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I've been jonesing for the 6.7 for quite a while now. But the new rear coil air suspension on the 2014 Ram 2500 has me intrigued. Hmmmmmmm.....


2014 Ram 2500 CTD
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2013 F250 6.7 Lariat purchased in February. About 6,000 miles on the odometer, 2,500 towing our 25' International through western states - Colorado Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, a lot of climbing at high altitude.

Towing 12.5 MPG average at 65 -70mph.
Unloaded down the highway, 18 - 20mpg at 75mph.

I absolutely love this truck and it is a dream to tow the Airstream. Sometimes you forget its back there. One great feature is the backup camera, I can hitch up without any assistance and do it on the first shot. I have no regrets on the purchase and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new TV.

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1. Not an owner of a Ford 6.7L
2. Read No. 1 Again.

My neighbor has a 6.7L and it is one impressive truck, gone for rides, its something else. He has owned a 6.0L, long story but it failed him once too often and it got traded, fast.

I copied this from a Dodge forum, don't throw the rock at me, just adding to the mix

OK, now for the only opinion I can offer and its based on being a survivalist when it comes to working on my vehicles, I try to do it myself as much as possible. I think this "service procedure" it started with the 6.0L and has continued to date. To work on any of these engine compartment packed trucks to do something major or serious, you lift the cab off of the truck. In fact in the attached link they have a picture of a Ford with the cab in the air for the work they are doing.

I repeat, I don't own one but anything that you have to take the cab off to do any fairly serious engine work to is just a turn off to the whole truck.

Again, my opinion.

Good luck with your search.

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I was wondering if other 6.7 owners smile when they can accelerate while towing going up a steep mountain. I have 10k trouble free miles on my 2012. Saying I 'love' my truck is a strong statement so I will say I like it very very much.
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I've owned my 2011 Ford F250 with the 6.7 two years and three months. It has 20,000 miles on it, about 9000 towing the Airstream (2008 27FB Safari). It is the first full size truck I've owned and the first diesel.

No issues at all with the engine. I change the oil more frequently than recommended. I also changed the fuel filter earlier than the recommended service interval. The engine is very quiet for a diesel which was a major selling feature for Susan.

I had an issue with the transmission hesitating between 2nd and 3rd on cold mornings. A computer update performed by the dealer fixed it.

Average mileage towing between 13.5 13.8. Last time we towed up the mountain from Winston-Salem to Highland Haven in Virginia mountains we got 13.8. The best we've ever gotten was about 14.2 going to Myrtle Beach. I tow at about 62 mph on the highway which seems to be the sweet spot for my truck.

This thing has plenty of power. I easily maintain the 55 speed limit going up the mountain east of Asheville on I40. Same going up I77 to Fancy Gap. No effort at all in the West Virginia mountains.

The only things we don't like about the truck are Synch. We find the navigation system more complicated than others we've owned. I also wish the steering was tighter. It is a little sloppy for my taste.

The integrated braking system is terrific and has already saved our bacon once. I had to slam on the brakes at 55 mph to avoid someone who passed me, moved into my lane and slammed his brakes on to turn right. The truck and trailer came quickly to a stop in an absolutely straight line.

Overall, we love our truck and hope to get at least 300,000 miles with little trouble. Come over and take a look at the Balloon Fiesta.
Airstream - 2008 Safari 27FB SE (Sweet Pea)
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As a former 7.3 owner now with a V-10, I am butting in only because I have a friend that is a Ford diesel mechanic at my Ford dealer. The real bottom line is how many newer 6.7 diesels are at the dealer for a problem. After 3 years of the Ford 6.7 engine, he tells me that he has very few come in and mostly for low urea tank issues or unrelated electronic stuff. ALL new diesels have urea tanks issues, no matter. IF I was looking for a new diesel engine pickup(which I am not), I would definately go for the Ford 6.7 as I have also read other "tests" from magazine tests, long term, that also conclude that the new (sorta) 6.7 is a great engine.
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I agree with you about the sync. It was designed by Microsoft which is probably why it works so poorly. Not to start a contest here, but Ford should have talked to Apple first.
I never buy the manufacturer installed navigation system. I've been using them since they first became available and have always found the after market systems (magellan, Garmin, TomTom, etc.) far superior. For less the cost of a factory update, you can buy a brand new Magellan or others and give away the old one. As much as I like Fords, the factory navigation system in my wife's 2013 Escape drives me crazy trying to use the voice commands to enter an address. Also found out the nav system in Ford's have very little memory when you sync your phone with a lot of contacts and music. Our local dealer explained the amount of contact information in her phone severely challenged the nav system causing delays and voice command problems.
Having owned diesels since the 80's, I agree with an earlier post about oil and fuel filter changes. I do oil and tire rotation every 5K and still have good tires after 40K miles. Maybe 5K left.
When I first started in the fire department in 1972, all our equipment was gasoline powered. We started changing the fleet to diesel and immediately notice a huge improvement in maintenance. One of the performance issues that is truly significant but never commented on regarding gas vs. diesel is overheating. Our gas engines were susceptible to overheating under heavy load and extreme conditions. Never an issue with diesels. True, modern cooling systems with gas engines have vastly improved, but an old mechanic like me is happy to take any maintenance or reliability issue off the table.
Like the earlier post, I also had a panic situation where I slammed on the brakes and had to take the shoulder to avoid a collision. I don't know if the automatic yaw control helped, but truck and trailer stayed true and stayed straight.
The ability to follow instructions is highly underrated.
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Again, great input from everyone. It was interesting to me about a 40 year Ford owner going to Dodge. I have to say that one of my attractions to Ford is the depth and breadth of Ford truck dealerships, since because of the amount of travel we do and anticipate, having a network of dealers to rely on if and when necessary is important to us. Not that Dodge doesn't have an extensive dealer network, just that in my perception Ford has a much stronger dealer network and more likely to have diesel mechanics. Don't ask me how I know this.
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2011 Super Duty oil burner for two years, good truck, when optioned to purchase a new 2013 Super Duty or 2013 Cummins oil burner, went with Ram 2500 and love it - currently better truck than Super Duty but next year who knows who will be best.

