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Ford 250 4x4 diesel


I am looking to buy a TV this month for a 2007 27' FB Safari SE that I am in the process of getting. In looking in Southern California at the 07 Silverado 2500 and the Ford 250, 4x4 super or crew cabs. It is hard to find a Silverado, either gas or diesel, and with the Fords, there is an abundance of diesels but no gas models. I had not wanted to get a diesel, although I know a lot of forum members swear by them, because of the extra care and maintenance they seem to require.

There were problems with Ford diesels in the past. Could anyone tell me how the 2007 and 2006 models have performed. If I can get a good deal on a 2007 diesel, would it be a good investment? I would like it to tow for many years.

The few Silverado's I have found have a heavy duty handling/trailering suspension package (46mm piston monotube shocks and 34mm front stabilizer bar) and a 3.73 rear axle ratio. Isn't this for much heavier towing than a 27' Airstream?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


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Others will post in greater detail, you will get many Ford vs GM vs Dodge opinions. Ignore all of them and buy a GM. Just kidding. I do have a preference, but it is an individual choice you need to make after doing your research.

Will you be towing a lot, or driving the truck mostly without the trailer attached? If you will be towing a lot, or most of the time, I would tend to be thinking heavy duty. A 27' trailer is not light.

As to a diesel having more maintanance, I don't think that's the case. It was back in the 80's when I worked on them, but they are much improved from what I understand. Once again, you'll get lots of information and opinion about this.

$$ may be a factor, diesels do cost more.

Good luck, Welcome to the forums.

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Good match

For a simple answer to your question...a Chevy or Ford or Dodge 3/4 ton truck is an excellent match for your new 27 FB/SE Safari. As to which one, they all work and it is a matter of opinion and personal taste as to your choice. Diesel vs gas, again, it could go either way depending on your own situation. There is no perfect or right choice. There are plenty of past threads on the subject. In regard to the Ford diesel problems of the past, it appears that the owners of the 2006 and 2007 models are satisfied. Generally it has been the 2003, 2004, and a few 2005 models that have had problems. The vast majority of all three major brand owners are very happy with their choice. The 27 FB/SE Safari needs a 3/4 ton with a healhty wheelbase.

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Rita: I own a 2006 Ford F250 Diesel 4X4 with the Roll a Long Package. It is an awesome truck, with a built in tow braking system ready to go upon purchase. No problems to date, and with my purchase I managed to get free oil, lube, and filter for the lifetime I own the truck. The machine takes 12 quarts of oil!!

I do not even hardly know the 28 foot 2006 Safari LS SE is there. I can't remember if the truck is in my profile, but I get compliments every where we travel, not to mention the questions about the A/S.

Cost: 50K.

Best to you, Robert
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I wondered about Ford's TowCommand trailer brake controller---if it was something I should get. Know Prodigy is a favorite in the forums.

There is also an option for dual alternators or a heavy duty alternator. I plan on full-timing for a year or two. Would this be useful?


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I have a 2006 Ford F350 4X4 diesel Crewcab and so far it's been excellent. The GM and Chevy probably have a bit more plush interior but I like the Ford f series styling better and the tow command is a big plus.Tow Command is tied in to the transmission and ABS via computer. I don't think they require more maintenance. Robert you better read your service manual again, the 6.0 takes 15 qts. of oil .I just did an oil change using Amsoil and a new filter. Oil was a bit over $100.00 and the filter was $36.00.
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I pull a 25 FB LS LE ETC with a 2006 F250PSD, Life is beautifull! Built in tow command is amazingly easy and works great.

Tow/haul is fantastic. if you are going downhill and slow it down with brakes the tow/haul mode via transmission and other electronic tricks keeps you at that speed.

The 03,04 and a few 05's had problems but as the years went by they ironed them out. I have not had any probleems with my truck.

Oil change every 5,000 mi. The Ford dealership charges me $114 for this. So I'm sure it would be less elsewhere.

I'm beyond happy with my truck but I do want you to realize that any 3/4 ton from any american manufacture will handle your trailer. Diesel however will handle it up the hills faster with better mileage than gas. IMHO
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As others here have already said, you can't go wrong with an American 3/4 ton truck (Ford, Dodge, GM). For a restful, stress free tow experience (particularly on 25' plus length AS travel trailers) I would take the 3/4 tonner. If you can stand the initial expense and don't mind the high idle noise, go diesel. They pull like "monsters" and drive as well or better than gassers on the open road. Oh, I drive a 2006 Ford F250 PSD CC short bed.
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I'm very happy with my 2005 Ford Lariat PSD CC Long bed. 25K miles and no problems what so ever.

Tow Command is the best controller available, IMHO. Don't leave home without it!

I opted for the 4x2 and had to order it since 4x4 is the popular model. With the long bed, you get al larger tank. 34Gal vs 26. Less fillups when traveling.

The 4x2 sits a little lower than the 4x4 and costs about $3K less. I don't think the ride is any better than the 4x4, however.

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I have an '05 Ford 350 King Ranch. Very nice truck. Very close friend has the Chev 3/4 Duramax and he loves that. In both circumstances we are first-time diesel owners and are now true converts. The diesel is so efficient! Hard to beat for economy. I get over 20MPG on highway and when I pull my AS over the road, I don't give it a thought (unlike my gas trucks - I worried constantly about overwork on the gas models).

The one thing you do need to understand is that the diesel is a smelly option. If you or your spouse is adversely impacted by odors of this type, it might be something to consider.

