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2006 dodge turbo diesel, 210,000 miles mostly towing. One bad tank of diesel in Nebraska cost me a couple of injectors. Still on the original transmission but all of the AC parts have been replaced...we use the AC a bit here in the south...

Having used the newer Fords and with friends with Chevy's, I'm convinced that any of the 3 are pretty even.

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Rich and Kat
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Originally Posted by SpletKay06 View Post
The problem is the egr recirculating the sooty exhaust right back in your engine. Not to mention all the issuses with the dpf and scr.
I hope this isn't too off-topic for the OP ... it's an issue for all three diesels. Is this why I've read about catch-cans being installed on diesels? How do they work? Any particular model that anyone can recommend?

I have a new 2016 RAM 3500 with the Cummins ... It's only a weekend driver but I LOVE IT (so far ... Just under 4,000 miles ... Not even broken in). I've been trying to take it out for long drives on the weekends and it's annoying when we return home, letting it idle to cool the twin turbos, and open the door to hear the "TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK" accompanied by the nasty, excessively fuelly exhaust smell. That's the sound and smell of "regen" ... Something all of the diesels experience. Thank you EPA. ;-)

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Originally Posted by Silverbee View Post
Our 2011 6.7 has never given a problem(yet)-including last year's 6000 mile trip to Wyoming and back.
What engine issues should I look out for?
not saying you will have issues. My BIL has a 2011 with 80Kish and no issues thus far but he drives like he stole it and pulls the 5er very little. It has no mods at all.

here are some videos I have seen on and other videos.

I tend to be wary of new models especially motors that are such a technology update like the 6.7 scorpion motor. I believe the 6.7 is now like from year 2015 one of the best in class engines for diesel.

the big thing is regular maintenance and Used Oil Analysts, UOA, at least once every two years or less to keep up with what is going on in the engine.
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I have driven all three if your choices. If you want an engine that loves to pull and gets better than average mileage you don't need to look any further than Cummins. The Ford is a bit smoother but it's mileage sucks. The Duramax is very smooth and the GMC or Chevy atr much more luxiorous than the Ram or Ford. All in all just take your pick...what comfort you want vs how strong you need to pull. My 2007 Ram with 60,000 miles on it has what I want....POWER
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Imagine a 3/4 ton diesel Toyota Tundra.

Everything is already in the parts bins overseas. Why don't they bring it here?
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Ford Powerstroke VS Duramax and Cummings

I think it's a matter of decent market, plus all the approval paperwork.

I don't plan to hold my breath, but a stout diesel Toyota P/U is a nice thought as I struggle up the Cajon pass with a Tacoma.....good thing I'm patient, and the big rigs don't laugh at me too much, as they blow past me.

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Just home from a drive up the Sea to Sky Highway. Our trip started in Monmouth, OR. Took a detour up WA 12 to visit Rainier, and then ended in Pemberton BC. We didn't pull over the crazy steep switch backed Duffy Lake road with the trailer, but we did with the truck only. I would have taken the trip with my first gen, but as my wife put it, the new one is simply "peace of mind." I love the "Auto Engine Brake" mode.

In 5 weeks we have clocked just short of 4K miles and my MPG is averaging 17 pulling my Overlander and maintaining about 60 miles per hour on highways and freeways.

I can't say enough nice things about the new Ram with the Cummins. Competition amoung the big three has resulted in a good choices for the consumer, but I will always stay with Cummins. My 91.5 has about 450ish on it (the odometer broke at 364k four years ago)

Fewer moving parts in the inline-six means less to brake. If something goes wrong with an injector, there are only 6 to replace. The inline 6 is relatively simple engine blueprint and the 6.7 is not much different than the 5.9 as the rolling assembly is concerned.

I know it is anecdotal, but my buddy who was a long time Ford mechanic, before becoming an auto teacher, would have bought the Ram if only it had the key code door unlock. My only complaint with the new Ram is I can't get messaging with my iPhone.

Lastly, I really like the clean diesel this far it is quite and has very little emissions. My first gen is quite different in decibels and diesel particulate.
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I just finished the factory tour for Cummins in Columbus, Indiana and I'll tell you it was dam impressive how spotless and conscientious those guys are. I mean NO defects are allowed!
They're producing those things with the latest in tooling and precision.

I understand that the Ford and Chevy/GM slip into a "limp home" mode if you run out of DEF, but the Dodge/Ram goes on getting on...but annoys you with a message until you fill it up again. (Confirm that if you's second-hand info.)

