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Performance and gas mpg chip

I have a 2014 Silverado LT 1500. Has anyone researched and or installed a computer chip to enhance the performance and gas mileage on their truck. BTW, if anyone cares to share their gas mpg, Airstream weight and mileage, it might make an interesting read! BTW, I get 12.5 mpg pulling 8400# GW on average.

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Steve "Centennial Man"
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These guys are the gold standard in performance tuning:

They can do about anything you want and send you the tune. I had a 2012 Silverado 5.3 that I had tuned for more power and better shifting. It helped a lot with my trailer, especially on cruise control. I did not care about fuel mileage with the crummy 26 gal tank. You can study their web site and discuss what you are really wanting.
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Some folks in the past (pre-DEF fluid) modified their turbo diesels for better power and milage while improving the longevity. Among the many things that were necessary were computer mods called "tunes". Many of those vendors were phased out with the implementation of the "DEF" fluid. The "DEF" debacle that has ensued has been challenging for both large and small diesel engines if one talks with the repair shops along the interstates and not the factory spin.
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I still have one of those magic gas chips some where in the garage. If you really want to throw the money away - throw it to me

They don't do anything but take your money - throw off you computer settings and make you believe in fairy tails. If you want your truck to run better keep on top of the maintenance...

If you're really really chomping at the bit for the magic, let me know and I will see if I can find it and send it to you for half price ($50.00 US) PS I paid $100.00US for it back in the day, and they included a window decal that said manufactured by sucker maker inc.

That's just my humble opinion but it's a free country and we are all intitled to make our own choices
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I have a Toyota Tacoma 2017 V6. With a 16RB Bambi my mileage varies between 8 to 12. Very disappointed with the MPG and Toyota. Interesting that both Ford and Chevy V8ís achieve equal or better MPG in a full size pickup truck vs the Mid size V6 Tacoma. Other than the MPG I do like the Tacoma.
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We added this
To our highlander and it works great.

Used to chuga chuga over ashland on i5 and cabbage hill on i84 out of pendleton. Now not the first up but not the last. No mpg but certainly hp/tor. They advertised 18% hp and 10% torque. Not been on a dyno but would be happy with half that. Gives us that extra bit of umph.

Works great for us. As to others, as i learned in my business law class long warranties, expressed or implied!

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If you live in a state that requires yearly emissions testing .... be careful with these chips.

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Got in my 2015 Sierra 2500HD yesterday to drive into town and the DIC displayed the message "Service DEF fluid system" with something like 100 miles before speed limited to 65 MPH. Truck has right @ 38,000 miles on it. Reading posts on GM sites, sounds like a bad NOx sensor. Called Chevy dealer and service rep said "they have seen some issues with the DEF system" - PITA.
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If you’re pulling 8400lbs and getting 12.5 mpg out of a gas motor , i think that’s impressive.
I averaged 15.4 over 8,000 miles towing a 25’ Excella. About 6300 lbs. Driving a 2016 Ram Ecodiesel.
I’ve been considering a gas motor and after reading your stock mpg , it sounds good.
Also , my one experience with a chip on a 5.9 Cummins was, save your money. All it did was make my onboard mpg readout lie more than normal.
Your money.........
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What is the DEF debacle? I have a diesel truck put in DEF as needed, drove 60k miles in last 2 years. I follow the maintenance schedule, address alerts that come up on screen. Lots of power pulls my 10000 pound AS with out a problem. 14mpg towing 20 mpg not towing. When I went to a car wash alert came on that said water in fuel filter called my service guru who said go get filters changed. They showed me how to loosen filter and drain out contaminated fuel, it was coming up on fuel filters changing time so we changed them. I keep waiting for debacle to show up but so far I just love my DEF/ diesel truck. So something I should be aware of or look for ??
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I have a 2019 F-350 Limited DRW 6.7L Turbo Diesel (DEF) used only for towing my 2019 30' Classic. After 5000 miles of towing, usually set with adaptive cruise control on, the computer reads that I am getting 11.9 miles a gallon.
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In a previous life, I was a tuner. Specialized in tuning Lexus naturally aspirated cars, and those modified with turbos and superchargers. Several Lexus models used the same architecture and family of motors related to the Toyota Supra. Beastly things under sheeps clothing.

My personal Porches 911 Turbo is also tuned by myself, with a mild 700hp.

All to say that I'm qualified a bit to comment on this.

