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Obsessed with Moonunit
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Well, here is the latest update on our project! Our L5 arrived before schedule from EnergyStead (apparently they also have a listing on e-bay cause the card inside the box was from e-bay. Anyway, we have tested the L5 here in our backyard and it works great! The water was on the warmish side when we started at the lowest temp. We cranked it toward the middle and that seemed about right. Only took about 10 seconds to achieve warmer temp. So I think even w/pretty darn cold water-the L5 is good to go. We have a couple months before our 1st outing. We will be playing w/some ideas for hooking to existing lines w/in the trailer & water pump, with L5 close to the opening where prior existing water tank was. I like the idea of a sliding drawer of some kind that the L5 can fit into. We got one of those shower tents from Wallyworld for about $40. and like Mexray will use it next to the L5. With a Y valve, we hope to use L5 both inside/outside of trailer. I will be looking for a longer shower hose attachment cause I don't want lots of water next to the trailer!! This will be an interesting experience-I like the idea of the outside shower too.

How is everyone else doing on this plan?


Leigh (IB Aluminated)

"When a great ship is in harbour and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for." by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, author of ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’
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Currently Looking...
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L5 mounting

Here's a thought for the mounting. Drawer style but with a bottom that drops down to make it hang vertical The "back" of the drawer would keep the weather out when in use, and the depth of the drawer could be made deeper/longer to keep the unit away from the side of the camper if needed. the "bottom" could even be set an inch or so off the bottom to run the plumbing and gas lines behind the unit away from the heat.

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where will all that water go?

I have read this thread all the way to this 4th page. I think this portable tankless water heater is a great idea.

However, I also just read on another thread about even though these tankless water heaters are great, think how much water will be used and needing to be stored in the grey water tank if you want to take a long shower!

So, maybe the little 6-gallon tanks and the "navy showers" with water on and off might seem more sensible when boon-docking and when even at an rv-park since one would have to empty the grey-water sooner from using so much water with the tankless system.

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Obsessed with Moonunit
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1978 Argosy Minuet 6.7 Metre
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Hey Brian - nice of you to join the discussion. OK here are my thoughts. When camping, it is almost a necessity to think in terms of conservation all the way around. We bought the Eccotemp and a nice little shower tent, but we will still be thinking in terms of very little water use. The 'grey' water for our shower would end up going to ground since it would be outside the trailer, but we use a biodegradable soap and on/off switch on showerhead. Insider the trailer, I will use the Eccotemp hot water to wash up dishes inside, again on/off as needed. So far we haven't filled our grey tank completely when camping. Another idea would be the blue moveable waste tanks for extra grey water??! We ended up getting the Eccotemp because we didn't like how much room the 6 gallon hot water tank took up under our gaucho and even with the bypass valve and draining, our new tank froze and split. Now we just unhook the Eccotemp when we finish camp trip and take home w/us.

By the way, so far we have just bungeed the L5 to the back door of our Tahoe to use w/shower. Have not connected thru trailer tank door to inside yet. Still working those details out.
Leigh (IB Aluminated)

"When a great ship is in harbour and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for." by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, author of ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’
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One situation to consider is that some campgrounds do not allow outdoor showers or any arrangement that allows shower water to fall upon the soil. I am staying in such a place later this summer.
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I bought an L10...

I have been considering the use of a tankless water heater too. I have had a hard time making up my mind which unit to try. I finally settled on an EccoTemp LPG-L10 unit. It is bigger unit than the L5 model and has a larger heating capacity. I am intending on using hot water to heat my Airstream so I need a larger unit. Here is the ebay link where I bought my unit. I was disappointed to discover that the L10-AC unit has been discontinued. I mentioned earlier in this thread that it had an electric freeze protection circuit. I will have to deal with that issue in another way. When taking into account shipping costs this site seems to be the best deal that I could find.

EccoTemp LPG L10 Outside Gas Tankless Water Heater. NIB - eBay (item 250640997907 end time Jul-27-10 13:09:00 PDT)

One reason that I decided on an EccoTemp model was that I was actually able to find someone that I could talk to at the other end of a phone line. This unit is not that much more expensive than the L5. I paid a total of $197 with shipping. I think the unit got to me in less than one week after I ordered it. There is a small ding on the front of the case that looks like it might have happened during shipment but I decided not to request a replacement because I am intending to mount the unit in such a way that most of the case will be visible anyway.

So where am I going to mount it? It will definitely be outside somewhere. I first thought that I could make an enclosure to mount it on the back bumper. I took a closer look though and discovered that there was not as much room back there as I had thought. Now I am considering two other locations. By the way I am doing a complete interior remodel on my unit so I am free to think about mounting the heater in just about any place that I want to. I can route my plumbing to most anywhere.

