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During the Great Recession I was laid off and had to take a job far from home to pay the bills. In about 2009-2010 I posted here about my trying to live in the trailer through a Denver winter. The job was horrible due to nasty abusive bosses. It was beyond soul crushing. After nearly 2 years I quit, drove home to MN, and struggled to keep the family afloat. My field is IT, but was unable to find work. I published a book and trained pilots, which barely kept us solvent. Eventually I found an IT job, which I have held for 5 years now. Looking back, it worked out. I'm glad that I left the Denver job. My current job is pretty good, but I'm not saving the world or anything.

Outside of work I have found purpose in helping others. I donate time and money to help people. For example I am paying for braces for a teen with messed up teeth. Also I adopted twin teen girls from an orphanage in Colombia - see

I wish you the best in your search!

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Sounds similar to my experience...IT, lost the gig in the Great Recession, took a long time to find work. I actually tried to see if I could leverage the airstream to live in at a remote job, but that never panned out either. Nearly lost my house...and would have, had I lived in any other state. The experience will certainly permanently alter your perspective.

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"That kid gets it. As cliche as it may sound - it's the artful blend of having what you want, and wanting what you have, that determines the level of soul crushing you're bound to experience. "

I think SteveSueMac boils down the decision to fulltime to this very equation. Most of the time we are in equilibrium and when we're not, it's not very far off or doesn't take much time to get it back.

As others have said, it depends on many different elements unique to yourself. If you can say your job is soul sucking, then clearly right now the job is defining you...and you are slowly becoming a shell of yourself. I used those same, exact words for years prior to having the opportunity to jump. I had been using my college education to support myself and family but now I've cleaned motel rooms, refurbished decks at an Airstream RV resort, trimmed trees, painted a house, and currently I am a convenience store clerk...with no job stress. Full disclosure: we have a passive income that allows us to fulltime on about $27k to $30k a year. It sounds like you and your husband do very well financially, and so if I could assume you can live off your savings or make your property work for you, then I would make the jump. If you use your property rather than sell it, then the jump is not so one-way. If you try and decide it's not for you, that's okay - you will never nag yourself for not having tried.

So assuming the financials make a jump possible, then you have to look at yourself. Are you a romantic? Adventurous? Meticulous or spontaneous? Do you seek routine or the unknown? Every one of us fulltimers is different and the successful ones adhere to their own desires. But I like to think a lot of us have left the paradigm that was The American Dream; that is, go to college or get trained, find a job and then a career, buy a house, spend 30 years paying off the bank, punch in and punch out and hang onto two to three weeks of vacation each year, and hope to get to retirement. I said this just after leaving: somehow the American Dream morphed into having more possessions, when early on, our ancestors sought out a better life and jumped at the chance for a life of unknown tomorrows, and accumulation of experiences. For so many life was an adventure - some big, most small...but still having some kind of meaning in each day. I've been closing up the store four nights a week this past Summer and Fall...but with a purpose and the knowledge it won't be forever. I don't mind because every time I take out the garbage, it's under blue skies and the horizon is unblocked by buildings. I don't deal with deadlines, traffic, car pool lanes, shopping malls, stoplights, trash, and crowds. I have what I want - the ability to go take a hike from right outside my Airstream door.

It's not glamorous...but I'm not glamorous. My trailer is always parked outside...and I like being outside. That's my soul. My job doesn't suck it away anymore.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” - Socrates
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If you define your job as soul crushing it is killing you, slowly but surely the stress will ruin your life, leave ASAP, take some time to plan and prepare and get out.

If there is something you like and are passionate about you will be successful.

My wife and I are in our 30ís quit our jobs to be full time in our airstream and love it. It helps that she is a nurse and is traveling, I had to get creative to find something I could do on the road which involved some serious concessions on pay, benefits, and stability.

We love it and wouldnít go back.
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I find life gets better as you get older - prefer 50ís to 40ís. I enjoy my job. You might be stuck in a rut. Look for projects in your company that excite you, speak with other managers about your enthusiasm, setup a development dialogue about your career goals. Is there an option to work remotely, from an AS? Always best to surround yourself with people that have positive energy - itís infectious. Best of luck.
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Originally Posted by MelGoddard View Post
Oh, I guess that I'll add my two cents worth, 'just because'.
Over the years, I've had a variety of jobs;
-Worked in a Machine shop as a teenager, [lost a finger there at age 15]
-R.C.A.F. as an Airframe Tech.,
-C.P.R., (as a yardman),
-Pitney Bowes as a serviceman,
-Ten Years of commission selling a number of items,
-Back to school to finish my education. (College),
-Years in the field as an A.M.E.,
-Twenty -five years at DeHavilland/Bombardier, as a 'Flt. Serv. Eng.
-Retired a age 62, with a small pension, and great benefits.

