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2008 25' Classic
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OK, I'm a little critical of my Ram 2500 but I do love the integrated brake controller, tow haul and diesel exhaust brake for towing. The other stuff I can live with except converter failures.


2008 Classic 25fb "Silver Mistress"
2015 Ram 2500 6.7L Cummins. Crew Cab, 4x4, Silver
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I have seen people trade for the bigger truck & or Cummins and I have seen people trade to the smaller Ecodiesel and both end up happy. Depends on needs and or more often perspective and what is important to you. I would say if you have had some issues with your truck and Ram has taken care of you that you will likely be very happy with the larger truck and unstopable torque of the Cummins.

But it is somewhat perspective and experience and working with it. Lots of people on here set up smaller TVs to pull larger TTs than yours and do so successfully. Thats not to say a change for you is not justified. Myself I have 220,000 miles on my ED delivering AS and have no problems towing even 30" 8,000 pound Classics all over the west. I normally tow at 65 but no I don't break any speed records over grades. To assist power and cooling wise I have the 3.92s & a shorter heavier load rated 31.9" tire for a mechanical advantage also the GDE tune for an extra ish 30 HP & 55 TQ and a turbo brake for coming down the grades. Plus the SLT grill to let it have the air it needs to keep things cool. I do most of the longer steeper grades with larger TTs in 5th at 55mph and 2,900 rpms. Not fast but still passing semis and no heat issues.

Doing it commercially you have to stop at state weight stations and Port of entrees. Their chief concern is axle weights. The ED allows 3,900 each or 7,800 combined. I think this is slightly higher than any other standard axle 1/2 ton. My truck with me & full fuel as I run is 5,900. This gives me up to 1,900 pounds to work with. Never been concerned with manufacturers max payload suggestion. Not saying you should not just saying I am not. Useing a no sway WDH & axle to frame airbags I have been with TT & stuff in the bed at my axle limits at scale houses but never over. Distributed well its surefooted & confident. Dangerous is the guy with headlights in your eyes. One thing that helps is all the AS I deliver are brand new and dry. I have had a CVWR of 15,300 with a Harley & gear in the bed while transporting a new boat up and down grades. It handled curves and climbed & descended grades safely. In fact I have criss crossed the country with a couple loads over 15,000 CVWR. Where the weight would push through the turbo brake speed was still comfortably and confidently controlled by supplementing with the trailer brake or the truck brakes with no brakes getting warm. The max CVWR for the RAM 1500 is 15,950 and this is the manufacturer rating not utilizing a turbo brake.

Anyway its about peoples perspective experience and confidence. Well and sometimes actual needs. If my truck & loads were not set up well or if I towed a large 5er or multi car hauler I would need and get a bigger truck. Thinking about it I have never towed a 34' AS but have been over Snoqualmie with a large AS & Stevens with an enclosed cargo trailer both at 55 in 5th. But I never pushed my equipment harder than that. Guess I think more about longevity & fuel as I bill by the mile. Happy streaming.

Transportr AS & TT Mfg 2 dealr RAM EcoD factory brake controller tow mirror hitch camera & receiver 1,290/12k, No sway WDH, Rapid adj hitch, axle 2 frame air bags, tune w turbo brake, SLT Grill, 31.9" load tires, Max ED tow 9,200, GCAR 7,800, Max Ram 1500 GCVW 15,950, Axles steer 3,340 drive 2,560
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I have been towing a 30' FC for a while now with a Ford F-150, 3.5l EcoBoost.
Works for me.
No issues towing an 8000 lb. Trailer at 110 KPH except for the wife telling me to 'SLOW DOWN'.
So I do, down to 100 'kliks".
"Happy wife, happy life"!
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griffstream --- I'm in Woodinville, one town over from you, & like yourself have a 27 FB. I've been pulling it with 2015 Ram 2500 diesel, which I bought to pull a 32 ft 5th wheel, which I traded in on the AS. We've now got 11K miles on the AS, & all I can say about the Ram is "Great." The Coastals, the Cascades, the Rockies, etc. simply don't get in its way.

Some comments:

1. I do wish the Ram got better mileage. I drove it dry from Seattle to Portland & got 22, but on our 9K trip to the WV rally, I got only 14.1, & on our more recent trip to the southern OR coast & northern coastal CA redwoods, we got only 13.4, but I should say that coming home from the Redwoods, I was on I-5 North & set the cruise for 65 all the way. On our WV trip, I typically drove around 62.