Tuners all generally tune the balance of power, combustion temperature, knock, reliability, and by tweaking air/fuel and timing. Unless there's breathing modifications (i.e. intake, cams, exhaust, etc.) or fuel octane changes, tuning often involves using the margin of safety built into the engine calibration.

That's to say there's generally no free lunch.

More power and less fuel consumption usually comes from leaning out the fuel mixture. Another strategy is to increase the timing advance. Both use engineering safety margin by running the motor hotter, or with more stress by increasing combustion pressures.

Put a large constant load like towing on the motor, and it's not a great recipe for longevity in my opinion.

Can it be done, yes. Long term successfully, yes. In stressful conditions and potentially with bad gas, and things could go south.

One strategy I do like is increasing timing with use of higher octane fuel. It is a good strategy if one doesn't mind paying more at the pump for more performance.

Originally Posted by Tad Zelski View Post
I have a Toyota Tacoma 2017 V6. With a 16RB Bambi my mileage varies between 8 to 12. Very disappointed with the MPG and Toyota. Interesting that both Ford and Chevy V8’s achieve equal or better MPG in a full size pickup truck vs the Mid size V6 Tacoma. Other than the MPG I do like the Tacoma.
This is because relatively smaller engines are optimized for lower nominal power (HP) ranges. Towing involves using a higher power region of the engines maps. Requiring the engine to run richer (more fuel per unit of power made) to make the necessary HP to tow a trailer.

Larger engines, and vehicles built primarily for work expect to output more HP. Their designs allow fueling maps in those power regions to use more stoich/optimal air fuel ratios.
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We just completed a 4500 mile trip with 2018 Silverado with 5.3, 3.73 gears and 6 speed automatic. We were pulling our 28 ft international which is just under 7000lbs. Overall fuel mileage was 12.7 mpg. The trip was from Phoenix to the northern tip of Idaho, then across Montana, down thru Utah and back to Phoenix. I can live with 12.5 for a gas engine.
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I have a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 it the 5.3V8. We pull a 1966 26'Overlander. It does an adequate job and before adding the "tune" we consistently got close to 11 mpg towing while driving close to 65 when I could. I also added a cat-back larger exhaust which helped a little.

I bought a Superchips tuner. With the "Tow" mode we must use premium fuel but the performance difference was well worth it. On a trip up the west coast this spring and over to Vancouver Island and back we averaged 12mpg but the performance difference was what I noticed (and enjoyed) the most. Before, when on cruise, on a flat interstate, it would always shift down on an overpass such as an RR track. Now it cruised right over.

The "mileage mode" helped some but I am disappointed with the performance loss. Not worth it in my estimation. Hope this helps.
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10.5 to 11.0 mpg . 2012 Ram 1500 crew 4x4 5.7 L , 3.92 rear end pulling up and down the Rockies in western Canada
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Interesting...So I went on line and checked out these companies that send you tuners to stick into your diagnostic port on the pickup. The cost as I remember was around $400. Most of them seemed to be geared toward increasing performance (HP and Torque). TFL truck did an experiment and it definitely works. My big question is would it be good for the truck. Also how much extra mpg’s can you really squeeze out for that initial investment? Also I think the car manufacturers would definitely use anything they could to get more mileage due to EPA regs. My guess is with an increase in mpg’s may come a decrease in performance and vice versa. That would be my concern. I’m not saying there isn’t a way to increase mpg’s. I wonder about the cost vs. benefit.
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GM 2018 Denali gas 4x4 we get 10-12 if you keep on cruise @65
didn't go diesel figured the price difference could buy a lot of gas
truck just has never seen a gas station it didn't like
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Originally Posted by Tad Zelski View Post
I have a Toyota Tacoma 2017 V6. With a 16RB Bambi my mileage varies between 8 to 12. Very disappointed with the MPG and Toyota. Interesting that both Ford and Chevy V8ís achieve equal or better MPG in a full size pickup truck vs the Mid size V6 Tacoma. Other than the MPG I do like the Tacoma.
I pull a flying cloud rear twin with a 2007 Tacoma v 6 mileage average 13 to mpg including mountains. Also a 2019 Chevy small block 1500 just completed 10554 mile trip 14 mpg
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18.5 mpg towing our 1964 Airstream Sovereign 30'. 2004 Dodge 2500 w/ 5.9 Cummins Diesel. :-)

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