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2016 1500 EcoDiesel not cutting it, Best replacement?

I purchased a 2016 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Crew Cab and we own a 2007 27FB.

First Ill state - I love this truck, I have gotten 31MPG unloaded on the freeway and I am sad it will not work out. The specs all work out, but I am 200 pounds shy of GCWR when fully loaded and hooked up. I am 400 pounds over axle rating no matter how much a crank up the equalizer hitch. The good news is my EcoDiesel is a lemon and Chrysler is buying the truck back in 2-3 weeks.

The problems out side of exceeding weight limits, I live in Seattle. We have several mountain passes. On i90 (Snoqualmie Pass) traveling to central Washington I have the pedal floored to maintain 60mph. On a return trip over US-2 (Stevens Pass) the best I could maintain is 52MPH. I think a Banks kit might fix the speed drops over the pass but it will not fix the weight issue.

So I will be looking for a replacement Truck. I have been considering a ¾ ton Dodge, but should I consider a gasser 1/2ton? Ford sells a ½ ton eco diesel with 12k towing a 4k payload. we camp 5-8 times per year usually in state, but plan to do a couple long road trips with the family in the next few years when the kids are older. I am looking for a truck in the $35-$45k range.

Suggestions? Gas or Diesel? ½ ton or ¾ ton.

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Sorry to hear that. My "Eco" is a tough little mother. My only real complaints is like you said, the mountain climbing, although I must admit I don't have a problem climbing a 6 or 7% grade at 45 or 50 mph. We did a coast to coast 10,120 mile trip this summer, carrying a lot of gear (we also have 4 corner air bags) & the truck did a good job (equalizer also). I did miss a true engine brake on the decent but we survived with hill assist in the tow mode. I've never had a Cummins diesel but I'm considering it for the next truck.

Venice, FL
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Sorry to hear you are having issues, but glad to hear Dodge is doing the right thing. Just a note on the Ford EcoBoost. It is a turbo charged 3.5l gas engine, not diesel. It has about the same torque as your ecodiesel, while offering more ponies. 240 vs. 365.

I have a fairly stripped down crew cab XLT with the upgraded tow package and 6.5' bed. I have 1780 pounds of payload. I've seen a few with higher available payload, but not many. I'm not sure where you read the 4,000 lb payload, but it will definitely not have that. I think you would still lose speed going over passes with the F150, so if that's important enough to you, I'd say go for a bigger diesel in a 3/4 or 1 ton.

Just my 2 cents, good luck!
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You didn't buy enough truck for your needs, it's not the trucks fault. Sorry for your mistake, but a different truck with more payload and more power will be good for you.
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If you are looking in the $35 to $45 range I think gas 3/4 ton would be the choice. I pull with a diesel and love it. But new ones are a lot more than that now. You really are not looking at a lot of pulling. If you are not going to drive the truck much when you are not pulling I would look at the gas trucks. Our diesel is a daily driver and we go out for 3 months at the time so there is a difference in the use. I think diesels do better when they do not sit for long periods. I would be a bit afraid to buy a used diesel. At current fuel prices there is little fuel savings with the diesel. However when fuel was $5.00 a gallon it seemed like a big deal. I have pulled over those 2 routes. But was happy with 55 to 63 mph.
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With a little work these Ecodiesels pull strong but theres not much you can do about being over the axle weight limit. With my setup im right at 4000 lbs ( 100 lbs over) on the rear axle. The best route would be to step up to a 3/4 diesel which well have am exhaust brake and tons of pulling power.
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Eco diesel to cummins for us

Sorry to say that ecodiesel 1500 didn't work for us. At 3800 miles we had a 10 day wait for engine repair. 1oo miles later a new significant noise caused us to say "enough". Traded I
In for a 2500 cummins andcouldnt be happier.
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Ram 3500 with a Cummins and never look back. Get the air suspension of you want the best ride possible. The 2500 all cool suspension is nice, but by he time you all the towing goodies you have the same cost as a 3500. Don't shell or the extra money for the Aisen.

