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The Zoo Keeper Thanks You, Part 2

Part 2 - Individual Responses

#1. Silvertwinkie
Thanks for your reply. I love the name! Thanks for the info. Yes, any AS is indeed "a wicked retro trailer." I've admired them from afar for years, but never looked inside one before. I love the cockroaches quote. So true! I may have to repeat that to s-e-v-e-r-a-l people in the very near future! You're right: Just find one I like, do what I have to for the winter, and enjoy it. Now if I can just find one I like. (..and the beat goes on...)

#2. genearnold
Thanks for your reply. You're tough. I must be a sissy. I plan to live in the trailer I end up with, not camp with it. I've gotta be able to shower and cook in the trailer. You're not kidding about the wind driving the cold, and dust, into every crack and crevasse. Last winter I'd had quite enough after my first winter utility bill. I got on a rampage, carried a lit candle and a can of spray foam insulation all around the house and plugged up every draft I could reach. I didn't get them all, but it sure made a difference, and some interesting formations.

#3. Mandolindave
Thanks for your reply. If not for the current economic circumstances, I would whole heartedly agree that no trailer is intended for snowy winter living conditions. Having lived in a hand-hewn log cabin, I'd much prefer a cabin! Alas, no cabins here, and no trees to build one.

#4. 2airishuman
Thanks for your reply. You mentioned the concerns I've had all along, but did not include in my initial post. The park owner realizes that everyone is struggling and offered me $85/mo off either a space rent or the house rent in exchange for walking around the park and picking up trash twice per week. After scouring my budget and debating whether any trailer would be worth it, I've decided to stay in the house.

My primary objective was to reduce my living expenses in the long term. Rent is the biggest expense and I thought if I could buy a trailer, it would be a step in the right direction. Space rentals are less than renting this house. In the end, it would only have saved about $100/mo. While that's a lot, if I underestimated the expense of heating a trailer in my budget projection, it would be quickly eaten away. Then what?

Everyone I talked to also warned me about the upkeep and fixes and new appliances, etc. I'm handy and generally mechanically inclined, but who'd pay for it? I really try to be optimistic, but am more of a realist. It's one thing to have a minor leak somewhere. It's quite another to need a new 'fridge or water heater.

I think I'll stay in the house for at least a couple more months and see what happens. I expect that when they find my frozen corpse, my fingers will still be crossed. (lol)

#5. 73Overlander
Thanks for your reply. Yours was exactly the type of info I was initially searching for. And, yes, the AS community is great! That will definitely be a consideration for me in the future. Think warm and stay dry.

#6. Gen Disarray
Thanks for your reply. Indeed, other options, or at least a different trailer, is now the new plan. I look forward to viewing your travel pictures.

#8. Foiled Again
Thanks for your reply. Geez, Paula, poor girl, you have no idea of the magnitude of the can of worms you opened with your reply. I appreciate it, but there's always at least two sides to everything. In the interest of saving space here and the time of others, may I suggest you read my blog. It thoroughly addresses my employment and unemployment experiences.

I have looked and applied for jobs well outside my 'comfort zone.' Two years ago, I even managed to live through almost a year of the worst working conditions next to a diamond mine in Africa -- at in Fernley.

Issue: My knees are deteriorated to the point of being bone on bone. Not good and not comfortable. I cannot stand or walk for long periods (doctor's orders). I literally took handfuls of Aleve and Ibuprofen to make it through each shift at Amazon and could barely walk from my car to the house after every shift. It was awful, but I did it because I had to.

When my doctor found out what I was doing, he said that if I kept taking Aleve and/or Ibuprofen at that rate, I'd need a kidney transplant before I could get full knee replacements. If I had health insurance, I'd already have new knees. Meanwhile, my knees have worsened, as knees are inclined to do, and warehouse, waitress, retail, fast food, banking, and any other on-your-feet-all-day jobs are now out of the question. Obviously, this seriously limits my options.

BTW, Reno's Tent City (full of unemployed and homeless folks) is on the evening news right now. Unemployment rates hit 7%+ here recently. The news also mentioned one growing in Fresno, CA -- with an even higher unemployment rate. I didn't catch the third city they mentioned. (Seattle? Portland?) And don't forget, folks, the reported rate by no means accounts for all those unemployed. It only counts the ones receiving UI benefits (like me), not the ones who's UI has run out.

Regarding your other advice, I prefer shift work, have excellent computer, customer service and office skills, always get a second opinion about my attire before going to an interview, have primarily worked for temp agencies, and always, always, always ask where, how, or why things went wrong whenever they do.

No one EVER gives a direct, honest answer and all I get is, "We found someone better suited for the position." Even when I ask direct and probing questions over the phone so they don't have to look at me while they answer I get vague answers. Everyone says I look fine, have excellent skills and experience, do very well in interviews, have great references, and I get compliments my resume, yet they choose someone else.

I've tried exaggerating on my resume, telling the exact truth, and making myself appear less capable, and less skilled -- all with the same result: None. Well, none that are lasting; just temp jobs. The temp agencies barely have any work at all now, and most of them offer such low pay that it's not worth doing even in my 40mpg car.

