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Thumbs up


If I was going to jump....This is where I'd land.

But that's just me I'm GM all the way

FWIW....I don't think the 6.2L is an option in the Chev Burb.

Have fun shopping


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I'll make it short and sweat. Had them all, have an F350 6.7 Diesel Platinum addition. It has everything, more than my wife's Lexus 450H. I use it as a somewhat daily driver, no issues. Would not tow a 30' with anything but a diesel as when we travel we do lots of miles over an extended period and often up and down mountains. We also ordered the quick heater option, I think it was $250.00. It comes on immediately when you remote start the truck, as do the seats and the steering wheel so within five minutes the cab is warm and so is your butt and your hands. Our F250 did not have this option and it would take 15 miles to warm up. Also, we have 20" wheels, Michelins - less side wall less side sway over 18". I also have a full set of 18" wheels and tires, Michelins, put them on to see and there is a difference. Not much but it's there.

Good luck



2017 30' Classic - F350 6.7 Diesel Crew
USAF - Military Training Instructor (TI) - 68-72
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I'm going to jump!

OP, it would help to know how the TV is to be used. The range of things.

Specifics, as based on present and proposed future use. And an examination of the assumption that a pickup is best. How to eliminate some avenues is the first, best, step.

Percentage of towing miles, for example, versus solo. A good guesstimate.

Type of towing trips (two weeks at a time or mainly four day weekends); distance of trips and expected terrain and climate. Annual miles expected?

Same for solo: terrain, climate and description of solo duties (commuter; and/or hauls boats or horses on occasion). Annual miles expected?

Will you be transitioning to full time travel (say, on the road for a quarter of the nights of a calendar year)?

A truck with greater capacities than your present TV is a better match with the heaviest trailers of this design type AND a substantial payload beyond tongue weight. Do you expect to carry many hundreds more pounds in the vehicle than at present? Half tons can be spec'd over quite a range, "better" than what you have at present.

And what of your present lash-up? A past thread of yours, IIRC, was in reference to setting weight distribution. Asked rhetorically, was it measured at better than 50% of the weight restored to the front axle once hitched? This type of question -- analyzing the present combined vehicle combination -- goes a long way to sorting expectations on one in the future.

A few tweaks is the difference between good and bad in combined vehicle roadworthiness. Rarely the difference people believe as they won't trouble themselves to get the numbers, but buy bigger believing it better. It isn't.

Also, IIRC, you have made mention of perhaps a different TT in size and weight and brand.

So let's travel one direction in this:

An 1988 AVION triple axle 34'. 9500-lb gross. At .92 of GVWR, an expected 900-lb TW at 11%.

TW to around that would be approximately 700-lbs remaining on the TV once WD is set. (Hard to be exact, but generalities work in this instance).

As in the above posts' recommendation, this is easily within range of the Euro AWD SUVs and their state of the art suspensions. And obvious luxury.

Much better road performance by any definition. Safety, IOW. Solo braking distances are an easily compared parameter. And 100-mph plus German vehicles are a far cry from an unstable-above-65-mph American pickup truck.

Reston, VA to London, ON is about 500-miles. I can't even come close to getting out of Texas in that distance. So a perusal of threads in re CAN AM RV and Andrew Thompson is right up your alley, not just the short driving distance.

His list of questions is better than what we come up with here. As is his firms record of setting up more than 10,000 tow combinations over the last forty years. He has stated several times in posts that he considers these analyses a hobby.

One needn't buy from him, IOW. Your experience and his knowledge, combined, can light things up. An email and phone call gets that started

You already have a Hensley which they prefer to tweak over a ProPride. And a TUSON electronic trailer mounted antisway is also their preference. Belt & suspenders. The very short rear overhang of a Mercedes or BMW or Porsche SUV is gold.

Your concerns about confidence behind the wheel deserve to be fully aired.

Explore this avenue. A full up 3/4T pickup is in about the same price range. And you are already in a high income metro region so that a servicing dealer (or dealers) of these SUVs is nearby.

Whatever direction you go, an examination of the specifics of your situation will lead to a better outcome than just pickup brand and motor choices.