-At age 77, still living a decent life, keeping busy doing a lot of everything and nothing.

-Selling my A.S. 'cause the wife has 'drawn the line', after ten years+ of RVing. (And a few years hiking/backpacking.) and said 'Enough'. (She's older than I am)

All these years, I have mostly always been employed, (except two years of schooling); drawing a pay cheque to live on, and now have a small decent pension, as well as drawing on investments from over the years.
[Learned a lot about a lot of things.]

Is life good?? Yah! But health problems are slowing me down now. "BUGGER"!!

Would I have done things differently over the years? Absolutely!
But looking back over the years; I've led a challenging and interesting life; that others less fortunate might be jealous of.
And like many of YOU on this Forum; I can face my God, and say: "Here I am, I've done my Best, and done O.K."
Reading what I wrote before;
YES. Like you, I did have some "Soul-Crushing-Moments"; Wasn't fun!
But I "kept the 'green side up', and plowed through it. And today? Life is good!
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Keep in mind that the only difference between a rut and a grave are the width and depth.

To manage this situation, change needs to occur, and change starts with you being willing to change something about your situation.
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Originally Posted by great2beadaw View Post
Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. I am a CPA and currently work in the federal government. I won't bore you all with the details of what makes the job soul crushing. I'll just say that I don't feel like I am making a difference or doing anything meaningful with my job. There are a lot of people just buying their time until retirement. I understand why... the benefits are great. It's never easy to leave a cushy job, but i have an awesome husband who will support me in whatever I want to do. If I go out on my own, I'll be doing accounting work for small businesses which I have done in the past while I worked for somebody else. I'll be starting from ground zero though. Leaving a six figure job to start at nothing is a mental hurdle I have to overcome. On the plus side, the airstream will get out of storage more and we could really see some amazing places next summer. You can't get time back, right? Thank you all again for giving me your perspective.
A six figure, 40 hour, government job? That's half my hours. Sounds like a vacation.
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I look around the world and feel blessed. I would not have picked my job out of school, it's not something I love but my life is so good regardless. I get a month in the summer to travel in the Airstream out west with my family. I make the money I need to take care of them, put them through college, help the ones I love. I go climbing with a friend every Friday morning, I get to drop the kids off at the bus stop and they run to me when I pick them up. Life is about balance. Find the good in what you have because we are so fortunate here in the US.
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Originally Posted by Countryboy59 View Post
A six figure, 40 hour, government job? That's half my hours. Sounds like a vacation.
Unless you're an elected official, you don't get into a six-figure Government job without paying your dues in entry- to mid-level five-figure jobs for half of your career or more. Across the board, civil service Federal jobs pay about 32% less than comparable private industry jobs requiring the same skill and responsibility. Yes, we work fewer hours, and have slightly more job security (though less job security now than in previous decades). But we give up a lot to get that. Including upward mobility. Only about 1 in 8 Federal employees will ever move up to a mid-level management position, and only about 1 in 12 of those will ever move up to higher-level management. And we will always work for people who are less qualified than us who got their positions through political favors.

I had a career with the Federal Government that lasted 34 years. I didn't start seeing 6 figures until year 27 or so. My particular Federal job had two saving graces: (1) variety. Each new task was different than the one before. That's the difference between having 34 years of experience and having one year of experience 34 times; and (2) building a visible end product that I could point to and say, "I helped build that."

But even at my agency, there were a lot of employees, from clerks to accountants to auditors to managers, whose whole job seemed to be moving paper from one side of the desk to the other, and who produced no apparent end product other than a pile of dead trees in a box in a holding area deep in a cavern called Iron Mountain that resembles the end scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Those are the folks who got one year of experience thirty-something times, where the only break from the boredom was a dose of tedium.

I can sympathize with them, but at the same time I will always be thankful that I wasn't one of them.
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Wow! Six pages of entries.
"great2bedaw" has sure touched some nerves here.
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?????can anybody tell me why an 'entry' typed in capitals, not appear in capitals? (like this one?)
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Originally Posted by MelGoddard View Post
?????can anybody tell me why an 'entry' typed in capitals, not appear in capitals? (like this one?)
Your caps key is busted?
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Not just capitals, but verbs, apparently

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