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Tires and TVs

BTW, I got 70K miles on my last set of Michelins P265 70R M&S on my Sequoia, very similar to what I got on my 4-Runner Michelins. Just don't get a rough tread as they won't work well on the beach. My Michelins are quiet as any road tires I ever had, but I keep them at 40 ppi except when running the beach. Cheers.

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I have been asking myself the same questions. I'm going with the diesel. For the trips you describe I think the diesel will make you much happier.
As for tires, I didn't like the BFGoodrich. The were great for off road and snow but didn't behave well on wet cornering. The coopers are serving me better on my half ton both on and off road and at a better price point.

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The original question was all about Ford F-250/350, diesel or gas, NOT about a TV fight over brands. So if you love your Chevy or Dodge, go start another thread.

Now, the main question regarding the difference in a gas (6.2 V-8) vs the diesel 6.7, is the initial cost plus the additional maintenance costs. There is a definite initial cost of $8,500 for the diesel and the oil change recommendations for both the diesel and the gasser is 7,500 miles. Also, at diesel oil changes, the fuel filters should be changed and urea added. All this costs around $200 at the dealer. It all boils down to " I WANT a diesel", I do not NEED a diesel. The 6.2 gas rig with the 4.30 axle ratio will pull with the best of diesel engines, just not quite as fast (top the hill at 65 vs 75 with a diesel). The other diesel "advantage" is better resale value and it will last 200,000 miles, well so will a gasser. Yes it will have a better resale value but that still doesn't compute with thi initial cost plus the additional maintenance cost of a diesel. I forgot to mention the problem with winter fuel, higher potential for bad fuel & plugged filters, and if that happens the warranty won't pay for the injector failures and lots of $$$$$$.

I had diesels for many years and find no real advantage to having a diesel other than going faster with a lot more headaches.
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The question is about tires on a one ton. And then specifics.
1990 35' Silver Streak Sterling; 9k GVWR.
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Hensley Arrow. 12-cpm solo, 19-cpm towing (fuel)
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Thanks guys. I appreciate all the insights, irregardless of what you drive. With many of the places I go, highway tires will have me stuck. Got Firestone Duellers on our Tahoe now, they have been ok, nothing special. I've got a 81' Jeep CJ-7 with 3" Black Diamond suspension lift and 33's that will go anywhere. But with infant, toddler, german shepherd, and soon to be riveted home base escape pod, the Jeep is pretty much limited to solo fishing and kayaking trips these days.

Regarding brands, the big three, I'm a Chevy guy if a label was worn. Owned a 73' Vette, 99' Tahoe, and now 05' Tahoe. Big fan of Chevy in general and not sure why I haven't compared their trucks to the F-250. I do know why I am not looking at Dodge, bought a brand new loaded DUD about 15 years ago. Biggest baddest custom truck on lot, teakwood dash, custom wheels, etc. Blew motor in 2-3 months due to faulty oil pump I was told. Took a big hit and let them keep it. Turned away from trucks at that point and bought an Escalade.

Flash forward, I'm just enamored by this F-250 and don't know why, will be my first Ford if I buy it. Something about it just speaks to me. The fact remains that I know very little about trucks so I very much appreciate the patience of you guys and gals here as I ask questions that likely bore you.

Anyone familiar with Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires? Sounds like good off road tire with some focus on highway use and towing heavy loads.

Any particular reason to avoid 20" wheels, and stick with 18"?

Any particular 'must have' options I would want on new F-250/350?

How reliable are the navigation systems? I scoffed at idea initially, but wife seems to think it might be nice. We use windshield mounted Garmin that works great now. Is factory navigation up to par, or should we skip?

If anyone has the Titan 50 gallon gas tank, can the computer be reprogrammed to recognize the new capacity? Wondering if fuel statistics remain accurate.

If I hold the pedal to metal going over mountain passes in the new 6.7 diesel, is it true that my truck will really go airborn???

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TV Diesel/Tires-Nav and computer

Love the Ford 6.7, as stated before. Nav is great, the 2014-F350 nav lacks elevation info. The computer is very accurate re. MPG, before I accepted the computers figures I checked by doing my own manual calculations and they were right on.
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Currently Looking...
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TV tires

I am having good results with General Grabber AT2
tires on V10 Excursion. An agressive tread that is quiet on highway. Very heavy load capacity.
The Excursion V10 burns gasoline but is very diesel-like in performance. A F250 SUV.
9,500 lbs towing capacity.

