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Originally Posted by Flying-Steve View Post
When I test drove the Ecobost I noticed that it had great acceleration but the trip computer on the one I drove never showed better than 16 mpg, so I agree that you'll need a light foot.
A little quick to judge, Steve. A new Ecoboost mileage improves during the break-in period after about 500 miles. Reality is 10-12 mpg towing in the mountains, and 12-14 mpg on flatland. Unhooked, I'm getting 20-22 mpg. Updates on longevity to come in 7 years.

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I now have 5400 miles and the last 400 miles was pulling my 23' Safari. I averaged 13 mpg towing on a fairly flat tow. Plenty of smooth power that's noticably better than my 07 5.4. The best thing about this motor is the non towing performance! 17 around town and 20 to 23 on the highway. I'm a speed limit guy and manage the throttle to get the best results. Hopefully it will prove reliable in the years to come!

Charlie M
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I have an 08 Tundra 2wd and I love it. My only complaint is the electronic LSD, which really does not work. If somebody ever comes out with a real mechanical limited slip, I will install this to help for traction when I boondock. The Tundra works really well for me. I just returned from a 450 trip and got 14.1 mpg pulling my Tradewind gently.

If I were buying a new TV today I would look at the ecoboost because it has more torque (not that I need it) and it would probably get 1-2 mpg better fuel economy. The downside would be the additional cost over the Tundra (I paid 25k out the door) and the risk of the reliability of another piece of complicated equipment (the turbo) after the warranty runs out.

I would also look at all the Dodge, GM and Ford 3/4 ton trucks with the large motors (greater than 5.7L) to get the added payload capacity.

Having said all this, and considering the other trucks and their cost, I just might pick a new Tundra- I like my truck with the floor shift and the back seat in the Tundra seems larger than the back seat in the other trucks. I just wish it more payload and a real LSD.

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Hi from GA. . . to Bob & Mike // just wondered why you wanted a 6.2 gasser vs the new 6.7 diesel. I'm hearing great things about the 6.7 and I bought a V10 F250 (08) cause 'I don't want a diesel' I love my truck BUT it gets 10 mpg (+or-) whether I'm pulling or not. Ford folks say yep that's the V10 ! I haven't heard anything about the new big V8. Just curious, I'm trying hard NOT to buy a new truck !!! Regards, Craig
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Originally Posted by RamblinManGa View Post
Hi from GA. . . to Bob & Mike // just wondered why you wanted a 6.2 gasser vs the new 6.7 diesel. I'm hearing great things about the 6.7 and I bought a V10 F250 (08) cause 'I don't want a diesel' I love my truck BUT it gets 10 mpg (+or-) whether I'm pulling or not. Ford folks say yep that's the V10 ! I haven't heard anything about the new big V8. Just curious, I'm trying hard NOT to buy a new truck !!! Regards, Craig
The new 6.7L diesel is sweet, but I didn't want to pay an extra $7,500 for it. Not only that but a diesel reduces your payload, a big consideration when you want to haul a truck camper. I'm still breaking in the 6.2L engine, it only has 425 miles on it so far. I'll post a report soon, but so far so good.
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I believe that that engine (ford Eco boost) has been available in the Mercury MKX for about 2-3 years.
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The TT V6 EcoBoost has else been in the Ford Flex since 2010.
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Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
Yes, and don't know if it's the same engine, but Ford had a turbocharged V6 in the Thunderbird in the mid 80's, so the technology is not new.
It is SO not the same engine, nor the same engine management technology, nor the same fuel injection technology.

Turbocharging isn't new to the industry in general nor is it new to Ford, but direct-injection plus turbocharging with gasoline engines is a HUGE improvement in flexibility over older port-injected and TBI methods.

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The Ecoboost does impress me, but.....

