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Convince ME!! please....

After excruciating (but fun) research we have made at least one decision; thank goodness. We will purchase a 2009 or 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LTZ 4x4 Crew Cab (short bed) to tow our 2008 28' Safari.

Now the real fun…I thought I had made up my mind and figured out it was diesel power or nothing to tow this vessel across the country for 4 months. However, I have now reached terminal velocity; A.K.A. information saturation. This roadblock has allowed the very real possibility of purchasing a gasser over a diesel back into the fray. Like many others have stated before me; I am extremely appreciative and give full credit for any knowledge I have acquired to those offering their time and experiences in this “Great Hall” of information.

To keep this short - We are looking to purchase very soon and I cannot decide if I need gas or diesel. It will be my daily driver once we tour the US. We will most likely pack heavy, we have never owned a diesel before, but I am not afraid of proper vehicle maintenance.

Gas mileage seems to be close enough within these model years that I have given up hope of 15 mpg towing, 20 mpg highway. We looked at the pre-DPF vehicles and decided to buy newer. I tend to keep a vehicle for 8+ years.

Concerns on gasser – not enough torque
Concerns on diesel – to loud, warm up time/cool down time; different breed of vehicle

In hopes this question will not rival that of the "½ ton versus ¾ ton when towing a 25-footer" I will try to narrow the playing field. If you have experience towing across/around the USA with a non-Vintage (no offense J) ~28’ Airstream in any of the TVs listed above and would enjoy it as your daily driver PLEASE HELP. Thank you SO much!


Almost there.........
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Thumbs up

We have used Burb gasser's for the last 15yrs, wouldn't change a thing.


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You probably don't want to hear this, but, Ford is just about to launch their all new F250 diesel...that is absolutely unbelievable.

I saw/heard one in action last week. 24,000 pounds of towing capability. A new "quiet" diesel that I couldn't tell the difference from their gasser...and that was standing next to it. couldn't even hear the darn thing running. Truly remarkable achievement.

If you're buying sure to check it out.

I myself am pulling with a diesel. Yanking a 27 AS around the country, I decided I wanted the torque and power that ONLY a diesel can really provide.
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There is no right or wrong choice in your decision. It's really down to whatever you want. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in mountain ranges, diesel would probably be a better choice. I happen to prefer diesel.

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Don't beat yourself up

I know its a big decision....I recommend the diesel. I,ve had 'em for well over 20 years. No problems. The Chevy I have now, 2500 4 x 4, is a real civilized ride. I was worried at first because I came back to Chevrolet from a 3/4 Ford diesel. That truck was nice...but it was a real truck. The much smoother ride and comfort of the Chevy initially made me suspicious of its work capability. I use it threefold...daily driver, ranch work and Airstream hauler. Great at all. never have to tune it...ever. Just change the oil and filters.
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I've owned both and I prefer diesel, hands down. Great torque, mileage, and if you take care of them, last a very long time. Doesn't matter your preference, the Duramax, Cummins, or Powerstoke, are all fine diesel engines.
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I have driven Fords all my life, however after their engine problems I decided to get a Chevy until I read a post here on the forum about the new 2010 Dodge...I have to say its a no brainer for me for two simple reasons ,well maybe three...

1. Cummins Engine (Tried and true Manufacture of fine diesel engines)
2. Only Truck out there with a Exaust Brake...(standard equip.)
3. Da sucker is quiet...

All three Ford,Chevy,Dodge build fine trucks period...It jus came down to those three lil things for me...Which are big in my book...

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Originally Posted by Aquabud View Post
You probably don't want to hear this, but, Ford is just about to launch their all new F250 diesel...that is absolutely unbelievable.
Don't tempt me. Remember we did make one decision so far.

