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Originally Posted by Sodbust View Post
No engine ever made is rated at anything more than 60% rated HP for any constant use.. I don't care if its a 14L 500hp semi truck engine,,, or a 1959 1200cc VW air cooled bug,,...

I have seen many engines that constantly run at 60%+ rated HP, on boats.

Just wondering on the EB can you run 87 octane?

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Originally Posted by Wazbro

I have seen many engines that constantly run at 60%+ rated HP, on boats.

Just wondering on the EB can you run 87 octane?
You can run 87 in an EcoBoost but it will make less peak hp. I don't know how much difference it makes in real terms.

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Originally Posted by AirChief View Post
I have the F150 4x4 Ecoboost. Max tow, crewcab with 6 1/2 bed and off-road. I'm towing a 19' International. A breeze but its capacity is 11300 lbs and fully loaded I'm towing around 4000lbs and hauling around 1500lbs including the weight. For what I'm doing and the capabilities of the truck it's awesome and level driving is 17mpg. If I was going to tow much closer to its max and haul more gear, I may consider a different truck. I think the best tow configuration the Ecoboost has is 11,500 and 3000. I like the fact I'm hauling tonnage that is much less than my capacity. Also, the "brains" on this truck make towing a real pleasure.
Whats your axle ratio?
What's your gcwr?
I have a F-150 also and only have a 9500lb tow cap
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Based on AirChief's description of his truck;

His axle ratio is either a 3.73 or 4.10.

His GCWR, for either axle is 17,100 lbs.

Source for this info is Ford's 2012 F-150 Brochure.
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Originally Posted by mum@home View Post
Whats your axle ratio?
What's your gcwr?
I have a F-150 also and only have a 9500lb tow cap

3.73 and GCWR is 17100. Just look up whatever year you have along with the towing matrix from Ford on the web.
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let me give you a horror story. Went to buy and f150 larete that would pull 8500 pound trailer. Dealer assured me the echoboost would do just fine. So i have a supercrew shortbed with a 3.55 and a class IV hitch. All is great until you look at the door nd it say the payload limit is 1250 pounds. I was reall ticked off. What htis means unless i am wrong is i can pull a 5000 trailer and not much more. We downsized our expectations and looked for a 25 ft safari. her is what i cam up with but i am not sure i reall want to tow with it. BTW ford even said i could to the trailer.

I am buying an airstream 25FB safari . tongue wt 720#. Empty 5500 GTW 7300
My problem is I have a truck with limited carrying capacity and I want ot find out if one- I can tow and; two if I am legal to tow.
The first I think I know, my echo boost f150 will tow 15,500 lbs and the truck weight 6400 loaded. so I can tow. But it has a payload max of about 1240#.

I am having trouble getting numbers that are consistent for TW ( empty of loaded) and exactly what empty means and loaded means.

My calc so far indicate I will be really close IF
TW = 720 empty
Add 10% TW for loading = 792 we load lightly
Add 100 lbs for weight dist hitch = 892
Take .75% of 892 to get the amount of TW added to truck payload = 669
Add two people =300 = 969
Gas = 200 lbs = 1169

I know I would like to be 20% low, but I am not, so I added helper springs , shocks, and tires to the mix to try to increase the margin of safety.

Does this all make sense to you? And would you pull a 7300 # trailer under these conditions
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I don't think that it will turn out to be a nightmare, nor do I think that you are limited to a 25-footer with that truck.

You will have a weight-distributing hitch, correct?

Someone will revise your numbers for you so you can relax and enjoy your wonderful brand-new truck and trailer.