Good luck

1990 35' Silver Streak Sterling; 9k GVWR.
2004 DODGE Cummins 305/555; 6-manual; 9k GVWR.
Hensley Arrow. 12-cpm solo, 19-cpm towing (fuel)
Sold: Silver Streak Model 3411
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I have a srw, crew cab, short bed Dodge cummins one ton. The three quarter would have been okay, but you have to buy what's availabled when buying used. Duallys are a dif thing, that's why I boughtbthe single rear wheel. If buying new I might get the duromax with Allison, although I love my dodge. I get oil change coupons from my dealer for fifty nine dollar changes. For that much I have one done every three thousand miles. The only dif I can see in my one to my friends three quarter ton truck us I have an additional leaf spring. He added that because he hauls a truck camper. I'm not much on power windows and door locks and all the electric gadgets, but if you like them get all you can right from the start and don't add on later. By the way my truck is no taller than a half ton, do not have four wheel drive. Rear sits high, adding two Vespas and all the camping gear as well as the trailer drops it abou two to three inches only. I just started using a wd hitch mainly for the sway control. I tow a thirty foot Avion. Just my opinion but any if the three quarters available wit diesel will do you well. Find a dealer you like close by and ask about maintenance coupons fir diesels and if they have a specific diesel tech. Too much rambling, sorry. Good luck. Jim
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It used to be said that letting your vehicle start and idle when cold was not good for the engine. Its better to start it and then drive. The engine warms up faster so less wear and tear. Has that changed in more modern engines? It also wastes fuel letting your engine idle in the cold for 10 minutes.

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2003 25' Classic
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Originally Posted by KJRitchie View Post
It used to be said that letting your vehicle start and idle when cold was not good for the engine. Its better to start it and then drive. The engine warms up faster so less wear and tear. Has that changed in more modern engines? It also wastes fuel letting your engine idle in the cold for 10 minutes.

Hasn't changed for me....I still put'er in drive as soon as the idle stabilizes,(PCM off fast idle)

I'm sure it's not as stressful as it was back in the day, what with all the modern electronics and thinsetic oils......but old habits die hard.

It's like....why is neutral between drive and reverse?

Dad told me the answer the second time I shifted Mom's Hudson during my first drivers lesson.
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Just don't get anything less than a 3/4 ton again.
The higher your expectations the fewer your options.
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After living with my FL60 for 10 years, I was happy to drop the dually wheels. A lot of unsprung weight that you feel over speed bumps and dirt roads, clunky.
I'm building up for another lifetime of towing a '02 Dodge 2500 LB CTD. Got a unmolested Az (no rust) truck 151k miles, for $10k and spending the money to rebuild it for my needs, new tires, suspension/alignment, pumped tranny, limited slip, exhaust brake, respray the AZ sunburned paint, cap, and tune/checkup up for the engine.
I won't have a 6 speed tranny, tow computer, particulate filter, or DEF.
"Chip Tank" is in Flagstaff Az.
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Sounds like you pretty much know what you want in a truck. The 3/4 ton should have plenty of payload for what your doing. I use a 3/4 ton (2,050 lb payload) and often carry firewood plus everything else. Depending on the load I just crank up the HAHA weight distribution jacks and the truck does fine. A 3/4 ton will ride better than the 1 ton. Drive them both and you will understand.
I think the bigger question may be your driving and towing habits that may dictate whether you should consider the diesel vs. gas motor. If you really miss the diesel then by all means go for it but I would buy an extended warranty to cover the electronics and the emission system of the diesel - the most likely places where you will have issues. The emission system is very complex on the modern diesel compared to the pre 2007 trucks. If you tow often enough and get the emission system hot enough it will work fine. If you want quick winter time warm-ups for short runs to the store or office then consider the gas motor.
I would also recommend:
- LED lights in the camper top
- coat hanger in the camper top (great for hanging a wet rain jacket)
- mud flaps
- running boards or AMP steps
- bed liner
- install some auxiliary LED lights on the rear of the truck if you need to hitch up after dark.
- Since you like GM - go for the Denali package!
Steve, Christy, Anna and Phoebe (Border Collie)
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I'm generally practical - but given to occasional fits of whimsy - a new tow vehicle can be filed under whimsical.

