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Well I'm an electrical engineer, not a sound engineer, but I've dabbled in audio. It makes sense to me if you have one toy making x amount of noise, then you fire up another identical toy, you are making up to twice the noise, ignoring phase effects which may produce some noise cancellation effect. Due to the logarithmic scale used to measure sound pressure, results in a 3 dB gain.

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Thanks for the input guys. I have made the decision chose the 2 Gen solution. I ordered the combo package EU2000i, companion EU2000i with Parallel cables and RV plug Adapter from Including the free shipping plus shipping insurance and double boxing the total came to $1929.81. Even with the extra cost of shipping insurance this price beat all my local dealers by almost $500.00.

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You done good! Happy generating and inverting!
Ken L
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Originally Posted by Truebrit
... the total came to $1929.81.
But did they include a flux capacitor?
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Hey TBRich:

Originally Posted by TBRich View Post
We use a Rubbermaid 24 gal Action Packer to haul...the handle of the 2000 happens to fit into one of the grooves on the inside of the lid and holds it steady, and there's room for accessories, etc. We use it for one of the Honda's, with all the accessories, manuals, extra oil, cables, etc...then just use a cover for the other one...
Thanks for the useful information re: the tote. However I've been looking for the 24 gal. action packer tote w/o success. I found one but the handles are on the front. You stated that the handle of your generator fits inside one of the grooves on the lid. After buying one action packer (latch on the front) I can't get the generator into it except left to right whereas the handle does not fit in any groove b/c it sits in the wrong direction, and leaves little room for anything else. It's impossible to get it to sit facing front to back w/o forcing it to turn? Do you have the same problem, and force the generator to fit front to back, so as the handle will fit in one of the grooves? so you have room for accessories for the generator?

Thanks for your helpful information. I've never used a portable generator and am excited to have one! Your comment about extra cables was also terribly helpful information. Additionally, no one ever mentioned I would need an adapter for the twist lock plug. Again more useful information. Any other comments you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Terry.
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We got ours at Lowes: Shop Rubbermaid Plastic 24 Gal ActionPacker® at

Home Depot indicates that they sell them, but we were unable to find one in stock at their stores in our area.
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I looked at the Honda 2000's but went with the 3000. It has elect. start, large fuel cap., the lowest db rating and I don't have to lift it. I have a chain hoist in my barn so I just back the truck under and raise the gen. up a couple of inches. Move the truck out and lower the gen. on a heavy duty cart and push it out of the way. The gen. goes in the truck bed at the beg. of the camping season and stays there until we put our Safari away for the winter. I chain it in the truck bed. If I had to lift it I would have bought the 2000's. Having only 1 gen. just seems to be 1 less thing to worry about. By the way, it will run our air all night long before it needs filling so I don't have to mess around with an external tank.
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I just purchased the Yamaha EF2000is for $890 (with a $100 discount at checkout) at

Free two day shipping, no tax. I purchased the generator Wednesday afternoon, and it arrived Friday.

I chose the Yahama based on a review from Camping Life Magazine. The recommendations from Camping Life are usually right my new Yeti Cooler.

The Yamaha was rated higher than the Honda due to easier starting and a gas shut-off. The negative need to remove two screws to remove the cover.

It took 10 minutes to fill the oil and get it running.
Tom & Lori

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The 24 gal AP should look like this, the 2000i drops right in no problem.

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Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but Im the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😂

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Robert Cross, I see a "binder clip" on what looks like the fuel line. Do you use this to run the carburetor bowl dry before storage? Is the darker green tubing something that you installed, or is that the way the generator came from the factory? (I assume it is softer or more flexible than the greenish yellow tubing.)

We used to have a boat with a 70 hp outboard, and we always disconnected the fuel line and let the engine run dry before we took it out of the water. That way, the carburetor never got gunked up.

