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Originally Posted by outthere
1) starting in 07 there are new requirements for diesel fuel in these vehicles that limit the grade of diesel that can be used. He said that by 2010 all stations would be required to carry the higher grade but right now you have to make sure you use ONLY the higher grade or you can do serious damage to the engine and the warrently will NOT cover it. All stations do not carry the higher grade yet so it sounds like you have to search around which could be a problem in some locations.
I am running an 06 (which can burn aything you put in it, including goat piss) that is one of the reasons I grabbed an 06.

As far as I know ALL stations were required as of LAST YEAR to carry the new ULSD. I have yet to find a station that does not. And I have never had a problem finding diesel anywhere.

Not saying anyone NEEDS diesel, but these are my observations.


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at least the salesman was up front with you but it does not seem like much of a selling point. Here is Chevy's spin on it.

GM'S 2007 Duramax 6.6L V-8 Turbo-Diesel Revised

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Just got back from Palm Springs in my 2007 Dodge HD 6.7L Diesel. Got 15.8 mpg with my trailer and the mother isn't even broken in yet! I've got power up the Butt!

We had a very windy weekend in So-Cal. but my truck and trailer did not even notice it.
I am very, very pleased with my choice of TV. No stress, made it home with out being exhausted.

Had a Dodge 4.7L V-8 but was not enough going up the hills and let's not talk about stress!!

If you're interested, you can build any truck you decide to purchase and get a great price as I did at: -- America's #1 way to buy cars online! and NO, I'm not a salesman. I just like spending my $$ wisely!

That's my 2 cents worth and I'm sticking to it !
2007 Dodge Ram Quadcab 6.7L Diesel w/jakebrake

"Better to have more then you need, then need more then you have because you don't have enough!"
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I had the choice of an 06 or an 07. I took the 06. It will burn any of the heavy fuels. I like to have that option. most of the fuel stations I stopped at recently in AZ, CA, OR, ID all have ULSD.
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We're getting off the thread subject. Diesel is well recommended but not the only way to pull 25' Airstreams; e.g.,

I have seen some stations with the only diesel pumps labeled low sulfur but not ULSD. This is more of a problem at truck stops where the automotive fuel islands don't have diesel and you have to find the credit card pump over on the truck side -- so far most of these situations haven't had ULSD at all. I do not know what ULSD mandates exist for semi trucks. This last weekend I saw a convenience store/gas station big sign advertise a price for diesel. At the island that was for the low sulfur; the ULSD was about 8 cents higher per gallon. I'm with Michelle on liking an '06 diesel for maximum versatility for either fuel at this time.

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You are correct CanoeStream. The new diesel fuel is more $$. From what I understand, the distributors are trying to find a price base for the new low sulfur diesel fuel. But, as you all may or may not know, the new standard of low sulfer will be inforced by 2010. Stations are now being required to change over.

When I purchased my truck, I was infact told by the dealer that at this time I would not be able to go into Mexico as they are not yet formulating the low sulfer diesel fuel. Mexican fuel at best is questionable anyway!

But that's ok )

2007 Dodge Ram Quadcab 6.7L Diesel w/jakebrake

"Better to have more then you need, then need more then you have because you don't have enough!"
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I do have the Chev 2007.5 diesel and have driven it as far north as Washington DC and down into central Florida. Every station does not have the ULSD but I have not gotten into a tight looking for it. It can be a PIA when it's not there. There are enough around that someone will have it. I did have to get a fill up at a BP station near DC and it was .50 per gallon higher than gasoline. You buy 20+ gallons and you notice the difference. I haven't towed with it yet but I have averaged as much as 20 MPG with all highway driving on cruise. I got rid of my 2003 Tundra (best vehicle I've owned) to get this one to make sure I have enough truck for towing.
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on the ford side it is the 2008s, NOT '07s that require ULSD...

there is also a requirement for a new grade/designation engine oil on these rigs with the carbon/particulate filter/burner.

yes owners of older diesels can burn ulsd or lsd...

