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Originally Posted by bigcountry View Post
Thanks for the great answers everyone.

Good question uncle bob...
...Answer is that we are mostly looking at 27 and 30 Internationals.
The new 30 Classic is beautiful and we seriously considered that model.
But, we like the more open experience that the Internationals offer. I'm also obsessive about having as many manual mechanical devices as possible (instead of motorized automated devices). I am comfortable with most mechanical repair "opportunities." I really like the convenience of push button devices, but get frustrated when a button push results in birds-chirping quiet...or grinding gear noises.

My DW dislikes the International 30 pantry so much that she might give up the longer trailer just to get the large pull out pantry in the Intl 27.

We really like the Intl 28s too. For full timing though, we lose some storage for clothes in that layout.

We do follow the youtubers Less Junk More Journey, More We Explore, Streamin Life and other full timer youtubers daily. The have great insights on the pros and cons of that lifestyle.

It seems like most of the youtuber full timers that we follow move to smaller rigs. That has added to our dilemma about going with a 30 or a 27 Intl.

Thanks Again Everyone!
The thing about the 28' is storage areas are limited inside, but we have lots of storage outside with our twin...3 big compartments. We had way too many cloths in our 25' as we seem to accumulate as much as we can stuff into these for some reason. Also, look closely at the International model vs the FC model; the International looses the 2 overhead cabinets above the dinning area, that the FC model has; that's a lot of storage in kitchen area. When we were looking "long and hard" at the new 27 vs 28, we originally liked the pantry of the 27. The 28' living arrangement however, was more compelling. There is always something in these models AS could improve on, if you ask any of us! We "downsized" our storage needs, by cutting back on some hanging cloths for that closet, re-thinking our food storage, now using the above dinning cupboards for food storage. We store our pots/pans and some odd items under the dinette seating, which requires us to lift the cushions from time to time when a particular bigger pot is needed, but we cut back on that also. After 3 25's, we found we were accumulating "stuff' to "fill" up the space in our AS's, rather than "thinking" about what was most practical for our cooking and use needs. 2 of the last 3 25's had the side by side lounge seating and sink which sticks out; If I was set on a 27' or a 30', and 28' was not in the picture, I would lean toward the 30' just for the living layout...but that's just me.

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There are several elements to the "can I fit / can I get there" question:

First is going over a bump or dip. Technically it gets into angle of departure / angle of approach. Position of the rear tire on the trailer versus the rear bumper is the big deal here. A lift kit on either the 28 or 30 will do more for you here than going from the 28 to the 30.

Next is actual parking space on the site. That's going to be a TV + trailer issue. Just as fitting the TV into the garage matters, it also matters here. That great big truck or van with the full length chassis adds to the trailer length. The short bed / small cab is less of an issue. You need to look at the sum of the two.

Getting around corners is going to depend on how far back the bumper is from the wheels. The lift kit will not help you here. I've camped places that a 16' trailer would not have been practical ....

Lots of issues, lots of limits.


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I'm biased toward the 27- that's what we have. But, we're not full-timers. The part of your summary that leans me toward the 27 is your desire to frequent state & national parks. They are often tighter to navigate, and the 30 will be challenging at times.

Having said that, if you do your research when planning trips, and are willing to forego the smaller parks that don't accommodate big-rigs, the 30 would undoubtedly be a better full-time home.
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Never once have I heard anyone say they wish they bought a shorter airstream - but I have often heard they wish they had bought a larger one ...
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Go for size in the 30.

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We're 14 months full time in our 30' International Serenity. We also debated on 27 or 28. In the end, larger tanks for boondocking and counter space won.

We also had more roof space for solar panels (AM Solar - Lew). We have awnings all around and upgraded the tires and wheels.

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Well... I too was looking at the 25 but ended up getting a older 30 ft... and am glad I did... while I had to go through all the systems...appliances... I still saved money...

As to 25 vs 30.. I found that the hitch weight on the 30 was less... due to it being a better balanced trailer... where as the 25 carries a lot of weight forward... due to the placement of the interior...

I found that the trailer weight difference was just a few hundred lbs... more.. for the 30.. but in towing.. once under way on the flatlands... couldn't tel a difference... except I thought it had less sway when truck passing... both seem to almost have the same distance from the hitch to the wheel trucks...

