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2007 25' Safari SS SE
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Dodge Cummins

Just read an interesting thread about Ford PSD and this new warranty for 1300-2100 extra dollars. I wouldn't consider an ex. warranty because my Dodge has been so reliable. Just curious--Dodge Cummins men what has your experience been?

How many of you would even consider an extended warranty that only ran to 200,000 miles?

The "Ann Rutledge"
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I think our trucks are similar - mine is a 2005 Quad Cab 4WD CTD auto, but single axle. I bought the truck for a lot less than I expected, so I put some of the savings back in to the extended warranty, as 'worry insurance'. Previous generation Cummins have been very reliable - the present generation has had some issues with the fuel system & transmission, some reports of lift pump failures, etc. I was more concerned about the Dodge parts (transmission, etc) than the Cummins.

Only trouble I have had has been easy - door seals torn (there is a service bulletin, covered as part of warranty).

This is the first extended warranty I have ever purchased.

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I have a 2005 dodge ram 2500 quad cab CTD shortbed 4x2 purchased in February 2005. I have 67,000 miles on it and have replaced tires and brakes. I love the Cummins and would have bought whatever truck was created around the engine. This is my first diesel and I am very pleased with it.

I keep my gas cars until they have 250,000 to 275,000 so I am expecting to get 400,000 out of this truck.

I did a lot of research about tow vehicles and weight ratings and decided upon a diesel once I decided to buy an Airstream classic 30. I was looking at the 22's and 25's as well and would have purchased an appropriate tow vehicle for the size.

I did not want to be on the edge for towing capacity and decided on the diesel. It is my daily driver and I love it.

I am not into the Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge debates. The perfect truck doesn't exist (Cummins with a Chevy ride and Ford interior).

My concern in buying the dodge was wether the transmission will hold up. They redesigned it in 2004 and ok so far.

I would buy another Cummins in a heartbeat.

2008 Classic 34
Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab CTD

AIR #7317 WBCCI #1772 TAC-IL 1
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Bought my 2004 with 120,000 on it. Have gone through it all and can find nothing wrong. 22 mpg highway, 15 mpg towing. The trans is smooth, the clutch is fine, the AC is cold . .

. . and now at 131,000 I believe that it is only 1/3 the way through its life. A GM or Ford would be about 1/2-way (based on the manufacturers own estimate of mean engine life).

I made sure mine was 2WD with independent front suspension and rack & pinion power steering.
1990 35' Silver Streak Sterling; 9k GVWR.
2004 DODGE Cummins 305/555; 6-manual; 9k GVWR.
Hensley Arrow. 12-cpm solo, 19-cpm towing (fuel)
Sold: Silver Streak Model 3411
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I have a 2500 hd ram.. It has been a great truck I have added compression breaks and a small power boost...The only trouble I have had with the truck is the fuel pump.. I have had to replade 3 fuel pumps the last one I had install is an after market pump that is great...
paul dahl
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Have a 2007 Dodge 2500 HD "Cummings" Turbo Diesel. LOVE it!. Came with the "Jake Brake" which is a great accessory when towing and going downhill. The 6 speed Transmission is working great so far. I love that fact that you have the option to shift ALL six gears on the column handle if desired. In "tow" mode the trans shifts in perfect harmony with the weight it's towing. Get about 14.8 to 15.6 mpg while towing up and down hills to mammoth Mtn, Cal.

Had a 2005 V8 (287 cu in/4.7L) prior to this and was always on the "edge" when towing. Always came home stressed out. I call it the "Little Truck the could". She took care of me and never left me stranded. I feel I did us both a favor by going into the larger Dodge. Gave her to one of my sons. She's a happy camper now

2007 Dodge Ram Quadcab 6.7L Diesel w/jakebrake

"Better to have more then you need, then need more then you have because you don't have enough!"
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I have a 2004 Ram quad cab long bed 4x4 with the Cummins and heavy duty automatic. They had two auto trannies in '04, the regular and the HD. I got the HD. It's a 4-speed automatic with the tow/haul button.

I only have 23,000 miles oni t so far. I bought it new when the '05s were coming out and got a good deal on it during "Dodge Days."

In that 23,000 miles, the only thing I have done is change the oil. That's it. It has been absolutely trouble free. I turn the key and I go.

I pull a heavy 34' Avion triple axle with it. I get about 12.5 running it 70mph. Drops to about 11.8-12.1 or so at 75mph. And I got 13.7mpg with it running 60mph.

