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2005 19' International CCD
Santa Rosa , California
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2008 Nissan Pathfinder & 2005 19' International CCD


Yesterday, we bought a used 2005 19' International CCD from a distributor in Los Banos, California. Earlier in the day, we were looking at a Kia Sorento from a distributorship in Vallejo. We had been trying to decide for weeks between a Chalet/Toyoto Highlander combination - and an Airstream/?. After making the A/S decision, we came home last night and read everything we could on this forum about what to think about when choosing a TV.

We're a couple with Western U.S. traveling plans. This is probably all that we'll ever need, and have spent decades traveling light in Volkswagon camper vans. The TV we'd like needs to be used as a second vehicle around town, and she's been driving a Volkswagon Passat station wagon. She was looking for just a good four-passenger upgrade with good gas mileage until we read your posts, and now we've started to look at increased power and stability designs.

The Nissan Pathfinders available locally are 2008 4.0L V6 4X2's, 266hp 5-speed automatics. The wheelbase is 112". The towing guide says they can handle 6000 lbs, and the GUVW for A/S is 4500.

It's going to be hard to imagine my wife driving it around town, and I drive a small sports car which she finds difficult to handle. Like most of you, we're moving from one lifestyle to another, and don't know how much RVing we'll be doing.

We've read of the cautions on sway, wear & tear, and safety. We've agonizingly given up several smaller, more fuel-efficient cars for the level we're currently looking at. Any comments on our impending TV choice, and any alternatives, would be appreciated.


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Take a look at the VW Toureg. I think that's the spelling. There is a group of people who tow with them. Check it out.

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I can hear the forum already, probably too short of a wheelbase and the numbers are very tight. The 19 ccd is heavy and on a singe axle, so this maybe pushing it. I would suggest a very good sway and weight dist system, and possibly looking at a vehicle with a 7500 lb rating or greater. Good luck.
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Just an FYI, the Pathfinder is available with the 5.6 V8 found in the Armada/Titan.
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hi g fear....

welcome to the forums and congrats on the new trailer!

how exciting.

there are LOTS of towing options, new and used.

i like the t rex a lot but it's expensive and doesn't have the greatest reliability ratings.

virtually every suv will have lower towing specs and less space than its 'truck' counterpart.

even IF they are the same wheel base or size, because of the added weight of the 'suv' shell shape.


consider an 6-8 year old ford f-150. these are 'small sized' 1/2 ton trucks with reasonable gas mileage, they are plentiful and inexpensive.

the regular or extended cab with a short bed isn't much larger than a car or mini van.

going new?

take a look at the ford explorer sport trac.

basically a 4 door truck with a itty bity bed. 130 inch wheel base, and v6 or v8 options now.

rated from 5000-7200 lbs for towing and with a 1400 lbs payload which is pretty good for a baby truck.

hiway mpg is reported to be 20mpg, but MOST vehicles r gonna get 10-13 while towing at best.

chrysler now makes a minivan-like thing (the aspen) intended for towing and with 'sway control' features built into the computer system...

again it has reasonable mpg and more than adequate towing specs....

i've always owned euro cars and avoided the domestic 3...

but for towing it is hard to beat a simple u.s. made truck based vehicle...

they really do seem to build trucks well.

IF i had a bambi or little single axle unit i'd look long at the sport trac or the aspen instead of an suv...

but there are LOTS of options.


for general shopping and comparing specs, trailer life publishes a 'towing guide' that lists MOST every vehicle used for towing, along with the numbers....

it is available as a pdf on their website, and back several years for used vehicle shopping.
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There was a couple that bought a 19ft CCD and had a newer Pathfinder - they said they were very happy with it. Search "pathfinder", you may find the thread. (I think they bought from Montana or ID and towed down south).
Have fun with your new trailer!
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Originally Posted by 3Ms75Argosy
There was a couple that bought a 19ft CCD and had a newer Pathfinder - they said they were very happy with it. Search "pathfinder", you may find the thread. (I think they bought from Montana or ID and towed down south).
Have fun with your new trailer!
Hope it wasn't this couple;
eBay Motors: Crashed Airstream 27' Overlander for parts or resto? (item 220151481377 end time Sep-23-07 06:01:49 PDT)

I'd look for something with a longer wheelbase. Consider a dedicated TV (second hand?) and keep your small car for commuting...

