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To jump in on this thread. I have a 2011 F150 Platinum 3.5 EcoBoost and pulled a 25 and a 28 through US Rockies and Canadian Rockies. No issues. Also have a 2015 F150 Platinum 3.5 EcoBoost and pull the 28 with it with zero issues. My payload is less than you are looking at due to the trim level, but the 2015 did gain over 400 pounds over my 2011. Works for us. I had a 2014 F150 with the 5L that the dealer loaned me while waiting on the 2015 F150 to come in. I'd take the 3.5 EB any day of the week over that 5L. More torque from the 3.5 and as others have mentioned, you will love it in the mountains. No bog at all.

As far as the aluminum body discussion, I have a buddy that is a body shop manager for a large dealer network and has been through the training for repairs on the aluminum. He has no issues with it. There are always certain situations where things are more difficult on the alum vs. steel but in general very comparable. Those that complain don't have the proper tools to repair in most cases or have not been trained properly to handle. The aluminum is coming to other brands as well so you might as well get used to seeing it. Put the Ford and a GM or Dodge side by side and push on the side panels. Limited give on the Ford. Normal small door dings are pretty much a thing of the past on these. The alum is quite thick and strong. Chasis was stiffened on the 2015 and up and I can really tell it taking my 2011 off road (which I still have) then immediately driving the 2015 down same stretch. Very pleased with the truck overall. The 2017 F250 goes to the alum body as well and I am considering one of those for the added payload and braking abilities in mountains, but for the time being and what we normally bring in the bed, the F150 is great. Don't get me wrong on the braking comment on the F150. If you manage your driving, all is well, but in my opinion it never hurts to have bigger and better brakes and the F250 provides it. You have to analyze your driving style and where you will be towing. Good luck on your decision.


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Originally Posted by larryglarson View Post
I would say a F150 with 3.5 Eco Boost. I have the equivalent in Silverado and it does great.

I would say 2015 F 150 super can tow pack etc with the 5 liter Mine pulls our Airstream just fine

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Originally Posted by AnnArborBob View Post
The principal advantage of the F-250 over the F-150 is the superb diesel engine available on the F-250. If you are not interested in the diesel on the F-250 then I would get the F-150 with the 3.5 liter Ecoboost. The F-150 3.5 liter Ecoboost is a wonderful tow vehicle for a 25 & 27 foot Airstream. Don't get the 5 liter, you will be disappointed in it's performance while towing and also around town when not towing.
I have been towing a 2013 30' International with my 2012 F-150 Ecoboost HD tow package, for 3 seasons. Most of the time with a fully loaded AS at about 7,200 lbs with two bikes hanging of the back..
We have been over every pass out west and the Rockies without any problems whatsoever with power to spare.
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I recommend the 3/4 ton.

I have a 1/2 ton Chevy that I bought when I had a 17' AS. A couple years later I purchased a 27' AS, but kept the Chevy because it was low mileage so couldn't justify purchasing another truck. I had all the anti-sway stuff, but with the 27' I didn't feel comfortable allowing the wife to drive it as I felt tit was a handful on handling. A couple years later I wound up rolling the 27' AS, but was able to keep the pickup upright.

I then downsized to a 25' AS. That handled better with my 1/2 ton Chevy. The only mileage I was putting on the truck was when I pulled the AS. I had a set of tires that was approaching five years old (the limit on any tire warranty) and I still had 80% of the tread left and they were starting to get weather cracked more than I would have liked. I took the truck into the dealer and he said Michelin had relaxed their replacement criteria somewhat so I was able to replace them with 80% credit for the original purchase price.

NOW, HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART. When I replaced them I replaced them with the same high pressure tires as was used on the 3/4 ton and the 1 ton pickups (New tires are Michelin LTX M/S 2, ALL SEASON, LT265/70R17 LRE ORWL, MSPN 97723, 70,000 mile warranty). This high pressure ride has the slight downside that if you use it a lot for non-towing it is a slightly harder ride, but I was amazed at the lesser sway tendency associated with the more rigid tire sidewalls. In my own mind, I feel that these higher pressure tires might possibly have made the difference between saving and losing the 27' AS.

