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Originally Posted by wingfooted
We're new to RV and airstream. First post.
Recently purchased a slightly used [1000 miles] 2005 30' Classic that Shipps in Tennessee had available from a trade in. I liked the price.
* Are there any relatively inexpensive performance enhancements that I could install on the Ford 150 that would be worthwhile, i.e. aftermarket air intake, aftermarket exhaust or beefed up suspension ?
F-150's OK on a looong flat road, with the wind behind you. A berm could be a challenge... Enhancements would be to wash and wax (high sheen), Armor-all interior and go for "excellent condition" on blue book sale price.

We towed a 22' International with an F250 V10 (gas) with no problemo. Traded in and got a 30' Classic. DEFINITELY could tell a difference... we KNEW the difference, no get-up-and-go w/ V10 gas. Got an F250 turbo-diesel and life has been good. The difference is in safety and ability to move where you want to move... and do it when you want to. Fuel mileage is also greatly improved.

It's kind of like getting a power amplifier on a PA -stereo... more wattage doesn't necessarily mean louder volume, but much better reproduction of sound, esp. low-end, which consumes more power. Better performance. Happiness...

Ain't no stupid about it... just learning.

Bill & Kim
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This one is near and ear to my heart. In a great hurry so please read all of my post on our 08 150. Just towed a 7900 mile trip. That being said our 28 safari is much lighter than your classic. So, follow all the rules on sway and distribution. Feel free to contact me directly and I will give all the specs on our truck and much more advice than you will need.. Good luck.

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Ok back again. The new 150 generation is really a different breed than those of just 3-4 years ago. All I can say is ours has towed and done it all. Our 28 safari has a ubw of 5700 lbs, and yours is heavier indeed. Still, I would say you have made a smart decision, Go with a dual cam or haha, prodigy or better on brake control and if you are like us take what it is needed and none more. We travel west from michigan 2 trips per year, each about a 8k trip with all the stops involved. We leased our truck, so new every 2. I got an UNDERCOVER hard tonanau cover, light/ and works great. Again you do have a much heavier unit, but I feel we have so much reserve that you will be fine. Good luck.
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If you're going to tow with an F150 for heaven's sake get a Hensley Hitch. It might well save yout life.

Good luck,
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Trouble going up a hill is a pain. Trouble going down the hill can kill. Stopping is more important than going. I would think one of those fancy H hitches would help. A correctly setup up brake controller essential. Transmission temperature gauge a must have for the 150. Read info on going down hills, you don't want to run out of brakes before you run out of hill.
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A couple of points:

Please re-check the towing specs on your F-150. I have an '05 with the 5.4L (305HP), Super Cab and 6.5ft bed, Same rear and same wheelbase. It's rated at 7800#, not 9000+#

I'd say you'll be OK getting from TN to the left coast but take it easy and be VEWWY VEWWY careful.
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Tow ratings

Originally Posted by wingfooted
A close out deal came up on new 2007 Ford 150 with 5.4L V-8, 4 x 4, regular cab, long bed, 3.73 axle and tow package. So I purchased the F150 locally and it is sitting at the dealer. No miles.

Dry weight on the AS is 7100 pounds and rated tow capability on the Ford 150 configuration above is 9500 pounds. So I'm OK but marginal as long as I'm careful and keep the water tank mostly empty while driving, dont load the kitchen with too many cast iron skillets, ect.

According to the Ford Website For the 08... The 07 data is no longer available without owning one.
Tow rating for F-150 5.4L 4X4 reg cab long bed 3.73 axle is 9500 lbs. GCWR is 15000, GVWR 6950. Max Payload 1700, Empty Weight 5250.

An empty trailer with full water tank (recommended) would be 7600 lbs. Your truck can weigh 15000-7600= 7400. It will work according the the tables. However practical experience says you are pushing it.
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My .02; you will clearly be maxed out. Can you do it? Yeah, but it will NOT be a fun ride at all.

I don't really know by your info if you are the owner of the truck yet???

If you already owned it, I would say give it a try (slowly and carefuly).

