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Anybody notice the current Toyota Sequoia TV ad pulling what appears to be a 23' AS? Beside being towed the AS is discreetly in the background in each scene. Here's the rundown:

Now competing in the mammoth people-mover category, Sequoia is a full-sized SUV that seats eight in comfort. Available with one engine choice, the 4.7 liter 273 hp/314 lb-ft i-FORCE V8 and a five-speed automatic transmission, with either rear-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. Fuel economy estimates for the 4WD are 15 city/17 highway; for the 2WD they are 15 city/18 highway. Prices start at $32,820 for the base SR5 model and $41,855 for the Limited.

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tow vehicles

Anyone doing "Greasel" for towing?

Living the Full Catastrophe is much easier when you can drive away for a while.
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Originally Posted by 2kids&adog
Anyone doing "Greasel" for towing?
hi erica

here is a thread on the topic ready for an update...

includes posts from the 'inventor' of the frybird system,

and links to several veggie sites....

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Originally Posted by bertro
Do you think it will tax this truck to much with my 71 safari. Robert
I am using a '99 K-1500 Suburban with a Reese w/d & anti-sway hitch to tow our 6500 lb (scale weight - loaded) '25 Excella. While there are some times I wish I had a bit more torque and "oomph" it is satisfactory overall, without killing us on gas too much when not towing (most of the time). I, for one, don't see you having any trouble hauling your '71 Safari with your Suburban. Get a good brake controller. Double check the receiver hitch to be sure it is rated for the load you are hauling. Get a w/d & anti-sway hitch of your choice and have at it. The Suburban can haul it.

While a K-2500 would be preferable from the standpoint of heavier build and greater longevity, I'm in your camp and must make do with what we have available to us.
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Originally Posted by ASchwager
I want to replace my 2000 Expedition as a tow vehicle for my 23 ft. AS. For various reasons, I want to stay with a SUV. Given this constraint, I would like to get the best horsepower and torque I can get. It seems that the GMC Denali with the 6.2 engine is the top candidate. Any recommendations? Has anyone had experience with the GMC Denali?
I bought a used 2001, "1500" Suburban, 4 wd with 45,000 miles on it with the smallest engine available then (5.3 liter), the wrong gear ratio (3.73:1), 285 hp engine and have towed a 2004 CCD 28 all over the United States, Canada, Alaska, Newfoundland, etc.; all toll 50,000 miles without a bit of trouble. I typically travel 55 to 60 mpg, get 12 mpg, and have put 90,000 miles on the new "standard" Michelins that came with the SUV (I now have 135,000 miles on the Suburban). Worst "hills" I've taken were at the "Raton" pass separating New Mexico and Colorado, a couple in Yellowstone, and several in Vermont. Yeh, had let the car shift down to first gear at 30 - 35 mph but always had to back off to keep the car from trying to shift to second, and no trucks were passing me. I'd recommend the closest thing you can currently get to this SUV, I'd make sure you got a "1500" so you get a car like ride (coils prings) with or without the trailer even when (in my case) I've had 1,000 lbs on the tongue and 7,500 lbs of trailer is being pulled. Also, have Reese load equalizing hitch, it is wonderful as well. Anything larger than this SUV is a waste of money. I feel this car and trailer are perfectly matched. PS The Suburban came with the "tow" package, be sure to get that. GG
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Hi, close neighbor.

Originally Posted by ASchwager
I want to replace my 2000 Expedition as a tow vehicle for my 23 ft. AS. For various reasons, I want to stay with a SUV. Given this constraint, I would like to get the best horsepower and torque I can get. It seems that the GMC Denali with the 6.2 engine is the top candidate. Any recommendations? Has anyone had experience with the GMC Denali?
Hi, ASchager. You say you want to replace your 2000 Expedition, but don't say that you need to replace it. Your Expedition should be just fine [towing a 23'er] if you have the 5.4 L engine with 3.73 differential and factory tow package. If your Expedition is worn out, very high mileage, or 4.6 L model, then we can understand. I tow a 25 ft Safari with a 2000 Navigator. But my Navigator has quite a bit more horse power and torque than your Expedition and still has less than 50,000 miles on it.

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Mixed Emotions on a Tahoe - 23 foot combo

I picked up a '07 Safari 23 foot in September and I tow it with an '07 Tahoe LTZ. I have not done a ton of trips under my belt but here is the low down to this point.

I got the 4:10 gears specificly because I knew I would be towing in the future. It has the stock 5.3 engine but it does have the tow package which in this case included the transmission cooler. Also standard with the LTZ model is air ride suspension that assists with leveling the triuck. I have a Equalizer hitch setup that has a extended drop due to stock 20" rims the LTZ models come with.

Pros: I hardly know the trailer is following me when it comes to mostly flat driving. Curves have little effect and the hitch setup completely negats sway.

Cons: Power, power, power, mileage, mileage, mileage. We live in Oregon which means any trip of more then 20 minutes means you have either a hill (best case) or mountain (more often) to drive over. Trips over the Cascades and Rockies have led to average MPG of 8 to 10. One stretch over the hump from Idaho into Jackson Hole burned 26 gallons in about 179 miles....ouch. Tranmission temps went much higher then I would have thought they would with the extra cooler.....even better try and find out from Chevy what an acceptable temp range is.