BUT the risk of fuel filter issues GOES WAY UP if you mix/match ulsd, lsd, and biod (which is also ulsd)

some states have fully converted (cali) and no longer even label the pumps.

others have not yet and this year was to be 80% converted to Ulsd....

i've seen many truck stops with a dozen lsd pumps and 3-4 ulsd...

many farmers are still using lsd too.

it's a passenger car/light truck issue but the semis will all be on ulsd by 2010, unless the rules change.

we discussed this issue back here,

so it's often a good idea to search folks...


now back to the 1/2 ton debate, which includes NO diesels...

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

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Review in "Truckin'" Magazine

If anybody is interested, this months issue of "Truckin" magazine (Vol 33, No 12) has a test entitled "Heavy Duty Showdown" where it reviews the 2008 Chevy 2500 Diesel 4x4, Dodge 2500 diesel 4x4 and Ford F250 diesel 4x4. Interesting article for those of us looking at these vehicles. Net is that they rate the Chevy as the fastest and prettiest and the Ford as the most likely to be mistaken for an 18 wheeler... The Dodge is in between in all categories. Overall they like the Ford because of its edge in towing capacity and styling. My wife looked at the article and as soon as she read that the Chevy was the "least" truck like she immediately jumped on the Chevy band wagon. Of course, the trucks they used in the test were all maxed out with all of them having top of the line interiors and the Chevy looking more like a car interior then a truck. With respect to the Ford interior they say that "18 wheelers should look this tough". They also like the fact that GM copied the Ford Trailer-Brake Controller and now has one whereas Dodge doesn't.
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Go with a Diesel, for the power and economy: and it will be a 3/4 ton at the least. I have an 03 Ram and get about 18 mpg unloaded in town and recently towed a 20' trailer with a J.D. Tractor (18,800 lbs) and was at 14 mpg.
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Another Happy F-250 PSD Super Duty Owner...

… along with 2air’, thecatsandi, and others.

Outthere – I also travel up and over mountains (which you plan to do), which was a factor, along with many others, why I chose and love the 2006 F-250 Power Stroke Diesel Super Duty truck.

Mine came with the optional Tow Command System with integrated electronic trailer-brake controller, Tow Package and built-in Tow Mirrors.

I’m glad I chose the Crew Cab. The rear seats fold down, providing a secure platform where I place two dog carriers, which get strapped securely to each side. The dogs enjoy the view and I can see them.

I’ve towed the 23’ Safari to the Southern California beaches, valleys, mountains, and deserts without any problems. See:

The only thing I might have done differently would have been to get the 4x4. As some have mentioned here, we got the 2006 model to make sure it would run on both types of diesel. I bought late in the season and couldn’t resist the deal I got on this silver truck. And even now with the camping that I do, the 4x2 suites me fine for the most part and the ride is comfortable.

So, before you buy anything, you at least owe it to yourself and wife to test drive an F-250 PSD!

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Tundras vs. Domestic diesels

I have a '03 Tundra and tow a 21' a few times each summer it does okay and is a nice truck, but...............

To do some serious towing like you mention, get a domestic 3/4 ton diesel, Chevy 2500's are nice, and breathe through your nose with no overload worries, that 660 ft/lbs torque is what counts in the "hills".
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My rig

Here is my rig 8,000 lbs (truck loaded/ 9,000+- max) + 9,000 +- lbs (trailer loaded/ 10,000 max).
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Michelle TAC MT-0
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Looking for a 1962 Flying Cloud

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Thumbs up

I have an '07 25' Safari FB SE and pull it with an '07 5.7 Tundra SR5 DoubleCab 2wd. I've pulled my A/S into North Carolina, Tennessee, and North Georgia; up and down hills and along freeways. The Tundra absolutely is an excellent tow vehicle for this size A/S; the 6-speed tranny and 5.7 are a perfect combo. I get about 17 mpg non-towing and 12 mpg towing.

Also, when not towing, the Tundra can out-accelerate any truck and most cars; try that in yer diesel rig. Also comes with side curtain/side airbags standard.

Get the Tundra!


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