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there are several excellent threads on generators....and lots of posts from folks with the hondas that show customized installs , boxes and so on.

someone here has a shelf extending from each side of the tongue, with 2 hondas. another shows moving the lp tanks forward with space for the honda over the center.

you should search some for these threads....lots of great pictures too and you can explore your idea by reading what others reports works...or doesn't.

i would not want 30 gallons of gasoline attached to my trailer....anywhere.

besides the obvious safety issues this will add alot to the tongue weight and with 2 gen sets....your nose will be very heavy. also want to check the ncc for your's not large.....and this install will eat some of it.

a cleaner approach i've seen reported here is to mount the gens in the bed of the truck with an wiring link to the trailer....still the issue of gasoline in the bed...

just how much generator power is needed....?

i don't run the a/c so 1 honda 2000 is enough. using it for morning & evening ac current needs and to recharge the batteries....only amounts to 2-3 hours per day max....and one gallon of gas will last many days....


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Plenty Good Stuff

First off I'd really consider the propane model. And please note that the spec for the Honda calls for 89 octane, which may be different than your TV.
Also the Yamaha's will adapt to LP/nat gas and retain the ability to use gasoline. My reservation about the Honda is once adapted to LP, that's it, can't go back to gas by turning a valve. And I agree with 2air above, the load and nature of the cargo on the tongue may not be the optimum configuration.

2air, thanks very much for the acoustic refresher. With your two finger typing skill, we all appreciate your effort. The fest I was at is helpful to bring a lot of things home. The Honda 2000 was very quiet and I will just guess here that to double up the sound, the Yamaha 2800 is still gonna be quiet with a capital Q. Like the article said, it's louder but well within campsite limits. And my anticipated use is similar to your actual experience. The other thing that I find appealing about the Yamaha 2800 is the 30amp outlet. As I've just installed this convention, it makes sense to me to have that direct connection without an additional electrical pigtail adapter. Those puppies can get pricey!
So ain't it the truth, I've got all the logical conclusions and still sittin' on the fence! I should shop at Camping World more often, where they don't list specs or details and ya just buy the darn thing and go see if works for you later!

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Some good points guys. What about an Onan diesel powered one then? I know diesel isn't volatile like gasoline and so would be safer. Another question might be how long can you run 4000 watts (two ofthe Hondas) on a 40lb propane bottle?

I was just thinking that gasoline or diesel is much less pain to get than filling the LP bottles. And if I had a 30 gallon tank, I'd fill it once and be good for all season most likely. I really didn't think it'd be dangerous as it'd be far away from the stove.

2Air, showing my lack of knowledge here, but what is the NCC? Is that a gross weight rating? If I proceed with this, I will be going to a heavier frame with a higher gross weight rating than the original. I want to be able to carry my KLR650 a rear carrier. I know that's verbotten with the 4" flexi-frame, but with the one I've designed, it'd be no problem at all. No monococuqe stresses on the shell anymore. That would take some weight off the tongue, though it would be less than the 330lbs that the bike weighs. The gen sets and a spare tire would regain that while still being less than what my truck could handle. I'd have to work the weight and balance, but if it was too heavy without the bike on back, I could probably put the spare on the back.
- Jim
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We have the 2x EU2000 Honda's. I don't think that we used over 10 gallons of gas for the summer. We had one trip to Bristol NASCAR race in August were we had to run both for most of the weekend. We try to go to cooler places where we do not have to run both. With out the A/C we only run the one for about an hour or two for the battery. Or if we need the toaster or if Mama needs to blow dry her hair...
I don't like storing gas for long. Not sure if this has any merit, but we always empty our gas can back into the Burb before we leave.
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NCC is Net Carrying Capacity.

If you are thinking of placing a 330 lb motorcycle on the back of an Airstream trailer... the moment arm to the axle is huge (say 330 lbs * 10 feet = 3,300 ft lbs!) You must be planning on a monster frame substitution! Even so, I wouldn't do it! Placing two Hondas (~100 lbs) on the front would help balance this, but the stress on the trailer is immense.
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JimGolden, there is about 9.5 gallons of propane in a 40 Lb bottle. I find the propane to be less of a pain then gasoline. No spillage, or leak problems. Don't have to worry about gas can falling over and spilling. I have a 34 gallon propane tank in the bed of my truck, gives me lots of EU2000i runtime!!
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I was planning to put dual 40's on the front, so maybe the LP powered job is the way to go.

Looking at 8" deep I-Beam frame, 1/8" wall section with 2" flanges. Full depth angle cross members. I calculate it will add about 200lbs to the weight of the trailer, but the frame is then about seven times stronger than the original one. It'd be good for a 15,000 lb gross weight easily. Realistically it'll probably never see 10,000lbs on it, but it'd be plenty strong for anything I want to do.

