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I have a preference for the larger midship shower over the rear head/shower combo. I've been planing an outside shower for a while now. It will make bathing the dogs a lot easier. A portable shower stall can be fabricated easily using plumbing PVC pipes. Just don't glue them so they'll disassemble for transport & storage. Standard shower curtain hooks will allow you to hang regular shower curtains. This will give the Mrs. some privacy while boondocking. Personally, I don't mind being naked to the world.

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Our 76 31' is a mid-bath/rear double bed. We love the double bed, but hate the bath/shower layout. Our Avion has a rear bath/mid-double bed which I actually like best. The rear bath seems roomy-er.

Since we are getting ready for our FM (Full Monte) on the AS we plan to do just what you're proposing with the head/sink on curb side, and shower on the other. I'm not too worried about re-sale. I figure that as long as I leave the exterior alone, the inside's all mine. Since we rarely use the shower, it will double as a storage pantry and will likely be formed out of 12, or 14 ga. stainless.

With the head on one side we hope to mount a small bowl sink on a very small counter and cut the exisitng footprint by 40% or so.

We toyed with doing away with the shower all together but other opinions in the forum swayed me to reconsider. I traded PM's with tphan last year about his layout. I think his approach is a good way to proceed also.

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Rear bath, center twins. My buddy or adult boys camp with me more than my wife That being said, 2 beds are good. I do think rear twins would be better.
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Only you and your wife can really decide if you need a shower in your trailer or not, but let me give you my perspective. We have a 75 Ambassador with mid bath. It is nice because it does give separate living areas, but if you don't have alot of room in the front living area (Like my trailer), it can get cramped fast. Like you, we almost always camp at a park with shower houses. Because of this, we didn't use our shower for anything but storage. It saves propane and the hot water lasts longer at the shower houses.

I am in the middle of renovating our 1953 Flying cloud right now, and have decided that we will only have a toilet, and no shower. I will install an external shower near the rear hatch though, and use it to hose off if needed.

I actually prefer a shower at the bath houses. You have more hot water, more room in the shower, and don't get the inside of the trailer wet from humidity or all over the floor.

Hope this helps,

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The main reason for the Airstream(s)? Showers and potties. I'm 6'1", 230 something and I ALWAYS shower in the trailer. I have run into more ew showers in campgrounds than not. Also Walmart's don't have showers. I have seen some really gross stuff in public showers, I would never have an Airstream without a shower. Put a shower in!

Ed who last showered in 1997 (in a shower other than at home, in a hotel, at moms, or in the Airstream)
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Yes and No

What richinny and Kevin245 said: why not build a shower "space" that can have a removable rod across the top and so be a closet or storage space AND a shower. That way, if you need it, you can remove the e.g. hanging clothes and voila! you've got a shower stall! ... and if the showers at campgrounds are o.k., yes the water is hot longer; just leave the clothes hanging. I personally almost always shower in the Airstream, even in campgrounds with good showers ... and I've also taken a goodly share of outside "bare in the air" showers. I find em' pretty chilly unless the weather is quite warm. And in my case, SWMBO cannot be convinced this is a good idea for her, even in pretty remote areas. YMMV.

Different idea: you seem on a quest for space. My 23 footer has a double sink in the kitchen AND a decent-sized sink for the vanity. I easily could make do with a single kitchen sink (mine has a handy sprayer) for both dishes and for shaving, etc. and eliminate the vanity altogether. I'd guess that SWMBO would complain if she were to find whiskery gruk and toothpaste residue in the single sink, but in that case, I COULD clean up my act!
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When we started looking at Airstreams, we considered ordering one without a bathroom. Period. We really didn't think we'd use the bathroom and thought it wasted space since we always park in campgrounds with facilities. A couple of years passed, and we saw a 23 foot at the dealership this past spring and fell in love, even though it had the bathroom.

Well, on our first trip out with the Airstream, I packed up my shower gear and headed to the shower house. There was just enough hot water to get me in trouble! I had lathered up my waist-length hair and got blasted with cold water. I quickly wrapped in my towel, sudsy and all, and ran to the Airstream and christened the shower. Ahhhhhh!!! How glorious! I've never looked back. I could never live without a shower. Showering with sandals to prevent viruses attacking my feet has always been annoying. Also, many times I've packed up my gear for the shower house, only to notice AFTER the shower, that my towel was still on the clothesline! Ugh. No thanks.

I'm still not into having a toilet in the trailer. We could totally live without it.
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I like having a shower in our trailer, and use it quite often. It is a rear bath, and when I am taking a shower, I never fail to flash back in my mind to the scene in the movie "Elf", where Will Farrell is taking a shower in the tiny elf sized shower.

Do what you like, because it is your money and your trailer, but without one somewhere inside, it may hurt resale, if that is something you care about.

