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I got on the TLC forums, and most of the commentary was positive- but not directed at the work. Directed rather at the haircuts, clothes, jokes and so on of the cast. Apparently there are groupies even for these lame-ass "unscripted" makeover shows.

Two well-directed critiques, more in the tenor of this forum were posted and I have taken the liberty of copying them here.

alcoaprincess said:

"Don't EVER go near my trailer, WYWO!!!

I usually like this show, but have never seen the kind of horrible failure shown in this episode! I can only say it was tragically funny. The project was a full scale failure--from all aspects of design to execution (and I think the crew knew that at the end).

At the start, the trailer had an unasthetic renovation job (no, the interior was not original), but it had good aluminum skin on both the interior and outside. The results of what they did showed that the team had no idea of just how difficult a job they took on.

1. They resurfaced the flooring everywhere but the bathroom. That was good, though mystifying why they skipped the bathroom, since water tends to leak there.

2. They put carpeting everywhere. HELLO! Carpeting plus trailers don't mix. A few weeks of tramping in with mud on feet and the carpet will look revolting and harbor odors. Most owners of 70s/80s trailers (when carpetting trailers was in) have ripped it out and replaced it with Pergo or vinyl tile.

3. They used a nail gun to attach the carpetting, etc. to the interior wall. IDIOTS! This puts holes in the interior skin that you can never take out, may harm wiring, and any remaining nails will rust out (trailers are not as dry as houses). You attach items to trailers with rivets. That nailing just took off most of the value of the trailer. Despite this, the carpetting was still falling off the walls (because, TLC geniuses, there isn't any solid surface for the nails to attach too!!!).

4. They ruined the exterior finish with a half-baked effort at polishing. Polishing a trailer of this size would take about 300 labor hours--and they didn't even use the right equipment. It would have been better to leave the old patina rather than leaving the messy swirls they left behind (notice that after a while, the polishing was just dropped).

5. The non-functional table blocks the entrance to the bathroom (which, incidently, they didn't work on). The table is also on casters, so it will roll around the trailer, smashing into everything when anyone moves the trailer. The cushions have about 1/3 the foam necessary to not feel the hard surface below (at least the air mattress would have been comfortable). It won't be comfortable at all. So, forget going to the bathroom, much less falling asleep in the place.

6. They tore out an ugly, but apparently functional kitchen and replaced it with...nothing! Yes, they did give them a fridge, but it was a useless home depot version that they didn't even bother to install! An RV fridge works off both propane and electricity--but obvously the budget for destroying the trailer didn't extend to getting the right kind of fridge--or any kitchen fixtures. So, it won't keep their food cold once they hit the road. But that won't matter. They no longer have a sink or stove either!

7. That pretty shelf unit, benches and table were made out of the most inappropriate material possible--MDF. As mentioned, trailers are inherently damper than homes. That stuff will warp in no time. Meanwhile, its density will add significantly to the trailer's weight, making it harder to pull with a truck.

When the HO returned to find his trailer redo, it was obvious that he was horrified with the results. Unlike most episodes where bad results can be reversed with a coat of paint, WYWO actually pretty much destroyed this guy's property to an unrepairable state. Surprise, surprise, folks--they're now selling it on Ebay (item 4534093355)!

TLC--your reno crews are NOT welcome anywhere near my '62 'Stream!"

and Tulane20 said:

"Oh! Somebody didn't do their homework. I usually enjoy these programs but you guys destroyed that man's antique Airstream. He obviously bought it with an intent to restore and there is no chance that he can do that now. You ripped out all the plumbing and stuff along with EVERY bit of the original. Now, I understand it was in bad shape but really. I saw the look on his face along with about 2 million other viewers. Suffice it to say, he was not a happy camper!"

Now, if you had that trailer (in the same condition as the beginning of the show) and $2,000 tospend on parts (same as the show premise) what would you have done differently?

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Bobechs, regarding shame... don't count on it.
The producers and cast will simply tell themselves one or more of the following as they fall asleep...