End of day - both good trucks, in 2011 I thought Ford had the best Super Duty and gambled on the then new tranny and Scorpion 6.7 engine. When back in market for 2013, went with Ram Cummins and I think this currently is the better of the two.

Chevy/GMC was never an option for me but perhaps in 2015 they may be back in the race and caught up with the other two...

Just my two cents...
John "JFScheck" Scheck
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Switched over to Ram as at the time I felt it was the best value for the money. With a relatives family plan and end of year inceintives the price was $12k under a comparable Ford. I also really do not like the exterior styling of the SD. I am personally very happy with the performance of the Ram. A tiny bit louder under load at times and the exhaust brake is a little louder than the SD but that is a plus for me. I have an E Quil Izer hitch, by the way, and it works exceptionally well. One finger driving
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6.7 Best engine on the market.

Originally Posted by nilesrob View Post
I am interested specifically in experiences with the Ford 6.4L Powerstroke to date.
I have had my 2012 F250 6.7 4X4 Crew Cab 6.5 ft bed, for a little over a year and a half, there is no engine that compares to the 6.7 and this comes from someone who has put them all side by side in towing and driving, my friends who have dodge and chev we usually all end up trading about the same time so the comparison is new to new. Although the new Dodge 5500 is putting pressure on Ford though. As usual dodge has the best interior for room, but that is about it. If you really look the SOB's are copying Fords exterior.
Bear in mind that I live in the mountains so that has an effect on fuel mileage, as well as towing. I don't abuse it but I don't baby it either, worse thing you can do to any diesel engine, they are made to work.
My 6.7 now has a little over 25 grand on it in towing and daily driving, I have a AS 34ft Legend and by the time I load it with food water and everything else that goes inside the trailer tops out at near 11,000 lbs, then you add the grandkids, their stuff bikes and so on the truck is actually pulling almost 13,000. I maintain 13.9 to 15.2 mpg generally all the time, of coarse it drops with the more steeper mountainous terrain but has never been below 12 mpg, and on the flats it has been up in the 16's. As a daily driver in town I stay around 17 mpg, on the highway around 70-75 mph it stays in the lower 20's mpg, below 65 mph I have had it up above 25 mpg, all MPG's are checked through fuel purchase and mileage to actual MPG's. I smile a lot when going up hills as I just cruise by the others and very rarely hit passing gear. Even on the I26 at Saluda mountain of a 7% grade, I40 outside Ashville 6.5% grade I77 from NC to VA 7.3% grade I get past most everyone with ease and while it is in passing gear it is not that loud compared to the others.
The service is done at the recommended intervals, the DEF usually runs out just before service time, but I do a lot of idling too. And you are not going to be able to get away from the def as all diesels new are required to have it now, and old ones are suppose to have it installed by 2016, gas engines by 2018. Which I believe as technology gets more improved and new materials are discovered this will change, and I think DEF will disappear as nothing more than an additive.
Handling & Navigation is the only negatives I have found on this truck, the newer springs ford uses is not as good as the ones on older fords and I mean pre 2002, my 2012 has overloads on it. And the Nav system w/syn. I believe Ford should have partnered with Garmin or Tom Tom, and got the better maps and such, plus you can get updates as roads are constantly changing or added.
One thing that even my friends say with the SOB's is use the cruise as much as possible and let the computer do the work. You get much better results.
I love my Ford, been a Ford man for over 25 years, and have owned dodge and GMC too, and when you look at the stats this truck has better tow ratings, reliability, fuel, so far than the others. Mine is rated at 23,000 bumper, 29,500 fifth wheel/goose neck. And I do push the tow ratings with some of the other stuff I haul.
All diesels, you do no towing and only easy driving for the first 1000-1200 miles, then use as you would normally.
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Originally Posted by hhendrix View Post
One other improvement that could cause me to get a newer Ford F250 is if they put in the electric full roll down windows in the back jump seat doors like they have done on the F150.
Not sure if you have been in one lately but all 4 of my windows are power and go completely down, even the rear window slide is power as well as the sun roof.
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Originally Posted by tuffr2 View Post
I was wondering if other 6.7 owners smile when they can accelerate while towing going up a steep mountain. I have 10k trouble free miles on my 2012. Saying I 'love' my truck is a strong statement so I will say I like it very very much.
I do, almost to the point of laughing, as I cruise up a 7% grade with ease on cruise and engine is barely working when towing almost 13,000 lbs.
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As much as I would love a new 6.7, my 2000 7.3 (bought new in 1999) is still doing the job. Yes I would like the new transmission for engine braking, but when I see $60,000 as the MSRP, I remember how many years of good service the 7.3 has provided. Overall average towing is around 15mpg, unloaded is around 19 MPG.

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