But if you are in the position where you can still upgrade to a 3/4 ton, then I would say you'd be crazy not to...

there are no stupid questions, but there are some questionable responses!
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Sway Control

I tow my AS all the time with my 2002 Expedition. I go slowly up big hills. I do not leave my driveway with out the sway controls on. I towed without sway control once. I am lucky to still have my AS and Expedition.
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Hello wingfooted -- Welcome to the Forums! I stepped up to my 25' Safari when owning a 5.6L engined Nissan Titan. The Titan 5 speed tranny has lower gearing to finally get you to top speed -- this was probably only one factor in a truck that got very poor mileage. I had a buyer and chose to step up to a 3/4-ton diesel TV -- more because I just retired and have the travel bug. It will be used a lot!

The 80% rule (or 85% from some sources) is aimed to lessen wear & tear on your tow vehicle while keeping better control in emergency/avoidance maneuvers. The 2008 F-150 specs in the Payload Package Selector gives payloads for a variety of models; your owners manual will give you the best data. Weigh your tongue weight as loaded for camping (your manual shows how to with a bathroom scale) and add the human payload to that. The remaining amount under the 85% line will guide how much other gear you should haul in the truck when towing. Can you go up to 100%? Yes. The less the better though.

Highway travel usually encounters gradual grades (especially interstates) and slow-n-easy will let this truck get you most anywhere. But there are some paved 2 lane routes back into the sticks that won't seem comfortable. You might be happier with more engine and load capacity. A newer 30-footer is hefty. With my 1/2-ton Titan I sure couldn't put on a topper and hope to carry a Honda genset, my canoe & 2 bikes and pull my Safari at the same time. He who has the most toys .... uh, takes longer to get out of town.

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Do you have a specific reason for choosing a half ton over a 3/4? If not, and the financial end of buying a 3/4 isn't significantly different than a similarly equipped half ton, it would be a wise decision to move up to a tow vehicle that you know will do the job.

Since this thread is full of folk wisdom as well as concrete numbers, I'll add a little more folk wisdom:

"You can move a train with a sewing machine motor, if it's geared properly." Stopping the train once it's moving is another matter altogether.

When towing, there is never a down side to having a bigger, "badder" tow vehicle (in the less than one-ton range... there are suspension stiffness issues, but that's a whole different set of problems). The question most folks (including you) have asked is: "is my tow vehicle adequate?". In most cases, if you have to ask, it probably isn't. If fuel economy is your concern, then you probably ought not be considering towing any trailer in the 30' range. Buy an economy car to commute, but buy enough truck to tow safely when you're towing.

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I have been towing my 67, 26 footer with a 93 Caprice for two seasons, no problems to date.
I have upgraded a few things, but it can do it.

Tedd Ill
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Yes, four kids and two adults in the thing.
Happy wife, happy life.
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Originally Posted by tmartin904
I tow my AS all the time with my 2002 Expedition. I go slowly up big hills. I do not leave my driveway with out the sway controls on. I towed without sway control once. I am lucky to still have my AS and Expedition.
you, my friend, are a brave (?) man...
*Life is Good-Camping all around the Continent*
*Good people drink good beer-Hunter S Thompson*
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You go on the internet and ask "Am I stupid?"...uh. You don't have self esteem issues?

You work international, me too. I spent the last 3 years in Africa, Angola, Nigeria, back and forth, then a resident of Egypt. So no, yor're not stupid, but you should have asked before you bought. (Not that I can offer any post mortum advice.)

As also an international (100%) worker, you won't need your TV. Don't sweat it, you're a smart guy, the AS is going to be shelter/bed/breakfast/a place to bother your wife, 98% of the time. You have much more to worry about then second guessing yourself. So, build your farm, try out the TV, get a good hitch and play around, look for spear points and flint knives, post pictures and enjoy life. And, if you have a great place where we can dry park, drink cheep beer in a honkey tonk, eat .99 fried eggs and hashbrowns and go looking for old flint knives and don't tell us where it us, we won't call you stupid, we'll say greedy.

Peace. Have fun, life is short.

I'm a true bum, working less and living longer.

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