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Old 02-01-2006, 07:55 AM   #15
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An educated user can make the best uses of either one of the systems.
I will admit that, for the last 12 yrs, I've wasted more of my time trying to fix and, cussing Bill

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I have both. Much prefer and use more often my Apple products. My pc is cranky and cantakerous compared to my macs.
I run a small network of macs at work, 3 computers, dsl and a printer. It goes down about 2-3 times a year, usually due to someone changing a crucial perimeter by accident, or because SBC messes up my internet. I would call that spectacularly reliable.
I use the pc less and less, it sits collecting dust until I need it to run 2 sets of obscure speaker building software that will not run on a mac.

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My first computer was a Mac SE, about 20 years ago. I’ve never used anything but a Mac.

I’m not a sophisticated user. Essentially writing, recordkeeping, the INTERNET.

I have the latest OS Tiger 10.4.4 on both my iMac desktop and iBook G4 but have not yet explored the wonderful world of all the exclusive Mac features: iTunes, iChat, iMovie,iCal, on and on.

I do use iPhoto in a limited way and wish I had time to explore more.

I am wireless with a Airport Extreme at home and a Airport Express out in the country with the trailer.

For all these 20 plus years I’ve heard others complaining about problems with their PC. Most Mac users will be like me and not understand why they have so many issues. We rarely do.

On the other hand, we have Apple Care. Day or night, 7 days a week, we can call a 1-800 # and talk to a specialist.

Apple makes the machine AND the operating system. There is no equal to this in the world. They have never failed to fix a problem or find out what I was doing wrong.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer recently said:

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice”

That is likely the main reason they are so far ahead in so many areas.

I hope to remember his advice as I remodel my ARGOSY.

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I had a Mac when teaching and loved it. We have a PC (Dell) at home; when I get a notebook for the computer and travel, I'm planning on Mac again. So easy for my so basic kind of use. ~G
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Computers I have:

G5 Dual 2.7
G4 Powerbook 15" 1.25
G4 MacMini 1.42
G4 Mirror Door Dual 867

P4 2.8 gHz custom build Home Theater PC/DVD Scaler, Windows XP
P2 450 Vehicle diagnostic computer (VAG-COM for the Volkswagen), Window2K

Historical (and taking up space)
G3 iBook 500 <-Dead
G3 Powermac 300
G1 PowerMac 7100/66 <- SimCity playa

As you can see, I use both, but only Mac's on a daily basis, and to avoid virus/spryware infection from the many email and webmaster accounts I manage. I also use the Powerbook when traveling to clients unknown networks to avoid viruses, and to do wireless site surveys with KisMac.

The PC's are strictly purpose used.
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Interesting that the poll shows mostly PC users, but all the POSITVE comments are here for the Mac.

My studio is all Apple. 2 Powerbooks, Imac, G5 dual, G3 print server, Airport wireless.

It is a no brainer working with Macs. Just installing software, about four steps for the mac, three pages and a rented engineer for the PC.

I've worked on both platforms. If you want to get work done and have fun at the same time: Apple. If you want to write emails, surf porn, or enjoy rebooting and viruses, than the PC is you platform.

Oh man, I better not get going on this one....

Sometimes I wish I were living in the stone age. Then I would know I'm the smartest person in the world.
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This is kind of like asking if you like Republicans or Democrats better -- generally whichever you consider yourself is what you like best (this avoids cognitive dissonance) In the computer both the PC and the Mac have advantages and disadvantages. However, its usually the one you own that you like best. There are reasons why ~85% of the market is owned by PC's and there are reasons Mac users continue to buy and love their Macs!
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Old 02-01-2006, 11:09 AM   #22
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I use a Dual G5 Mac with two 200 GB hard drives at home [large photo collection], and two large external hard drives for more storage. I use a G4 17" PowerBook on the road with the Airstream. For portability I use a small mobile hard drive [100 GB] for backup and extra photo storage. This year we will also take along an Elgato EyeTV unit so we can watch TV on the computer or on the larger flat panel monitor. I use .mac to back up essentials at home and away, and I use the Firewire Target Mode and/or iSync to keep my computers essentially the same.

