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Generator Newbie Questions.

Hi, I'm new to the generator owners group, so I have a few questions for those with experience. I bought a new Yamaha 2400 and it's first use will be in October at the Balloon Fiesta. Questions are for any size, color, or brand generator.

(1.) Where do you park your generator while camping? (a.) In front of your trailer. (b.) In back of your trailer. (c.) Street side. (d.) Curb side, under your main awning. (e.) In the bed of your truck.

(2.) How do you keep from loseing your generator? [thieves] (a.) Lock it to your trailer with a cable or chain. (b.) Bolt if down to truck bed. (c.) Tie your dog to it. (d.) Lock it inside of your tow vehicle or trailer every time you leave the area. (e.) Depend on neighbor or camp security to watch it for you. (f.) Leave it un-attended and take your chances.

(3.) How do you protect your generator from the elements? (a.) Set it on a cement slab. (b.) Use plywood Etc. as a base if you have to set it on soft dirt. (c.) Shade it with an umbrella or tent / tarp. (d.) Set it under your awning. (e.) Turn it off and cover it if it rains.

(4.) For those unfortunate to have lost their generators to thieves: (a.) How did it happen? (b.) Where did it happen? [camping/home] (c.) Was it locked? (d.) What measures have you made so this, hopefully, won't happen again?


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We like to park our generators (Honda 2000s) as far from the Airstream as is practical when camped. We've left them out in the rain and running with no problems. Leaving them under the awning and running will most likely set off your CO2 detector as it did ours on one occasion. When not in use we lock ours inside of our TV or inside the trailer. Good luck and HAPPY TRAILS

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I park it front street side usually. It depends where I'm parked and where others are parked. It's nice to get it far away from where you are, but not if a neighbor now has to live with the noise. I learned this from being the recipient when I had a hybrid SOB.

By parking it there I lock it through the handles with a padlock and the AS safety chains. I know that will only slow them down, but I usually only need the generator at dog trials where everybody knows everybody.

I put the factory cover on it at night to keep dew and light stuff off it, a garbage bag if it's going to pour -NOT when it's running of course. I'm working on a solution for that.
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I have enough cable lock to set the generators about 12 feet from the AS tongue. If they are too close you get a constant drone noise. Then I also hook up a couple of battery operated alarms. Screech terrribly loud if the pin is pulled. At night I have a portable motion sensor light on. Cover them with tarps when away.
Can't really leave them in the back of the truck as often one or the other of us is away running errands.
Bottom line though, if someone really wants your generator, they're gonna get it unless you've gone to extreme measures.

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We use one or two Honda 2000's. We treat security and position the same either way. We always run the generators near the tongue of the AS. I lock them to the trailer tongue with Master Python Cable Locks. If I do not consider it a high security situation, I generally string one cable lock through the generator handle(s) and through the tongue yoke. If I feel that more security is warranted, I tightly cinch a cable lock through the handle and around the belly of each generator. Then I take a third cable lock and run it through the belly cable on each generator, then lock it to the yoke. This way, simply cutting the generator handle won't do it; they will at least have to cut the cable.

As far as noise and weather protection is concerned, I put the control panel end of the Honda about half way under the rear end of the Suburban. This makes them less bothersome to anyone nearby, and protects the control panel from direct rain. We have a 25FB, so the Hondas are right outside our bedroom window. We like the hum; it's like having a white noise machine to lull you to sleeep. One night we were using a single Honda, and when it ran out of gas at 0530, we both woke up immediately since our white noise had stopped.

For really severe weather we got a children's pop up tent ($17 at Wal-Mart) that both the generators (we've named them Amos and Leon so that we can tell them apart for maintenance) will fit in and run. We've tried it out on a test run. It seems to work well with the flaps on the tent open for ventilation. We have not been in a severe weather situation with Amos and Leon in use yet, so I can't vouch for the tent idea in a field situiation.

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I have Yamaha 3000 inverter genset. I view its weight as a deterrent to theft. It stays in the bed of the pickup-tied down and locked in with a cable lock. I cover the genset with an old bbq cover when not in use, and if I'm in a questionable area, I stuff a couple bags of trash around it. At a casual glance the pickup is carrying trash. The last thing I'd buy is a fancy custom generator cover with the "Yamaha" logo on it!

I shut it off and cover it when it rains. If I needed to run it in the rain I'd use a tarp to make a temporary tent.

I have used it in like this for three years without incident. The generator is with me on outings/errands in the back of the pickup. It is not unattended at the campsite. My trash bag disguise system is quite believable to a casual observer.
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How we do it..

We also lock it up in the Burb and take it with us if we are going to be away for an extended period of time.

A small three person tent protects it in bad weather. The unit is grounded thru the tent floor with an 8" nail and flat washer, using two braided copper straps with an eyelet at both ends. The unit is placed off the tent floor on two 4"X2"s
Where we set it up depends on the surroundings and our neighbors. Always ask if the noise bothers them, and offer them an outlet if they would like.
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Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
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Keep my Honda 3000 about 20' away from back and in a portable shower inclosure to hide it. Keeps the rain off and still provides enough ventilation. Cabled to a tie down and covered in the back of the truck when not in use.
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Hey - See you at the balloon fiesta

At the fiesta, it's lots of RV's close together so it's important to know generators hours and etiquette. Keep it close and chained to your unit. Also tell your Airstream neighbors you have one and offer to share during the running hours. Put it away during the night or when you are not there.

This is a huge event and we are a small ( high quality ) Airstream community in a sea of RV's. This is a spectacular event.
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What kind of oil are folks using in their generators. Can one use regular 10-W-30 automotive oil?
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Originally Posted by cameront120 View Post
What kind of oil are folks using in their generators. Can one use regular 10-W-30 automotive oil?
Yes. After breakin you could also use synthetic.
Fr. Guido

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Thumbs up


Got it home, broke it in with one tankfull gas, switched to Mobil One 10-40.
Converted over to LPG/petrol last season. Added an hour/tach when converted, total about 275hrs with no problems.


Sandra wanted to go to Cleveland on vacation,
but Im the Husband, so we went to Cleveland. 😂

Its a crooked piece of time that we live in.
John Prine
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Our Honda 1000 lives in the truck bed when not in use. When outside, it's running, so I'd hear it stop if someone tried to take it. We have a small plastic collapsible picnic table which serves as a rain shelter for it when necessary. The table fits nicely behind the front seat of the Tundra when it's not in use. I try to place it where it sends the least noise to neighbors. It's pretty quiet for a generator, but it's really loud at a campground, especially in a remote place.

I would like to find a short shore power cable for the generator since the long one supplied with the trailer must have some voltage drop. I could, I suppose, get the 12 v cable to directly attach it to the batteries. I'll have to see which costs less.

I like tpi's theory that a heavy generator is less likely to get stolen. I tried to take it, but it was too heavy for me. Next time, I'll ask my wife to steal it.

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theft prevention

I used to dig a pit and place poison spears in the bottom, time consuming and was a pain to leave the campsite "better" than I found it.

Then I switched to the swinging mace thing, needs trees.

Now I just put a little sign on it in 4 different languages. "Feel lucky punk-Make my day".

Still have my H1000.


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