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Well- I received the S.S. yesterday from T.T.- & the funny thing was that Airstreamcaraval & Silvertwinkie were both coming to Mi Casa to look at my A.S.. Dave knows his stuff & just the small spot he polished with the Nuvite looks AWESOME! Really , no words can give the work Dave did in a short time justice. The S.S. arrived & Dave tried it but I Also tried it & I think it's O'kay- but does leave scratches & swirls where the Nuvite is a better quality. I'm new to this stuff- but thats my opinion. Okay stuff but there is better out there. T.T. thank you for letting me try the product.

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Thanks guys-

Sorry for wasting your time.
All I hear on this board is guys taking weeks of work to shine up a trailer. All I buy is old oxidized trailers and I get them done in a period of about 8-12 hours. Not by hand- never said that- with a buffer, and I'm trying to get an Airmark polisher soon.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and when I said you were funny, it was meant well- I had a dream last week that I had to polish my whole trailer with a Dremel tool...

If anyone had done exactly as I do- HS buffer, and a 3M coarse wool pad, and strip the pad with a spur every app, I can't imagine why it would be a different result- guess I'm lucky.

My opinion of a Cyclo hasn't changed- its a joke, and I don't want to go over my trailers in any 4 step process- and the Cyclo leaves as much swirling as my buffer does with the softer wool pads- more than the foam.

This thread has taken a bad turn- I guess its my fault, and the mods can delete it for the forums sake. Please do so- I don't need the negativity of being associated with a lie.
Again- sorry...

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Re: Thanks guys-

Originally posted by trailertrash
Sorry for wasting your time.
No apologies needed. I'm still interested in this product and, still confused in the method of polishing that you use, as opposed to this 4 step method I keep hearng about with Nuvite. Being new to all of this, I'm just trying to get a better understanding.
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You guys still haven't tried it like Trailer Trash said, right? Have you used the polisher? Why not solve this once and for all. Go get the 3M pad and do it like he says. If it works good if it doesn't oh well.
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I would say it is a matter of not understanding the process more so than a lie.

Moderator hat on:

If TT wants the thread deleted as a whole due to his not wanting to be associated with something that would tarnish his image, I can do so. But after re-reading the thread I do not see where it is more than a lively discussion of a product that one member has found to be a better way.

Moderator hat off:

From an eariler TT post:
In MOST cases, I've found that it works best, and I use it with different pads- 3M coarse wool on poor skin, 3M yellow pad- which is much less abrasive- to get swirls out after I'm done, foam pads on high shined surfaces that I've gotten to the point where the swirls are almost gone, but very light buffing will brighten it even further.
I have a trailer now that was so badly pitted that I have to use a green 3M scotchbrite pad, and remove the very top layer, like wet sending a cars paint.

Where can we source these so the product can be tried as you have found it to work so well? Do you use the product with the pads? (my polishing ignorance is showing, this is why I have Argosy's)
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How can a polish tarnish his image?

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Can't we all just get along.

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Thumbs up Keep the thread

I vote we keep it.TT has put forth what works for him.How many trailers have YOU polished?I can't even finish one!
There's more ways than one to skin a cat-or is that 'polish a skin"?
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Keep it

I say keep it too. That Was a fun thread lots of spirit. Not to mention useful info.
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I have the original instructions....

on polishing our '62. Written by Airstream, too boot! Dupont's No. 7 (now Turtle Wax No. 7) polishing compound is the recommended product. Application is to rub "with" the grain of the aluminum. I did this best part of 12 yrs. ago, and yes, am ready to go at it again. Last time took 8 cans of polish for 26 foot of TT, but when done I could see my reflection perfectly at 6+ feet. The composition of metals "then and now" have alot to do with the final outcome.

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I've used about everything I run across- I'll buy almost anything and will try it- and thats how I found this stuff- actually a guy gave me a bottle that was past its normal shelf life, he was at a Harley rally, and when I told him I did 'Streams he handed me the stuff. I used it on an old bike I had and was shocked, and then did a test spot on a weathered A/S and was surprised again.
I've instructed on how I use it and get easy and very nice results- in what sounds like 10-20% the time most others talk about polishing theirs. Its not magic- its not like poof! and its shiny, it takes work, but I have 98% humidity here, and 95F, and I want it done and quickly- got something better? I'm interested! I'll try it!
This stuff is really cheap, it goes a long way, and I'm still looking for something that works better- even if it costs me $100 in materials to do a trailer, as opposed to $7- my time is worth it and I'm tired of cranking on it out in the heat!
I tried Nuvite, and a cyclo, and for me its not easy and I can't understand why people use it. I do understand the value of the Airmark! And I want one.
3M pads are available at any marine store, and at or go to 3M's site and search for a dealer close by- all body shop suppliers will have the full line- including Finesse and Perfect it and the foam pads for swirl removal.
If you want to polish your trailer by hand or try products by hand- I have no idea how long or how well its gonna work- I use a machine, and when I need exercise I go to a gym or swim a mile or more in the ocean- not mess with polishing.
I don't want to ruin the thread- or cause it to be deleted- BUT: A) I'm not a liar. B) I explained how to use it. C)I sent it out for trial FREE. D) I have no profit worked into it. E) I only wanted to help people get their trailers polished easier- I'll never forget a year ago, one guy put on here how he spent all day and had a corner of his cap- like 3 skins- polished. If someone who is so sold on Nuvite tries it and rubs it by hand and gives me grief about it not working- what should I say- I gave instructions on how I use it to get the results that I get, and these folks are hand buffing a trailer?
You guys can decide. Swabbie still hasn't replied- hopefully he'll use a machine and a 3M pad, and we should hear from him soon...
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My post wasn't meant to knock, "tt"

just to inform on another way of polishing, (a very old way). I will however mention this, you posted several times you have done 10 AS's with SS. Do you have pic's? If not can you get them? A few 35mm shots, take it to Wally World or the like and have them put on disc so you can post on the cyber world. It's not that expensive, 6-8 bucks, and you can show your work off! Look for mine, the new Dometic arrives tomorrow and insallation will be photographed!

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s.s. again

Just because I can be dense sometimes, Please repost these "machines" that you just happen to get your favored results with TT, if you would.
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I use a high speed buffer/grinder- and I use it on low speed- around 3 out of 6, but vary it slightly depending on how the metal reacts- gotta watch the heat, and avoid a warped skin...
You can buy these things from $50 at Harbor Freight- its a cheap chink model but it'll last ya a couple years under normal use.
I said I have 10 trailers, not 10 done- they're all over the country and 1 is on its way to France right now- the rest are soon to follow. My FC is 90% complete, and my Spartan is about 70% done, but rather than bust ass on polishing all of them before they go on boats, I decided its just gonna get worse on the ships, and wait til I have them in europe and use the Airmark. I did my overlander last year- finished it with an Italian product called Stoppani- which I would have to say works as well as any I've used- and its in a can like the Turtle wax you were talking about, and I smeared it on with a paint brush and buffed it off- its $16 for a can here in the USA though, and I have to say its as easy to use as SS- great results fast, and it wasn't very abrasive. The first 2/3's of thetrailer were done with SS, but I ran out and was in St. Tropez. Had to use this Stoppani, and was glad I did...
I don't know how to get a pic of my FC from my iPhoto on my MAC onto your site- if someone can tell me how- I'll be happy to try it.... Peace.

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