A 27' is pushing the limits on a half ton pickup. If you do decide to get a half ton, do yourself a safety favor and upgrade the tires!
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27'; 28'- 30' can easily be pulled with most F150's if you look at configuration and engine choices. Ford works well for us after 3 25' AS's. I went through 2 new Tahoe's with 2 late model 25 Safari's before switching to new F150 EB in 2012. Chevy just did not have enough torque in 1/2 ton compared to EB from Ford. Only "occasional" issue I have is long haul up Las Vegas grade when temps are 110+ in summer...have to watch the temp pulling up that grade. Many suggest 3/4 ton diesel, and I have compared...F150 EB short bed works well for us with 25. Diesel is whole other animal. F150 EB has better ride than the Tahoe's, my Cadilac's, and MB autos! I have the Platinum 4x4; (not off road model) and we love driving F250 would present a whole new set of parking considerations since longer bed, wheelbase, etc...not to mention with diesel, real cold weather requires other considerations you do not have with gas. (we have place in MT we visit in winter) Love the EB and good mileage when not towing which is at least 60% of the time!
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I started out pulling my 23' AS in 2010 with a new F-150 5.7. It did a fine job. However, we live in S. Texas, and like to escape to the mountains in the summer. The F-150 would go up every mountain, but since I could afford it, I went to a 2013 F-250 diesel. Wow, wow, wow. We love going up the mountain at the speed limit. We loved the built in sway control and sold our WDH.
I don't know if the F-150 was more gentle on the trailer than the F-250. We haven't really thought about it.
Christmas Eve we bought a new 2016 F-350 6.7. Now we have the engine compression brake which is really cool.
I hear good things about the eco-boost, but don't know anything about it. I will say that my diesels both out performed the F-150 on fuel mileage. I wish I knew more about the eco-boost. I've heard you are working it hard to pull the trailer you plan to pull, but that's just heresay.
Happy trailering. I trust you'll enjoy whatever you buy. The ony hard advice I'll give you is that if you go to the 250 get a diesel. The gasser will get terrible mileage compared to the diesel.
Matt & Virginia Kline
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Originally Posted by frthompson View Post
Just looked at an Ford F150 XLT extended cab with 5 L engine and the comparable F250 with 6.2 L engine. F150 had a cargo capacity of 2000 lbs, F250 2900. What do you think about the capabilities of the F150 for towing a 25 or 27' AS? It has the payload capacity but what about the 5 L engine? The attractive part of the F150 would be its gas mileage for daily driving. Coincidentally sticker price if around 44,000 for each.
I purchased a Ford F-150 EcoBoost to tow a 25' 'Cloud this last July, and I towed it all over Ontario. No Problems! The Ford handled it 'handily'.
I have traded the 25'er in for a 30' FC, and on a short run with it, it seemed to be OK.
Let you know this summer, when I take it out of Winter Storage and pull it for real.
Without the A.S. the Ford has so far met my every expectation and then some, including gas milage, just a little above my previous Toyota 4-Runner 6-Cyl.
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Originally Posted by BambiTex View Post
Would recommend EcoBoost V6 rather than 5L.
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[QUOTE=jonnyo;1731774]as someone said already, 3.5l ecoboost is the best engin in my opinion. you will get better mpg when not towing and when will have a lot of power and torque.

as for towing ability, it s a personal choice. Not everyone is comfortable towing with the same vehicle. I personally think the F150 can tow any airstream in the line-up without any issue. But some people feel like they need a heavy-duty to tow at 23 or 25 etc.[/QUOTE

Ford says that max towing, (with package) F-150, EcoBoost, 3.55 Final Drive Ratio, is 12,200 lbs.
My new 30' Flying Cloud is listed at 8800 lbs GROSS. WT.
shouldn't be a problem!
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We had an F150 with 5.4l engine when we purchased our 27' FB Classic. It towed like a dog. I was constantly screaming going up hills. We traded it in for an F150 Eco. Have not regretted. Our gross trailer weight is 9000 lbs although we never have that much load, usually about 8300 lbs. We did not find a mountain road in the Rockies that we could not accelerate up. Great engine.
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I would like to see this same discussion on the GMC Sierra 1500 'vs the 2500. I am considering a new 1500 with the 6.2L engine, but I'm told the 5.3L will do the job just fine w/better gas mileage. Does the same analogy of the Ford F150 'vs the F250 apply to the GMC's? BTW, trailer is a 25' AS.
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Originally Posted by GarrieD View Post
I would like to see this same discussion on the GMC Sierra 1500 'vs the 2500. I am considering a new 1500 with the 6.2L engine, but I'm told the 5.3L will do the job just fine w/better gas mileage. Does the same analogy of the Ford F150 'vs the F250 apply to the GMC's? BTW, trailer is a 25' AS.
Start a new thread and we'll chime in.

"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." - Red Green
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I tow a 25 with 1000lbs to spare with the F150 5.0 with no problem. You have to watch the payload from the door label. When you go with add on upgrades, it eats up your payload. As for as the engine, it is the Mustand engine with many aftermarket enhancements available.
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Originally Posted by hhendrix View Post
I agree. There is plenty of information about the repair cost comparisons between aluminum and steel bodies. I believe the 2017 Super Duty truck are also going to aluminum. Ford did studies and have produced video and documentation making the comparisons noting slight increase in repair costs but would expect those to drop as body shops become accustomed to repairing aluminum.

I have a 2011 F250 with the 6.7 diesel. I tow a 27' Flying Cloud with absolute confidence and have never experienced a problem either with towing or maintenance. I've towed over the Eisenhower pass at over 11,000' with ease. One of the big advantages of the diesel is engine braking. Another is engine temperature. When I used to tow with a gas engine, engine temps was something I always had to watch. There are many parts of the US where air temps get well over 100 degrees and my experience diesels aren't bothered by the heat. That's one of the reasons why we switched all our fire engines to diesel. But anyway, there are plenty of threads here about that and even more opinions.

While I love my truck (I've had diesel Fords since the dogs they produce in the late 80's), I'm intrigued by the potential of the Ecoboost F150 towing ability. So I'm watching the threads about the performance of towing a 27 or 30' trailer. What I haven't seen or read is how they perform towing on long grades at very high elevations, like the Sierra's, Rockies, of like the Eisenhower Summit I mentioned above. And of course, what goes up must come down, so I have concerns about the braking ability too. The Super Duty's have better brakes. I've also read rumors about a Ford F150 diesel in the near future.
I must have posted this a number of times so here I go again.
We have a 2012 F-150 Platinum Ecoboost, 3.73 axle HD Tow package 5.5' bed, 36gl tank super-crew.
Bought it originally for our first AS a 2012 28' International which we traded
for a 2013 30' International a year later. (Like the layout much better).
We have sumited every pass in the Rockies and some. Every summer we head out west. The truck has power to spare uphill did not matter where. On decent, in the tow haul mode it downshifts automatically as you slow down in fact giving you the gasser version of the engine brake. Between that and using the trailer brake never a problem getting down no matter how steep.
72,000 miles never any problems, the truck has been a pure delight.
As to mileage it depends how hard you push it with or without trailer. I am not particularly concerned because all the variables, head wind, down wind, bridges etc. and I find it nerve wracking trying to nurse an extra couple miles out per gl. If you are that concerned you have no business getting into RV ing IMHO.

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