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Rockingham , North Carolina
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Great insights here. As always I value them and thank you. I'm not a brand guy. Love my Chevys but won't be getting a Bow tie tattoo or anything. Just sold a 99' Tahoe with 220k trouble free miles to my best friend of 20 years. He demanded it when hearing I was going to sell it. Making yard room for Airstream. My current 2005 Tahoe has over 100k miles and has only had tires and a battery or two replaced. It's an exceptional product, Chevy Tahoe, in my opinion.

Was curious how the Chevy trucks faired. Just have not heard much about them. The local dealer has the copper 2500 4x4 Z71 duramax. What a sweet truck. May have to take her for a ride. I know I will in fact. Tomorrow. It's almost like I've subconsciously saved the best for last. And yes, I realize 'best' is subjective at best. Pun intended.

Researching everything BUT the truck I would have been most likely to run out and buy initially is a good move though. Learned a lot and there are many sweet trucks on the market. I'm certainly comfortable with the idea of buying another Chevy at any rate, and our local Chevy dealer rocks when it comes to service and such.

I could end up with the Chevy or GMC 2500 HD, Ford F-250, Dodge Mega Cab, or Tundra. There truly are some really nice options available. A bit of a double edged sword for the newly anointed. Almost too many choices. And I'm not even interjecting the gas vs diesel thoughts.

We drove a F250 with 6.2 L today and found it less than stellar. Not compared to the two 6.7's we have drove recently. They are monsters. Absolute monsters. Still, might be more truck than we need. Want. Need. Hard to separate for me lately. For that matter, either engine in the F-250 is a lot of engine. 400 and 440 HP. Geesh.

Saw a 2015 Toyota Tundra 1794 edition today. Amazed by how nice that truck was. Beautiful too. Sliding full back window. Huge backseat floor area. 381 HP V8. Toyota's reputation for reliability. Lots to offer if we down size our Airstream ambitions to a 27' twin with 780 lb hitch weight.

What's screwy though, sticker in door said payload 1300 lbs, book says 1525 lbs. Two sales reps and manager were puzzled. Got call saying it was 1300 in bed only. Not counting passengers and such in cab. They called Toyota, but I thought payload was people, gas, all items in cab or bed, and hitch weight of camper. Again, one answer brings two questions.

Anyways, thanks for helping us out. I'm ready to get a truck so we can find us a silver riveted home base escape pod.


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Chevy Silverado

I tow a 31' 05 Classic with an 09 Silverado, short bed, crew cab, diesel, Allison 2500 4x4. About 100k miles, zero problems. At least four times over the Rockies, Sierras and Cascades.

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If any of you Chevy/GMC guys and gals have any pics of your trucks, or trucks and campers hooked up, please post them here. Your brand is highly under represented on this forum it seems. And besides, we all love pikchures.

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2005 25' Safari
Argyle , Texas
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I would listen to Chuck Barber. We own a 2002 GMC Dually, 1 ton, with the Duramax and Allison. Has a bit over 100,000 miles. Absolutely no problems. It pulls the Airstream 28' Classic; a 3 horse trailer w/ living quarters; a heavy equipment utility trailer or whatever we put behind it.

I pull a 25 foot Airstream Safari with a 1/2 ton, 2004 Chevrolet -Z71. Pulled through the Northeast mountains with absolutely no problem. Nothing extra on the 2004 except a trailer tow package. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Danattherock View Post
If any of you Chevy/GMC guys and gals have any pics of your trucks, or trucks and campers hooked up, please post them here. Your brand is highly under represented on this forum it seems. And besides, we all love pikchures.


I'm with the crowd with few complaints. 06 Duramax 2500 HD
06 23 Safari

For the record a '06 Cayenne too. Click image for larger version

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Originally Posted by Scottiesafar View Post
We are 1st time A/S er's . Bought a 2015 Silverado 1500 LTZ to haul our 30' International (also 2015). Had both a month
and been going up & downs mtns. & islands in Wa. state, no prob. As long as you don't go over A/S 8, 000#. Love this truck, did lots of research. 3/4 ton would be MORE than adequate. Great gas mileage, too!
I'm going to trade in the 2013 EcoBoost (Ford F-150) and return to a Silverado 2500 diesel. I'm only towing a 25 Eddie Bauer - BUT I am a full-timer. I don't need an "all around vehicle" as much as I need a heavy hauler for all my stuff. (Including a bed slide and a generator.)

