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I love my Tacoma, but...

Hi all,

I purchased my 2016 Tacoma new and and am delighted with it in every way, except for towing our 2018 23FB. At the time of purchase, we were primarily towing a boat short distances with our sights along the lines of a future Sport 22 and I think, had we gone that route, it would've been a good match, but we ended up going lager, and glad we did.

The Taco seems to really struggle pulling the 23 on anything but flat roads. ( It is the 3rd generation V6 SR5 with tow package.) But more importantly, I can't see around the trailer for lane changing on the interstate, even with the clip-on tow mirrors extended. The only time I can tell what's behind me is on a curve. The camera on the back of the Airstream helps somewhat, but not enough to make me comfortable towing. Sadly, I think the Tacoma, since it is not as wide as a full half-ton, and not as powerful, is not a good match for anything bigger than a 22.

So where do we go from here? I am a long-time Toyota buyer and would be first to run to the dealer and buy a Tundra but I've heard first-hand from people that drive Tundra's that I might regret that choice as the mileage stinks even when not towing. I have heard first hand reports (and read many positive reviews) from the F150 Ecoboost camp. I've recently looked at Ram - the 2019 seems to offer 20% more payload than past models and they now offer a larger fuel tank option.
I haven't looked closely yet at Silverado but I know they have high payload and towing capacity. Any downside?

I'm thinking quad cab, as I don't need the bigger crew, but really like the (smallish) back seat space on my Taco so don't want a contractor style without it, but a shorter wheelbase is better for me, as the parking area in our yard dictates. We eventually want to travel the country, and not be restricted by the tow vehicle, but it is just a 23, so would any full size half-ton do the trick? I love the engine-braking capability of the diesels, but would it be worth the premium for me and our planned use? This will also be my daily (low-mileage) driver and I do most definitely need a truck for all else that I do.

Opened a can of worms, for sure, but who better to ask?

Good evening all!

Good evening all.

Pop & Mimms - because our grandchildren say so
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One thing that specs can't tell you is how cushy on the tushy you feel, how the vehicle fights or gets in a groove at certain speeds, how easy or hard it feels to maneuver in and out of lane changes, U turns, parking, and how solid it feels to you.

Suggest you look at a Tundra and see what you think.
We use our with the strap on McKesh tow mirrors with the convex spots. We have the 5.7 liter V8 extended cab short bed. Like that model for various reasons, Large back seat and fold up seats great for 2 dogs. Fully roll down back window is also my fav feature.

The downshift gears are great for control in mountain driving.

My truck at nearly 100,000 miles drives like it's brand new.


Piggy Bank
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I'm just piling on...
Zero regrets for my 2017 Tundra towing a 25' FC.

Mine is a daily driver as well. If you can manage to keep your foot out of it you'll get miles per gallon Kidding, around town I get 14/15 on the hwy not towing and driving 65 I get 17.
The ONLY thing I'll mention is the factory brake controller blech! It is a 5 min. job to replace it with a P3 which is a terrific unit.
Good luck and sorry about the Taco.
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I like my current Taco whole bunches. But yes, when we start traveling a lot with an Airstream, DW wants one with a real shower and a nicer bedroom. Implies a 23 footer or bigger. For that, she wants a Tundra.

Happy wife, happy life. Iíll put up with a Tundra with all the goodies and a V-8.
Just have to get used to it. It will take some time, no doubt (as in about 100 nanoseconds)
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Can't speak for any other brand, but if my truck were totaled, I would replace it with another Ford F-150 extended cab, short bed, 3.5l EcoBoost with Max Tow Package just like the one I am driving now. I, also, have a 23FB and almost can't tell it is back there. Got back from a 6 week trip out west about a month ago driving at altitudes up to 14,000 feet and hills up to 10% slope. The truck never struggled, at all.
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Hi, I'm a Ford person so I replaced my 2000 Lincoln Navigator tow vehicle with a new 2014 F-150 Ecoboost. For you, you should buy a Toyota Tundra V-8 to tow your trailer. First and foremost, you need the right tool for the job. [not a great gas mileage Prius] And accept whatever gas mileage it gets. Make sure that you get the best tow package that Toyota offers and the towing mirrors too. If not, you still won't be happy.

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Thanks for the replies! F150 is definitely in the running and I will have a look at Tundra. For those that have shopped around and ended up with Tundra, how did it compare price wise compared to others? Are real tow mirrors an option on Tundra? Any Silverado fans?
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Any of the full size pickups will do a great job. Pick the brand you like. In addition to rated tow capacity, check the payload sticker on the drivers door.
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Regarding real tow mirrors, Tundra I think offers some that are pretty expensive (like 600 bucks) and would required them to be folded inward to fit in the garage. I didn't want to hassle with that on a daily basis.

This is why we decided to get the McKesh strap on mirrors, plus the convex spot on both sides. My husband says the convex spot mirrors are the more important component, as they allow you to see into the next lane, or vehicles from the entrance ramp merging into your lane. They also allow him to see where the tires are clearing objects on the ground like curbs/rocks/stumps.

They extend out really far so you can really see around the rig. When I stand at the trailer back when we do our pre-check, I can see my husband (in the driver's seat) in the mirrors. So they do allow you to see along the side of the rig.

These are purchased on the Hensley Hitch website. About $150
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Love my f150 echoboost. Also did 5 weeks in Rockies this summer and had very easy towing both up and down grade. No trouble with rear view even with regular mirrors. (Also have rear camera).
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I owned two Tacomas before purchasing my 2014 Tundra, then a year later purchased the Airstream. Neither the Taco nor Tundra do well in the MPG department versus their peers. Neither shines in rated payload either. If those attributes are your top criteria then Tundra isn't for you. However, if you can live with those and value reliability and resale value, I feel those attributes are the strong points for Toyota. When I traded in my 2009 Taco on the 2014 Tundra, even with 100,000 miles on it, it had only lost $10,000 in value. As for the Tundra, at 5 years and 95,000 miles (about 35,000 of those with the AS in tow) it has been the most reliable, low mantenance vehicle I have ever owned... bar none. My 95,000 service two weeks ago cost me $49.

If I couldn't live with the Tundra's weak points, I would probably drive an F150. Their owners love them and it's hard to match their specs with the ecboost and aluminum body benefits.
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We have. 2016 25 Flying Cloud and pull it with a 2013 F150 FX4 with tow package. The engine is the 3.5 eco bust. I owned the truck when I bought the trailer and couldnít be happier. We have pulled to the Pacific NW from Florida and back twice across multiple moutrain ranges with no problems. I ave 12 mpg. My plan is to replace the truck with the same model F150 with the new turbo diesel. I hope this helps.
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I pulled my Airstream 20 FC for three years with a 2012 Tacoma V6, and it got the job done, but was definitely underpowered.

I replaced it with a Nissan Titan XD with the diesel, and LOVE it - lots of power, and much more important, more control. Of course the heavier XD model with the diesel wasn't necessary - the standard Titan with the Endurance V8 would have been fine, so that's my recommendation.

Try driving a Nissan, Ford, and Toyota - they're all good.
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The Tacoma is outmatched by the weight of the trailer. Also, Keep in mind the tundra design is pretty old, it’s had facelifts but it’s antiquated v8 technology and small back seat aren’t something I’d spend my hard earned money on. Not trying to throw gas on a tundra owners fire here, just speaking from my experience of truck shopping. I ended up going with an F150 ecoboost. It goes fine and barely shifts down unless the hill or pass is large.

Two things I looked for when buying a truck was gas milage and safety and the f150 wins both of those. The fact that it’s easy to drive helps.

Heres some food for thought

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