Forty years ago I had a camera bag with two Nikon backs, a half dozen lenses, filters, cans of 35mm film, a small tripod, etc. [all of which my dear wife lugged around for me so I could take the pictures] that weighed 20+ lbs. Now all my camera gear fits in a miniature bag that weighs 410 grams [about 14.5 oz.], and that added to the bag I carry all my portable computer stuff in still weighs less than just the old camera bag full. And my wife still [much more happily] holds my little bag of camera gear while I scan the location for good pix. Then we can go back to the AS and look at the pictures on the computer. [No film cans, no Kodak developer, no boxes and trays of slides, no glass beaded portable screen, no projecter. . . what a relief.] What fun!
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I don’t think it’s that simple, Gizzy.

It’s pretty much accepted that the Apple decision to keep their system proprietary meant they ended up with 10% of the world’s computers.

Pundits used to criticize Apple for this. They forgot that Apple had 10% of the big pie; the rest was being eaten by maybe a 100 players.

This decision also meant that much of the software and most of the viruses and spy ware were developed for the bigger 90% market.

Because of volume and competition PC’s are cheaper and more numerous but not necessarily better.

When you read back on this thread you will see that most of the people use or have experience with both systems - but overwhelmingly prefer the logical simplicity and power of the Apple.

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Old 02-01-2006, 12:02 PM   #24
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According to the FBI...

FBI: Viruses, spyware, other computer-related crimes cost U.S. businesses $67.2 billion per year

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 - 11:08 AM EST

The new 2005 FBI Computer Crime Survey is the FBI's largest survey on such issues to date. The survey—developed and analyzed with the help of leading public and private authorities on cyber security—is based on responses from a cross-section of more than 2,000 public and private organizations in four states.

Among the key findings:
• Frequency of attacks. Nearly nine out of 10 organizations experienced computer security incidents in a year's time; 20% of them indicated they had experienced 20 or more attacks.
• Types of attacks. Viruses (83.7%) and spyware (79.5%) headed the list. More than one in five organizations said they experienced port scans and network or data sabotage.
• Financial impact. Over 64% of the respondents incurred a loss. Viruses and worms cost the most, accounting for $12 million of the $32 million in total losses.
• Sources of the attacks. They came from 36 different countries. The U.S. (26.1%) and China (23.9%) were the source of over half of the intrusion attempts, though masking technologies make it difficult to get an accurate reading.
• Defenses. Most said they installed new security updates and software following incidents, but advanced security techniques such as biometrics (4%) and smart cards (7%) were used infrequently. In addition, 44% reported intrusions from within their own organizations, suggesting the need for strong internal controls.
• Reporting. Just 9% said they reported incidents to law enforcement, believing the infractions were not illegal or that there was little law enforcement could or would do. Of those reporting, however, 91% were satisfied with law enforcement's response. And 81% said they'd report future incidents to the FBI or other law enforcement agencies. Many also said they were unaware of InfraGard, a joint FBI/private sector initiative that battles computer crimes and other threats through information sharing.
• Bruce Verduyn—a special agent in Houston's Cyber Squad, which administered the survey-said that this new survey differs from the annual CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey conducted by the Computer Security Institute and the FBI. "We surveyed about three times as many organizations and focused more on new technologies, where attacks originated, and how organizations responded," he said.

Agent Verduyn believes the survey is a clear sign of the urgent need for vigilance against both internal and external cyber assaults. Frank Abagnale, security consultant and subject of the movie "Catch Me If You Can," echoed those comments, saying: "Every company, both large and small, should study this survey and use the data as the basis for making changes. Those who ignore it do so at their peril."

Source: United States of America Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"When extrapolating the survey results to estimate the national cost, the FBI reduced the estimated number of affected organizations from 64 percent to a more conservative 20 percent," Joris Evers reports for CNET News. "'This would be 2.8 million U.S. organizations experiencing at least one computer security incident,' according to the 2005 FBI Computer Crime Survey. 'With each of these 2.8 million organizations incurring a $24,000 average loss, this would total $67.2 billion per year.'"