Originally Posted by RamblinManGa View Post
Hi from GA. . . to Bob & Mike // just wondered why you wanted a 6.2 gasser vs the new 6.7 diesel. I'm hearing great things about the 6.7 and I bought a V10 F250 (08) cause 'I don't want a diesel' I love my truck BUT it gets 10 mpg (+or-) whether I'm pulling or not. Ford folks say yep that's the V10 ! I haven't heard anything about the new big V8. Just curious, I'm trying hard NOT to buy a new truck !!! Regards, Craig
Hi, I'm not a big Diesel fan and I'm not sure how well the Ecoboost will work for me. A larger gas engine will not have to work as hard, and in the real world, hold up better. As a retired Ford mechanic, I can give you a similar comparison. With enough air pressure, [150 to 175 PSI] [typical shop pressure] I can remove the lug nuts on my Lincoln with a 3/8" pistol grip impact gun, but at the recommended basic air pressure of 90 PSI [typical home compressor pressure] I can remove my Lincoln's lug nuts with my 1/2" pistol grip impact gun. Both will do the same job, but the smaller gun/engine has to work harder to do it.

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Greetings Everyone!
I recently test drove a F-150 EcoBoost. Overall, I was impressed by how smooth, quiet, and quick the truck was. That said however, I have to agree with Bob, you are essentially asking a small engine to do the work of an engine more than twice it's size. Ford's turbo engines extend back to the 2.3L in the '80 Mustang and '84 Thunderbird, so I'm sure that they more than enough data points to figure out how to build a turbo engine that will be durable in an F-150. So I would be willing to give the EcoBoost a try. However, my mechanic told me about fact that recent Ford gassers have a problem with the spark plugs getting stuck and having to be drilled out at a cost of about $300 per cylinder! Ouch! So I suspect that I will probably either go Super Duty diesel or go GM. I'm curious though, has anybody ever had this problem on a late model Ford truck?

Cheers All,
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I was talking to the service manager at a Ford/Toyota dealer today and we were discussing the EcoBoost. He also has doubts about the Ecoboost engine lasting a long time when it is used to tow a lot. These are the same doubts Bob and Gin' expressed. I started to wonder about this when I saw that although the EcoBoost has great mileage without a big load, it drops down to Tundra numbers when towing—this indicates to me the engine is working very hard under a heavy load. It may be a light duty truck only. So, sell your EcoBoost at 75,000 miles before the engine starts to complain.

The comment about drilling out plugs is interesting. Were those gas engines direct injection engines only? Some direct injection engines (other manufacturers) have had problems with valves getting dirty or eroding very fast because they are not cleaned by the fuel mixture. The fuel in injected directly into the cylinder rather than through the valve port as I understand it—and what is the valve used for then? I don't see how this would be the same problem with the plugs, however. I had a Nissan 21 years ago that had problems with an aluminum block whose threads were too soft for the plug thread, but I never had to drill a plug out. It was a pain changing plugs and not cross threading them or over tightening them. I managed and sold the truck at 145,000 miles.

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My brother is a service manager at a Ford dealer, and he mentioned the potential issue of spark plugs seizing in the head. I changed my plugs at 50k instead of the 100k recommended for the 5.4l because of this. The 157" wheelbase with the two part driveshaft will have a bearing failure at about 40k which will require a tow in to the dealer. Mine failed at 38k. The 5.4l will develop an exhaust manifold leak on the right side. This will happen sooner or later depending on how hard you work the truck. Mine made it to about 45k. Funny thing about the manifold leak. The service guy at the dealership told me it was very common on this engine. I remarked that it was somewhat mind boggling that with the history and quantity of F150's that Ford makes they could not solve such a problem on this engine. He looked at me, grinned and said "They did fix it - they don't make the 5.4 anymore!"