I just LIKE the Silverado's torque, engine brakes, ergonomics, etc. When I wrecked my old Airstream Silverado combo.... the officer investigating the direct hit on the embankment told me that he'd seen many semi drivers wreck along the same stretch of highway - and never watched any of them kick the driver's door open and walk away... which I did. (He felt me up pretty thoroughly, but only to assure himself that I wasn't in shock and didn't have any bones sticking through the skin - (darn it!))

I've become a much more conservative (laid back and slower) driver in the past two years. I am not saying that the Ecoboost isn't a fine vehicle for most Airstreamers. ON my recent trip out to the west coast I faced a lot of fairly steep grades... the downhill ones were hairy! The big plus for me with the 2500 Chevy is not it's power as much as it's STOPPING power.

Helpful hint - velcro straps to make sure your trailer's umbilical stays plugged into the truck - priceless. In 9 years I had one malfunction, due to inattention. Came to a safe stop and re-hooked up - but the 150's brakes were tested to do it.

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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Is it a safe to purchase a mid 2000 era Duramax if it has 100-135k miles? Seems like the samples around me 5 years old or more the mileage is over 100k. These are dealer sales.

2008 Classic 25fb "Silver Mistress"
2015 Ram 2500 6.7L Cummins. Crew Cab, 4x4, Silver
2010 Tundra 5.7L, Double Cab, 2wd, White
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Recently bought a used 2008 Silverado 2500 Duramax with the LMM engine. I haven't gotten a chance to pull the 26 foot '63 Overlander yet, but that's what I bought it for. We'll see how it goes.
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The Cralls
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2012 28' International
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2011 gmc

I pull with a 2011 GMC 6.6l Dramax Allison transmission combo, Crew cab 4x4 Denali. I pull a 28' International Serenity. She pulls all of the hills at the speed limit, the exhaust brake holds the speed on the was down. The numbers may not be as high as Ford or Dodge in hp or torque but the engine/transmission gear ratios and rear end combo are perfectly matched. In addition I got over 13mpg over 7000 mi trip across the U.S. from Washington to Florida and back pulling the whole time.
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Originally Posted by Danattherock View Post
Having drove Tahoes and an Escalade for the last 15 years, I'm pretty out of touch with trucks. In process of selecting TV for 28-30' FC. Chevy is very popular where I live, but I don't see hardly any talk here about them. Just curious why?

I saw a beautiful copper colored 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD 4x4 CC with Duramax today at local dealer. Starred her down while I had my breakfast in car.. She didn't say a word, just sat there. Price was $62k, same as all the nicely appointed Ford F-250's I've seen. It had a hitch on the back so I know someone somewhere tows with Chevy trucks.

Reading online is a minefield for a new guy to trucks. Read assorted complaints about the Dodge 68RFE transmission. AISIN transmission is a $3k upgrade. Dodge Mega Cab is out. Wish they just put the higher quality transmission in all Dodge Rams.

Was all set on buying Ford F-350 SRW with 6.7 diesel then I read numerous online complaints about faulty injectors and high pressure fuel pumps leading to costly repairs Ford didn't fix under warranty. Now I'm shy on pulling the trigger on a Ford. Finger no workie.

What are Chevy trucks known for? How does the Duramax diesel stand up against the Ford PS and Dodge Cummins? How is the reputation of the gas motors in Silverados compared to the Ford 6.2 L or Hemi powered Dodge? How does the Chevy Allison transmission compare to Ford or Dodges 68RFE or AISIN?

Each time I find an answer, two questions pop up in its place. I'm tempted to stop reading online and just flip a quarter. Twice. Best out of three.. Whatever.. Anyone have a three sided quarter?

