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Originally Posted by SilverRanger
Perhaps they could re-route the coolant overflow to the tail pipe... to put out the fire.

Between just the Crown Vic, Pinto and then this, seems to be a lot of flames in Fords!

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hey all, don't get me wrong. fords are fine trucks. they are economical as far as a fleet purchase goes. i do hear a bit of grumbling from our mechanics who are used to working on mostly internationals. (they have quirks too)

what seems to get us (at the power company) in trouble is trying to use them in ways that a true medium duty truck should be doing.

twink, you might find this interesting. by far and away the best trucks we ever had for off road use were late 1980's 2500 chevy suburbans, 350 4 speed manual 4wd. i actually got one airborne with 8 guys on board! we were trying to get out of a piece of transmission right of way at the end of the day.

i was a second year apprentice at the time, one of the veterans told me to not drive it like i own it!

and i did.


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Since we are bashing Fords for now, I remember when the PSD came out in 1995 with the E4OD transmissions. After a couple of years' wear, the column shift levers would wear the insulation off the overdrive cancel switch wire, shorting it out. This would cause the trans to go into limp in mode, but worse, the fuse that protected that circuit was also the fuse that protected the drive by wire throttle controller. The truck would start, and idle, but if you hit the accelerator pedal nothing would happen. Not good, especially if it happened at an intersection, or railroad crossing.
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Originally Posted by Tin Diesel
This is the F450
Looks like something "RoboCop" might step out of.
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Bought a 28 ft AS International earlier this year. Quickly realized that my 5.4L Expedition would not suffice even here in Fla. No extra capacity for cargo weight, and, pulling with some camping gear and the fresh water tank full was all the Ford could do.
I am now driving a F 250 6.4L diesel and am please as punch. It runs flawlessly, is quiet and smooth. MPG at about 12 with diesel fuel here 10 cents less than regular gas. Power to spare.
Anyone having reservations about this engine can forget it. Ford and IH have created a real gem.
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After all the hooplaw I was curious as to what Ford had done. We drove down to the local dealer yesterday and within minutes walked away with a new 2008 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab 4WD Turbodiesel. The interesting thing is that I was going to get a new GMC 2500 but was waiting for the 0% 60 month financing out the end of this month.

My wife was lukewarm about the GMC but once inside the Ford said that she loved it and wanted to get it. Not the best thing to say while the salesman is sitting in the back seat! We took it out for a drive last night and were getting about 18 mpg and the power is phenomenal! Diesel is $3.09 while regular is about 25-30 cents MORE expensive.

I bought this as a TV only to last 10 years but I enjoy driving it as a primary mode of transportation. Much better mileage than my 96 3/4 ton Suburban with the 454. 8-12 mpg and 8-9 while towing.
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good choice altamont!

i went for another long test drive last week in a f-350 psd crew cab long bed srw model.

while the 05 250 was being lubed and rotated.

the new units are much smoother on the highway with the longer rear leaf springs and the beefied frame.

the cabin is tighter and the steering seems improved.

it is amazing how quiet these new piezo electric fuel injection units are...

and the sequential turbos are very smooth...

enjoy that new quiet brut! gotta love 650ft/lbs of torque...

lots of twist but no shout.

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One little piece of paper.

Hi, well with just one little piece of paper, the 6.4L Diesel will be a much better engine than the 6.0L Diesel was; Not that the 6.0L engine was bad in the first place. Ford now asks it's dealers to read and have the buyers of the new Diesels mark and sign a paper explaining the proper fuels and maintainence intervals along with a statement or statements explaining the consequences of modifying these engines. And that if your [modified / tampered with] engine fails due to the unauthorized modifications you had chosen to do, or have done for you, caused it, you can go haggle it out with Banks or who-ever made or installed these engine killers. Copies of these forms will be kept in your file.
We, at the dealer have seen so many 6.0s killed by after market air filter systems, fuel management chips, 6" exhaust systems with no mufflers, turbos made to double the boost, and god knows what. "Then blame Ford." One 6.4L engine has already been destroyed from hydro-locking from useing biofuel. [I believe it was B99] Creating a customer pay ticket for just under $20,000.00; So hot rodder's beware, a new 6.4L may be on you. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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This is exactly why I have ignored the "recommendations" made by a friend who owns an '03 to do as he has done and buy a programmer. It may boost power or fuel economy but I've always questioned at what cost?

