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There I was, driving down the intersate at my breakneck speed of 60, and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something moving where there really should be no movement. There, on the floor, standing proud and confident was the biggest RAT I have ever seen. Unfortunately it was also the largest rat my wife had seen and she let out a super human screem that had cars three deep from us heading for the ditches. Mr. GIANT rat, knowing his life was about to become unpleasent, turned and disappeared under the kitchen sink never to be seen again.
I'm deaf now but my wife and her screem are my hero's because a nano second before that screem let loose my brain said "RUN!! Forget the fact we're doing 60, just let go of the wheel and get you butt outta here!!". Now, had that MAMOUTH rat not ran first I would have been out of the door and a driverless A/S, screeming lady and a petrified rat would have made the evening news.
An that's the honest to goodness truth!

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Stuart 2 that is hilarious...


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Thank you, Ms. Silver! As a follow up, I did pull over at the the next exit and looked for that HUMONGUS rat but only found a hole in the floor underneath the kitchen sink which I fixed later that the way, ever hear the one about a rat chasing three cars down interstate 10?...
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Mouse jokes

I haven't laughed so hard aswhen reading the rat tale. It felt good to laugh that hard! Since I also am the type who screams and jumps for the nearest high surface, I have sympathy for your wife! I guess it's just built into us! I can get a rat snake out of tangled bird netting, or lead a loose bull back to it's pasture. I LOVE big fat toads, But it's something about those little critters seen in the corner of my eye that leads me to shreeking too. Good thing she wasnt driving!
Once, our kids' gerbil population exploded and instead of killing them ( after giving away as many as possible), I carried them out into the wood a couple of miles away. One made it back home before I did and the rest took up residence in the warm soft insulation of the hot tub. despite 3 cats. so we put their little plastic play places and homes out there and they went back "home". No more mister nice guy.

I also have a somewhat serious note. There has been a hanta virus alert for mice that have gotten into trailers in the southwest.
I use the electronic high frequency devices and they seem to work. I think there are ones that operate on batteries. good luck, silver suz
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stowaways from SC

When I brought our AS home from SC I discovered that the PO had in fact not been successful in ridding it of rats and mice. This realization was made when my daughter screamed that she saw something staring at her thru the kitchen window. Snap traps didn't work well, caught one, another made its way below with one hooked to it and bounced along the belly pan. Glue traps were no luck at all as one rat actually walked across it leaving droppings along the way. Fought them like that for a couple of weeks. When one was in my grill just as I started to cook dinner I had had enough. Finally called an exterminator who left packets all around the inside and even several areas of my garage and shed. He promised that they would be gone within a week and he wasn't lying. A few of the packets were eaten and they crawled out to die. He said that they dehydrate and leave looking for water. Never had one stink up the place as it decomposed.
Only bad thing was that the daughter that saw it in the first place almost stepped on its lifeless form in the yard-she wasn't happy *S*. Final count-two adult and four young rats, two mice. Been clean for two years now. Gotta love science and the heck with being humane in this case.

BTW, we name the AS Templeton after the rat in Charlottes Web, it's stuck and the mouse pic above seems so appropriate for how hard they fought us.
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Fresh Cab

Andrew, I received and put the "Fresh Cab" inside Lassie today.
Here's hoping...

P.S. It does smell nice, but hopefully not to mice.

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I've had better luck with the glue traps than with the snap traps. Just one kernel of dog food in the center and they're a goner.
Paul Mayeux
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Mice don't notice the smell of cats! We have 2 indoor/outdoor cats. We have had a noticeable mouse issue in our house (we live on the edge of a large hay field) I tried baiting traps with Peanut Butter, the little S.O.M.'s licked the PB off the traps without tripping it. Flour works better. Ginger (one of the cats) caught a mouse in the house the other morning, not to be out done her younger sister, Stripes caught a bigger one in the house the next morning. So much for the smell of cats in the house. Besides, I think the mice might have been eating out of the cats' food bowl. Which probably PO'ed the cats. We also like the glue paper, however we are normally only home on weekends so that is an interesting issue. BTW no mice in the AS...they will fall thru the holes in the floor

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The "sticky traps" work the best with a little peanut butter in the center.
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I like Rog's idea...maybe I should lend you my .50cal!
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Dead or Alive

Two years ago I tried one of the "humane" plastic traps. A little p'nut butter on a cracker in the back of the trap and a little spread on the door for a scent, and I had myself a mouse within an hour. Smart trap or stupid mouse, I'm not sure, but I've had similar success other times. No mess, no rot. In fact, it was the most fun I've ever had catching a mouse. Once the door closes, he can't go anywhere. I got to pick him up and watch him for a while before letting him go in the woods.
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Talking New technology

or even better

Check this out no blood and guts.
"No good dent goes unpunished."
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Many, many guys are the best! I have tried all the "mice tips". So far as of yesterday the "carpeting the floor" thanks Argosy 20... with lots of traps is working the BEST. Caught one with Peanut Butter several days ago and this morning had one with the cheese still in his mouth. What a relief to finally be on the winning side, hope it holds up till these varmits are gone! Sorry, Andrew the "Fresh Cab" didn't work on these durn Texas Mice, but was worth a try and it does smell nice. I finally quit cleaning...will have a cleaning frenzy when they are eradicated. Just wanted to post a note of Thanks!


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