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Back from the dead (for a day maybe)

I've seen the light i've seen the light.

My car is for sale (not that anyone is going to buy it) because I can't justify the two grand i will need to pour into it to make it tow safely. I have also quit driving (my current tank of gas cost me $3.40 a gallon and is above 3/4 full) so fuel economy is not a concern in my only vehicle.

The replacement will be a period pick up and i am leaning towards the Chevy C-10 step side or a first generation K5 blazer. I'm not married to either of these, but thats just where I am looking currently. (the C-10 is much easier to find in good running condition for little to no money)

I have also been over intimidated by the plumbing and flooring process. I talked to Steve at Pands Trailer Service and they will be throwing in Polyboard and a new belly pan and plumbing.

I got my second piece of vintage flair for the finished project today. I work for the most fantastic jewish man downtown in a vintage shop and he threw a gorgeous old robins egg blue eskimo my way today (it can be wall mounted.) I also purchased a 2015 Marantz tuner/reciever from the mid 70's - It only has 15 watts per chanel but thats more than my 140 sq ft. could ever need (its also from back when saying a reciever was a certain wattage meant something.)

Lastly I made friends with a man who has a bunch of late model inverters from his AC repair company. He was willing to part with a couple of them (I would obviously only need one) and the prices were good.

Anyway - Theme is - I'm about to graduate and am completely distracted from working on the airstream 90% of the time, but it is still a very important project to me. I have every intention of moving into it by this fall (whether it is complete or not) and . . . yeah . . . you guys rock.

oh - and my girlfriend left me - but whatever. I'm going home to win her back . . . or live in my moms basement . . . or both - mid june.

The updates will continue to come as things happen - I haven't forgotten about Bahbu - and will be back soon - hopefully full throtle.

Much Love


P.S. - Vintage Gadget Porn


- I am sorry that my train of thought is so hard to board

1988 C20 Suburban 454
1967 Safari 22' (like a fish)
"genius, talent, and luck have very little to do with success. The Successful all have one thing in common - persistance"
- Melon
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1967 22' Safari
Auburn , Alabama
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P.P.S. - I'm no longer lofting the bed - but I have a fantastic (in my mind) storage solution that I will share with you once I find my sketches (and make sure that they would make sense to anyone other than me.

- I am sorry that my train of thought is so hard to board

1988 C20 Suburban 454
1967 Safari 22' (like a fish)
"genius, talent, and luck have very little to do with success. The Successful all have one thing in common - persistance"
- Melon
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Good to see you are still at it. Keep those great ideas comming... but make sure you run them past the folks on the forum so we can make sure you're not about to nearly kill yourself again :-)

Cool finds... you've got the right idea on the vintage stuff.

HERE is a blog for you to check out regarding a great vintage trailer/tow vehicle set-up. You may also want to drop Brad a line... I'm sure you two have some things in common.

Continued Good Luck!
Steve & the crew
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Have at it...

Hi Cursh,

I just caught sight of this thread and had to laugh at the firestorm of comments. I hope you have a great time with your trailer. It is really a cool design problem to work through. We had a great time doing ours. And the fun isn't over yet

If you are able to get it into great towing shape (brakes, hitch, tires, brake controller, etc) you'll be able to bring it with you even before you've realized your interior vision.

At the last rally we went to outside of Portland, at least one or two people were sleeping in a pretty empty trailer in an Aerobed. It made for a pretty great tent while they worked through the interior projects.

Enjoy. I'll start watching this thread more closely and look forward to seeing you have a great time with this. Love all the creative thinking you've done so far.
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Originally Posted by Arteacherz
...a teacup of urine,
Originally Posted by 2airishuman
...there are incineration units that fry poop!
Ye gods, how long are you people boondocking for, anyhow?

As for ByamCaravanner's comment, you betcha - we do have a lot in common. I'm kind of "the Cursh of Christmas Future" in that I gave up on some of the more grand ideas I started out with on our first trailer, but still a risk taker to a degree.

On the vintage tow/trailer combo, I'll say that a lot of research went into making the decision on this vintage Jeep and GlobeTrotter matchup, including reaching out to people who've already done it. It paid off, too: they're well suited to each other, and when you factor in that I stayed in the right lane at 55 mph, I still got from North Carolina to Chicago in a day without a drop of sweat on my brow.

