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Honda vs Yamaha Generators

Hi, like many of the rest of you, I have gone round and round and round on the subject of generators, solar cells, batteries, and full hook ups. But todays question is: If my choices of generators was down to the Honda 2000 or the Yamaha 2400 and the fact that I don't want to deal with gas cans so it would have to be a Propane set-up; Which would be the best choice and why? I picked this size as a happy medium in size, weight, price, and output. I only want one generator and it has to be carried in my tow vehicle.


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hi robert...

sticking JUST TO THESE 2 gensets, and...

ignoring all other models, brands or power generating options..

AND ignoring price, service center availability, weight n color...

the clear choice is the yam ef2400is.

since it is reported to run the ac (yours) and the eu2000i won't.


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Yes, with all the limitations of no other choice but these two, the fact that PERHAPS the yammer will run the A/C makes it THE CHOICE.......

For me, the EU3000 is the way to go. Even leaving it running in the TV with the camper shell vent windows open in the Arizona summer causes NO problems with heat and venting................Dennis
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The 2400 running on LP at any elevation may not run the AC. You may want to check return policy's it or try it on your rig before you are obligated. When I went through the selection process I found that technically the warranty was void changing to LP and there is a power loss. The 2400 is close to the edge for running the AC. The sales teem at Wise Sales seem vary knowledgeable and strait forward. They sell Honda and Yamaha. The Two Honda 2000 give a lot of flexibility and more reserve power.
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Both the Honda and the Yamaha are excellent inverter type generators.

I have the 15k btu A/C unit, so regardless of which, neither the 2000 (Honda) or 2400 (Yamaha) alone would power my A/C unit, so I looked at what I wanted to do. Cut wood (electric chain saw), charge the batteries, etc. I also did not want to mess with gas cans since I have a Suburban and did not want the fumes in the truck or the Safari. If I had a pickup, I may have thought differently.

So, I opted for the Yamaha 1000. Not that I am advocating that the 1000 is your beast, but I am saying that for years folks thought the Honda was the only game in town. Even though it's a great gen, I didn't find a place that had it already converted to LP (or at least at the time I bought mine about a year and half ago). The Honda required open heart surg, which I was not up for.

If you could in fact find a place that had the conversion done already on the Honda, then to me it's a question of power ratings and cost.
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Thumbs up 2400is

The 2400is is a fantastic unit. I have had mine just under a year now. I full time and with the exception of a couple nights have been off the grid since late October. The 2400is runs power tools fine (it powered last years polishing) and runs my AC like a charm. I got mine from US Carb with the propane conversion. I have no complaints whatsoever with this unit.

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My personal choice is two Honda 2000's. Two will definitely start my old BayBreeze AC unit. In the winter I only need one to supply power, leaving the other as a backup unit. In the summer if something happens to one unit I still have the other to supply power for fans and lights. Not something you would have using a single unit only. Honda and Yamaha are the best small to medium sized generators on the market. Ask people who have to depend on them to make a living.

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Based on personal experience, the Yamaha 2400 is overrated to run the A/C. You may get it started, but it will struggle to restart the compressor once the pressure in the unit has built up. Don't plan on running anything else while this is supplying the A/C - not even the refer on propane if it reqires 12v for the electronics or even the LP detector. One of two things will eventually happen; the generator or A/C will die a slow painful death. The 2400 is the maximum rated output. A generator can only run for short durations at its maximum output. I got rid of mine immediately after I bought it and will opt for 2 Hondas when I'm ready to purchase.
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had both

I started with the Yamaha 2400 and did not like it. It might have been the unit I had but when I sold my old trailer, I sold the Yamaha with it for what I paid for it and was happy to be rid of it. I bought the Honda 2000 and like it much better, smoother and quieter. It needs more power for the big jobs but that is why we bought two and parallel them. Much easier to transport than the bigger units also.
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can't finish anyth
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Hi! This is exactly the question i was pndering today. Glad i checked the forum! If i could move the conversation slightly... I have a 19' CCD with a/c and I'll be spending the next four months fulltiime in South Florida. Right now, the ac is not really an issue, but come April, May and June i will need it.

The one 2400, costs about 1000.00 and the honda's cost that each. I have a truck but don't want to mess with gasoline either, but i want to keep the total weight of the genset system as light as possible.

Does cost change the analysis any? for those of you who did not like the yammer, were you all using the LP setup?
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hi javier

SURE cost changes the equation so does a/c use...

the o.p. may not be using his getset for ac much or at all.

size (amps/btus) of the ac also matters, as does humidity and so on...

ONE yam 2400 converted for lpg (or a 3way conversion) is almost the same price as TWO honda 2000s...

the 2x2000 hondas with the parallel kit run about 2,000$ and not only will power your a/c but other things in the trailer...

while the 2400 yam on lp will just barely run the ac, according to those that have used it with a 11,000? btu ac.

in addition there are larger gas tanks that can be used 2 fuel both honda at the same time.

but hey, there are a bunch of genset threads, so start reading....

and richC did some testing/tinkering with yamaha gensets back here...

playing around with blue...

all of the true things that i am about to tell you are shameless lies. l.b.j.

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I went thru the same thing you did in deciding which generator honda or Yamaha.I have 25 ft. Safari and decided to go with the gasoline powered Yamaha.It has given me no problems and runs my AC with no problem.Just don't try and run the microwave with the AC on.Good Luck and Happy camping.] Gee I just got my 1st rivet KOOL!!!
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I too was just pondering this issue today. I currently have a Honda 3000, which we bought just a few years ago. Works great, but we have been told it will not power the AC in our 08 25' Safari (13,500 BTU I believe). My husband also does not want to have to move it. We had it mounted on the back of our old SOB, but we would now have to carry it in the TV.

I was going to order two Honda 2000, with the kit, today, but decided to read a bit more first.

I must be able to run my A/C. That is my number 1 prioriety. We don't use the AS much in the summer, but even so, I have a problem with heat, so cannot have a gen that will not run AC.

Seems like from what I am reading here, the Yamaha is iffie when it comes to running the AC.

Our TV is a Econoline Van, I was concerned about the smell of gas when traveling. I thought of getting a large plastic box, to store the Honda's while traveling. I know we could not run them in a box, I just wanted to contain the gas odor. How do you carry them?

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Thumbs up Rubbermaid

Originally Posted by bernermom

Our TV is a Econoline Van, I was concerned about the smell of gas when traveling. I thought of getting a large plastic box, to store the Honda's while traveling. I know we could not run them in a box, I just wanted to contain the gas odor. How do you carry them?

We only use one Honda 2000, stored in a large Rubbermaid tub just

inside the entrance door. One nice feature, the Honda fuel tank has a

lever in the fuel cap that seals it very well, never really had any fume


When dock'n the generator "lives" in a Camping World two

man tent, have even run it inside the tent with all the windows and the

door open, works well when it's rain'n and your stuck inside.

It has been kind of a pain to carry the extra gas though, and thats where

the fumes originate. Store three 1 gal. plastic containers in the storage

box behind the propane tanks, not really comfortable with that solution

either. Am in the process now of converting the 2000 to run on both

propane and petrol, no more carting that extra gas everywhere.

Do love that Honda though, it's so DANG QUIET....



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