Ram is goin you right with your lemon, give them anthother chance.
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Thumbs up Go with a Ram 2500 cummins

I just bought my Ram back in July and honestly I can't say enough good things about this beast of a truck. The power plant is the sickest thing I've ever driven with massive amounts of torque and power! Ironically I was at a dove hunt yesterday and met a nice young guy that is an engineer for Cummins. He went on and on about the engine and how the truck was the best bang for the buck on the market for guys that pull stuff. Yes, that includes Airatreams. Maybe look for a used one I bet you could find one in your price range with your trade. Best of luck!
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2012 Silverado HD Duramax LTZ 4WD... 72k miles. I can go where I want on paved roads and limited by trailer and traction elsewhere.

Plenty power, Allison tranny, it just works. Issues primarily with glow plugs which GM knows are bad and replace as they causes a CEL when the GP fails. Recently issues with NOX sensors .. Appear fixed.

Not great MPG... Towing About 10-13 depending upon fuel quality (yes it varies these days). In town, 12-14 (lots of start stop and "improved" traffic light coordination). HWY 18.5 running 65.. Faster reduces MPG.

Under tow with our 34', there is no tow issue. Acceleration superb, loves to hill climb.

When in low traction situation the 4wd had no problem pulling the AS out. Of course if I wanted to, I could get it stuck..

Plenty of weight carry

Don't know if that all helps, but there it is

Best wishes
Peace and Blessings..
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Thanks for all the responses. I am happy to say Chrysler is doing right buying the truck back and all the accessories I had bought. I am leaning towards a 3500 Ram likely a 13 or 14 as the cab is identical to the 1500 and I love all the trick gadgets like push button start and cooling seats... I had a moment of madness thinking I could get a F150 with the right weight requirements but I don't like being slow on the passes. Safer to stay with the flow of traffic then being an obstacle.

I had thought about the 2500 but I think the leaf springs will negate the need for cranking the weight distribution up and let the equalizer just be a anti sway. I think one knock on the equalizer hitch is if you have to crank the weight distribution up it hurts the anti sway.
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We traded our Ram diesel (they never could get ours running right and the mpg dropped dramatically every time we visited the shop for updated reprogramming) on a GM and REALLY like the Allison transmission coupled with the HD.
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I have a 2016 Ecodiesel as well and have come to the conclusion that it's not enough truck as well. Although mine never over heated the needle would get very close to the red line if you didn't back off.

I've gotten lots of "free" advice on the forum about how to shift or do other things to keep the truck cool but in reality it's 2016 and the truck should do all those things itself.

The real achilles heel is the payload, especially as you load the truck up with options the payload capacity goes down understandably.

I have a 2017 F-250 on order, mostly chose it over the RAM because of the cameras and adaptive cruise control and other features which I'm sure RAM will have in the 2018 model year.
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I think FCA just produces the 1500 Ecodiesel for owners to drive solo and occasionally tow a bass boat.

I've got a 2015 Ram 2500 Big Horn Cummins and while its OK, so far its only got 2089lbs payload due to the heavy diesel engine. Being a first time diesel owner I now have some reservations about the longevity of the emissions systems. I've already read reports of catalytic converter failures in 2014 models and apparently 18000 owners are awaiting replacements all over the country. Some inconveniences is filling up the DEF tank while towing, 3000miles it gets to 1/3 full, having to wear disposable gloves when filling up because the diesel pump handles are always stinky and the diesel islands at a lot of stations are only at the end island and often taken up by gas cars refueling from the unleaded side of the pump. Truck stop islands have the large nozzle and so far I've only had one instance where the diesel flowed out because I didn't put the nozzle in far enough. The last diesel truck stop I put the large nozzle all the way down the filler and then had a difficult time pulling it out. I thought it was stuck forever. While I like the power to climb long grades at altitude at 75 mph which I tried once and was impressed but don't do it often the fuel mileage is not much better than my Tundra 5.7L gas, 12 mpg on my longer trips trying to keep 60-65mph.

If I start having warranty issues with the emissions system it will be gone and I'll probably look to a F150 Ecoboost. The 2017 with 10speed transmission seems a good match and F150s don't stand so tall as my Ram 2500. I have to carry a folding step ladder in the back to climb into the bed to get stuff.


2008 Classic 25fb "Silver Mistress"
2015 Ram 2500 6.7L Cummins. Crew Cab, 4x4, Silver
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