Now breath deeply and take it easy, OK?
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Your dealer was part right, the Ecoboost engine will pull it, but he should have recommended the max tow and max payload package. Not sure what all the differences are between tow and max tow, but 3.73 gears are standard on the max tow. You should be alright with your load with your upgrades, but may be looking for taller gears. I would go back to that dealer and insist they spell it out for you and help you with upgrades if needed.
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The payload is what the truck can carry. Passenger weight, hitch weight, anything in the bed of the truck etc. That is why people who carry generators, scooters, BBQ and all kinds of junk need at least a three quarter tontruck for more payload. Your truck can probably still tow at least the 25 footer, what is the tow weight? Tow weight and payload are two dif things. The weight of the trailer plus the weight of the truck including the payload is the gcvw, I think. Someone will correct me if I am wrong. Jim
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Currently Looking...
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thanks guys GCVW is 15500, the actal vehical weight is 6400 with 2 people sand full tank of gas GVW max is 7200 lbs and yes to weight dist hitch and i have a 3.55 rear end gear plus i added supersprings
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I have f150 supercab with 8 foot box. Ecoboost with max tow and heavy duty payload.
Payload for the truck is 2741 lb and trailer weight is max of 11,300lb.
Covers all airsteams and quite a good payload.
You have to check these numbers carefully before you buy.
Tows in drive at 1500 rpm at 55mph effortlessly and gets 14mpg towing.
I'm happy.
Al and Jean

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Ps. That's in us mpg.
Al and Jean

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Jim is right on GCWR—total weight of truck and trailer, both loaded.

And also right that payload and tow capacity are different.

Dealers can be ignorant (they sell a lot of different things) or dishonest. You always have to check on your own and that can be difficult. Payload is the amount of cargo a truck can take. Sometimes it includes a full gas tank and sometimes it doesn't—I think Toyota includes a full tank, but I don't known what Ford does. Most 1/2 pickups can carry between 1,200 and 2,000 lbs. of cargo. Ours takes around 1,550 lbs. and we have done ok with it.

Calculating tongue weight is also a challenge. You can measure it with a scale—check the owner's manual how to do it. Added to what the company says (and that is not always accurate), is the weight of the propane and the spare tire. But with a weight distributing hitch, weight is transferred forward to the truck axles (about 2/3) and the trailer axles (about 1/3). The hitch weight is attached to the truck, not the tongue, but I ignore it because I am unsure what to do with it.

To calculate tongue weight on the truck, estimate 720 + 100 for propane and spare + more just because = 900 of which 600 goes to truck payload. This is a rough estimate of course. Find out whether a full gas tank goes against payload—call Ford and ask them.

You are apparently following conventional wisdom that usable payload should be 80% of advertised payload. No one has proven that percentage is backed up by any facts, so it is up to you whether to believe it.

Payload on the door sticker does not include options. For example a hard tonneau may weigh 100 lbs, a camper top more. Are running boards an option? This will be tight, but doable I am guessing. Whether gas is included or not becomes very important—I think Ford have around a 35 gal. tank and that comes to 210 lbs. of gas. There are arguments whether modifications to the suspension really make any difference. They will keep the truck more level, and I would think adding a spring to the spring pack and better tires should help. How much payload increases may be hard to determine.

Did you get a tow package? That usually includes transmission cooler, bigger alternator and battery, tow mirrors and maybe more. These are important too and if they sold you a truck without it and they knew you wanted to tow a heavy trailer, you have good cause to good back to them and demand they install the tow package at wholesale. A 3.55 rear end seems low, but also doable. You may not go very fast up long and steep grades, so patience is a virtue. Do you have disc brakes all around the truck? How big are the rotors? Going down is more important than going up.

Also, GCWR is gross combined (truck and trailer) weight rating. That is different than tow capacity—weight of the trailer.

All of this is confusing and you are doing good to ask here what it all means. I hope you are getting some answers that clarify the confusion.

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Currently Looking...
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door sticker says "occupants and Cargo" i have no idea if that means gas is encluded.
i have tow package and dealer was told i wanted to tow 8500 pound trailer.
all my numbers are close to yours and very close to max on all levels, but under limits.
720 base TW + 10%(1800 CCC) = 900 plus 100 for Weightr dist hitch = 1000 TW. My hitch is good for 1050. so i pass, bairly. with WDH = .75(1000) = 750 added to load capasity plus 300 people , plus 200 gas = 1250 Cargo weight, just at limit. GCVW is way under .. this is why i added the helper springs to help stasbilize but not increase payload. I hope this makes sence. i have been over it so many time my eyeballs hurt

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