Best of luck,

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Keep the shower.

Hi, one of the main reasons for purchasing an Airstream was so we would not need to use any facilities [used by hundreds of strangers] belonging to hotels, motels, campgrounds, diners, or Wal-Marts Etc. I have my own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. [like my house] To me, it would be like, if you removed the bath tub and shower from your house and took turns showering at different neighbors houses every day. [I can't do that]

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To shower or not?

I am with Ed. The only differences -- add about 100 pounds and subtract 2" in height. I haven't used a campground bathhouse since purchasing my Airstream in 1995.

Originally Posted by Ed Emerick View Post
The main reason for the Airstream(s)? Showers and potties. I'm 6'1", 230 something and I ALWAYS shower in the trailer. I have run into more ew showers in campgrounds than not. Also Walmart's don't have showers. I have seen some really gross stuff in public showers, I would never have an Airstream without a shower. Put a shower in!

Ed who last showered in 1997 (in a shower other than at home, in a hotel, at moms, or in the Airstream)
The factory stock showers in both my Overlander and Minuet are quite comfortable (actually tub with shower in Overlander). A big part of the reason I bought the Overlander was its large rear bath -- the similar sized 1995 Safari just did not have enough bathroom space or I would have bought a new coach.

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WOW that's a difficult question and probably has as many opinions as tow vehicles, hitches, and break controllers . I thought a while and read through all the threads and one option was not mentioned. How about installing a wet bath of some sort. I personally do not like the wet bath idea, but it is another option.

Both of our Airstreams have the mid bath, rear bedroom layouts. The difference is on the '06 the throne and shower stall are on opposite sides and on the '87 both are on the road side. The '06 has more overall room in the bathroom, but I think the shower is too cramped, even for my small 5'6" frame. In the '87 the shower is very roomy, but because the throne and shower are on the same side of the trailer, you barely have room to bend over to dry your feet or turnaround.

Another thing to remember is I believe you will loose some headroom in any shower installation because the shower pan is elevated from the sub-floor to make room for the drain trap.

I do not think I would miss a a shower as I usually use the shower facilities where we are staying, unless they are really disgusting. However my wife is the total opposite and always uses the shower in the trailer.

Have you considered making the shower as small as possible? This may give you the extra room you desire and also allow you to shower in the trailer when absolutely necessary.

Just my $0.02

Be sure to let us know what floor plan you decide on.
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I, too, got rid of the bathroom sink and all related cabinetry, using the roomy kitchen sink for everything. I am intrigued by one member's idea of a removable floor panel with a shower pan underneath, and then a way to hang a curtain around that space. This could be midships, aft, in the center for more headroom, wherever you could plumb in the faucets. I also love the idea of a dedicated shower stall doing double-duty as a hanging clothes closet. I find that when you think outside the box, sometimes the box gets roomier! I guess if you really wanted to save space on infrequent showering, you could just stand in a good-sized pan by the kitchen sink, with a shower curtain around you held up on a big ring, and then have a long hose for the sink sprayer. I think all this just depends on your anticipated needs, wants, and tolerances for having things a little less convenient or comfortable than what you probably have at home. Anyway- creative thinking, with your family's needs in mind, will bring you a solution. Re-sale value, to me, is secondary to what works for YOU, unless the primary objective is to flip it soon. Just my 2 cents worth- will be interested to see what you decide on.
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Good thoughts, folks.

With the 26' Overlander, I'm not panicked about space. There's enough room for a decent floor plan. As noted, the single most important consideration is a comfortable bed. We can shower elsewhere, but we're sleeping in the Airstream. I think the majority opinion is leaning towards a rear bedroom. I tend to agree in that the rear bed offers a clear separation between the living and sleeping areas.

As for a mid bath design, I think the "split" (shower on one side/head on the other) design leaves both spaces a bit too small. I also think the natural curve of the trailer makes the shower a bit small with respect to headroom. There were some interesting ideas on temporary showers and we'll definitely plumb the trailer for an outdoor shower. So, what to do? We could move the entire bathroom to one side and have a side hallway... but the natural place for the shower is still on one side. Or, just brainstorming here, we could just make the entire amidships into a single bathroom with a shower in the middle. OK, this presents other design issues... like people walking through the "shower" to get to the bedroom and vice versa, wet floors, etc. But let's think about this for a moment. There would be a "trip hazard" stepping in and out of the bathroom, but this is not insurmountable. I have to think more about the floor surfaces.

I love a good shower, but I'd rather wear shower showers and avoid touching nasty surfaces than try to twist my nearly 50-year-old body into yoga poses to shower. Keep the ideas coming on bathroom design.
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You may want to take a look at this thread...

And contact Truckasaurus. It looks like he is dealing with the same layout dilemma in a '61 Overlander. I like his proposed layput graphic.

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