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Originally posted by qqq
Don't similar 12 volt appliances use built in inverters?

There IS a company that takes new 120VAC appliances apart and installs small inverters in them. They void the OEM warranty doing this though, and you're better off buying the 120VAC appliance at a discount store with the OEM warranty and using an external inverter.

A lot of computer items use 12VDC natively and have to have an external power supply to use with 120VAC. When you use these with an inverter, you're taking a double whammy because you're getting the inefficiency of their power supply in addition to that with the inverter.

Anything that uses a "wall-wart" or has a brick in the power line is worth checking.

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Interesting thread.
I have a small portable that we will use for a while but the plan is a lap top with a large screen and DVD and get a tv tuner. I plan to use this in not only the camper but while traveling. Get map software and a mid line GPS you got navigation. You may also be interest in software avalable to realtime monitor most Fuel injection systems. See the precercer to a engine problem before it gets you stranded. Pull into the GM dealer and SHOW the mechanic what your seeing and get it fixed quick.
Like somebody pointed out ...seems like most bang for the buck. Running down the road I can keep the kids happy with DVD. Have a high tech navigation system, monitor the engine in the tow rig and I could even put an antenna on the tow vehicle and pick up local TV is we get into weather situations. Excell to monitor expenses and a TV when in the camper. When it's in the way just close it and set it on the shelf in the wardrobe.
Cingular (I work for them) will have a wireless data offering by the end of the year in many markets. Hows running down the road a 70mph getting near DSL data speeds sound?
Now I did question my Insurance agent about how lap tops are covered. They are NOT covered under your normal homeowners insurance like the rest of the contents would be. They have a seperate policy that runs about $100 a year. Might want to check with your agent about your coverage. I was surprised what wasn't covered and what was and how. If it's fixed to the vehicle it's covered under comprehensive on the vehicle, If it's loose then it's homeowners or something else for you full timers without a actualy fixed residence. The Lap top is seprate as I pointed out and not sure if you were carring a conventional computer how it would be covered.

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Originally posted by 59toaster
Cingular (I work for them) will have a wireless data offering by the end of the year in many markets. Hows running down the road a 70mph getting near DSL data speeds sound?
I'm there. Since you work for them, let them now there are a lot of Mac OS X users who want this. The bulletin board is full of full-time pro photographers who would sign up in a heartbeat.

I don't really care about using wireless data while moving, but having it available when I'm at race tracks would be a godsend.
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It's coming! The U.S. is 10 years behind in wireless tech thanks to the FCC. 70% of the world uses GSM and the 30% that doesn't is us. GSM is great at moving Data!
What will happen is you can either use your phone as a modem. Models like the Nokia 3300, 7000, newer 6,000's already have a built in IR port and already capable. You would simply point this at your lap tops IR port and go with some shareware available from the manufacture. They will also offer a dedicated PCMIC modem that you simply plug into the side of your Computer or PDA and flip up a small antenna and go.
If you want to see what's coming go to There is also links to their sites in other countries so you can see what we have been missing.
In europe you don't use a Check card you use your phone. You can walk up to a coke machine hit a security code to send your bank information via IR to the coke machine and pay for a coke.
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flat screen tv's lcd

We have two 15" lcd in our 2004 25' classic. They work great clear pictue and all. But be sure you get the wall mount arm to mount them on the wall. The mounts are about $120. We use a bungy cord to strap them against the wall when traveling. A eye hook top and bottom...

Good luck,
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LCD from a Mac

Hello all -

LOVE the thread but really must admit to being lost in all the tech stuff. Wimpy I know!

Thinking that I would love to be able to watch movies - NO TV! - while in SilverToy. Wife has a whizbang G4Powerbook, however she doesn't always travel with us. SO....

What is my best option for LCD with DVD (integral?) and the ability to plug in the laptop to get all the other goodies?

Or am I over-complicating here. Maybe better to just get the LCD/DVD and let it go at that?!

Would likely need decent sound on the LCD, as all SilverToy has currently, is the crummy stereo with factory speaker system.

