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Keeping the mice out?

Hi - we have a 1994 34' AS Excella that is permanently set up in the Western NC mountains. Looking for successful rodent strategies. Excella can be unoccupied for months at a time. Have tried "Fresh Cab" balsam scent and peppermint oil. Not much help. Anyone had better luck? Thanks

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Following ...

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Good luck with that....
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Poison bait blocks in bait stations outside the trailer, but fairly close by and a few snap traps inside for the ones that get by the poison....Sure, you might have a dead mouse in the trailer to deal with, but it's better than having a whole family move in.
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The idea of bait stations around the trailer makes sense. Perhaps a bait station or two in the trailer along with the aforementioned traps inside the trailer.

We know somebody who restores Airstream trailers. When he rebuilds the trailers he takes time to close off a number of holes that rodents use to access the trailer. The holes are typically in the frame rails. For instance, look under the A-frame where the hitch is installed - the end of the frame rail is typically wide open. Another point of entry is the rear end of the frame inside the bumper storage tray. Anywhere that propane lines, water lines, electrical lines, etc. enter the belly pan is another place for entry. As are any cracks or openings around the wheel wells. If all these potential entry points are blocked you have a chance at avoiding rodent infiltration.

By the way, the restorer guy we know recommends welding metal plates over the frame rail openings. For any other entry points for wires, etc. he uses a high-quality urethane caulk.
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Finding and closing all entry points is the best deterrent. Good advice I received from my pest control guy is traps inside, bait stations stay outside. Bait inside and they crawl and die but generally somewhere not accessible.
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Have a friend loan you their cat periodically ...?
Once the mice find a way in ... it seems like generations come back...YMMV but that is our experience.

The stench from dead mice and/or their nests / urine is unbelievable!
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nvestysly just above has the oft touted final solution advice that Iíve read several times on researching this topic extensively online. Itís often advised to use stainless steel Wool or copper wool to Plug up those gaps that he mentioned
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A similar problem I have with my shop, and the inherent openings from the well as being in a rural area.
My solution is year round heavy baiting (bait stations) with Contrax blocks green (not an instant kill, so first time kill will not do a secondary kill upon consumption of the carion. I don't want to take the second critter down as well). I also use the rat boxes as I get more vermin than just mice so the bigger opening is good. I have found that using this I never see the residual as they die in the nest so I am confidant that I am not putting other critters at risk using this system. I basically use a station at any point where a mouse can climb into the trailer. So for winter storage I use 6, one at each tire, one at the power cord, and one at the tongue jack. At the end of winter I have seen nibbles on each and every stations bait.
My source is
Fast shipping, decent pricing, and lots of options to choose from if you don't like my ideas and want something more or less aggressive. They have a lot of options and inputs to help decide what might work for you.
And plug any openings with light weight expanding foam or steel wool that you can find....
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Originally Posted by highlandsnc View Post
Hi - we have a 1994 34' AS Excella that is permanently set up in the Western NC mountains. Looking for successful rodent strategies. Excella can be unoccupied for months at a time. Have tried "Fresh Cab" balsam scent and peppermint oil. Not much help. Anyone had better luck? Thanks
We got an device from Walmart that you plug in and it makes a sound that they hate.
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I have seen mothballs under the trailer in a storage barn. seems to work.
Many of my friends put downy sheets in all the cupboards and closets. One area on older trailers is the open box channel at the tongue. I used bronze scrubbies to plug that opening. Another opening is inside the bumper storage on some trailers where the electrical umbilical goes into the frame-chase to power the 120v panel. I like the idea of foam but mice can chew through the mortar to open up a chink in the cement block foundation....saw that in our office complex.