Let's Roll !
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the best tire for all around traction, longevity, quite ride is the Firestone Wilderness A/T, if your size is available. When I replaced the tires on my previous truck, F150, I used Toyo, because the Firestone's I needed were made in Mexico. The Toyo's did a good job, but there were noisier, and didn't look like they might last as long. I have Michelin on my F250 and they are a great road tire, but not remotely close to the Firestone's traction in mud/snow
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Any TV off road type tires? 2016 F-250. 250 vs 350? 6.7 Diesel or 6.2 Gas? Ne...

Sounds like you are a Ford man, so I will not bring up the others, but in Colorado I saw more D's than C's or F's combined. Almost all diesel.

IMO, if you can afford the diesel the ability to pull in tough situations is very nice. Also, one can install an auxiliary tank, mine is 60 gallons, thus allowing a 1,000 miles between fill-ups when traveling across country. Through the states with high prices.

It is about the money, and a diesel cannot economically justify itself except by convenience, and in my case having to worry about fuel only once a day at most.

Also, on my crew cab long bed, I have the Michelins and love them.

Ms Tommie Lauer
Greensboro, NC
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Happy trails and Good Luck
Ms Tommie Fantine Lauer, Greensboro, NC
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I put a new set of General Grabber AT2 tires on my truck late last year. They are load range E so I thought they would be perfect for towing. They have a very aggressive tread which I love. They are excellent off-road and in the snow and they are relatively quiet on the highway. They do have what are in my opinion a few downsides though. When I first had them installed the truck wandered all over the place. I thought there was something wrong with my steering, but decided it was the tires and almost took them back. The soft and deep tread blocks are not as directionally stable as a good highway tire and they "squirm" a lot when they are new (full tread height). I really feel like I gave up some of my highway performance with these tires. The other problem is they pick up gravel in campgrounds (lots of gravel) and sling them at your Airstream as soon as you get up to speed, so some good mud flaps would be useful. Even with the problems mentioned I still like the tires and would probably purchase them again. I'm just a sucker for a truck with "chunky" tires and I really like having off-road and snow capability.
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Thanks for the above post. I greatly appreciate you guys and gals taking the time to help us out.

Originally Posted by BoldAdventure View Post
I'm running Toyo Open Country AT/2 and they're great E rated tire. 60K warranty too. Very low noise and excellent off road. I offroad in Moab and southern Utah the most, but we also do a lot of mountain access roads, fire trails and such.

Went to a large volume Ford dealer in Charlotte,NC today and saw these tires on a F-250 Lariat. Very nice tires and similar to what I had in mind. Look sharp too.

Test drove a F-350 with 6.7

Yeah, I want one. Won't bother rationalizing about durability of diesel motor, better gas mileage, etc. I WANT ONE. Couldn't believe how fast this truck accelerated. Dang. It was a long bed stripped down XL. Still, amazed me. What a truck.

Now I just need to settle on buying a stripped down model and adding nicer wheels and tires, side steps, chrome front grill, etc. Or just ponying up the extra $15k for a loaded Lariat. I do like the lack of fancy gadgets, computer screens, etc in the XL model. Many less things to go wrong later. At a pretty penny to fix. Plan to keep truck a long time. Simpler is better most the time. But the Lariat interior was sure impressive. Like being in a space shuttle to me. But at a cost.

So what say you? Buy stripped down XL and drop $4-5k to make her my own, chrome, wheels/tires, etc, or just buy the loaded Lariat 350 for $15k more? I know what my wife will say. She has uncanny habit of being right. She likes the plush loaded interior. I like both trucks. I'm buying a motor and transmission. And peace of mind. Either truck will offer same amount of that.

Anyone got any thoughts? XL has vinyl, Lariat has leather. And then there is the space shuttle factor of the Lariat where XL looks like interior of my 1999 Tahoe. Which I loved. Less to go wrong. That's all I'm seeing. But don't wat to skimp and regret it.

For you guys towing Airstreams, any must have options on a new Ford F-350? Dealer couldn't tell me about tow ratings varying from 10k, 11.4k, 15k, etc. Why would you downgrade the tow rating to 10k? Registration cost? Commercial tags in some states?

Is heavy duty front suspension, camping package, upfitter switches, marker lights on roof, desirable? Do they effect ride quality, vehicle height, etc? What is leveling and is it something folks carrying a camper desire? Dealer couldn't answer.

Is 3.31, 3.55. Or 3.71, better than another? Will be towing a 28-30' FC (6.5-7k) to Smoky Mtns of NC and Tenn a weekend trip or two a month and a longer 2-3 week national parks type trip each summer. Car will be daily driver at this point. But thinking about keeping my 2005 Tahoe for running kids to school, work, and such. Maybe just using F-350 1-2x/week to keep miles low. Not sure I have the will power.