Keep up the creative thinking - you'll land on the right thing to do with each step. You're already way ahead of the game by talking with the people on this board, and as long as you heed their advice, both warnings and encouragement, you'll be fine.

Speaking of good advice from AIRforums, I finally got off my butt this past week and became a Supporting Member for the first time. Thanks to all of you who make it worth visiting.
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Cursh, Love the old marantz, I had a 2216 back in the day with some RTR 3 ways. Robert
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Originally Posted by Cursh

I also purchased a 2015 Marantz tuner/reciever from the mid 70's - It only has 15 watts per chanel but thats more than my 140 sq ft. could ever need (its also from back when saying a reciever was a certain wattage meant something.)


I have a Marantz in my basement that is so classic it is still monoral. Very high fidelity though. Actually the tuner and the amp are sepepate units and both have vacuum tubes. I know what you mean about the wattage really meaning something too.

Only he who attempts the ridiculous can achieve the impossble.
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Minor/major update.

So I made a ridiculous craigslist ad to sell my car . . . it got national coverage (showed up on autoblog and a handful of forums)

in the end though and old friend of mine traded keys with me for his 1988 Land Cruiser . . .

Her name is Cinderella and she is boss enough to replace the audi.

And . . . . she tows (you betcha)

in hindsight I should have flipped that hitch drop over to make it a 1" hitch riser so that she would have been sitting pretty with 'Bahbu' scampering along all level like behind her, but it was really hard to make all this happen with a hydrolic toyota jack and a bunch of jack stands (see first post where the trailer decided it needed some personal space)

Anyway - It was a reletively uneventful trip except for the fact that I have never in my life owned an automatic transmission before and have no concept of how to tow with one. After about 50 min of driving a long in overdrive the transmission started to over heat and burned a soft ball sized hole in the back of my rear bench seat. (it was folded down to hold all of the Airstream Goodies that were just too good to throw away)

Since 3 of the four vehicles that I have owned in the tenure of my drivers license have had instances involving fire and seats I figured this was just me breaking in Cinderella, and I am now proud to call myself her owner. (as I'm sure Anthony would not take the thing back considering how much he is enjoying driving the audi around these days . . . and that massive hole in the back seat.)

ANYway - post me calling a friend and asking him the how to of towing with an auto I dropped Cinderella into 3rd and hauled Bahbu up to toledo at a cool 45-55 mph.

He is now sitting in what looks like airstream heaven at P&S Trailer Service where he will be recieving a floor and a belly pan - after which I will be towing him to my home town in Alabama for the remainder of the project (yeah right)

The duration of the work however has put me in a unique position where I have no means to get all of my nifty stuff home (I don't own much, but I know I love you [its more than will comfortably fit into an 88 land cruiser]) and I don't really feel like moving it all for two weeks (as my lease is up)

Solution? Ride my bike from ohio to Alabama. Ship a couple sets of undies and socks home and greyhound back up once the trailer is done.

no time stress in case the job takes longer than originally planned - no stress finding a place to live.

Anyway - thats all for now - I've done one or two boss sketches of what I hope the interior will look like, but those will have to wait as I just got in from a training ride and am about ready to pass out.

Until next time - much love - keep on streamin'

- I am sorry that my train of thought is so hard to board

1988 C20 Suburban 454
1967 Safari 22' (like a fish)
"genius, talent, and luck have very little to do with success. The Successful all have one thing in common - persistance"
- Melon
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Ben, Thanks for all the pix and updates. The new tow vehicle looks very substancial. I am sure you will be pleased with the high quality work that P & S does.
Kevin with Baity the Lab/Pointer
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visit my restoration blog at:
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I just found this thread and in its own way, it's very entertaining. I'm trying not to sound like some old guy, but I am an old guy. I used to do things the same way long ago, made a lot of mistakes, somehow survived and killed no one, and learned from them, most of the time. One of the things to learn is to make fewer mistakes and to do that, you have to screw up things and then understand the process of how you screw up things so you change your process and eventually don't screw up things as much.

I love Cursh's active and creative mind. It will serve him well and he does listen to suggestions, perhaps more than I used to.