Thanks for all the 'hand holding'... Appreciate it!

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Ya got a couple of choices: you can buy a LCD television that you can plug a DVD player into, or plug in a laptop that plays DVD. Or you can buy a LCD monitor and just plug the laptop into it. I was looking at a system yesterday that has a high end LCD monitor, that just happens to have the sound and television built into it. You run it with a wireless keyboard and mouse, play the DVD's on the 'puter. Looks to me like the way to go. In my case it will be the Televison with the ability to hook the laptop up to it.

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what we do

we have a 17 inch computer monitor that has an S-video input. we have a blaupunkt dvd player that also has tv tuner. the blaupunkt runs on 12v and the monitor is running from 120v. if we are w/o electrical hookup the monitor and speaker system run from an inverter.

and the speakers are logitech multimedia. a sub, a center and 4 sattelite speakers. the whole system, monitor, wall mount, dvd/tuner, speakers and inverter probably cost around $450.

my only complaint is that the sub is just too powerful.

be carful when trying to run a monitor straight to 12v. I once fried one from bypassing the 120 to 12v convertor that was built into the cord.

in our past rig (72 barth) we also used a 15 inch lcd computer monitor that only had standard computer connections. but you can buy this device that will turn your monitor into a tv and also has inputs for your dvd and camera etc. I made the mount for that myself and that whole system cost about $350
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Most television stations are also transmitting a digital signal as well, on another channel. Channel 5 here in Gainesville, Florida, is transmitting digital and HD on channel 36 for example. I just purchased an HD DirecTV receiver, that also had a terrestrial DTV/HDTV tuner in it. It has RCA Vid/audio jacks, digital video and S-Video, which may go into some computer LCD monitors, as well as those with a analog inputs. Terrestrial HD/DTV rocks! I get much better reception on the digital channels. This may be a real boon to those camping in the boondocks looking for local television channels.
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I carry a 15" LCD TV. Its playing position is either on top of a cabinet next to our fridge, or on the fold down mirror in the bedroom. From a travel standpoint it lays face down in the center of the queen bed. Quite a soft ride and even on the rougher roads stays quite nicely in the center of the bed.

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I had one installed from the factory. It is mounted on a articulating arm. They travel well. They must be mounted properly. Mine has a large plate bolted to the refrig cabinet wall.
It also has a hold down strap to keep it from moving on the road.
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Hi guys)

For half decent prices check out the following sites. I bought my flat screen at One call.

they normally have pretty good deals and are honest folk to deal with.

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I think a 15" would be ok in the bedroom but it would drive me crazy trying to watch it in the lounge. Is there anyone out there who has a 24"+ flat panel? In my 30 I have a cabinet behind the dinette where a TV could go, I thought of a setup where you could mount a pole between the upper and lower cabinet, mount a 26" panel on the pole and be able to swivel the TV towards the lounge or galley. Doesn't anyone else think a 15" TV is too small?
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Originally Posted by basecamp
Doesn't anyone else think a 15" TV is too small?
hi basecamp and others.....15 is ok for 1-2 sets of eyes. more people means further back or greater angles and small lcds can suffer then...

i've usually just carry my 15" great to watch a movie and even while boondocking most 2 hour flicks are fine.

finally opted for an lcd catch weather reports when traveling.

like jack, mine rides unplugged wrapped in towel, face up. considered the bed but since the rear is more bouncy....mine rides on the sofa, in the corner/arm spot.

i've toyed with the idea of a putting it inside the credenza on a bracket that would rise up through a slot in the wooden surface...

here is a picture of the 19 sony on the credenza....this really is plenty large. not sure i'd want 24; even in the 34, 19 is plenty. i'm not using the wall mount yet....24 would be pushing it for weight though.

lcd tv aren't light weight or cheap. a higher quality 19 may be a better value than a larger set with lower resolution.

i just upgrade the home set to hd lcd projection set.....these are amazing. great image, very thin box and much lighter than the same size full lcd screen. also much less expensive than a full lcd screen or plasma of the same size..... if really wanting big in the trailer this would be a great option.

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