"They should've known what they were getting into, anyone who watches the show can see pretty much what they'll end up with."
"What do you expect, this is mainly for entertainment purposes!"
"What do you expect for 2 days and a couple grand?!"
"It's not like they were gonna live there forever."
"Thank goodness for those liability waivers we have them sign."
"Oh well, that couple didn't seem that close anyways."
"If he leaves her over this, at least they didn't have kids."

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I also looked at the bid history on the e-bay auction. I have never seen such an odd collection of no-feedback, low feed-back, negative feedback and long-dormant accounts bidding on any item before. It suggests to me that this deal is not all on the up-and-up. I have no interest at all in ever owning this trailer, but I don't think this auction is even going to give an accurate read on what a trashed trailer is worth on the open market.

Hate to be so negative about all of this, but as I said I would be happier never to have known anything about this episode.
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I feel bad

I'm sorry I saw this and told everyone on here about it...making people feel bad and all. I did not think they'd go this low and destroy this trailer. Oh well. It's just one of those Airstreams on TV threads.

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Not your fault, Rob. Dissapointment is usually proportional to anticipation and this looked really good going in. I made a special point to be in front of a TV when this show aired and I almost never do that. Quite the opposite: I usally make it a point NOT to be around a TV during presidential speeches, the superbowl and other performances that I know are going to annoy and depress me. There was no way to know this was going to fall into the same category.

I want to thank you for going to the trouble not only to notice this, but to make the showtimes easy to access. I would still watch an Airstream based show (except for Paris Hilton, et al.) but I would like a positive review in advance. I guess I will rely on this group of fine folks to provide that.
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Rob, thanks for highlighting the program.... they were the biggest hacks in the world. Heck they even made the folks on MTVs Pimp My Ride (West Coast Customs) look reputable. That said, I still enjoy any programs that highlight classic trailers. So, has anyone had the guts to email the couple and inquire whether this travesty has destroyed their marrige???
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I don't get it...

First I feel sorry for the wife. I have never watched the show before but I assume these folks don't ruin everything they touch.

So I bet she had only good intentions going into this and thought it would be great when done. I'm sure she did not understand all the things they were doing were actually making it worse.

As far as the show. Yes they had a bad desgin. But how did they get away without even making their design usable? They made a table that didn't work, or fit. The bed was uneven and the foam pads were next to useless.

At least on Monster house they make sure their design is safe and works. I cannot believe they just shrug their shoulders at the dining table only 12 inches high, and the carpet squares peeling off the walls.

And then they have the nerve to make the guy answer a quiz or they would take the leather chairs out!

If I ever won a contest to have these guys come by, better warn me in advance!
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Angry Best face forward or hallucination?

After reading bobech's entry, I went to the TLC forum for the show as well...and I'm not sure I feel sorry for the wife at all. She went on that forum and reported how much she liked all they did. Then again, she is trying to sell the unit, so I don't know how much she's pretending when she says she likes it. Moreover, it didn't appear that she cared what they did anyhow, since it seems she's totally star struck and found the destruction of hubby's alumininum bachelor pad an acceptable price to get her own 30 minutes of fame.

Regardless, DH and I got squeamish when we thought of all those nailholes in the inside skin. eeek. I'm not sure it's even good as a parts trailer. The only thing that seems to be good is the floor and the outside skin...and maybe the bathroom. I knew these shows did sloppy work, but how could they ever consider using a nail gun??? It's just sad.

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Quick, somebody tell this guy to sign up for Inland RV's makeover or at least Camping World's makeover. He could sure use it.

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There's more than one abused airstream in that neck of the woods (meaning Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana). Here's one that had a close encounter of the worse kind!
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On again

It's on today at either 10am or 11am on east coast. On last chance to be tortured.

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Anyone thought of sending the TLC channel a link to this thread? Maybe if they did, they may want to toss their copies of this episode. I can't believe the current high bid on this auction, maybe we ought to send the high bidder a link to this thread as well !
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Well at least the guy if getting wannabees to bid on it because it was on TV. Looks like he may get enough money to get another that hasn't been ruined by a bunch of hacks.
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Link Sent

Originally Posted by Coastalview
Anyone thought of sending the TLC channel a link to this thread?


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