer came, we decided to trade our truck in on a new Silverado 3/4T diesel. We absolutely love it. My husband was a trucker for years, and he is thrilled with it. I love the Wi Fi in it and all the comforts. We just took it from Wis out to Wyoming and put 4500 miles on it. We have been getting around 12mpg pulling at 70mph. The GMC was a great truck too. No complaints, we just wanted to get newer and we liked the look of the Chev. more.

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