In the end I love my Tahoe. The interior and ride are top notch. If it had just a touch more power it would make a perfect match for a 23' AS. 22' foot and under would have no issues. The 25'+ Airstreams units get much bigger and I would not suggest a Tahoe.
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I towed a 25' Safari with a '98 Tahoe in July, from California to Jackson with no problems. I averaged somewhere around 11 or 12 MPG which is about what I would expect.

That grade from Driggs ID over to Jackson is a grade that I will avoid next time. Any MPG or temp problems you had there are not too surprising. While I didn't have a trans temp gage, I did fine with engine temps.
The part that really bothered me the most about that road was the grade down into Jackson. Very steep!
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We have customers now towing with Diesel Grand Cherokee's and Mercedes ML & GL Deisels. Most are towing 34' non slides. The ML has the advantage of a 7 speed vs the Jeeps 5 speed. The ML handles much better due to independent rear suspension, and much better tire and wheel combinations. I am sure the Jeep is better off road and it is much less expensive you can purchase a Hensley for the Jeep and still be much less than the Mercedes. One of my customers reported an average of 15.5 MPG towing his 2002 34 from Florida to Ontario at 65 MPH never dropped below 55 mph or exceeded 3000 rpm. Solo mileage is 26 MPG at 70 MPH.

We strengthen the factory receivers on both units but we do that on most trucks.

Pushed to their limits by far the best handling SUV's are the ML, GL, X5, Porsche and VW.

In a tradional SUV you would find the new Expedition to be a totally different tow vehicle than your 2000. The new one has independent rear suspension and a 6 speed automatic along with the new 3 valve 5.4 litre engine. Order the 20" rims and it is very stable with plenty of power. The 6 speed means you always have pretty much the ideal gear for the job at hand.

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Hi Little Radio

I once spent quite a bit of time over a couple of days trying to get an Excursion to be stable enough for a customer and we finally wound up putting a Hensley on it.

I know it is big and heavy but it has a straight front axle and narrow rear suspension stance combined with a tall centre of gravity. The later ones had 265 tires on narrow rims that also contribute to sidesway. An Airstream will not suddenly start swaying for no reason it is usually induced by an outside condition such as a wind sheer but more often it is induced by the tow vehicle.

If it happened once to you it can happen again. I was wondering if you have made any hitching changes since you experienced the sway situation? My preference on the Excursion would be a Hensley. It can work with a conventional hitch but I would improve the shocks and tires and connect the hitch very precisely with a ball mount that keeps the ball in as close as possible.

I hope this helps, I just don't want to see you have a problem again.

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I just replaced my 97 Expedition with an 08 and have been very happy. It's a larger vehicle with a 6 speed, 300HP and lots of torgue. With the HD tow package and 3.73 rear end its rated at 9,200 lbs which is about the highest you'll find without moving to a 3/4 ton or diesel set up. I tow my 7000lb 25' International FB with it and it performs very well. The best part is that it's a well mannered SUV for everyday driving and it was <$30K fully equipped.
Jot Hollenbeck
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Land Rover LR3 TV experience

I've been towing my 1999 Safari 25' with my 2005 Land Rover LR3 HSE. We live in the Lake Tahoe area at 6200' elevation. Many of our trips have involved going down to sea level and back. We've hauled up the mountain from the valley without any problems. Last summer we drove from Sacramento where the temp was 108 degrees and came up the mountain, running the air conditioner with no increase in engine temp. It pulls the Safari very well. Plenty of power to maintain highway speeds on any hill we've encountered. The LR3 has a 300 hp Jaguar engine and a six speed tranny. It's also got self-levelling air suspension so no special hitch is required or recommended. We've been in some pretty windy conditions and lots of mountain roads without any stability issues. I had read posts suggesting that the Land Rover would not work as a tow vehicle, many from people who had never owned or driven one. So, I wanted to relate my actual experiences. I've also towed a 1976 25' Caravanner (destroyed by snow this winter, but that's another story) and a 1973 25' Tradewind. Both of those towed fine with the LR3 as well, but they are both lighter than the 1999 25' Safari. The LR3 has excellent brakes and a short rear overhang. It won an award in Europe for Tow Vehicle of the Year (not sure the details on that, I read the press release but didn't keep a copy). Anyway, I've had nothing but good experiences towing my various Airstreams with the LR3 and can give it a good recommendation as a tow vehicle.
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We've crossed the country twice and have crossed mountains large and small in our 2005 Dodge Durango pulling a 2006 Safari FB, which at times has been nearly packed.

Average fuel economy covering about 20,000 miles according to the on-board computer is 13.4 mpg. An that's on regular grade gasoline.

Pretty good performance I'd say.
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I had read posts suggesting that the Land Rover would not work as a tow vehicle, many from people who had never owned or driven one.
IIRC, the only issue I have read on this forum was with the transmission not holding up. That was from more than one previous owner that had towed their Airstream. I thought this was odd since the Range Rover is marketed as a genteel country estate vehicle and is often shown towing a horse trailer...granted a horse trailer typically weighs less with a horse(s) than the average Airstream, but it made me wonder.

I always thought the Land Rover was the tougher little brother to the Range Rover. I also didn't realize they had ranges to rove in England.

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