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Sewer Hose Questions (peww)

Hi All-I have question on sewer hose. First question is what are we using for the sewer hose? I found out the hard way that you won't find one at Wally World that fits, they are too small. I now know about the Thetford size and purchased an adapter to reduce to the smaller connection. Is that what everyone else is doing or is there a reason to spend the extra money and get Thetford sized hose? I found the Thetford fittings to be very expensive compared to the standard size fittings at the local camper store.

Second Question is where do you put the stinky hose when you are finished using it? The back bumper has my electric cord in it. I could put it in there but the compartment hardly looks big enough. You can't slide it into the bumper like other makes of more traditional campers.


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I use a Thetford adapter and standard sewer hose and connectors. Our Airstream came with one of these sewer hose carriers installed underneath.

Don't forget a large pack of disposable surgical gloves for tending to this duty.

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I have absolutely ZERO experience with black tanks and sewer hoses ... but in a couple of months I get to find out.

I have had this product recommended by several people:

Sewer Solution

I know nothing about the product .. except for what folks have told me.
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I use an adapter I got at a camping store. It almost fit, and a little grinding with the dremel tool got it to fit nice and snug.

We put our hose in the rear bumper compartment. Our electric cord is in the side compartment. Once the stinky slinky's been in the back, nothing else is going in there! You could probably get some PVC and make a storage place for the hose.

Thumbs up on the rubber gloves, best advice I ever got. We also keep a small pail to catch any grey water that comes out after travel, and waterless hand disinfectant to use after we get done at the dump station.

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PVC would be a great idea. I could seal the thing up and then air it out when I get home. Or for the 10 bucks for a stinky slinky at Wally Mart, I'll be tempted to just leave the thing at the campground on departure! There's just no good place to store the hose.

I looked at the Sewer Solution. Does it actually PUMP? They have a device like this at Wally World also. Others on this site have stressed the importance of getting all the logs out of the tank before storage. The dried "poop pyramid" can really reduce the volume of the already small black tank.
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I will post a picture of the storage tube I made for the motorhome. Basicaly it is a 6 foot section of 4 inch PVC. One end capped, the other with a 4 inch threaded cleanout 2 stainless steel clamps to hold it to the chassis and I have storage for a 10-15 ft hose without ends. I drilled holes in the cap and threaded lid. I drain, rinse and stuff the hose in the storage tube. The holes allow for air movement and it is always dry when I retreive it.

I use the thetford ends and I have added the slip fit connectors to the hose. This allows me to make it longer or shorter as the spot requires. The slip fit connectors slide right on the thetford connector and also slide on my threaded sewer elbow for conection to the campground system. The slip fits on multiple hoses allow me to use a clear connector. This is a "sight glass" so I can see the dump, and the flushing progress. The ends go in a plastic bin, stored in another compartment. The fittings normally have no residue, but the hose is impossible to clean out without spending a bit of time and more than likley getting some type of waste water on you, your clothes, your shoes, etc.
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Placing the tube on the outside of the AS would be the hard part, too bad they didn't make a designated storage area. I could stretch the hose out and roll it up in the awning...
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The bumper storage area was designed for and will hold the power cord and the sewer hose. A tight fit, yes indeed, but it all fits in there on mine. You need to collapse the sewer line completely and it will fit to the right side of the compartment.

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Thumbs up You might try


We have a memeber on the forum who has a PVC pipe arrangement under his A/S for proper stowage of the sewer hose. I had the privilage of seeing the setup this past Sept at a Buddy Rally held here in NH.
Get in contact with ...Franklin
Maybe you could ask him for some ideas that he used on his..It was quite a neat setup~!
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Installing hose tube

I installed 2 tubes under my International AS. The outer ends were attached to the bananna wrap and the hidden ends were suspended from a cross member.

The commercial tubes are quite light. There isn't very much weight there, so anything that will spread the stress over a reasonably wide area will hold it up. On the International, I could get to the top of the bananna wrap, so I just bolted through the wrap and used large washers. On a full belly pan, I would pop-rivet a good sized piece of heavier aluminum at each end to which I would fasten the tube. That would spread the stress around very nicely.
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I have the Sewer Solution and here's the straight poop on it (sorry):

-- it does pump a little. They say you can pump long distances but I've never needed to.
-- it's slower than the Stinky Slinky. Takes about 3 minutes for us to dump and flush the 12 gal. black tank on our Caravel.
-- We use non-formaldehyde tank chemical to eat the solids as much as possible, make sure the tank has a good ratio of liquid to solids before we dump it, and use Scott's single-ply. The little water jet in the Sewer Solution does the rest. No problems.
-- it's definitely cleaner and it doesn't smell. The device cleans itself and the hose outlet. Gloves are preferred but it's a neat enough operation that you can do it without if you have to.
-- get a "water thief" and bring an adjustable wrench. Someday you'll need these to deal with a water supply that doesn't have a convenient hose bib to attach to your Sewer Solution.
-- it stores well in the bumper compartment.

But I keep my electrical line and fresh water hoses in a separate compartment! The bumper compartment on my trailer is ONLY for sewer and graywater hoses.

- RL
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Second the comments on the Sewer Solutions

As rluhr stated, the Sewer Solution DOES work. I can also say that it pumps pretty well. Our "at home" dump is about 45' from the nearest point that I can place the trailer. I have a 6 of the 10' extension sections for the Sewer Solutions so I just hook up 5 of them. The dump inlet is also several inches uphill, but the Sewer Solutions has NO issues. It takes about a gallon of fresh water for every 2 gallons black/gray pumped out. As mentioned, it is NOT as fast, but that is a small matter when compared to the convenience and cleanliness of the Sewer Solution. We also like the look of the Sewer Solution vs those 3" slinky hoses (looks like we just have a gray water hose hooked up). We also use the single ply Scotts tissue as it breaks up easily.

As for chemicals we use Odor-Con, which is a completely different chemistry. It is based on Chlorine Dioxide and is complete free of perfumes. The chlorine dioxide is a stable molecule that remains locked together until any acids (odors are acidic) are present. Then the chlorine dioxide starts breaking down. The Chlorine neutralizes the odors and the free oxygen attacks that solids. You only use 1/2 oz per holding tank fill and our experience is that it TOTALLY works (we have NEVER had any odors). Odor-Con can be ordered from They also sell a less concentrated version (Purogen) that is EPA & FDA approved for drinking water sanitation and I use that to keep my fresh water tank fresh and clean.
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I've posted this before, but be careful w/ the sewer solution if you have an older trailer sans grey tank. The delay effect that the others mentioned will cause sewage to backup into your shower. yeah, it "pumps", and even with that helping things along, there's still a restriction on the exiting material that is greater than the force required to push it up into the shower pan.

also, keep in mind, some dump stations don't have a water supply at all, nevermind one with a threaded tap. In that situation, the SS is useless.

If you have a grey tank, you're all set, though. just keep the grey tank valve closed while dumping the black, and you'll be all set. even if you don't keep the grey valve closed, its no big deal if a little poopy water gets into the grey tank. Probably not an issue, anyway, since most people dump black first, THEN grey to clean out the hose.

BTW: Rich wins the prize for the biggest grey tank retrofitted to the smallest trailer. The thing is huge! 35 gallons, right?
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Monster gray tank

Yep, that's right. (The physical size is 48x24x7 = 8064 cu. inches = 34.9 US gallons.) It's slung beneath the axle and carried by angle irons that are bolted to the frame. Ground clearance is 7".

We have NEVER run out of gray tank capacity!

-- RL

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