My next truck will also be diesel. I have been pleasantly surprised. I now have 51,000 miles on my 19 month old truck. It has been trouble-free. The Chev has also enjoyed trouble-free tripping... I think the Chev has better creature conforts, but I really liked the leather of the KR. Both excellent choices.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Fyrzowt
Others will post in greater detail, you will get many Ford vs GM vs Dodge opinions. Ignore all of them and buy a GM.
Great one!

It mostly in your case boils down to cost. Diesel costs more up front, but can pay for itself after say 100k miles or so. It can last longer than gassers, but you can buy a LOT of gas for the between $5k and $7k retail upcharge for diesel. If you had a big Airstream 30' or larger I'd say 8.1L or diesel, leaning more toward diesel.
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First Time Diesel Owner and Love It!

Hi Rita… You will love the F-250 PSD! I’ve had no trouble with mine.
I bought my first diesel, a 2006 F-250 PSD Crew Cab last September, and love it!
You will appreciate its power to tow your 27’ Safari up & over our CA mountains!
The tow command system and tow mirrors are a plus.

You do need to know that it is probably better to get the 2006 model.
This model can run on LSD (Low Sulfur Diesel) fuel found outside of CA…
As well as the ULSD now mandated for California.
The 2007 model requires ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) fuel.

My truck (4x2) is roomy and very comfortable.
I am recently retired and wanted a tow vehicle that I could count on for years.
You will find that very good deals await you if you can find a 2006 model!

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Hi Rita; I do believe you deserve a break. So please sit a while with your favorite beverage, and draft a list of facts as I did. I say to Ford owners that I have no beef with Ford Diesel, but I have been looking to buy a slightly used tow vehicle for three months. Friend of mine has a Chevy dealership and he has offered to take me to auction, the world largest in Mannheim, PA where I spent eight consecutive Friday's. I had to promise my friend the agent, that for the first three times I will observe very closely and at the end of the day he will quiz me on my observations. Before we have gone there second time he has forced me to write myself a "wants" and "do not want" list.
Along with that, a exact listing of how and for what the vehicle will be used.

I did as he requested, and found out that I was looking for wrong vehicle. My need was not only for towing, but for short runs every day one mile from and to work and some local boat towing.
This scratched the Duramax Diesel off my list, and Duramax was what I wanted all along. Broken hearted I started looking at gas trucks. Diesels are work trucks and not all around transportation vehicles. Most of times, in my type of use the diesel would not get a chance to warm up. Diesels can run all day non stop but short runs are a different story. While cost of maintenance is much higher with diesel, it does get much better mileage and has much more pulling power. With my 26' Argosy 6.0 liter gas engine will do more than just suffice. My wife cannot stand the smell of a Diesel, but even more so the sound of a Ford Diesel. She was willing to accept the sound of GM Duramax which is much quieter especially inside the cab. With so many negatives,
I started looking at 6.0 Gas Sierra's just because we liked the front end of the truck better than Silverado.

In next few trips to auction I have learned much more. GM 2500 HD were very hard to find and as a rule went for approx 2K more than a "Black Book" has appraised them at. Duramax was at ridiculous level where it did not pay to go used. Even the gas models GM were unreachable, comparing to brand new. After three months of waisted Friday's, I decided to go with new 6.0 gas Sierra. Found a 2006 leftover in the color we wanted and all possible options except leather seats which we hate anyway. Not my dealer friend, but another GM dealer offered us a deal we could not turn down. My Dealer Friend said that it was incredible deal, so we own it now.
What is most interesting that at the auction you find 10:1 Dodge trucks to GM and about 6:1 Fords to GM. Dodge bring in the least money, and Fords still much less than GM. There must be a good reason for it, if I can determine what it is. As end result, I do not consider spent time at auction a waste, because I have learned what I should have known in the first place. Thanks, "Boatdoc"
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Hello Rita,
Boatdoc just wrote you a nice article.
I want to add to it.
Making the list is great. Also, realize that 'your wants' are most likely the only reason you are hunting a TV as you 'want' to pull an Airstream. Now,
looking at the available, and their prices, Boatdoc has already established the supply/demand aspect of it. There are various reasons for that which we won't address. Bottom line, the Chevy/Duramax is the 'top dog' in the market right now.
Since a year or so ago, all three major manufacturers have a quiet diesel. The Dodge auto trans is still not a proven piece. The Ford trans was so poor, they copied the Allison trans, which is in the GM's. They got it right, so close to the Allison that they have been socked with a patent infringement case. Most likely, a judgement will come down, a lot of money will change hands and Ford will have a nice trans as well. For your purpose, the Ford or GM trans would be great. Only if Ford were made to 'cease and desist' would that be a poor choice.
The ride available in a 3/4 truck has been improved to the point even an empty truck rides fairly well. Be advised, the longer the truck, the smoother the ride.
A big thing, is the 4 wheel drive is a big plus. These trucks have way big power (torque) which allows them to spin tires very easily. I have been stuck with my Duramax 3 times, twice on almost level camp spots, grassy, with a 31' Airstream hooked to the rear. BUY THE 4 WHEEL DRIVE. If you can afford a new diesel truck, you can afford the 4 wheel drive.
Buy with your intelligence, not your heart or emotions. Be willing to walk away from the wrong deal. There is no reason for a salesman to be able to make more money than he oughta' just because you cannot walk away from that new truck you just fell in love with. They make new ones every day.
Maybe you could look in the back of the Trailer Life, and contact one of the high volume dealers to check their prices?

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