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Ed, are you keeping track of the number of hours?

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Try Spec in Canada-

I had to call Airmark 3 times once to get through, and Spec was easier to get on the phone, plus he's a walking encyclopedia on polishing- I think he's done it more than once or twice. I spoke with Paul there.

Their equipment is more expensive, but still less than the hour investment on the first polish, the cyclo, the nuvite. He suggested some polish called Matchless for the first pass with a drum and Rolite for the finish, but admitted that its all made from rouge, and that it CAN be done at home to whatever your needs are with rouge bars and mineral spirits.

All this "I did it and you didn't" talk is jibberish. I see someone doing it on a regular basis, and they say that the way that you did it ONCE is usually enough to wear you out from ever doing it again.
I'm looking at what you posted over a marathon of polishing ONE trailer, compared to what others are doing in less than a week. The hour count is roughly 15 to 20% of what it took you- do you have such a closed mind that you want others to follow you into the same thing at their expense by not admitting that the other systems are faster and work as well- in the drum polishers case, better?

I can say that I feel confident that you spent more time posting about your one polishing job, than these other folks are taking to polish a trailer. I certainly hope you have more in your life to be proud of than just that...

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Actually this is just the project I have going on now. In regards to a closed mind ive tried rouge, many types of polish, Different tools. I think ive posted less about the progress of my trailer, then the posts made by you with no progress.
I have not kept count of my time working on my trailer. As it really doesnt matter. I do know that ive put in many thousands of dollars into the interior. And have much more time so far working inside. But it doesnt really matter how much money or time its taken. Im more concerned with the results.
Actually polishing is a whole different deal than reading about it.. Also doing the whole trailer is way different than doing a small test area.
Maybe if you start polishing you will post some results of the progress it takes a few minutes and doesnt take it up your whole life... And why wouldnt I want to post my progress on here.. Isnt that part of what this site is about??? Does a few pictures mean this is all I have going on in my life.. I think not. but it is nice to take an airstream that is in pretty poor shape and make it really nice. Also now that ive gotten so far I dont see a need to by an airmark tool. If I were you though I would by one. As the buffer and rouge method is only going to save you money.. but its going to be alot of hard work...I know because I tried it. You will see what I mean if you ever get out there and get to work..
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This exchange is another reason why I'll never polish again. Try as you might, you'll never get it perfect
Just when you think you've done the best job possible, along comes another guy/gal with a better job, sending you back to the garage to pick up your Cyclo and hit it again
Polishing an Airstream should be about self satisfaction, not a contest.
Polished, painted or trailer trashy, they're all good.

May you camp where wind won’t hit you, where snakes won’t bite and bears won’t git you.

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Originally Posted by Ed Starman
Tim.. It would be a total waste of time to talk about it or think about it..hehehe... last time I ordered nuvite I asked to send along the polishing genie.. but all I got was my polish... I guess there is no magic way..But I will be blinding people while others are still talking about it heheheh
Thanks for your encouragement..
Hey Ed,

It looks to me like you are a happy guy having fun. That is a pleasure to see.

I polished my last trailer, a 66 Caravel. What a satisfying feeling it was to step back and appreciate the results of that labor of love. I really enjoyed every minute of the process. Yes, it was challenging sometimes, but all recreational.

That's why I own an Airstream. It's a hobby that gives me pleasure.

I enjoy traveling with my trailer, and I like tinkering with it. It is a win-win situation!

By the way, Jim Weston (Airmark) is a good man. I was going to stop in Tulsa and have him take a look at my GT on my way to LA, but I couldn't get in touch with him. He knows his stuff for sure.

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That was not directed at you. I appreciate that you brought out the truth that what you're using is not easy- it simply goes along with what I say I've found to be true- even though I've yet to start mine and have no idea when I will, there are many way to do this that produce equal or better results in less than a quarter the time...

You were looking for a viable option, so closed minded is not what I'd call you, as your initial post reflects that you are searching for something better. Those who beat the nuvite/cyclo/krishna-krishna drum and expect all to follow without challenging it should prepare for a revolt of the lemmings. Its not going to make sense to anyone who looks at it objectively. Your question about the Airmark was a good one and my guess is that if the cyclo is killing you, the next time you decide to polish, the Airmark or Spec will be strongly considered- especially with the breakdown in man hours vs. paying yourself $20 an hour. That coupled with the swirl free finish is well worth serious thought to the question you brought up.

I also have a friend who had a 1970 Overlander- it was a double bed model with the 2 closets opposing. Its a great layout and I liked that it was about the last year of a "real" interior.