One location would be to mount the unit on the front of my Airstream. I could possibly move the propane tanks a little further forward so as to create enough space between them and the trailer body but it is a little tight there. Also it might be better to have a little more separation between the unit and the propane tanks. I am not convinced that is a serious issue though since my propane BBQ burners are only about 6" to 8" above the top of the propane tank that supplies them. In any case I would like to avoid having to move the propane tanks so I am looking at possibly mounting the water heater on the front of the trailer but over to one side rather than in the middle. What I am not sure about is whether this might be in the way for tighter turns when I am towing. I will have to take some measurements.

One other place that I am considering is on the street side just in front of the wheel wells. There is some space there that will be behind some of the kitchen cabinetry where I could create a sort of drawer to store the unit. The idea would be something like what was mentioned earlier in this thread about having a drawer of sorts. In my case I have the space to store the unit upright. The total depth of the unit is about 8" so I could picture having a metal box into which the unit would slide when not in use that was less than 12" deep. I am considering different options as to whether or not I would need a door on the this space or if the front of the draw could just be the door when it is closed.

My thought is that I would make some sort of sheet metal wrapper around the unit perhaps out of perforated metal for either one of the install locations. For one thing I want to make sure that the unit is not too easy to detach and steal. Also if it is permanently mounted out front I would like a little more protection for it in that specific location.

I will post more information about my progress when I have something to report.

Only he who attempts the ridiculous can achieve the impossble.
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its been a while since this thread was about some comments on the Marey type water heater from someone who has used it for a little time.
I saw one installed in a 50s Spartan this weekend and was told it worked great.
I am thinking it could go in the bath closet where my Atwood is now, with the outside vent and maybe add a roof vent as well.
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I just removed an old Bowen that has a hole in the bottom of the tank from corrosion.Found this tread an am thinking of installing one of these tankless units inside my trailer hooked up to the hot water system. I feel if I have it properly vented and enclosed in a sheet metal closet with a well insulated exhaust pipe,it should be OK. After all,just how long and often is hot water really needed for a quick shower and a few dishes? I'm looking at a Maery or EZ because of the round exhaust on the top.Anyone have other thoughts?
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I guess you guys have a death wish!


#1: RV-500 by Precision Temp..approx. cost............$1200

#2: Model 1GWH by Girard RV Products.....................700

The Girard is new to the market. I have one on order and will report on it's operation after I bench test it. I currently have 4 clients that have this unit on order. It is a direct replacement for a standard 10 gallon RV water heater.


Take it for what it's worth. It's your trailer and your life.....................
Lew Farber...ABYC Certified Master Marine Electrician...RVIA Certified Master Tech ...AM Solar Authorized Installation Center...AIRSTREAM Solar & Electrical Specialist...Micro Air 'Easy Start' Sales and Installations
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Well,how about this set up?Zodi 5110 Stove Top Shower Heater
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I would imagine that part of the cost of the Precision temp and the Girard is their ability to mounted in an RV or boat, and withstand vibration, something that a portable campsite heater would not be subject to.
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Any updates from those who purchased the eccotemp or others?
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Take a look at this link,

This topic is being covered and the post includes photos of the install.


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We just returned from a 2 week, Boone docking camping trip up in the Sierra Nevada's Western slope, just North of Hwy 88...

Due to our stay in one spot, we took our 'outside' camp goodies; small propane refer (cold drinks & beer!), propane cook top (morning bacon!), propane BBQ (burgers, ribs, tri-tips, etc), AND our L5 tank-less water heater for showers...

As we were camped above a river, I put together a complete 'system' for the shower...

1. 110V AC pump at river level to pump water...
2. 50 gal plastic water tank...
3. 12V DC pump to pressurize water on-demand...
4. L5 tank-less water heater...
5. Tent-like enclosure for shower users...
6. Honda 2K genny with attached aux fuel tank for extended running...

I found that it was more efficient to use a separate 110V AC pump and run an AC extension cord from the genny, than to use the 12V DC pump in double service - the run for the low voltage cable was just too far, resulting in voltage drop and a decreased pumping rate...

The AC pump also did double duty of refilling the AS's fresh water tank - I used a carbon inline filter and a slug of Clorex bleach to help purify the water used for non-drinking purposes...

Our camp spot above the river with peat-like soil allowed run off water to be quickly absorbed without draining back to the river - I'm sure the Firs, Cedars, and Alders nearby appreciated the small summer sip of water!

The 'water works' system worked great, with plenty of hot water for our group of nine campers...
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Camp AS.JPG
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Name:	Shower Set-up.JPG
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Name:	Genny 2K.JPG
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Name:	Shower.JPG
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Click image for larger version

Name:	12 volt pump.JPG
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Ray & Pat; Morada, CA
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