Dear Prudence (my kid sister Karen) If I get that Avion and spend $20-$25K converting its decor from "rolling whorehouse" to something more modern and subdued AND get a new truck to tow it, AND keep the F150 and the EB in Texas at an Airstream only park, so we can fly out and go prospecting in the wilds for gold and turquoise... I'll still have a few shekels to leave to the family. Plus I did break down and buy $10 worth of lottery tickets. Might get really lucky.

I let Karen have my kids, and the "dear departed" won't show up looking for a cut, so I DO have discretionary income. My goal is to not have a DIME for "long term disability" so that they DO let nature take it's course rather than keeping me from putrifying (you can't really claim it's "alive") on life support and enriching the healthcare industry.

I liked my old Silverado "the mother truck." Ergonomically the instruments just make more sense to me. Why does Ford put the Flasher control on the center console? The first time I needed it, I turned the radio on full blast by accident.

The GMC seems to be a tarted up version of the Silverado - and I want the whole boat!.
Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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Unless you are towing a lot, a 3/4 ton will do you just fine. Don't expect a 3/4 or 1 ton to ride like an F-150, and a Ford or GM diesel will cost you a bunch up front and keep on charging with extra maintenance costs and fuel. It's all about what you like. I would suggest, however, that you lease instead of buying. A lease only pays tax on the monthly payment and that payment is usually hundreds less than a mortgage.
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I have a fully loaded f150 ecoboost. I love the heated and cooled seats. I pull a 28' international. Will probably step up to diesel but I would think that an f250 would have the same options on the interior. The King ranch is pretty sweet.
We live in Florida and on "cold" days my wife takes the truck to work just for the seats. In the summer when it's 98 degrees and 150 percent humidity, the remote start is the ticket. Nice and chilly in there after a few minutes.
My dad has the GMC heavy duty 2500 diesel with Allison trans. Pulls a huge fifth wheel all around the country with no problem. I like my interior and ride better but love the power of his truck.
The salesman told me the 20" wheels cause a harder ride. Don't know if that's true, but that's the only option I didn't get. I also have the step in the tailgate with the flip up handle. Nice option to get into the bed.
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Paula notes from your list. Denali 2500 either gas/diesel has most of what you want

towing package, mirrors, brake controller, etc. Yes, all included in the Diesel pkg, may need the tow pkg on gas
towing mirrors must fold back electrically - The optional camper mirrors to not electrically fold
remote start - Yes
heated seats - Yes and cooled on the Denali
heated steering wheel - Yes on the Denali
leather interior? - well fake leather probably
backup camera - Yes
TPMS - TPMS for the Truck, AS would need a system like TST or similar
electric windows, seats, etc. (now almost standard equipment) - Stock
18" wheels I think. - I think the Denali is 20"
bed slide - Option
matching cap - Option

Denali has a spray in liner from the factory. If you weren't getting a slider then I'd suggest a BedRug for the floor and tailgate. Would probably suggest a BedRug for the tailgate. Makes it much nicer.

Denali is really pretty well loaded. No tow package needed on at 2500.
2015 Classic
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We have a 2013 3/4 ton diesel Diesel Denali. You definitely want the tarting up they do on the Denali. I thought ours had everything, but we bought it off the lot when the perfect Airstream fell into our laps one weekend, and when we got it home we found out it did not have the built in link for opening the garage door. Silly, but I hate having that remote clipped to the visor. Also, I don't know how tall you are, but getting in and out of this truck is hard for me, (5'4" and shrinking) even though we had them add running boards. I have to haul myself in. And basically fall out...hard on the knees. I am envious of the tricked out Ford truck our friends have with the retractable running civilized. The electronically controlled back window is a necessity for hollering at the spotter. Finally, if you are going to drive it to Texas, consider air cooled seats. I dont know if that is even an option on the Denali, but our friends have it on their Ford, and in the summer it is pure heaven.

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