My dad has a '99 and has never had a bit of trouble with his. My one friend has had a few of them and he's always run 250,000 miles before selling them. He never had any trouble.

I had a Ford Excursion with the gas V10 that spit a spark plug out and ruined my vacation one year. Truck had 36,348 miles on it, plus a 7 year 100,000 mile extended powertrain warranty. Ford would not cover the blown spark plug (which was due to defective head design) that stripped out the head threads and destroyed the coil on plug ignition module. They said it wasn't "due to the failure of an internally lubricated part" so the powertrain warranty wouldn't cover it. See, if the piston flies off the rod and breaks the head, it's covered. If the head itself is bad, it's not covered.

I think these extended warranties are probably not worth the paper they're printed on.

But anyway, after the X blew up, i bought a Cummins and I've never looked back.

- Jim
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Spark Plugs? Spark Plugs! Dodge Diesels don't need no Stickin Spark Plugs !#@#!~!

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2007 Dodge Ram Quadcab 6.7L Diesel w/jakebrake

"Better to have more then you need, then need more then you have because you don't have enough!"
AIR #: 8129
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We purchased a 06 Quad Cab, auto transmission, 2WD, Cummings last July. My wife & I have been a GM people all our lives and this is our 1st Crysler product. I couldn't be happier. It has 27,000 miles on it. We get 22-23mpg on the road without the trailer. We put 12,000 on it with our 26 foot Argosy this summer and averaged 17mpg towing and not towing.

The Dodge is not as plush on the inside compared to Ford or Chevy. Most of my friends use their Dodge's on the farm and consider the Dodge a working truck.

With my present experience with the Dodge Cummings would I purchase another one? In a heart beat. "Real trucks rattle".
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2006 mega cab 2wd

Yes, I love it...not getting but around 19-20mpg @ 70mph but still better mileage than the Cherokee 4liter before.

grew up as a card carrying chevy/gm guy but after 4 transmissions in as many trucks all less than 80k miles...I've seen the light...did not tow with any of the chevys.

and i absolutely love the interior of the mega cab...its every bit as comfortable as the chevy or ford.

I just hope "The New Chrysler" can hold its act together. I also have two other Chrysler 300...a '99 M and an '06 C great cars.
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Question for you Dodge guys?

Are there any years to stay away from? I see talk about Trans. 4 speed 6 speed and some trany problems. What years have the 6 speed? How about a older low milage one? Any other common problems like front ends brakes etc?
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I bought my 1996 in early 2001 with 86000 miles on it. I now have 141,000. It has the 12 valve engine which many diesel enthusiasts believe to be highly desirable. It has a different pump than the 24 valve models. My truck has the 5 speed manual. I've had zero problems with the engine. I've replaced the clutch twice, but that was not a manufacturers problem. First one was replaced because the release bearing went bad and I thought it best to replace the clutch while it was torn down. The second was necessary because of a bad installation of the first. I have a 4:11 differential so I don't get really good mpg solo, but I love what it does towing. I'm almost always in the 14-15 mpg range. Diesels are noisy, the fuel is smelly, but I love them!

If you can find a well maintained, lower miles 12 valve truck I'd recommend it (if age is no object as they quit putting them in the Dodge in early 1998).

I bought an extended warranty on my Continental ($1600). I'd never do it again. Be meticulous with your maintenance, drive decent, and be your own warranty. Quite frankly, there are a lot of loop holes in those warranties.

'92 Limited 34ft (now sold); '96 Dodge Cummins 4X2, 5speed
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Mopar or no car!

That being said, they had tranny problems with the half tons back in mid 90's. My buddies who had the 3/4 tons with the diesels have never had tranny issues. Nor has my dad, and he pulls a huge Holiday Rambler 5er with his.

I had a Ford Excursion, and will admit it was more opulent than the Dodge. But the Ford blew up. The Cummins just keeps on humming!

- Jim
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My brother in law has a 97 CTD. For the most part he likes the truck but just experienced the "death wobble" the other day and now I think he is running scared. He tells me the later model front ends are supposed to be a better design. He has had no trouble with the transmission - 4 speed auto.
I have driven the truck and I like it a lot. Not sure why Dodge is always treated as a red headed step child of the auto world. All makes have issues. I say drive what you want and deal with the issues.

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