I saw where Yamaha recommended this, but hadn't figured out the modification details on how to do it on our Hondas (fuel shut-off valve, extra fuel line, mounting hardware, etc.). Obviously, I was overthinking this; and the binder clip is a much simpler solution.
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That "binder clip" (top right) is used to shut off the gasoline when running on LPG. I usually start the generator on gas and let it run for about 15min to keep the fuel fresh in the carb, then shut it off and turn on the LPG when it starts to stumble.
I figure if you have a dual use system, it makes sense to be sure it runs reliably on both. The paper clip, (lower left) just keeps gunk out of the LPG line when stored.

The green tubing is a very flexible fuel line used on RC models. It works well on the LPG conversions because it can be routed in confined spaces without crimping and cutting off supply.
A gentle pinch will shut down the generator ASAP. The black nut on the regulator is the LPG mixture adjustment, handy at altitude.

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Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but Im the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😂

Its a crooked piece of time that we live in.
John Prine
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I am also looking at generators, I do know that when I purchase one it is going to be big enough to run everything on the trailer. I am not worried about weight because I have a small home made electric crane to lift it in and out of the truck if need be that I use for my wheelchair. What I dont understand is this sine vs regular power supplied. I do understand under certain conditions that if there is not enough power it can damage things, and i refer to this as some will buy small gens and then the amount of pwr pulled by appliance is more that is put out and thus reduct of pwr available for other appliances not available thus damage occurs. But if I am running a 6500/8500/9000 watt then this should not occur, thus a maintain amt of pwr is constantly available, especially given that I am only going to use it for overnight travel stops or at shopping centers for a few hours for a/c. if we are going to be anyplace for any period (24 hours or more) I will be plugged into regular pwr at a campground. We dont do boondocking so it is not an issue. Besides when I do purchase one I want it to serve a dual purpose of use at the house during power outages which dont happen very often.

PS Crane can be found at Harbor Freight tools and elect winch to mount as well instead of crank winch.
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Generators come in two basic types, mechanical generation (Type 1 if you will or traditional) for the output power and "electronic" generation (Type 2 for our discussion or inverter) for the output power.

Both start the process of producing power the same way however which is to have an engine (normally gasoline powered) turn an armature within a set of coils or magnets to produce an alternating voltage (typically 120 volt at a frequency directly related to the speed (RPM) of the engine).

In a Type 1 generator, when the engine is running at the correct speed (usually 1800 or 3600 rpm) then the output frequency is 60 Hz - the same as the AC in your home so you get 120v @ 60 Hz from the Generator. This is the correct voltage and frequency for "sensitive" loads such as TV's, Microwaves, etc. Ideally it is a Sine wave, if everything remains constant. Yea - like that is going to happen!

When the load on the generator is suddenly increased (you turn something on), the engine slows down which changes the output frequency of the power to something less than 60 Hz. This is NOT good for "sensitive" electronic toys!!! It also disrupts the Sine wave

A Type 2 Inverter Generator solves this problem by doing an intermediate step in the power delivery process. It takes the output from the armature driven engine and then rectifies the Alternating Current and makes it Direct Current (DC). It then takes that to feed the remaining "inverter electronics" which inverts the power back to the required 120V @ 60 Hz which is what shows up at the power outlets. It corrects for all the in-consistency in the Voltage , frequency, and wave shape issues.

This is the reason the Type 2 Inverter generators are more expensive than Type 1 (traditional) generators. There's just a lot more parts and things going on.

Another way to think about this is to think of it this way.

Take a Type 1 (traditional) generator like is used on Construction sites. Take the output of that generator and feed it to a High Current DC power supply. Take the output of the DC Power Supply and feed it to a 2000 watt (for discussion) Inverter. Take the output of the Inverter and feed the RV. Whola ------- Inverter generator.

Dwight & Ellen + (the Beagles)
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Yamaha Extended fuel tank

Is there a good solution for an extended fuel tank for a Yamaha 2400?

Some time back, I read about a tank that had a fuel pump for the Yamaha. Seemed complicated and expensive. Any better solutions out there...

Mike Brumback
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multiple, generator

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