Hey, do I get three rivets now?
- Jim
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hi jim and others.....

bham, bham, bham.....there are your rivets!

reads like you are gonna build a siMON STERn GARAGE trailer....go for it!

might want to start a thread to document this many of the rehabers do...these are some of the most viewed on the site....a great learning tools.

ncc is basically how many lbs of stuff can be carried in the trailer....after fluids/lpg are added.

in addition to the frame you're suggesting, you'll need newer torsen axles, with a higher load rating...they make a 5000lb-5500lb axle......not sure about higher....also higher rated wheels, tires and brake to stop it....

that stuff, along with the frame and genset gear...will cost at least as much at the original purchase... right guys? anyone?

except for the rear bath and front kitchen models, usually a/ss have been built with most of the mass over or near the axles.... your plans will add significant mass to the 2 ends...which will effect handling, ride and so on...even with a reinforced frame.

if you are going to the degree descirbed......might as well opt for larger fresh and holding least that will bring some mass back to center....and really by time you need a genset....the 3 fuel models/lpg options will be more established....

and don't forget the class V hitch and the top kick to pull it......

i can see the thread now....

"the adventures of the jim's mon'stream"

don't forget the pictures...

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I've had my EU3000 for 2 summers now. Flawless, quiet, uses less fuel than you think, esp when it spools down at low load. The factory AC atop my Safari makes more apparent (perceptual) noise than the generator. Only gripe is it is a bit of a grunt to place and remove from the pickup truck. On the plus side, fits nicely under the tailgate, and the tailgate make a good rain shield.

Now if someone could tell me how I can make the sound of the air conditioner fan inside much less apparent, I'll be in sonic Airstream heaven!
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Suggestions For 1st Generator

What would you suggest? Starting out with one Honda eu2000 and seeing if it will do the job or going to 2 Hondas running parallel
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jhohe, I am also a new member and new owner of a 2006 25' Safari FB SE, and for what it's worth, I'm going with the twin Honda EU2000 set-up. I've read enough, I'm ready to make the move!
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I have had the two Hondas running in tandem for a couple of years now and have been very happy with them. They are amazingly quite, easy to move around and have always powered anything I need powered and have had absolutely no problems with them. The nice thing about this configuration is sometimes I only need one and it is really nice not to have to lug a big heavy unit along when I can choose to just take one generator. It seems to have more versitility for me. The Yamaha and the Honda are both good units seems to me it most likely depends on personal preference and specific circumstances.
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I have a Yamaha 2400iS and have used it with an older 13500 AC on an older SOB trailer and with my current 15000 AC on my AS Classic. The Yamaha has enough boost at startup to get the AC running with no problem. Our most recent camping trip was in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park where we were boondocking for 2 days. The elevation where we camped was around 6000' and the 2400iS performed perfectly to run the AC in the afternoon cooling down a very hot AS. Before buying the Yamaha, I had compared the Hondas and Yamahas and decided that one Yamaha which weighs 70 lbs. would be easier to manage than either a 145 LB. Honda or needing to maintain 2 lighter Hondas. Before purchasing it, I read a test report by Hayes Equipment where they had stress tested the Yamaha 2400iS and it showed to hold nearly 3000 Wats for about 10 seconds when a load was put on it. This is way more than enouch time to get an AC started up and running.
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I know this is an old thread, but for what it's worth....

I currently have one Honda EU2000i. I AGONIZED over which way to go. It was really a hard decision. I finally decided to get the one EU2000i to start with, and plan to add a second one some day.

So far, I've been very happy with the little Honda. It is indeed truly quiet, and my wife can now blow dry her hair (just couldn't do that on 12v). It does everything except run the a/c.

I was dead set on an EU3000i. But I read these forums and really truly agonized a lot. I also looked hard at the Yamaha's. I think they are excellent products. For me, it came down to red vs. blue, Ford vs. Chevy kind of thing. Flip a coin.

I think you'll do fine with either a Honda or a Yamaha. They're both good stuff. I've not tried to run my a/c with my genset. My dad's buddy has a big 5er and he runs the a/c on his EU2000 all the time. Dad (who is an electrician) says you just put a big start capacitor in them and a 2000w is fine. Well, I've not tried it since I've read all the stuff on here. But anyway, my little red buddy powered my house for 2.5 days when we had a big storm here last winter. I could choose furnace OR fridge, but it kept the place going. I plan to get another one someday soon.

There's a thread on here somewhere where a really smart dude took a plastic boat gas tank and modified it with a Honda gascap to feed his genset. I got me a second gas cap and plan to copy him

Best of luck,

- Jim
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