I don't smell bad, I look decent, I don't have green teeth, I work hard, I stay out of office politics and gossip, I show up early, I stay late, I keep my desk neat, I have a good sense of humor, and I make a point of doing a good job at whatever I do. I frequently contribute to existing procedures or create new ones for better efficiency -- both of which are never done without approval and are always greatly appreciated. I have good skills and a broad spectrum background. And yet, I remain unemployed.

I sincerely hope "a good employer will appreciate your (my) talents, your (my) teamwork and your (my) good work habits SOON after hiring you (me)," too. I've only had a few appreciative employers in all my years of working. (I'm 57) They hated to see me go, but had no choice when companies sold, owners retired, big customers were lost, or budgets were reorganized after departments were combined and they had to cut back.

Work from home? That's a dream I've been pursuing since building my first PC and going online. Where are these answering services you refer to? Please, do tell. It'd be MORE than worth the price of a cable connection to get a job I can do from home. My dream is to work from home!

911 centers? You do realize that they are quite picky about the folks who work in a 911 center, don't you? Did you know that there's almost 6 months of intensive training before they turn you loose to answer calls? Even so, I applied, tested, was interviewed, passed the background test, and was one of two final choices here in Lyon County before they hired someone's cousin. Fact was that they already knew whom they intended to hire before they publicized the opening.

There's a lot of that going around because city, county, state and other agencies are required by law to publicly post all openings. In those circles, it's all about who you know or are related to. Having a high ranking cousin in the Sheriff's department wasn't enough for me.

Another interesting trend developing is that the temp agencies are posting non-existent jobs just to get people in their office -- it justifies their jobs. See how that works? Sounds crazy, but it's true. I have several job searches running on different job sites and find jobs from two or three months ago that are being re-listed, but are not actually available. How do I know for sure? I can find them, word for word, on the spreadsheet I use to track my job search.

I had two very good temp jobs at NV State offices not long ago. My boss and the head of personnel in our department did everything they could to keep me on, but after the Gov. announced mandatory 14% cutbacks (to start; more followed), they discovered that the fund they were paying me from had been empty for over three weeks. I was let go the same day the status of that fund came to light in a budget meeting.

Since then, the state initiated a hiring freeze and has laid off hundreds of people. BTW, the last temp job was as the receptionist in the Director's office of the State of NV's Health and Human Services Department. Yep, that's right -- when that whole Hepatitis C scare broke the TV reporters and cameramen were gathered right in front of my desk waiting for the Director to make a statement. Rather exciting.

Seriously, I have almost literally begged for jobs that I KNOW I'm a good match for. I offer 110% effort every day, a strong desire not to make mistakes, 100% attendance, a willingness to learn, good organizational and time management skills, have reliable, economical transportation (Toyota), and am willing to commute up to an hour each way. What the else can I possibly do? Seriously, what?!

Are you still hiring? Where are you located?!! (*I'm near Reno, not Las Vegas.)

Thanks for trying to help. It was all good advice, but it also happens to be everything I've already done and/or tried. Perhaps it will help someone else. I see many of the type of job applicants you described. I often wonder about the mischievous trolls who dress them and why they have such an aversion to mirrors. Just too scary, I guess.

#9. NevadaGeo
Thanks for your reply. The AS I was considering is in Silver Springs. Nah, not close enough to Lahotan to drop a line in. I'm closer to Stagecoach. Besides, there's almost no water in the lake anyway. It's barely a mud puddle right now! Didn't you hear? Several weeks ago the water was so low at the dam that it uncovered a submerged vehicle -- complete with unidentified body! There's never a dull moment around here. (lol)

#10. 16595 Dwight
Thanks for your reply. I'll check into that workcamper idea. Sounds interesting. I tried to pull up the site, but my dismal dial-up connection dropped the line before I could look at the employers. "I'll be back."

#11. TBRich
Thanks for your reply. Yes, this is a very diverse and informed community. If not for that, I would not have bothered to reply to everyone. A few weeks ago I was considering going elsewhere. But where? And now, with this financial crisis, there are no jobs anywhere. So, what would be the point? Even so, I'm adding that option to the list of considerations. I'll check out your travel log in my next online session.

#12. fr8tshaker
Thanks for your reply. Very good advice. If I had the $$ to pay cash for the trailer, I probably would've bought it. I'm still having second thoughts about it all. My gut is telling me to "just do it" but my brain is saying "not so fast" and "this particular deal ain't that great a deal."

Mostly, I'm concerned that I will not be able to afford any necessary repairs. I have only a couple weeks left on a regular unemployment claim, then the extension will kick in for 13 weeks. After that I can file a new claim. BUT the new claim will be $46/wk less than the current claim that I just barely squeak by on.

I was hoping to be able to pay for a trailer by the time the UI ran out so I'd at least have a roof to call my own. A big part of that plan involves being able to obtain temp jobs to help out -- they will also extend my UI claim. What if there are no temp jobs? What if there are no jobs? Then what? It's both too hot and too cold here to park it somewhere without an electrical hookup. And, with no job, how would I pay for the gas to move it?

The eternal dilemma drags on. Forget a trailer, there must be a cave around here somewhere. (lol)

Nobody ever said it would be easy, did they? Well, if they did, they were spinning yarns.

Thanks much everyone!
Think warm, stay dry and vote responsibly!

The Zoo Keeper
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