As to size.. 30 ft today is small... wait till you pull into a campground and your the smallest trailer in the joint... I always thought it was big .. but today... nada... As to camp grounds... seems they have noticed that people are wheeling larger lengths these days and are taking care of the problem by extending the spots... We only had a couple of times that we were your too big.. but it wasn't the spot.. it was the access road to the spot that was the problem... yep some trees need to go.. as they showed signs of where MH and others had rub'd 'em barkless... (grin)

About the only other issue we have is getting into and out of gas stations... yep your long... and take up the whole side... unless they provide a RV refueling station... or truck stop... which is what we look for now.. but I still shop for the cheapest price...and normal gastations work for us.. just watch the enterance and exit... and the idiots who block you in... take your time...

As to space... ahhhh now even though we don't use all the space inside the 30.. its nice to know we have it if we need it... tucking things out of the way helps a lot.. but the older 30s have a great big living room... that you can have 4 adults eating in.. or playing cards. etc... nice to strech out.. and not be so contained...

As to full time'n... the new AS ARE NOT... and airstream quietly says that they are camping trailers.. where as the older ones were being used for full timing... Some of the new ones... others have reported.. don't even have insulation in the floor area anymore... and when cold.. get cold and use a LOT of propane... in the summer they get hotter.. and the AC works overtime to try and keep it cool... So best check out the full time'n adventure with a AS.... things changed in the factory... a while ago...

my advise... go with the biggest trailer you like... me I'll stick with the 30 ft... as I got used to the extra space.. and no footprints across the ceiling... if you have to stay in it... due to wx...
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MY 30' International Serenity also has a nice pullout pantry, not sure if the 27 is larger?
You mention the views from the bedroom without wardrobes. Do you really sleep with your curtains open? We rarely have our curtains open in our bedroom. We looked long and hard at the 27', 28' and the 30' and went with the 30 footer - more storage, larger fridge, larger fresh water tank, more living space and I believe more kitchen counter space. I believe the hallway closet is larger as well.
I sometimes wish we went with the twin option, more space for changing clothes etc, but you lose storage space inside and can't cuddle any more.
Yes, it is 3' longer, which might eliminate some camping spots and like anything else, you just need more practice in backing up that big trailer.
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We have a 25 rear bed twin FC and we love sleeping with the curtains open!

Windows open/curtains open is the best! All that fresh air.

Occasionally a campground light may cause a shade to be pulled. Otherwise we do like the open-ness. In Dubois WY we had the Wind River right outside our bedroom at the KOA.

As to the poster trying to decide between options, I would recommend getting the interior space you like the best for views, comfort, and storage. Either option is a good one, so get what you LIKE the best.

Piggy Bank
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We've recently been going through the same process between a Serenity 25 vs 27. We are going with the 27.

We are long time sailors and there is something called 2 footitis. If only the boat was two feet bigger! A lot of boats get sold because of this condition.

My advice, if you can't decide between the two, go with the bigger.

We are outdoor people. The 27 is (we believe) perfect for us.

The ease of moving around the queen bed decided it for us compared to the 25. Queen.

If there is a feature on the 30 you prefer, then that seems the way to go. Not much more money of weight....
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Here's another couple who have down sized from a FC 30 to a 25. They have gotten the 25, and the 30 is for sale.
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We recently bought a 2010 FC30. I need recliners and ours came with them. So to find a recliner version was awesome for us.

The 30 footers are really just an average to smallish rv in the overall scheme of the rv world but "big" in the Airstream community. One thing that never gets mentioned that I see is that the cargo capacity goes way up on the 30's by 600+ pounds, and seeing as we are snowbirds that extra capacity is critical - fulltiming I can only guess would make that extra capacity all the more desirable.

We like having at least electric and hopefully water and that usually equates to sites that have enough space for a 30 foot trailer if not a 40 footer. Someone mentioned that once you are out there a 30 footer could be one of the smallest rigs in a campground and I would totally agree.

The difference in how many sites you can get into and the few moments of slightly tighter manuvering vs the time actually spent in the trailer living I feel should influence your choice. I would rather be comfortable all the time when I am parked and living than those literally few moments when the extra length is a hassle.

I personally can't think of anybody I know who has downsized in any type of rv unless they are going to be rving less.
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Get a 30' Flying 'Cloud'.
Comfortable, lots of storage, large fridge, large pantry, large wardrobe.
Nice dinette.
Not much more weight to tow.
For us two: Perfect!

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