Now, Cursh, that wood stove and living off the grid for a long time, possibly when society crumbles. Have you ever had a wood stove? They are dirty and in a small area, the ashes and small pieces of wood will be everywhere. You will need to cut wood or buy it. Since there will be no gasoline, a chain saw won't help. Prepare to cut wood manually. If you keep moving, wood is very heavy, you can't take much along with you. And a wood stove is very heavy too. It seems to me a wood stove works best in a house (or cave). The particulates that come out of the chimney will get your solar panel dirty pretty fast too.

If your transmission overheated so badly to burn a hole in the rear seat, it wasn't "starting to overheat", it was in emergency mode. I'm no professional mechanic, but it seems to me you have two problems—the engine and the transmission. If the engine can't pull such a light trailer in flat Ohio in overdrive, don't ever go uphill. Toyota 20 years ago made some pretty wimpy, though very reliable engines. The engine may need a tuneup or an overhaul. I wonder if the transmission has been damaged by overheating so badly. I would have a mechanic look this truck over and also install an aftermarket transmission temp gauge and possibly an oil cooler for the transmission. Oh, I have never seen a transmission, even with the transfer case, so long that it extends under the back seat, close maybe, but not under it and so hot it would burn through the entire seat. Are you sure the catalytic converter heat shield is still where it's supposed to be?

And some more about the collapse of society. First get the Mad Max movies for ideas about what you'll really need, throw in The Postman and Waterworld for fun (there are scores of post-Apocalypse moves and novels to research). I don't think an Airstream is what will best serve you in that case. A fortress, a reliable well, space to grow lots food and store it, wind and solar generators with lots of spare parts, machine shop, a library of how to fix things, a forge, a forest to supply wood for energy, lots of weapons and ammo, etc. Also a lot of knowledge of what plants you can live on and which ones will kill you. Perhaps several girlfriends with lots of farming, canning and mechanical skills.

Cursh, keep experimenting! Please don't get yourself hurt or anyone else.

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P&S is a little pricey but they do good work. I was there looking at a Airstream and they had a pretty hefty price on it. Werent giving me anything for mine on trade so I kept on going
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Possibly the cat heat shield. actually now that you mention it, thats where the exhaust is. Deal was it stopped singing my seat once the AT oil light cut out.

This truck is running rich and is getting tuned up before it makes it back up to pick up the airstream (currently throwing an 02 sensor code and running rich - I hope to get a much stronger truck back once thats dealt with)

As far as the transmission cooler - something I had always planned on needing, but didn't imagine that the empty trailer would demand one like it did a few weeks ago.

Sooting up the PV panels is something that I hadn't thought of at all. I'll have to look into ways around that. - JCFurgison on this site has both a woodstove and a PV panel, and says that a single log will keep his airstream liveable for about 24 hours. - This paired with my disdain for winter should keep me from having any problems chopping enough wood to keep me alive through the winter months (as I will most likely be drawn to an area with mild winters).

Your concerns about my well being post the melt down of society are quite valid. I have had many late night discussions on long road trips with friends about the best case scenario for our survival. We have decided that foraging and encouraging the growth of fruit bearing fauna would be the best bet. If society were to completely break down, having nothing of any visible worth would obviously be the best way to survive against the more violent types.

My current life plan is to save up enough money to buy some land - Subsistence farm and in the case of the "end" get as many of my handy friends as possible to start a communist collective on my already food yielding property. as far as multiple girlfriends are concerned, I've always said that I can have any women I please, I just can't please many women.

I'll stick with one woman for the time being, maybe in the face of a drastically changing world, my view on that situation will change. =)
- I am sorry that my train of thought is so hard to board

1988 C20 Suburban 454
1967 Safari 22' (like a fish)
"genius, talent, and luck have very little to do with success. The Successful all have one thing in common - persistance"
- Melon
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Common man, how much weed do you smoke? Your car burns a hole in your seat and you put it off as not being in the right gear... culturing fruit producing fauna... I sure am glad all these other folk humor you.

I will unsubscribe now.
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Don’t let the bastards get you down!


If your project is even half as good as your entertaining writing is it will be great.

I eagerly await your contributions to the thread; one of the Forum highlights for me.

Keep pushing,


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