"These figures do not include much of the staff, technology, time and software employed to prevent security incidents, Verduyn said. Also, losses to individuals who are victims of computer crime or victims in other countries are not included, he said," Evers reports.

By the way, the FBI uses Apple Mac OS X machines whenever possible according to SecurityFocus.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple's Mac OS X has had zero viruses and no known spyware for over five years and counting. Mac-based businesses have a massive competitive advantage on Windows-based businesses. Apple offers a complete line of award-winning systems, software and support to help your business save on computer downtime and costs, increase business productivity — and turn your goals into reality. Benefit from the enhanced security and stability of the latest Mac operating system, Mac OS X “Tiger.” Did you know that everything you need to run your business works on a Mac, including Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Intuit’s Quickbooks, MYOB, HP printers and scanners, and the world’s most widely used database, FileMaker Pro?

And when you need an easy-to-use, secure and powerful server solution, look to Mac OS X Server and the Apple Xserve. With an intuitive interface for quick setup and administration, you can quickly manage shared files or printers, or centralize your storage and backup. And Mac OS X Server is built on standards-based technology, allowing your business to collaborate, share and protect your company’s computing assets across multiple computing environments.

Apple computers are designed to be interoperable and work seamlessly with your Windows-based systems. With Mac OS X, Mac and Windows computers can easily share the same network, files, and peripherals. In managed networks, Mac and Windows systems can connect to the same file, print, mail, web, and directory servers, and Macintosh computers can be used with Active Directory, Exchange mail servers, and Microsoft’s VPN server. In addition, Apple computers support wireless connectivity based on industry-standard 802.11g Wi-Fi, giving you instant connectivity on the road.
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A good movie on the subject of Macs and PCs is Pirates of Silicon Valley. It shows how Apple started, shows how Xerox gave the technology away, and how Bill Gates as he is best known for, taking (or buying) something someone else did and selling it. It also shows what an egomaniac Steve Jobs was as a kid.

Either way, as has been pointed out, the Mac may not have as much of the marketshare that the PCs do, but I love thie quote:

"Computers manufactured by companies such as IBM, Compaq, Tandy, and millions of others are by far the most popular with about 70 million machines in use worldwide. Macintosh fans, on the other hand, may note that cockroaches are far more numerous than humans and that numbers alone do not denote a higher life form."
--New York Times, November 26, 1991
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Why PC?

It is very simple. I work in a large corporation where there are thousands and thousands of PCs and one one every desk. Most people I know are ambivalent about computers but they know they are getting essential for email, taxes, online banking, internet shopping, research, etc. Result. They buy what they know at work. The Web is pretty much an equalizer in use. It is simpler for them. They also stay mystified and none of them express any joy at using their computers except for the geek types who love challenges. I hear there could be a new challenge February 3rd.

Notice, not many have expressed joy of using a PC here?
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Another Mac native here (17" Powerbook 1.66). Happily so.

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I use both, but have a preference...

It's funny the things that really get my blood pumping. Whenever we got ready to go climbing my hands would get warm, and the excitement would build. Getting ready for a big trip, the same thing. And when I see a "Windows or Mac" question I get all excited too.

I've got both Windows & Mac. I've been a Windows network administrator, a unix admin, dealt with wireless networks, etc. From 95-2002 I was a Windows person for sure. Then I tried an OSX system. The stability of Unix in a friendly package!

Both systems have their place for my work. But I discovered something recently. My Mac is not as challenging. When I do something with my Mac, it works. When I test new equipment on my Windows system I find myself playing the "technical challenge game". Since I've spent more time on a Mac these past few years I'd forgotten the excitement I felt when I actually got something to work on Windows. Recent experience has reminded me of that. I almost felt like my skill set had dulled because of my Mac use. No technical challenges, stuff just always worked!

I will say, there are some things that Windows still offers. I've found the slickest media center software is still a Windows thing. But that's changing. In the end, I still need both until a GIS program is available for Mac.

Both platforms work, and each has their place. Personally, I'm a happier guy when using my Mac. No cursing when using it, except when I'm paying my bills on line!

Rich C.
WBCCI #2551 | blog
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