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Originally Posted by highlandsnc View Post
Hi - we have a 1994 34' AS Excella that is permanently set up in the Western NC mountains. Looking for successful rodent strategies. Excella can be unoccupied for months at a time. Have tried "Fresh Cab" balsam scent and peppermint oil. Not much help. Anyone had better luck? Thanks
Best thing I have found is moth balls. Place a few at strategic locations as singles or 4-5 in a piece of pantyhose. Also, rubber snakes work too.
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Some things to consider when making the decision on how to prevent rodents from entering either your camper or your home. Using moth balls off label is against the law. I know there are not Moth ball police coming to get you, but you can pay a hefty fine if FWC or LEO happens upon it. They seep into the ground water, and mess up soils. And, they really only deter moths, contrary to what you've heard. Second, the bait stations. As Bweybright mentioned, there are real risks to the animals that feed on small rodents, like hawks, owls, eagles, and snakes to name a few. And like the mice, those animals die the slow painful death. There are many excellent suggestions here on how to block the entries so they can't get in. I volunteer at a wildlife rescue and I have seen first hand the suffering of those raptors. It's really sad.
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Lights - mice hate light. If you have power (use LED light NO Heat) place sever lights under the trailer on timer. If no power, use solar lights
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highlandsnc...... We had a problem with our 25'FB a few years ago and we found mouse droppings in every cabinet drawer and closed space in the trailer. I started using EartKind's Botanical Rodent Repellent (pictures attached) a few years ago when the trailer is parked in the storage yard and the mice have not returned. The product comes in pouches and the odor seeps out of the pouch and the odor is pleasant. I don't have proof that the product is keeping them out, but I have not had a problem with mice since i started using it. I picked up the product at Tractor Supply.
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Where we are parked for a few weeks the owner has a storage area that had a mouse problem. He now has cats and no more mouse problem. I am an animal lover so I would never have outside cats.
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This might work for your application and it's toxin free. A24 Rat & Mouse Trap Kit by Goodnature.
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I swear by stuffing every single opening you have (especially around the pipes) with steel wool, thanks to my Dad. Years ago, I rented a home that was infested with mice. My dad, the ultimate rat killer expert in the Midwest, swore by the steel wool approach, focusing me on stuffing wherever the plumbing fixtures entered the house. I did (wearing rubber gloves). Thanks to him, I also learned how to set traps (takes a delicate touch); but really liked the glue traps except they were expensive compared to the wood traps, which I would discard, body and all. I knew I was getting somewhere because the mice kept getting smaller and by the end, they were babies which sort of broke my heart; but I had had some really weird encounters with aggressive adult mice before this (and I had a 2 year old) so I hardened my heart and ruthlessly killed them all. The steel wool must have kept them out after the slaughter because I never had a mouse problem after that for the next 2 years. While winterizing the other day, I discovered a big gap in the water pump area. I will be stuffing it full with steel wool and search for any other openings I can find, oh yeah, count on it, baby! My dad passed away over 20 years ago and i still hear him in my head, advising me on how to kill rodents. Love you, miss you, Dad.
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Last winter my AS motorhome was parking outside in West Virginia. It was mostly winterized (water and tanks drained) but I left it plugged in and ran the electric heat on 50 deg, the lowest setting. I still needed access to it so was inside about once per week. After the whole winter I had 3 mice get in thru a small gap in the water compartment, from there they came up to the drawers in the bathroom and kitchen. Found 1 frozen at the base of the steps, second was dead on a glue trap, and third managed to get stuck on 2 glue traps at same time by dragging it. Before I got the 3rd one, he had left dropping in the drawer under the frig. Still not sure how he got from once side to the other unless he went under the floor somehow.

Looks like I may be living on it this winter so plan to use more glue traps and check them regularly. I hate the smell of mothballs so that's not an option. The good news is they did no damage, just ate up a box of Qtips and droppings in all the drawers.

Here is a tip for all with newer tow vehicles and Airstreams...….A mechanic friend I know at the GMC dealer says some of the wire harnesses coming from China have vegetable oil in the plastic wire covering. They had over a dozen new vehicles in for weird warrenty work where things shorted out. Finally they found a dead mouse who bit into the hot battery cable. Guess they got to eat something, just rather it not be my cars or Airstream!!

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