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Personally I'm impressed with all the suggestions and advice you are getting from these people. Wow! It is obvious that these are some wonderful people responding to your post. There is much wisdom and I have enjoyed reading their suggestions. These people do care.

It sounds like the airstream is a goal of yours. Goals are what help define us and move us forward in life. I have my next important goal in picture form as my back drop on my computer. When I have a challenging day which may create negative thoughts The computer back drop always catches me off guard and puts me back on track. This makes all those challenges worth it. It makes the job go better and helps me to plan for the future by giving me direction. The goal will lead you to new friends, jobs and adventures. It will help define you as a person. It will stengthen you and motivate you. Keep the airstream goal and listen to these wonderful airstreamers.


Brian & Adrienne
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Originally Posted by LucyPepper View Post

A) Work my booty off in a job with a boss from hell and get out of debt in a few years and start again at square 1


B) Save enough money to tide me over for a while so that I can quit my job and travel in the airstream and see the rest of the worlds here in the states I have been dying to get out in..and buy myself some time to figure out my next to full time on the road in the AS.
In this economy a job seems to be a luxury item. My advice would be to keep the job unless you have a better one lined up before leaving the current one, even if the boss is a major PITA (pain in the....). Many bosses can be and the grass is always greener on the other side...till you get there.

Save a bunch of cash, pay off debt, then move onto what suits you. I would imagine in SLC, UT there are ample inexpensive places to store the trailer until you can get a proper tow vehicle and if you can't get it there, I am sure there are some local forum members that could help you move it.

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I think you need time to think, and heal.

1) Keep the job for as long as you can stand it. Know that it is temporary.

2) Search for a new job.

3) Spend as little as you can, pay off debt

4) Save some money for a dream that will come your way.

5) Keep busy, have fun

6) Plan a trip in your Airstream
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Lucy, one suggestion you ought to consider, since your'e already thinking of full timing it in the AS is move out of your apt. and full time in the AS somewhere in your city now. That would save some $$ and help you get out of debt.
If you find such a place to park your AS and live in it, let us know. My guess is there are any number of folks in your area who would be more than happy to tow your AS for you to its new home for you to set up housekeeping.
Next, endure the Boss from Hell. Having had such, and been unemployed, it is always easier to find a job when you have one. Plus, in this economy, having a job is a definite plus! Just remember, short term pain for long term gain. You'll not stay at that job forever, even if it feels like it.
Good luck and hang in there, dreams do come true!
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Good advice Dave.

In general I've found that making any big life changes in response to some major bump in the road is dicey. They tell folks who have had a loved one die, recently quit drinking, are just out of rehab, etc to keep their heads down and stay in a holding pattern for a while. No radical changes.

Holding on to a dream is like your own personal motivator - I figure the Mona Lisa had one and that was the reason for the wry little look she had.

Keep your eyes open and put one foot in front of the other. Amazing things will happen when you least expect them.

Also consider an older van as a tow vehicle - some of the bigger ones are built on truck chassis and have big engines. They tend to be cheaper as well.
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I know Im 4 pages down but just my 2 cents Lucy. I'm with the majority here,I think. KEEP THE STREAM. Boyfriends are just like city buses "THERE will be another along in a few minutes" As for tow vechiles,they are a dime a dozen in todays market.
As for backin up DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. I backed up as much as I been forward I think. 45 yrs in a big truck will do that to ya.
Go for your dream,don't be kickin you butt 20 yrs down the road Wishin U had done that. Do it now.
GOOD LUCK with whatever you deciede.
Roger & MaryLou
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When I was a school boy, I did sports, drama, pretty much everything. The kids who picked up jobs were buying stereos, LPs, stuff. I remember telling my grandfather that maybe I should quit all the extracurricular stuff so I get a paying job. (The work I did for my father's logging business was for, in my father's words, "room and board.") My grandfather said, "Son, you got the rest of your life to work."

Damn if he wasn't right.

I have held a paying job since my first year of college. I ran out of money and needed the service and the G.I. Bill to finish my degree. I worked full time through the second half of college and graduate school. In point of fact, I have worked my entire adult life. The "hiatus" my wife and I plan to take in 2011 will be the first time I stopped working for anything but the standard American vacation.

This is not the best idea financially... not nearly as cost-effective as working myself into the grave, but it is what we want to do. My grandfather died in his mid-50s, not long after he made his observation about work. There's no assurance I'll live to 60 or 70 or longer. I'm not inclined to be reckless, but I'm also not inclined to wait until I'm totally gray to bite at the apple.

Your mileage may vary.
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I would keep it, if storage isnt a problem. I have seen them used as yard ornaments, or living quarters. Put it in the back yard, set it up like a campsite, you can go out sit under the canopy and read. You can even use it as a guest house. ala this until you get a new tow vehicle.
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Lucy, you're better off without him now than later. Trust me! But even dumping a bad relationship "later" is unbelievably wonderful!!! Trust me! Now that you know MY story, I will be an AS fulltimer on a 27fb. Since all of you are so helpful...can I tow this rig with a Dodge Magnum SRT8 wagon with a 6.1L engine? My current car is a mercedes e350 wagon and I don't think this will do the trick. I am a cheerfully single lady with 2 small dogs, kids and friends all over the country. Need TV! Thanks so much! (Lucy...chin up!)
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I'm in the same boat....or stream...

As you can see by my avatar, I have a trailer and a question mark where the truck is since my BF and I split up in January. I am absolutely NOT going to give up the dream. I go out and stand in my Airstream every morning and imagine going some where in her. I found a picture of a truck I'd like to have and have it hanging above my desk, imagining that some day it, or a reasonable facsimile will be mine. I do NOT imagine a BF.

When former BF and I traveled I drove a lot so I am comfortable towing, altho' I suck at backing I'm sure I'll figure that part out when the day comes that I have my own TV. So, Lucy, maybe we should start a club of women sans tow vehicles.
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Posting the picture of your dream truck is one step to achieving your dream. I am going to give you a suggestion that worked for me. Write down six very important goals that you wish to achieve in your life and look at them every six week. Make small changes if you need to but keep looking at them and they will come true.

If you have friends who have a truck you might want to invite them camping. You supply the camper and they supply the truck. What ever you do don't let them take the camper unless you are with them.

Brian & Adrienne
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can I tow this rig with a Dodge Magnum SRT8 wagon with a 6.1L engine? My current car is a mercedes e350 wagon and I don't think this will do the trick.

I'd love to have a Magnum to tow with. But the 6.1L engine is tuned too hot for towing. You'd want the 5.7L. Do a search around here on the 300/Charger/Magnum as well as posts by Road Ruler and AndyT.

To the OP. You'll get older, there are always bills to pay and the health and energy can fade. I've been in debt and out. Time to travel has little to do with either, it has more to do -- in my case -- with obligations of restoring a house or the exigencies of work. Children, relatives, parents can take away that precious time. "Things" shouldn't keep you in place, only people.

We fulltimed 7-mos in 2007. I've been wanting to travel the AL-CAN since the 1960's. Since I can't leave this year, or next (probably) I'm reading, making notes and planning what to do with the next trailer. I've tried to make all experience count.

Read, read, read. Toss the TV. Join Escapees. Find out the "hook" that'll keep you going.
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Lucy P,

Sounds like all you need is a good tow vehicle. KEEP THE AIRSTREAM!!! Consider yourself one of the LUCKY ones!!!!

"all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware"
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We can tow it!
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Thumbs up You can tow it--

Hang in there!

Be nice to yourself cause only you know for sure what you are going through!!

Good luck with your decisions!!

Steph in MI Air# 6996-
I Hockeytown USA!!
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