2. I have heard from others that the Ram 3500's leaf springs work better than the Ram 2500's coil springs for towing, so if I had it to do again, I'd consider a 3500 for a few hundred dollars more.
Alta & Richard, Seattle area --- WBCCI 8873
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2005 25' Safari
palm beach gardens , Florida
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2500 or 3500 diesel Ram, Ford or GM, all good and nothing compares for towing.
Daily driver, a little big, but the question is, "what tows best".
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Yeah I think RAM is screwing this up. On the non leaf spring trucks they should either come with air suspension as some do or coil assisted by an airbag. The coil assisted by an axle to frame airbag is my preference of the three. But even the 2500s with just a spring is a wallowing pig under a heavy load. If they just sent it out the door with an air assist it would be the shiz.
Transportr AS & TT Mfg 2 dealr RAM EcoD factory brake controller tow mirror hitch camera & receiver 1,290/12k, No sway WDH, Rapid adj hitch, axle 2 frame air bags, tune w turbo brake, SLT Grill, 31.9" load tires, Max ED tow 9,200, GCAR 7,800, Max Ram 1500 GCVW 15,950, Axles steer 3,340 drive 2,560
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"Drive defensively, drive a tank"

"The law of "bigger than" is more often followed when properly applied"


Traveling around our Texas town in a truck is not unusual.. But in the "urban" areas you have a definite advantage against the silly little "cars"..

So there are other "benefits".. 😁😄😳
Peace and Blessings..
WBCCI# 30676
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I have not read all of the answers to your question but I imagine that they cover the spectrum. I can share with you that I own a 2015 FC 28 Ft rear twin beds and went through a similar experience. I bought the trailer and thought that I was going to be fine towing it with my SUV. I owned an Infinity QX 56 with a tow capacity of 8,900 lbs. To make a long story short I was not comfortable towing with the SUV and began looking at trucks. Never having owned a truck every thing was new to me. My wife was adamant that we buy a 1500 because it was easy for her to get in and out of. I read everything that I could find about towing and finally decided on a 2500 GMC diesel with a tow package. I am sure that the RAM is just as good but our local GMC dealer had done business with me so I wanted to do business with him. I debated about whether to spend the extra $'s on the diesel and I am glad that I decided to do it. Pulling the trailer is great but what I really like is going down steep grades especially out west with the exhaust brake you barely have to use the brakes. My advice is to buy a 3/4 ton pickup whether you diesel or not. I hope that this helps. Save travels!
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2500 Ram

Hi - for our 2017 Classic we upgraded from the Ram 1500 to a 2016 Ram 2500 Limited with a turbo diesel. It came with the factory airbags which are really nice to have once we hook up. They level out TV to AS beautifully. We traveled across WA this summer and drove all the passes you described. The 2500 did wonderfully. You didn't feel the AS and the engine brake was nice to have on the descents.

I looked at GMC and Ford 3/4 diesels when making the decision and just found the Cummings engine and the asethics of the Ram hard to pass up.

safe travels,

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Well - Back in 2014 we went from a 2005 Toyota Tundra V/8, crewcab 4x4 to a 2014 Ford F250 Diesel, crewcab ,short bed, 4X4 and am very happy. Better mileage, more payload, more power, engine braking, integrated brake controller, tow/haul mode, etc...

In hind sight I would have bought the long bed vs short bed because of the larger tank and better fuel range, I'll probably be going to an aftermarket 50 gal. fuel tank in the future.

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Have a 2015 Ram 2500 Laramie and tow our 2017 FC 27FB around the Blue Ridge Mountain. The Cummins doesn't brake a sweat and I get 16 MPG. Love everything about the Ram. Although I don't commute anymore I do use the Ram as my everyday ride. Mostly country roads and highways and I get 18.5 MPG. Much better than I expected. Here in SW Virginia diesel is only a few pennies more than regular so the Cummins is better than a big V8 gas hog. I never owned a 3/4 ton truck before this one so before buying I looked at what all the farmers in my neck of the woods used to hall their big trailers and the Ram/Cummins was buy far the winner.
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FYI. My '14 2500 w/Cummins has rear coil springs. This was the first year they went to coils vs. leaf springs. I have just under 50,000 miles on my RAM pulling a '15 30' Classic. All but about 4,000 of those miles have been towing an Airstream. Don't have enough good things to say about the Cummins. Zero issues since I took delivery. Yes, a bunch of recalls. As one of my buddies said, "you buy the Cummins, it just happens to be in a Ram." True.
"SilverLeaf II" 2015 30' Classic
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Currently Looking...
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Last figures I've seen, you have to drive a minimum of 50,000 miles a year to break even compared to a large enough gas engine doing the same job. This is comparing the cost of needed upkeep. My 08, 6.8 v10 with 4:30 gears has pulled all Ive put behind
It and averaged 9-11 mpg at normal maintaince costs
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Our out control government killed the V10. Don't think OP will be buying a new replacement with a V10. Configured & set up the right the EcoDiesel is an outstanding AS TV but OP likes big power and sounds like RAM has treated him well so why not get the 2500 & Cummins. It rides and handles better than other 3/4 tons with the air or coil suspension. But like the 1500 if you get the coil and load the bed or tongue heavy you will benefit from airbags to assist.

Transportr AS & TT Mfg 2 dealr RAM EcoD factory brake controller tow mirror hitch camera & receiver 1,290/12k, No sway WDH, Rapid adj hitch, axle 2 frame air bags, tune w turbo brake, SLT Grill, 31.9" load tires, Max ED tow 9,200, GCAR 7,800, Max Ram 1500 GCVW 15,950, Axles steer 3,340 drive 2,560
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