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Wow, what a great looking combination! It just doesn't get any better than a new Chevy with a new Airstream! The new Suburbans are superb, as is your new FB Classic!

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Very nice! The camera rocks! Sure would save me a lot of trouble...

Does that engine have the cylinders that shut down (de-activate) with no load? That is not bad mpg on the highway...

We have the same mirrors on our's about time chevy offered proper tow mirrors. I have mine adjusted so that the inside edge (closest to the truck) are about the same on the top and bottom mirrors. This alignment keeps me from getting confused due to the diffrent magnification of the two mirrors.
Oh yeah-anyone want to by some CIPA's?

We have owned (2) 1/2 ton Suburbans, great vehicles. If they offered it with a D/A we would have bought a third!

Enjoy-happy streamin'


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We also moved from 1/2 ton to 3/4 ton (Expedition to Excursion), what a huge difference for the better. The Excursion is no longer available, so I guess in a few years I may be looking at a Suburban myself...
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Nice tow vehicle! As a 3/4 ton van owner, with the same engine and axle as your Burb, the difference between 3/4 ton and half ton are night and day. You will especially appreciate the improvements the 3/4 ton suspension and frame give you.

That's why a lot of us preach the 3/4 towing gospel. Once you've had both vehicles it difference is obvious.

Jack Canavera
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Viva la difference! I am soo looking forward to experiencing the difference in towing. I already feel much more secure and more confident should an emergency manuever be necessary. Pulling a trailer and properly handling a trailer is as many have pointed out, two different things. The side impact bags are also a nice protection.

Arriving safe and sound and not fatigued at day's end is what I am really pleased about. I sometimes felt as if I was just hanging onto the wheel as the Expy was bounced and pushed, or so it seemed. For RVers going any substantial distance the driving is very much a part of the camping/traveling experience. Now I feel I will enjoy both aspects much more. The change was overdue, I am glad we were finally able to make it happen.

We considered a smaller engine with the D/A cylinders Bill mentioned and Flex Fuel but with our weight requirements it just made good sense to go with what we knew would handle our needs adequately. There were times when I could not get up to speed on the on ramps and if it weren't for a kindly truck driver slowing up traffic I would never have been able to make an easy entry. It also was frustrating not to be able to speed up changing lanes quickly enough or trying to speed up to let others onto the Interstate. I spent more than my fair share of time having to brake as my only option, not to mention having to let people by. I was tempted to get one of those Amish hazard signs for slow moving vehicle.

Oh as Jack says I am sure structurally it is well up to the task and now my rear end won't be dragging until I can get those bars up enough!

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Carol, A great looking combination. The new Suburbans are really nice looking and I love the towing mirrors and back-up camera. In my 2001 Suburban the Prodigy was a direct plug-in and I mounted it just under the edge of the dash to the right of the steering wheel. Easy to adjust and easy to see. Now you won't be trading that in in the next six months for something larger, will you? Sorry, just kidding. :-)
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Originally Posted by Craftsman
Carol, A great looking combination. The new Suburbans are really nice looking and I love the towing mirrors and back-up camera. In my 2001 Suburban the Prodigy was a direct plug-in and I mounted it just under the edge of the dash to the right of the steering wheel. Easy to adjust and easy to see. Now you won't be trading that in in the next six months for something larger, will you? Sorry, just kidding. :-)
Oh yeah-same here. I have had 3 GM trucks since 2001-all have been using the same Prodigy unit. Plug and (pray) play-no problems at all. Installed all of them near my right knee. Out of the way, yet easy to access if needed quickly. The Prodigy also get high praise from me-highly recommended.
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More technical details- -continued from my post #9:

The 6.0L engine is standard on the ¾ ton model. I chose the 2WD model with a 3.73 rear-end ratio. Unfortunately the “Active Fuel Management” system, which deactivates four of the eight cylinders, is not available on the 6.0L engine. That would be nice to have, but would it work well in Tow Mode?

With a 39-gallon tank, you can figure out how much it will cost to fill up. However, I never paid more than $75, because most gas stations pumps are programmed to limit credit card sales to $75. I recall 30 years ago (prior to the Y2K problem) when the gas pumps couldn’t be set above 99 cents per gallon. How long will it be before they have to add another place holder following $ 9.99 9/10 per gallon?

My mpg was under ideal almost flat interstate roads conditions. Who know what the head wind or tail winds were? Or the altitude, atmosphere pressure or temperature, or driving on mountain roads. Or what it will be after 10K miles with synthetic oil.