Originally Posted by Greg N Cindy View Post

We will test drive a 2010 diesel and 2009 gasser tomorrow. Could very well be the day for a purchase. So far diesel is in the lead. Thank you all for your responses. Keep 'em coming!
Almost there.........
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Hi, I'm not a Diesel fan/lover, but for your size and weight trailer, a Diesel might work better for you; But I would never recommend a Diesel as a daily driver. Gas engines are far better for that type of driving, unless your idea of driving daily is hundreds of miles daily.

Short story: A company located in Southern California had about 200 fleet vehicles. All of these vehicles were Diesels. Approximately half of them were used locally and the other half were driven across the country and back. The locally used vehicles were in constant repair; And the cross country vehicles, vertually, only needed normal maintainence. [Diesels were not made to go to the corner market and back]

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For towing, a diesel is really best. It's really hard to beat engines that deliver 75% or more of full rated power over their entire rpm band; they just slow down a bit on the hills and the engine just grunts a little harder picking up the load.

If you're making nothing but a lot of short trips (less than 7 to 10 miles), any of the full scale trucks aren't going to be very happy. The engines are large and warm up slowly, and thus mileage tends to be poor. They much appreciate a chance to warm up and stretch their legs once a week.

- Bart
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I recently traded an '07 GMC 1/2 ton gasser for an '08 GMC 3/4 ton diesel. The Diesel is hands down the winner when it comes to pulling the Airstream, but maintenance costs are higher. Costs more to change oil, and it needs to be done more frequently. Fuel filters are more expensive and need to be changed frequently. The Diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline, and the newer (late '07 and later) Diesels don't get that good of fuel mileage. I actually got better mileage unloaded around town and on the road with the gas truck, and it had 4.10 gears. The Diesel gets a little better mileage towing, about 12.5, and the gas truck got about 11.5. The Duramax Diesel is much quieter than the current Fords or Dodges, but don't know about future engines. Personally, I would be afraid of Ford's new Diesel before they are proven. (Remeber the Ford 6.0?) As far as "around town" is concerned, I haven't found it to be an issue, but I do live about 15 miles from town. The GMC 3/4 ton, a crew cab short bed, does ride a little stiffer than the 1/2 ton, but it rides measurably better than a Dodge 3/4 ton.
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have towed trailers for 25 years .have used all my tow vehicles as daily drivers.i prefer the safety of a larger first diesel is the 2005 excursion that i have currently been driving for the last 5 years.truck is completely stock and it hasnt given me any trouble.maintenance on a diesel is more costly than a daily driving is about 20 miles roundtrip,and i havent had issues from long as i am towing,it will be with a diesel.gas vs diesel on larger trailers is not even a debate for me.diesel all the way.
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Originally Posted by Tyrinius View Post
Concerns on gasser – not enough torque
Concerns on diesel – to loud, warm up time/cool down time; different breed of vehicle

You don't "need" a diesel...but you sure will like towing with one. The gasser is probably sufficient. Too bad they don't put BB in them anymore...
I think you can only get the Alli with the diesel? This alone is worth the price of admission...
You will realize better fuel mileage with the deezul, especialy when towing.
To respond to you specific questions;
1) Loud? Not any more, the common rail diesels are as quiet as a gasser (well maybe not the Cummins...great engine, but still more noisy than GM/Ford)
2) Warm up time; No different. Modern diesels have high idle adjustment for cold weather
2b) You should let any turbo charged engine cool down for 1-2 minutes before shutting down.

We are going into our 4th year with our first diesel. I had some concerns about going diesel also...not anymore. There is no difference in day to day operation.
Take a look at my review of owning a deezul;
It may answer some of your ?

Good luck
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As expected you all have risen to the occasion and provided me with valuable insight. My focus is still on the diesel, but I have some reservations about making short trips and how that will effect the engine. There is always my wife's Highlander though, if necessary.

We are headed to the local car wash to have my 02 Tundra cleaned and ready for presentation at one lucky dealership (once/if we negotiate a price of course). Will it be gas or diesel?? Hopefully we will know more about 4 PM today. Keep your fingers crossed and thanks again for all of your help.

Almost there.........
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