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more windows is fine, just don't violate the ribs or end caps to add them...

period correct windows is a bigger issue, you'll need a salvage source for these.

new windows are easily available but won't match exactly; this may not matter to u.

but adding windows does increase the potential for leaks...

you could add new vista view windows up high on the sides, these provide LOTS of extra light and look cool....

search vista views for a pile of details, or browse the window sub forum...


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Originally Posted by 2airishuman

hey steve i'm sure max doesn't want folks to know his sleeping arrangement...

so he's now planning to water your tire/wheel again soon...
Oh that's something I would never expect...your dog lifting his leg on my trailer. It has only happened everytime we camp together. It's like you bring him directly to my spot immediately after I pull in and set-up.

I may return the favor to you this April buddy.


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Originally Posted by Cursh
The information I had gathered was that . . .

The shell weighed 1200lbs as it sat


The hitch weight was no where near 200lbs as I could lift the trailer with my bare hands.
Oh.. nevermind.
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With enough hard work, and money...anything is possible.

Mostly money though.

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Originally Posted by Cursh
is adding windows a terrible idea?
I think I would like some more windows (im a sucker for sunlight)
Horrible idea, IMHO (I think I am part mole). Here's why. If it's a warm day, you ought to be sitting outside in your chaise lounge soaking up the rays directly. If it's a hot day, you don't want rays penetrating and heating things up. If it's a cold day, you don't want the heat leaving. Windows are leaky--heat and water. Water mostly in, heat both ways.

At some level, windows only add "cool" (speaking beatnik here). My philosophy is that the inside of an Airstream provides for sleep, eat, cook. Outside under the awning provides for sun, party, friends. An awning will look "more cool" than more windows.

If you want to make a spaceship and stay inside it all the time, then maybe more windows are a good thing. But think about it. One thing you will find is that draping the widows is not easy and drapes take up inches of interior room. Finding period windows will not be easy, unless you just luck out. Finding space between the ribs in a location that doesn't affect interior systems or furnishings will tough.

My only other comment is that unless the over-the-dinnette bed swings up a little when not in use, you'll find it cramped to get into the dinnette. I think you'll also find it unacceptably cramped in the bed. You'll lie there and think you're comfortable until you have to scratch your head, then you'll know what it's like to drive a Corvette--fun, but don't be reaching around... I hope the upper bunk is for smalls.

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You have to be pulling our collective leg. I would suggest you spend a hundred hours or so reading the shell off threads. Esp those of people who actually finished. While you may be working on your thesis you clearly have not done your homework or lit review. I get the feeling your trailer will be as dangerous finished as it was being towed. Rebuilding an Airstream is not simple, cheap, or obvious. You need a plywood or similar floor for starters. If it isn't the right thickness you will have issues getting it back together. If you don't understand hidden rivets you may never get it apart.
Good Luck. I guess the Doc's test was not correctly calibrated.
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I may return the favor to you this April buddy.
Was this in reference to you...or your dog?
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yo, c-dog, I'd have to second that suggestion to really BONE UP on some resto homework and yes, carlos makes it look WAY too easy but I suspect the ferg-dog has some recent ancestors with awesome tools/shop/lifts AND mad skills.

but there is just something irresistable about "design thesis". makes me want to be 20 again. just don't get anyone killed in the process, dog! (ok, I'll lay off the 'dogs'...)

most of the 'design conventions' of AS are there because they have stood the test of time. just like the notion of having WAY BETTER BRAKES (and sway bars etc) on the trailer than you 'need' when that semi pulls out in front of you as you're tooling down the interstate. you MUST plan for 'worst case scenarios' when hauling 6K+ pounds of metal at highway speeds. baths seem to work better in the rear. fantastic fans and vents work fine and you'd be surprised how much light (and HEAT) come in thru the existing windows, etc etc etc.. heed the wisdom of the Metal Gurus. It's not just a T-Rex song....DOG!

break a leg my boy. you are gonna LOVE yer trailer when she's done. she's a she (hate to break this to ya a ship (land yacht)) even if Bahbu loves them camo pants and tank tops and punk rock music...

please keep us posted on your progress. on this thread.

best of luck
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Originally Posted by Fyrzowt
Was this in reference to you...or your dog?

Most definately me. Out female Boston wouldn't be up to the task, so I can take this task on. Asparagus anyone?

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Some answers to questions, etc.