My previous truck was a 1st generation Tundra but when I traded in 09 I saved over $9k on the comparable Ford vs. Tundra. Jury's out on whether that was a good move. Let you know in a few more years. I will say this - my 02 Tundra was more of a Japanese truck and it was bulletproof. I didn't get the same feeling of solid reliability when I test drove the new Tundra. And the Ford is much better set up for towing. Everything is integrated (brake controller, anti-sway, tow/haul mode) and works seamlessly together. The 6 speed transmission in tow/haul mode will control my speed on downhill grades quite effectively - much easier on the brakes. The shift pattern is noticeably different as well, holding gears that extra bit longer. Not sure what the new Tundra has but my old one simply cut out the overdrive when in tow mode. Hopefully they have improved on that.
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We recently bought a 2011 F150 lariat super crew with $750 ecoboost and max tow package, 3.73 axle, and 157" WB (the 6.5' bed vs the more prevalent 5.5' bed). To give you an idea, I traded in my 2008 F350 diesel super crew - for the following reasons:

1) Diesel fuel costs more and is harder to find in general.
2) F350 diesel & Eco-Boost get about equal MPG when towing
3) Eco-boost gets far better MPG during the 80% of the time when we are not towing
4) Smaller aluminum engine yes but with almost all of the huge torque at 2000 rpm the engine is not truly "working harder" than a larger block V-8 spinning at 4000RPM
5) "pick-up" aka speed and torque when pulling onto an on-ramp or from stop light blows away diesel towing or not. Unbelievable to be hitting 60MPH with trailer in tow coming up the ramp.
6) F150 properly hitched with equalized front and rear axle and even with off-road package is much gentler ride for passengers as well as the trailer - no more stuff dumped on floor from more stiff/rigid F350 suspension.
7) 11,000+ tow capacity is far more than ever needed with 27' FB loaded to max.
8) turbo like diesel does not have the "aspiration issues" and loss of power of a typical gas engine at very high altitudes - like Vail pass etc.

My guess on the shudder between 1st and 2nd (I think I have felt it) is that is the point when truck is hitting 2000rpm and max torque - if you punch the pedal while towing the truck almost skips forward for a moment as all that power comes to bear across the TV & TT. If you ease into it the shudder does not occur.

True that this truck is harder to come by on a lot but just like any vehicle purchase you need to do your homework - I did not want the chrome package but the truck had everything else perfect and the dealer came down @ 4k from MSRP which is in line I thought.

The rear view camera with zoom function, big F350 like telescoping mirrors, and built in sway control and brake controller are a towing dream - pulled the trailer around the area (Colorado Springs @ 7,000 feet) and loved the way everything felt and worked together - will report back after a more grueling trip up into the high country.

Biggest problem I had to overcome when making this decision is the limited rear axle weight (you need to limit the junk in your bed - we typically travel light and I have moved a lot of the trailer necessities - electrical and plumbing related stuff into the trailer). If you carry a ton of kids, dogs, motorbikes etc you may be in trouble. The Pirelli Scorpion OEM tires are workable but soft - very smooth ride unhitched. Will replace with better choice when they are shot in @ 30k miles.

The 2008 diesel was new technology and I had zero issue with the new engine or the truck. Got the extended warranty and not going to sweat the new engine - turbo has been around for a long time and I think Ford's engineers are on a better track then back in the day......

Thus far the truck has blown me away compared to my F350 and prior F150..... Should have been given a more gutsy name like "power-boost" IMHO.....
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Thanks for the input, I never "punch it" when pulling the trailer. Slow easy starts, we do notice the shutter more when we are starting at slight uphill incline. I'll try and check rpm when shutter starts next time I pull the AS. Yes, I do have aboput 1000 pounds in the bed and the 28' w SO is 1100 tounge weight. Pulled Vegas to LA (with bed empty) and tried with and without tow mode, with and without limited slip, slightly faster starts and creaping starts, and combinations of all or the above and noticed same problem. Transmission guy at Ford in Silverton, CO. pulled around their lot several times with trailer and could recreate problem before and after resetting "whatever" learning modules. He then put in transmission in manual mode and force to stay in 1st gear and the shutter gets much worst if transmission is not allowed to shift to second. He really think it needs "shims" in the pinon, but the engineers at Ford disagreed. So they are working on fix, and so far everybody at Ford, doesn't think it is hurting to drive or pull. Actually bothers my wife much more than me.

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