I know its killing you, but its coming out nice...
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Thanks for your last post travel cloud...Ive switched from a light drill to the milwaukee variable speed buffer. Thats the tool that hurts after a while. The oxidation on my skins are a real bear to get out. But in regards to the cyclo for getting swirls out. That tool is lightweight and can be held with 1 hand. I have found that when its used correctly it really works well. With barely any user fatigue. It really makes the skin look great after its final pass. Im doing 2 passes with the cyclo. Just not quite done getting all the heavy stuff off yet. From what everyone says were going to have to re-polish once or twice a year to keep it looking good. If that means only using the cyclo then I would have no problem doing that. But if the heavy oxidation comes back and needs heavy buffing I will definitly get an airmark. It would make sense to me if it needed to be used at least once a year. In regards to the cost of fixing up my trailer. Im not keeping track. I know ive spent alot of money and alot of time. but much much more on the interior so far. Id rather not know.. but I am really looking forward to enjoying it when I get to use it for its intended purpose.
I recieved my aluminum lp tanks yesterday. I took them to the polishing shop. Its going to look real sharp. I talked to these guys who polish things for a living. they use nothing but rouge but they dont airstreams (and they wont, I asked lol) They do car parts and such. they did my sink and cooktop and they have a mirror finish on them....shiny on the inside and the outside.
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Do us a favor Ed-

Ask those guys about what I've said regarding wet sanding. Its accepted everywhere else but here, because "nuvute says not to" is not an excuse to discount it as a widely used option. They may refer to it as emery paper.

What I've found, and again, I OPENLY ADMIT THAT I HAVE NOT DONE IT YET, but the pro polishers at the airport here are using wet sand paper to clear the skin of any oxidation and bring the surface clean, smooth and ready for polishing. I was told that this is so the final luster is bright, as neglecting to do this step will not give as much depth. The warning was that swirling the surface with an abrasive compound was NOT recommended, as it creates multi directional scratches that take many more hours to remove. The horizontal only scratches supposedly come right off with one pass of the green rouge compound, and thats what I saw- but I only saw it- I DID NOT DO IT MYSELF. Still doesn't mean that I'm blind, or stupid.

If you've used this system and say that its killing you, perhaps you'll agree that it was making these marks and thats what is taking so long.

I also can see where its not sensible to buy an Airmark or Spec for repeating your process for upkeep, I was saying for an initial polishing on your next trailer- if you get one. I'd think though that you could try another less expensive product. I know that the white rouge is probably what the finer grade is made of and for a couple bucks you can make your own, rather than the $50 for each tub of ?...

Also, the drill your using is for ease and weight- and I don't know if you've seen it yet- but Flitz has a Polishing Ball, which is like a soft barrel polisher that fits on a drill and leaves no swirls. Its re-usable and can be washed. I would think that it could replace the cyclo in most final passes, and you can buy 20 of them for the cost of a cyclo. Has to work as well and probably faster. I also see that Flitz has low or no abrasive, and is much less money than the other pumped products.

You also said at one point that you were having trouble getting the residue off, and one post said something about Varsol- maybe that works well for you in the case you need. I was also told to try flour or corn meal- flour being the softer of the 2, and its crubs the residue off and they say it leaves it brighter.

Did your interior have wood inside? I think was a transformation from wood to plastic year for Airstream- my friends had wood, but the 1971's were mostly plastic and then the all plastic and metal came out. Wouldn't have one myself.
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Have a look at this:
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Ok - the only reason I'm excited is that I just went to Les Schwab today and bought a bottle of "heavy metal red" today. What a coincidece! I'll be using it tomorrow, and will test it vs. the 3m stuff I'm using. Caviat - the 3m is medium grit, the heavy metal is course grit so I guess it's not a totally fair test. The reality is that I knew that I still have some heavy stuff to cut, and the 3m worked well on some not too oxidized areas. I was hoping to cut with the HM and smooth with the 3m.

I also bought a new digital camera last night online. I hope to get it this week to post pics.
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Originally Posted by Bambi's Dad
Per Rikki: "The Testing Ground: 1964 Bambi II / 17 footer. Stripped and cleaned."

Yo Rikki!
I think you polished the wrong trailer, dude.
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Atta boy!

Originally Posted by Bambi's Dad
Thanks for sharing your results Rikki! I'm almost sorry we're done compounding...not!

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Nice work-

And I appreciate your honesty about not wanting the HM to win- the integrity of your test is upheld!

Questions- what color was the HM to start with?- I only see the wiped on piece where it started turning black immediately- a good sign.

Do you have a cost comparison for the 3 and source for the HM? I'm sure all 3 are rouge based, and if the HM works that well and is affordable, easily obtained, and readily available, sure would be easier than grounding and mixing rouge.

The fact that its wetter is possibly because of the ratio of mineral spirits(or other carrier fluid) to rouge powder. Experimenting with an added powder- possibly even flour- may assist in acheiving a more workable consistency for your taste.

Now maybe people understand why I'm waiting until I have more facts before I rush into my job- if the HM is priced more like the rest of the polishes available and not caviar, I'll probably use it- at this point. Something else shows up from these challenges, and I'll be looking at that.

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Polish is in

I have my polish in, my cotton diapers from Walmart, and the buffing pads ready to go. The Caravel gets the oxy cleaned and the polishing begins! I'll post pictures as I go.


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