I figured that IH's engineers may not have designed the most fuel efficient engine or the most powerful engine they could have with the resources they had in the 6.0L, but I always felt they sacrificed a little of each to produce the most best balance of both they could without sacrificing too much of the engine in the process. I'd rather give up that extra MPG or two or loose a few LBS of excess torque that I don't have need for in order to get a few extra 10,000's of miles out of the engine.
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Nobody asked me to sign any paper as referred to by ROBERTSUNRUS above. I truthfully cannot understand why anybody would want to modify this new motor for more power. At 350 hp and 650 ft/lbs who should need more?

I agree with Minnies Mate that engineers make the best compromise of mileage, power and LONGEVITY that the technology will allow. Why mess with a good thing?
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MPG of New 6.4 PSD

Originally Posted by TIMEMACHINE
Hi Bill,

Keep us posted as you get to know your new truck, I am especially interested in the MPG of the new cleaner burning 6.4 PSD.

Anybody out there with the new Ford 6.4 PSD have any information on miles-per-gallon? There was a lot of speculation that the 6.4 would suffer some loss of fuel economy due to the emissions systems. Did that happen?

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I JUST took out my unit with trailer up a long grade over a pass by my house, into a 30 mph headwind no less. I came home with 9.1 mpg which is pretty good compared to my 454 Suburban. Of course, my unit only has 200 miles on it so it should improve. Just cruising about 65-70 it shows about 18 mpg.
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If I remember correctly, the manual of my 2005 F250 SD says don't tow anything for the first 500 miles.

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Oops, my bad. I guess I just couldn't wait to see if all is working before I settle in to prep for our long vacation. I figured 20 miles probably won't hurt too much if at all.

I can tell you this, it goes like stink with the trailer attached! Bring on those high passes.
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someone is inquiring about payload and capacities...

here is a nice review article with all the spec...

they are also available on the ford site, and the fleet ford site has even greater details...

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Mileage after 500 miles

I find that if I just cruise with no load at 62 I get close to 20 mpg. At 66 it drops to 18. Combined highway/city is about 14. With diesel selling around here for as much as $0.50 cheaper than regular, this is not bad. I will be interested to see what the mileage is towing our baby.

No quality issues at all on the new Ford which makes me both surprised and happy. I understand Ford rang this new motor out to make sure of its reliability after the fiasco with the last diesel
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2air, you did such a wonderful job on the Ford Super Duty, you now need to do a similar review on the Chevy/GMC 2500's. Your review is better than Motor Trend's.
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Just got back from a 2500-mile trip (to the Florida Keys and back) with my new 2007 F250 with the 6.0L engine. Got about 11.5 MPG...not great, but not terrible. I expect (hope?) to see MPG improve as the engine gets broken in. To date, it has 3700 miles total.
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service access for the 2008 sd fords...

a little add on info...

while recently having work done on the 05

i had the opportunity to chat with a triple master ford mechanic...

whatever that means.

he explained an interesting twist on the 2008...

ALL service/repair issues that formerly required 'pulling the engine' are NO MORE...

that's right it's never necessary to extract the diesel to service.

(i didn't ask about tranny repair issues, but i think the same applies)

instead whenever there is a need for this level of access,


that's correct, the cab.

it seems the new cab is secured with a number of knuts and bolts,

and ALL of the wiring is modular plugnplay

and ALL of the hoses/lines are quick-connect...

so the cab can be removed in short order and is.

this change means all dealer/service shops that expect to do ANY major repairs...

need a specific 'cab hoist thingie' upgrade....

of course the shop folks need training in the process too...

pretty cool huh?

it does limit what indie' shops will be able to fix, unless they have the cab hoist...

anyone else got the dope on this?

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

we are here on earth to fart around. don't let anybody tell you any different. k.v.
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Holy smokes. I'll ask my bro if he has any knowledge of this given they buy a lot of trucks where he works, of all makes, and a lot of them are diesel.

I certainly like the idea. It also makes replacement of the body should it be in an accident a much easier option, although still not cheap I'm sure.


Barry & Donna
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