The foil insulation aproach using strips of foam as spacers is done by putting the strips of foam just around the edges of the cavities and ocasionally in the middle if the space is a large one. The foil can easily enough span about 2' or so in between the foam strips. Check out some foil details here:

Subfloor material options. See my post #11:

This type of drain pump can help with putting the bath remote to your holding tanks:

One idea that you might be able to adapt to get some extra light would be something that they used to do on sailing ships ages ago. They used large glass marbles (2" or 3" in diameter) embeded in the hull or deck as a sort of mini skylight. Because of the round shape they brought in more light than just a flat opening of that size would.

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More than my fair share of stupidity ... but

I don't consider myself an old fart - ask my 23 year old design student daughter. But you started your thread with a little in your face attitude. Normally folks here are overly kind in their replies but - when you have a head to head attitude - that's what you'll get back. Nothing wrong with that - just know what to expect. Also, we do like to have a little fun with each other here - feel happy that you got included in that so early.

I do want to echo something that was said about your design. Your bath run from the front to a rear holding tank will cause you problems. You need the toilet at least close to the tank or you'll have a stinky mess on your hands. An RV toilet - on purpose - flushes with as little water as possible. Think about how that's going to move any solids the distance your planning... even if you never deposit anything other than toilet tissue. You'll end up with it drying in the line before it hits the tank - oops clog that will be near impossible to clear. How bout a side toilet as close to the tank as possible - just something to think about.
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Just concern Cursh


I just read all posts and I think everyone is just looking out for the future. These two combinations really get people here on the forums stirring. Like RideAir said, we're all just glad no one got hurt - but you have to understand and see where this could have come out in a very much different light (thankfully it did not). I love seeing our young generation into this and I can tell you (and your new girlfriend) see the ICON in it all.

Related to your project, and since you're young, I bet you have an iPOD - then goto iTunes, search for theVAP and start downloading all 61 Episodes of the Vintage Airstream Podcast and start listening. I'm on year 3 of my 58 restoration - so if you want it by June, tell the female good by for a few months.. otherwise you'll be putting this up for sale in June if you have to relocate back to Alabama.. it takes alot of time and money to restore these.

If you take the shell off, secure it so that it does not blow over in a windy day (with your luck, I'd use many tie-downs ). Good luck. Looking forward to the upcoming adventure with you.
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"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

With the cooperation of the thread starter the mod team is interested in keeping this thread on track. No piling on -- Please apply the 'Be Nice' rule if you are going to post in this thread. It is okay to just walk away.

Many of the members responding in this thread have "been there, done that" or else followed closely many of these projects. Thorough research (here, & others), parts scrounging, etc must be the basis for any project to pull together nicely. My experience would be that a restoration thread like this will provide just some fraction of the information necessary.
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Some points:
  • Why shell off?
  • Keep the inner skin and plan to put it back. That's important for monocoque stiffness.
  • Adding furnishings, floor & so much else back in - weight must be equivalent to furnishings taken out or trailer/axle will gross out.

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What got most peoples feathers flustered was the beginning introduction and towing fiasco. If we allow for youthful excitement and bad judgement and be thankful there were no injuries other then property damage then we can move on to the REDESIGN.

A gutted trailer offers many the possibility to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, when it comes to rethinking the trailer and it's uses. Travel trailer? Backyard playhouse? Stationary mountain gettaway? However you decide to use the vessel of your inspiration is what will effect your Redisign.

That being said, there are many with myself included that hold the Vintage years as the high point of form and function, the basis of good design. It is almost a religious following that look at the purity of what Wally Byam was attempting to create.

So it is, shall I say, sacreligious to consider taking sharpened blade to the already molested body of one of Wally's best offspring?

There are some that have been successful at the interior redesign for their very specific purposes like Carlos Furguson, as you mention being one of your inspirations. Excellent workmanship and great ideas. There are others that have completely missed the mark and ruined the trailer.

I pondered the extreme makeover approach early on and after hundreds of hours of reading others opinions most notably RJ Dial that the value both money and historic was to keep it as original as I could.

As it turns out restoring the trailer to it's original state has made me even more aware of how useful and well thought out the design was in the first place.

It is light weight, it has great interior layout, it is extremely well constructed and travels well. What more do you need in a "Travel Trailer"

I would hope you find a "less Vintage" and pre-gutted trailer to redesign if you are going to change everything about it anyway.


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