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The cost to convert an older Harrison AC in a GM product to the politically correct stuff is about $400. Again, unintended consquences to appease environmentlists.

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Late to the game.

Hi, I guess I that I'm late to this game, but I will add a few things of my opinion. Removing lead from gasoline ruined my 1959 Ford Galaxie's engine. New fuels will ruin the fuel system and possibly the engine in my 2000 Lincoln Navigator too. Sure your future car might get fantastic fuel mileage, but what do you think gas/diesel will cost then? In my older years, actually I have never liked driving what I call $hit Boxes. Little tiny cars that could become your coffen because of an accident; Your car and you will become one and the same.

This is an old true story and I will let you figuer it out on your own. This story is repeated by many people still today who can't and/or won't do the basic math. A friend of our's bought a brand new Datsun B-210. When asked why he bought this car new car, he said that his monthly gas bill was too high. His old Oldsmobile was paid for. He had the pink slip in his hand. Yes, his Datsun got great gas mileage. Now he has a monthly financed car payment, higher insurance payments, and a $50.00 a month lower gas bill.


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Gee, maybe now we might actually get the V-6 Turbo diesels in a 1/2 truck...
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Gene, I don't think pick-up trucks were included in CAFE until just recently. And trucks used to be for work not pleasure driving. But, that changed with the advent of the SUV. People wanted trucks that drove and rode like cars. Manufacturers began to build them and it is competition , not government mandates, that your Tundra is so nice and pleasurable to drive. Even women like to drive them now. When the gas spike happened a few years ago, car companies got screwed with those trucks because people who didn't actually need them quit buying them because , by comparison, they got crappy mileage. Now you see better mileage in trucks because they don't want to get caught with their pants down again. Manufacturers are driven more by demand, less by gov't even with safety issues which explains why many foreign companies exceed gov't safety and crash standards. Gov't is necessary here but it's competition that forces car companies to build cars and light trucks that people want to drive. Ford used to paint all vehicles black until GM started offering colors. If the government ever gets involved in colors we might all be driving safer colors like blaze orange.
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Kosm, 1/2 tons have always been included in CAFE, just at a less aggressive figure. 8600 lbs GVW is the cutoff. (3/4 ton and up, basically haven't and still won't be included in CAFE)

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I thought this thread might be informative. Too bad, as the title suggests any of a number of directions this could take. Any piece of the below would have been worthwhile:

Better weight & aerodynamics on the A/S trailers hitched to multi-speed transmissioned, high-efficiency engined and aero-optimized tow vehicles.

In re this forum, that is the future worth looking upon.

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Yah you're right...I had the acronym stated wrong; NTSB sets the safety regs; CAFE sets fuel efficiency. Whatever. They work sort of together though opposed.

My post stands: As you keep making cars heavier to make them safer in a crash, it takes more energy to move them. F=MA always. At least in this universe.

Colin Chapman had it figured out at Lotus in the 60's. You get the mass out, you don't need much horsepower. Lotus cars aren't that much slower than a muscle car in a straight line, but will outhandle them to heck and back, yet get very good gas mileage.

As to 28mpg with a 5.7L V8, I've talked to several modern Camaro and Corvette owners that have achieved that cruising steady state on level highway. With cylinder deactivation and fuel injection, you can do it.

VW engineers built a car a couple years ago that got over 100mpg. They basically did what I said above. It basically looks like a stretched BD-5 fuselage so two people can sit tandem with two wheels up front and one out back. Looked like a little fighter canopy on it. It really is a neat little car.
- Jim
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I love these threads... how they devolve into the '50 years ago, Mr Widget invested a carb that got 250 miles per gallon! And then he was murdered by the big oil companies!'

Or, 'The government screwed everything up!'...

If a company could come to market with a game-changing technology, they would... because they all want to make billions of dollars. Oil companies don't care, because despite all the technology advances in the last 100 years... oil consumption has never trended DOWN.

Government is involved the way they are, because Americans still have relatively cheap fuel. So, the incentive to switch to a more fuel efficient car isn't as great as say where I live, where gas has been as high as $1.60 a litre ($6 a gallon). We don't have as many government interventions, because we have carbon taxes, tax incentives on high MPG cars... that are creating a faster shift in car-buying habits.

As long as America has cheap fuel, you are going to see the other way of promoting efficiency... FORCING it on people.
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Political posting

This thread has had quite a few posts removed due to political content. Moderators' actions are guided by our experience with the irreconcilable arguing that ensues. We will act to keep matters from spinning out of control.

The Community Rules state, "Discussions about politics, weaponry and religion are permitted only in association with the topic of this forum and will be closed or removed if they become disruptive." Advocacy that overtly or indirectly endorses a political view will get our attention. Examples are naming names of political personalities or suggesting intentions in a political direction.

Moderators do not wish to edit within a post and thereby attempt to interpret a member's intentions. So please, make those well-considered posts but don't put a hook on the end of them. Please direct any questions on this matter to a moderator. Thank you.

On behalf of the moderator team,
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And please, let's stay on topic and not pick out sensitive issues of government. Confrontation on such matters can only be political.

Aluminum side up,
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This thread reminds me of the song Red Barchetta by Rush.
The NSA -- The only part of the government that listens.
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Originally Posted by Wayward View Post
I use far less gas every week in my pickup than my "green" buddy and his wife, who relish this regulatory garbage but drive 2 Beemers separately to work, and commute every weekend to their vacation home. They are agast that I "drag" an RV across the country with my "gas guzzler", while they do not think twice about boarding a jumbo jet for a European get away,
I have coworkers just like that. I just show them the engine block heater plug in the front and tell them the truck is a hybrid and they feel better.

The NSA -- The only part of the government that listens.
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