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We had a steady rain here earlier and I spent a while just observing and watching the water run down the side of my trailer. If you'll recall, I have made a curtain out of a piece of plastic banner and duct taped it over the battery door opening so that it sheds the water completely past this area.

Here is what I found. The water, from just behind the bedroom window back to the vertical skin seam that runs from top to bottom, runs down to the beltline moulding and then travels rearward along this moulding and it all runs in a steady stream straight down this vertical seam. This seam is right next to the rear edge of the battery door opening. The water then has to either run over or under the lower moulding (rub rail.) When I peeled back the curtain that I had made, much of the water follows the moulding and runs right into the opening where I have removed the battery door. This is the area that had no sealer when I took it apart.

I am sure this is responsible for at least a large part of the water that was coming in. There is a similar vulneralbe intersection on the other side of the door, but it does not appear to be receiving the volume of water as the other side. After I fix the floor and seal all this area and replace the door seal, I should have it...Unless, of course, the roof vent is leaking.

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Argosy Leak At Battery Door Update.

I have have managed to stop the leak and I am putting everything back together now but stopped long enough to take these photos that show where the problem was.

Water running down the skin got to the overlap that I have marked as "A" and then ran forward under the sill plate that I have marked "B" and onto the floor under the battery box.

I'm not sure if the sill plate, which is a piece of aluminum angle is original to the camper, but it was not sealed to the skin or to the wood beneath the battery tray. There was only a bead of sealer between it and the edge of the tray.

There was also a leak on the left/forward side of the door -same cause- only not as much exposure, so the majority of the water was entering on the right/rear side.

I have water tested it just like this, sans door, and no water has come in that I can see.
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Good job! One spot of security in a world of Airstream fun .

5 meter Langford Nahanni

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have a similar issue.

Noticed it on our first trip with the trailer last week, and after some semi-heavy rain/snow this week, I notice it again when we stopped by the trailer today.

Basically, water is getting into the very front of the access door. As we have it parked, not on the level, the water made its way very close to the shelving under the double bed that's on that side.

I first thought it was the battery door, which isn't flush along the sides, and has the little open slots on the top (I assume to vent the battery). But as mentioned, it also isn't closing flush...looking at another thread it seems that I should be able to adjust the battery door hinges to fit flush.

It also could be the access door...seems tight enough, but the water spot are at the very front as if it was coming in there.

Wasn't able to open the battery door until today...the plastic tray looks to be in great shape.

So I checked at the access door again...and looked a bit deeper that it may well still be coming from the battery side, in the very corner where the two compartments meet, which is under the lip of the door opening.

So, I open up the battery door again. I reach blindly and realize that there is a lip under the battery door opening, and I am thinking that there is maybe a bit of a gap under this lip where the plastic meet the inside of the exterior skin, between the two compartments.

Will have to check that out with a flashlight, as its such a tight little dark spot at a weird angle to properly see if there is a space in there that water can get from the battery compartment/tray into the access door area.

Hopefully thats the case...that its coming in under on a misfitting battery door and seeping into the access compartment under the lip, where the battery compartment tray meets the body of the trailer....then its just a matter of fixing the battery door.

I will double check the solution 2 posts above...although from memory it looks like that area had been sealed by the PO on mine.

While I am at it, although there is no rot there which is the best water sealant to use in that access door, so that the water doesn't soak in/do as much damage? There is no rot, and although I've seen rot doctor, not sure how available that is in Canada.

Is there another good solution for treating that floor? I've also read that painting the area with a quality exterior paint, it will seal/treat the wood adequately.
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Sorry to post twice, and cross posted a portion of this in another thread.

Pulled up the carpet inside. Bathroom was the last that we did in the coach...hesitant for sure, given all the horror stories of water damage there. Pulled up the carpet, and saw some wetness, right in front of the closet. Now we've had some rain in past couple weeks, not a lot, and not for a few days. Attached a picture...the carpet tacking is still nailed down in front of the closet door. The carpet tacking you see under the bathroom door has already been removed...the darkness of the wood this side of the bathroom door isn't wet, just the water stain at the center to left side of the closet door.

Now, we first thought it was coming from the floor of the closet, because in that closet is the battery tray, and we have an issue with a modified battery door that doesn't fit flush (as mentioned in my post above).

However, the carpet on the floor of the closet between the battery tray and the closet door is not wet at all. From that picture, the carpet tacking in front of the closet is wet, but the 1 inche between it and the closet is bone dry, so the water is coming from the other side. The toilet gas pipe is also there, but its not leaking from the top there, as the shelving isn't wet either as if it was coming down from the top.

So where else could this be coming from? Ceiling looks ok right above it, I am thinking nothing directly is coming from there. The bathroom fan is almost right above this, so maybe there?

However, my initial theory after thinking about it more, is that something is running down from the top somewhere, down the side of bathroom door (its was closed and thus closer to where water is), and collecting at the base of the bathroom door that you can see just to the right.

Otherwise the bathroom looks great...the carpet was soon pulled off the toliet box...looks brand new, so no issues there.

Any ideas of where this could be coming from? Up top somewhere as I suspect? As I said, its still wet, and hasn't been any precipitation for around a week. There is no rot, or even softness, so this is a recent-ish leak I think.

Thanks in advance...
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Anyways, heres a pic of the battery can see its not sitting flush.

My latest theory on the water found in the bathroom (dried a couple days after the carpet was pullled up...last storm that came through would've been a week before that) was the it came through the battery door and ran down to the left of the door (since we're parked on a bit of a uneven ground) until it reached just left of the closet, then came down towards the middle.

Again, because the carpet directly behind the battery door in the closet wasn't wet, it had to be coming from somewhere else...since its coming into the access door area too, it has to be running down the left of the battery door box.

The battery doors I guess were modified at one point to hold two batteries, have to juggled with it to figure out how to get the sides flush.

Any other thoughts about the access door leak? Or the leak thats collecting in the bathroom?

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Originally Posted by canoestream View Post
roof vents -- designed into the more economical argosy line was the plastic roof vent (instead of aluminum). The plastic is no doubt quite fragile at this time. I have seen some more economical replacements than inland rv's offering (camping world?) but can't put my hand on it. You might want to have a replacement in hand before you start messing with this. It is okay if the vent pipe is open to the sky; at most you'll get a teaspoon or two of rain into your black or grey tank.

On removing the roof vent you will see that the actual seal to the black pvc exhaust pipe is some black rubber. The rubber seal's footprint is the same as the roof vent. The replacement vent cover should include a new rubber seal and a new piece of window screen to keep bugs & critters out of your tanks.

The principle source of any water influx would be at interfaces of the rubber seal. Water introduced in the space between the outer and inner skins is very difficult to diagnose when it shows up on the floor quite some distance from the leak. Quite clearly, i would still be most suspect of the design of the battery compartment...

The key to the diagram below is:
Silver = trailer skin
green = caulking (sikaflex 221 is my personal favorite)
blue = your current plastic vent cover
black = black pvc exhaust pipe
red = rubber seal; a friction fit to the pipe does most of the waterproofing but a little sikaflex couldn't hurt

not shown - screen; it should fit loosely between the red and blue, crossing over the top of the stack

i hope you've been reading enough threads to realize that silicone caulk should never ever be used on aluminum -- any bond will fail between silicone and aluminum. I wouldn't trust the rubber to seal at the trailer skin because the vent may overlap a skin lap and rivets; therefore i used the sikaflex. The vent cover is cosmetic only and should have a weep hole in the lowest edge.

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