I certainly like the rest of the RAM lineup and I USED to be a FORD man! I've owned 3 Fords, and 2 GMC/Chevys and 1 Ram...and it's RAM for me these days.

(I was amused at the Chevy commercials running during the Olympics, dumping bricks into the aluminum-bed Ford and the steel-bed Chevy and showing holes in the Ford bed. I don't know ANYONE who would use their pickup trucks for a dump-truck like that, and most guys I know have bed liners or spray-in-liners...never doing such a thing to their trucks. But it was a nice gimmick.
I know that hail damage doesn't get removed from aluminum with PDR techniques very well. That could end up an insurance-total fairly quick.)

The Chevy/GMCs in our family rusted out no matter what we did to try to stop it. Ford had the better body when they were steel. Don't know yet about the aluminum. Dodge/Ram has truly surpassed them both since 2012 model years, according to most all comparison-writers.
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When I was still in the information-gathering stage before my AS purchase I came across the quote somewhere "The best thing to tow a heavy boat or trailer is a Cummins diesel, period. It comes wrapped in a Dodge truck..." I find this to be true. Both my 2001 2500 and my new 2016 3500 were/are Cummins - and I am amazed at the improvements and refinements between the two. All three are good, and you will greatly enjoy towing with any of them. I just like the straight-6 Cummins the best of the three (Ford and GM are V-8s). As previous posters have mentioned, and in spite of my original quote, you don't just tow with an engine. You will be spending a LOT of time in that cab if you ever expect to get your money's worth on the diesel; so make sure you like the seats, ride, and other amenities as well as the engine. Whatever you get: no second thoughts; eyes forward and enjoy your ride!
"Hot meals, cold beer, dry bed & flush toilet - everything I look for in a wilderness experience..."
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I don't think you can go wrong with any of them, it comes down to personal preference.
Iam a Ford guy so I lean to the F250 6.7 Powerstroke. My 2012 has been flawless for over 200,000 km. If you have never towed with a 3/4 ton diesel you don't know what your missing. completely effortless. Climbs steep grades 65 mph top gear 1,500 rpm Airstream in tow.
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This is part one of a multiple video on how to remove a cab for engine repair on an 08-10 Super Duty. I haven't watched the series

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Just finished close to 4000k mile trip from Missouri to Glacier Natl Park with my 2015 Ram CC CTD. Truck still is shy of 7000 miles. Best MPG was 14.9 with favorable tail winds, lowest MPG was 11.1 (hand calculated). I try to tow 65mph but sometimes I found I was going faster. Tested the pulling strength of the Cummins up so long interstate grades in Wyoming. It only needs to drop to 5th gear to climb at 75mph or faster if you want to and I never floored the accelerator.

On the return trip the DEF gauge showed 1/3 full (topped off at dealer just before trip). I should've topped it off when I was refueling at a truck island in Buffalo, Wy but figured I could get it down the road. In Casper, Wy I decided to purchase 2 1/2g DEF from an auto parts store (Peak DEF). More expensive this way. It didn't fill the tank all the way but the gauge showed full but on the remaining drive back to Missouri the gauge came down. I'll probably stick to truck islands with DEF pumps from now on.

I had to fill twice with biodiesel driving through Nebraska. Funny how the pump doesn't tell you the level of biodiesel, the labels states can contain between 5 to 20%. Truck seem to run fine on it.

Observing the Duramax and Ford diesels in the campground loops and fuel stops the Duramax and Ford diesels are quieter than the Cummins observed from the outside. My Big Horn packaged Ram is quiet enough inside cruising down the interstate and is just a bit loud when accelerating from slow speed up a hill while towing. Probably no worse than a gas V8 at 4000 to 5000 rpm going up hill.

While I find the seats comfortable enough for the 500-600 mile driving days my wife got tired butt after about 300 miles and had to resort to a cushion. The passenger seat doesn't have the adjustments like the driver's seat.

The only issue I had was when towing the steering wheel for most of the trip down the interstates and highways was not centered but cocked to the left a bit. When solo the steering wheel is straight. No abnormal wear of either the truck or trailer tires was observed on this trip. Front tire pressure was within a pound of pressure between each tire. Front tires running about 65 to 70psi according to the built in TPMS.