I don't know where you are getting your information on problems with the 6.7, but it just ain't so. The 6.7 Ford diesel, especially since 2012, has been spot-on and has blown the doors off both Dodge and Chevy in sales and performance. The Ford TorqueShift tranny is way better than the Allison and the Dodge tranny doesn't come close. If you want a real truck, go look at a Ford 6.7 and see the difference....and there really is a lot better truck in the Ford stable.
2008 F-250 4X4 Lariat V-10
2002 Airstream Classic 30' w/SO #2074
2007 Kubota 900 RTV
1996 Ford Bronco
2007 Lincoln LT
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Bought a GMC 2500HD diesel new in 2008 and very pleased with it.

I have had two minor problems in 7 years.

(1) Went into "limp mode" on a NY interstate coming home from the Airstream park in NJ.

Fuel filter life suddenly went from about 55% to zero and I got a dash message to change the filter.

I reckoned we had gotten a bad load of fuel a a seedy little gas station in then hills of Pennsylvania (poor planning on my part, I usually try to fill up at places like Flying J with good turn over.

We managed to get to a GM dealer and I asked them to change the filter and if possible dump the rest of the fuel (about 1/4 tank.) They changed the filter but said our fuel looked ok do they did not dump it just filled up.

So I really don't know what happened. Never happened again, but now I carry a defect code scanner as well as a spare diesel fuel filter on all our trips!

(2) Sporadically we get a message on the dash saying "Check Trailer Brake System" This means the integrated system on the truck, not the trailer brakes themselves - that would be a different message.

The trailer brakes seem to work fine despite the warning, so it is really just an annoyance. This message pops up quite often whether we have the trailer attached or not. We just cancel it !

So far our local GMC dealer has not been able to replicate the problem or resolve the message! From an internet search though I find many folk have the same issue. I continue to pursue it with GM!

Apart from these two minor issues, generally very happy with the Duramax/ Allison and have pulled our trailer to Florida or Arizona with it every year since getting it in 2008.

Brian & Connie Mitchell

2005 Classic 30'
Hensley Arrow / Centramatics
2008 GMC Sierra SLT 2500HD,4x4,Crew Cab, Diesel, Leer cap.
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Originally Posted by KJRitchie View Post
Is it a safe to purchase a mid 2000 era Duramax if it has 100-135k miles? Seems like the samples around me 5 years old or more the mileage is over 100k. These are dealer sales.

Get it inspected by an independent diesel mechanic... but for the most part their reputation is that they're only getting thoroughly broken in by 250,000 to 300,000 miles. The interior could be shot, and body corrosion might be an issue (local paper mills?, lots of highway salt?). And inspect the receiver carefully. That can tell you how many of those miles were towing stuff. Might not want one a landscaper or tree guy has used to haul heavy lumber for 10 years.

Hey, if the price is right, your Airstream and tow vehicle could be "Beauty and the Beast".

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.
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I tow with a Dodge 3500 w/ the 5.9 Cummins. Love it and find it does all I need and does it well. I think Ford has finally got it right with the 6.7l and is a dynamite choice and I have not heard any bad stuff about the GM's lineup so you have a lot of nice choices out there. Cummins and GM have a long history of great service with Ford having had some rocky years getting to where they are now. I don't think you can go wrong so long as you stay away from the troublesome Ford years.
Roger in NJ

" Democracy is the worst form of government. Except for all the rest"
Winston Churchill 1948

TAC - NJ 18

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We own a 2015 28 ft FC when we purchased the trailer we planned to tow it with our Infiniti QX 56 which is rated at 8,900 lbs. We towed with it for about 4,000 miles but we never felt comfortable towing with the Infiniti. Did lots of research and ended up purchasing a 2015 GMC 2500 with the Duramax diesel and Allison transmission. We probably could have gotten by with less truck but I have never regretted my decision. Towing with this truck is a dream and stopping with the exhaust brake is a real benefit especially in the mountains. I love the truck would buy it again! Hope this helps.

Bald Eagle
28 Ft. Flying Cloud
2015 GMC Diesel
Charlottesville, VA
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