Anyone familiar with the Titan 50 gallon replacement tank? Or their 30 gallon spare tire mounted auxillary tank? Would have 80 gallons if used in unison. I'm intrigued, but lack insight on how well they work, quality, etc.

Anyone familiar with ARE truck caps? Looking at the Z cap for our german shepherd. Not familiar with ARE, or trucks in general. Side note, found Truck n Buddy folding tailgate step. They have a magnum that's full width of gate for 400 lb capacity. Slick. That's how the dog, and me at 320 lbs, will get in and out. Stop laughing, I'm 6'6". Just moderately fat. Hah.

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Is there any middle ground for you between the XL vs. Lariat? I ended up with an XLT FX4 with the Value package, which has a few nice options. It still ended up being $12k or so less than the Lariat, but that could be because the dealer had a few of them on the lot. My personal take is that I wanted my truck to be a truck, not a luxury car. I was fine with cloth seats that I know my kids will get dirty occasionally on camping trips, and I didn't want all of the added electronics (potential problems). That said, I don't think I would want the XL vinyl seats.

DO NOT buy one of these trucks without the automatic folding mirrors. This is an option you should pay for - trust me.

Another thing to keep in mind with the F350s - they are slightly taller by an inch or so than the F250s. Mine just barely fits into my garage at work. Not sure a 350 would.

I agree that the fuel tank is small for a truck this size. So far it hasn't been a problem as it holds more liquid than my bladder, so I've always had a reason to stop.

Mine has the camper package. I think this includes a reserve rear leaf spring and mounting connections. I'll never mount a camper so haven't really looked too closely.

Is the HD front suspension intended for snow plows? I would think the result would be rougher ride. The up fitter switches would be nice if you intend to mount lights (or a plow) but not necessary.

If you go for the diesel do you have the option of the different rear ends? If there's a choice, I would vote for the higher gears (lower number) to improve fuel economy. You will have the torque to pull uphill in 6th gear.
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My F-250 is the XLT, so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles. Never have had electrically telescoping and retracting mirrors, air conditioned seats, or built-in nav, and frankly never wanted them. At this point, I guess I'd rather live in blissful ignorance, and not know what I'm missing. I like my Garmin GPS and the flexibility of replacing it with the next generation whenever that comes out.

What the XLT does have are manually telescoping mirrors, a jake brake, back up sensors (I have a long history of backing into things), trailer brake controller, and built in anti sway (which I don't really understand, but I guess it can't hurt). I wanted a back up camera, so I negotiated that as a part of the deal. It is built into the rear view mirror, and works fine for hitching up the trailer. The fancier versions have it in the dash display, I think.

The only thing I didn't get that I would like to have is a larger capacity fuel tank. I may have to add that later, as diesel does add another increment of difficulty to re-fueling. In the mean time, I may just carry a 5 or 10 gallon container of diesel fuel in the back of the truck in case I run short.

What I did get, of course, was the big honkin' Diesel engine. It's been a long time since my motorcycle days when I could hit the throttle and have an instant response. In addition to performance, I've averaged about 20 mpg highway, 18 mpg city, and 16 mpg hauling my 23' FC.

I don't really know that much about tires, but I understand that the 18" tires are optimized for towing. I do know that the same Equalizer hitch they sold me with the AS for my Tundra works fine with the 250. Better, in fact: there was a little bit of sag with the Tundra that has leveled out with the 250. I'm not sure it would work with 20" tires.

All my electronics work fine with the stock Ford sound system. It integrates with my iPhone for music, phone calls, or audio books through Blue Tooth, the same as my Tundra. It seems to understand my voice better than the one in the Tundra, but that's probably just because they've had a few more years to figure it out. Like everything else, you could probably get a better sound system if you were really into that kind of thing.

Other than the fuel tank, I really can't imagine anything else I would want.
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I have a 2012 F-150 XLT. I found it a good compromise between the XL and Lariat. That truck towed my 25' fine. But I recently purchased a 30' bunk and have been considering a 250 or 350 (I looked at other brands but keep coming back to Ford).

One thing that I've seen in my research are 250 drivers adding air bags because of sag issues with larger trailers. For that reason I'm thinking of jumping straight to a 350 as the added cost is marginal.

Anyone have any thoughts there? I know folks will say the older 350's "beat up a trailer" and "ride rough" but I'm not sure that's true anymore. The suspension on the 350 is the same as the 250 until you get to the helper springs. I've driven the 250 but not the 350 yet...

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