We don't have the UConnect navigation. Wife is terrible at reading maps off her iPhone and can't help much with GasBuddy. I may consider upgrading to the navigation to save our marriage for future trips. Its too hard for me to manipulate my phone's map and Gas Buddy while driving and the phone holder I have vibrates too much on bumpy roads.

Getting diesel was no worse that buying gas. The diesel pumps where either on the end islands in front of the convenience store or on separate islands. I did experience using the large fuel nozzles a few times and one stop did spill a little diesel because I didn't insert it far enough. I use disposable gloves when refueling as most of the pump handles have diesel on them.

Overall, i'm pleased with the performance of the Cummins. It has the power to take my Airstream Classic uphill at any posted speed and it delivered acceptable fuel economy for such a heavy truck.

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2003 Excursion with 6.0, 400,000 miles. 44 galon tank. No bluedef.
They will all likely serve you well if you take care of them. Most people spend big bucks for diesels and take good care of the engines, neglect the transmissions and end up on the side of the road anyway.
Pick one, change the oil as scheduled, don't neglect fuel filters, find a shop equipped to do fluid exchanges on the transmission as opposed to pan drop, and you will be a happy camper. Maintenance is the key. These vehicles should easily go 500, 000 miles.
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Consider This:

In Septemeber of 1994 I purchased one of the first 1995 Ford F350 Powerstroke diesel trucks with an automatic transmission built. I still own, drive and use the truck on a limited basis as I have since it was new. The truck now has 194K miles in 22 years.

The 1995 model "Powerstroke" engine option was $4,200 MORE/EXTRA than the 460 gas engine option which was about $1,000. At the time of my purchase in September of 1994 Diesel fuel was a LOT CHEAPER than gas. Routine maintenance on diesel engine is MORE expensive than a gas engine. Given these FACTS and doing the "Break Even" calculation based upon above facts and the increased fuel mileage provided by the Powerstroke diesel engine over the 460 gas engine the break even point (miles driven) I would have drive the truck assuming NO CHANGE in the above facts such as the price of diesel fuel at the time I bought the truck meant that I would have to drive the truck 110K miles BEFORE I could begin to break even on the expenditure buying the diesel engine option.

Fast forward to TODAY and our current economic environment!!!

Diesel fuel is MORE expensive than gas. The price of a diesel engine over the top line gas truck engine is $6K-$8K MORE money. Diesel engine maintenance is still MORE expensive than maintenance on a gas engine. All the above FACTS now mean that you will have to drive your diesel truck 250K or more miles BEFORE you reach the break even point by spending the EXTRA money upfront buying the diesel engine option. This analysis does NOT consider the time value of money which make the situation even worse! And let's not forget that today's gas engines will also go 250K miles with no major repairs. That was NOT the case in 1995!

How many people do YOU know that buy a diesel truck based upon their belief that they truly NEED that diesel engine to pull their RV trailer WILL KEEP & DRIVE their diesel truck for 250K miles?? Here's another FACT that none of us want to discuss. The Airstream crowd is an "Older and Grayer" crowd. Are you going to live the RV lifestyle LONG enough to drive 250K+ miles?

I know I hear it all the time that you NEED a diesel truck to pull that heavy RV?


Most gas engines are available in the SAME GVRW chassis's as the diesel with the possible exception being those 30K LB towing claims the OEM's now throw around trying to one up each other.

Today's truck gas engines develop Musclecar ERA HP at 350HP+ and have 400+ FT/LBS of torque to go with it. Will you get less fuel mileage with that gas engine than with a diesel engine? YES! Will that gas engine pull your RV trailer just as good as the diesel engine given the light weight of a RV trailer? YES!

Vehicle resale value certainly can and does make a difference when it is time to re-sell your diesel truck versus a gas truck. How many people know exactly WHEN that trade or re-sell time will be? Yes you can POSSIBLY get a large percentage of the money you spend up front on the diesel engine BACK at resale time. Of course that also takes into consideration the condition of the vehicle at the time of resale.

VERY few folks purchasing a diesel truck to their RV trailer will keep their diesel truck long enough time wise, drive it enough miles or have the real need of the additional grunt the diesel engine provides. Yes I know a lot of folks would rather be "Cummin Instead of Strokin" or all the other funny phrases the diesel boys like to throw around however look at the FACTS and you might just find that the diesel engine option may NOT be such a good expenditure of your hard earned money based upon your real towing needs and today's world of economics!

Something to consider!!!


Remember "Drive Fast, Turn Heads, Break Hearts"
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