I’m still thinking of a neater or more elegant way to remount my Prodigy brake controller. It works fine where it is now, but perhaps there is a non-obtrusive fixture or fasteners that would enable me to mount it horizontally on the dashboard or in the console such that it will accommodate easy plug-in and removal of the unit.
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Carol: John HD and I met for the first time about 2 weeks ago in Madison. Nice to meet a forum member in person. I borrowed the name from the musical group called Hooked on Classics.
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Originally Posted by wheel interested
Westfalia I bet it will take me much longer than you to back up but it just has to be better than in and out in and out, since I hitch up alone often times. I am glad to hear it really is a benefit and not just a bit of gadgetry to entice.
LOL, I still I go pretty slow; don't want to damage the Precious.

Just for giggles, here is a video of the rearview camera in action on my car. I'm sure the 'Burb hookup will be much the same!!

Again, congrats. The new Chevy/GMC interiors and exteriors look very nice!
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We can tow it!
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Congratulations Carol!!

What a sweet tow vehicle--that camera is to die for!! So glad it came together for your vacation!
Can't beat all the great advice here about tvs, engines, etc...
We noticed a huge improvement when we went from a 1/2 to a 3/4 especially in the mountains!

Can't wait to see photos/read about your journeys here on the forum!

Best wishes!
Steph in MI Air# 6996-
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Close to home

Today, I attended our informal Thursday lunch with about 10 of our unit. One couple just rolled in from Salem. He had been boasting for a long time how well his "Hemi" Dodge 1/2 ton pulled his 90s 31-foot Excella.

Well, on this trip, they had a load of truck problems including a blown computer. Along the way, they discovered that their 1/2 ton rear axle is very much overloaded with that trailer on.

As soon as they get over the fuel cost of the Salem, they will be out shopping for a 3/4 ton diesel.

Their cost for 6000 miles with the 1/2 ton gasser was equal to what another friend paid for 8000 miles of towing a heavier Airstream with his Dodge diesel.
John W. Irwin
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Yes I agree on the suburban / AS combination for towing the suburban is very comfortable, we opted for the 8.1 liter with autoride and 3.73 rear end. tow mpg is consistant 11 mpg. ,but non tow is only 13-14 mpg. We pretty much just use for towing. Can't wait to hear your tow mpg. Darrell
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What a lot of gizmos to play with and learn! This is our first exposure to XM radio, it seems pretty neat. I like the weather feature too, though we didn't see many cities and we wondered if that changes when you are in different areas. I guess we might as well try all the OnStar goodies. I haven't even begun to look the papers over yet. After I do I will make that initial contact. We need new cell phones and were thinking of going with Verizon, the saleman said we can add the car onto our family plan and share the minutes. So you push a button and speak your number and it's all hands free, when a call comes in the radio mutes automatically. Gosh. I spent much of today identifying symbols on buttons all over everywhere. Tomorrow I will climb in and start pushing the seats around.

It drives like a dream, where I am used to bouncing it glided over unevenness like a hovercraft. Nicely insulated from outside noise and the sound system sounds lovely.(oh that was classical--tomorrow we'll crank it up when Mr. Wheel Interested is at work.)

The mirrors are huge! I think I can see for miles(behind me!) I was mesmerized by the full view. It was like a giant vertical wide screen. They do stick out though, hope I don't shear them off somewhere. They fold, of course.

John sorry to hear of your friend's Hemi troubles but it looks as if he will be enjoying many benefits of his upgrade. I hear you about diesel economy and power (right?) I don't know why my hubby stays clear of it. I have read they are much quieter now. I do know that when we view and shoot pictures out the window often times an oncoming diesel will spook the wildlife though.

Leo, Thanks I'll take the good luck. Now you know it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

Steph, I love the camera and it also doubles with navigation so we won't have to chase the Garmin across the dashboard anymore. The mountains are where we long to go, glad to hear the switch makes so much difference.

Westfalia, I love the video! Did you speed that up? I love the end frame. You make it look so easy and I do believe you'd win the time trials!

Rich you and John watch out, I just read Milwaukee is America's drunkest city. I guess Madison is renown for restaurants per capita. Wisconsin also has good roads and great camping. You two enjoy, just not too much!

JStanley, my husband wondered too how useful that deactivation might be while towing. He wondered if hills would affect it adversely not sensing the load downhill then having to head back up. Wish the 6 had it though. I came across stations en route to oregon where the limit was $50.00 I had never come across that before and told the clerk she was out of gas. And what's up with not being allowed to pump your own gas in Oregon? The kid smeared the bugs around on my windshield and then left the tank 1/3 empty!
What will synthetic oil do or why did you choose it?Our Prodigy is hooked up but not attached now. Could you self stick velcro yours?

Bill I just got the Prodigy on the trip home from Oregon and so far I think it's terrific, easy and coupled with the disk brakes on the AS it has really shortened my stopping distance and quickly. I did turn the boost off, that 12% braking to start had me chugging as I came to a stop on the off ramps and in the city, but with it being so easy to adjust I will drive the faster highways with it on boost 1. Is that what any of you do?

Craftsman have your new Airstream yet? No I don't think we'll trade soon, I think we are pretty well set on equipment now.


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