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No, a Pathfinder and xterra are different animals.

Here's one thread by the same author that bought the combo and like it.

Let's not jump to the need the 1 ton diesel only posts.
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We have an 03 Pathfinder towing an 02 Bambi (19 feet). Compared to the new Pathfinders it has less power, a shorter wheelbase (I believe) and lower towing capacity. It's an OK tow vehicle (not great, not good) - we've now completed 4 towing seasons and 46,000 towing Kilometres with the Bambi behind it. Over time we've made some adjustments in the tow set-up - most notably a switch to LT tires and this past year the addition of a Hensley. The Hensley is a big plus. Perhaps the other notable item is simply driving habits - this is a tow vehicle that is being used close to its capacity - knowing the limitations is important - and driving outside those limitations is not a consideration.

Power has never been a problem (drive with OD off) - it's the short wheelbase and lighter weight that represents that larger issues. When its time to trade this vehicle in (another year or so) then we will be getting something a little larger.

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I found my Pathfinder inadequate to pull a 19' Bambi in the Arizona mountains. On the level it was great.

Thus I moved to an Armada, and later bought a 25 Airstream.
Neil Ervin, Sequim, Washington (on the north edge of the beautiful Olympic Peninsula)
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2006 19' Safari SE
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Hello Gregory,
Congratulations on your Airstream.You made a great choice and purchased from a reliable distributor if it was Toscano's (sp). Regarding the tow vehicle for a 19', we strarted off using our '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a towing capacity of 6500. With that, we used a weight distributing hitch and sway control bar. This tv was fine on flatter surfaces, however, it would struggle on steep grades, especially in Tahoe. To go up the steeper grades, (like 267 in Tahoe), we had to go 25 mph in first gear. After six months, we decided to put a hitch on our Porsche Cayenne S, which has a 7700 pound towing capacity and 345 hp. What a difference! We cannnot
tell that we are towing a trailer behind us with that extra horsepower and gear selection. Please note that the VW Touraeg "V8" may have the same towing capacity as the Cayenne, although the horsepower is different (but don't quote me). We actually looked at the Touraeg at one time, but decided on the Cayenne as it has a better resale value and a smoother ride. Therefore, based on our experience, I would recommend a V8 Touraeg, Cayenne or a similar vehicle around the same towing capacity. Again, you can use a vehicle with a 6500 towing capacity and it will be successful in getting you where you want to go. However, be ready for those steep grades! Have fun and let us know what you select! Happy New Year!
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Tom, the Uber Disney Fan
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Welcome to the forums. I don't know that I can add to anything that has been said so, for a change, I won't. Let us know what you decide to do and don't forget to use the search function in your research. There is a whole lot of information out there on the forums.

Again, welcome and congratulations!
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Originally Posted by sunn
Hello Gregory,
After six months, we decided to put a hitch on our Porsche Cayenne S, which has a 7700 pound towing capacity and 345 hp.
NICE!... If I had a stable of 5 top TV's the Cayenne S would certainly be part of the mix. For power and handling I would speculate it doesn't get much better than a Cayenne S or a T-reg.

Garth Cane from RV Lifestyle magazine once wrote... That the T-reg towing a 30' Airstream was the best overall combination he had ever tested.

Note... The price tag of these vehicles may be a negative for many shoppers.
Airstreams..... The best towing trailers on the planet!
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This guy didn't do too well with his Pathfinder.

But it looks like he was towing a much larger and heavier Airstream than you intend to tow.
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19' international

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