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Feel the Same way

We too bought a new 2016 FC 27fb and during our first voyage we also had a water leak coming from the the water heater by the toilet, and the door and screen were not fitting well during the closing process. Service Dept at LA Airstream took it in, tightened up some fittings and fixed the door and it now works well. Keeping fingers crossed, maybe the QC guy was on a break when our two trailers were passing his station.

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I wish I had the luxury of taking mine to a dealer for annual upkeep; my dealer is about 4 hours away. Two trips of 8 hours to take it there, come home, and go back are too daunting. So, like everything else I own, I try to do my own maintenance. This has not really been a problem to date but my Airstream is a 2012 and everything works now. I think that is because Colonial was the selling dealer and they seem to be superior at PDI. I am the second owner and I had the selling dealer fix some minor issues as well.
I can see some roof caulking issues need some attention this year, though. On my boat, I went over 10 years of 12 months in the sun before it needed any caulking, it looks like only 3+ years for a "handmade" Airstream. Not what I expected when I bought one.

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Quality issues with American autos didn't become important to U.S. makers until the Japanese took major market share--if only the Japanese had entered the RV market. Best description of AS manufacturing I've read here is from the person who visited the plant and wrote: "Ohio farm boys slapping them together as fast as they could." I refrain from telling owners of other RVs of the problems I've had (rear bumper leak, for example) because I don't want to embarrass myself for spending so much for a product with so little quality control. With all the issues you have had already, I'd take the unit back and demand another.
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2016 AS Quality

We have had several issues as well. The trim on the bathroom door had screws that were supposed to be holding it together were on the floor (our first trip out). They didn't have the back side to them. Instead, they were glued in.
The window treatments are a joke. They aren't lined up properly, are fraying on the sides and look as if a drunk person installed them. We have made notes of all the defects and so far, the dealer has made good except the window treatments. The refrigerator didn't work for the first 2 days of a 4 day trip and then it kicked in. We too, are surprised at the quality of this newly born 2016U. We are a little concerned about what to expect within the year as we really start to utilize it.
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The Consumer Reports 2015 Car Brand Report Cards ranks automakers across the world by reliability, road test performance and other factors. For the second year in a row, Lexus topped the list, nearly matched by Mazda, and followed by Toyota and Audi. The bottom of the list included Ford, Dodge, Mini, Jeep and Fiat.
Even the top nameplate 'only' received a score of 78. See

My point: Humans will never produce 100% defect-free anything. Airstream and Tiffin come closer than others in the niche they serve. However, having the belief that your $$$$ will ENSURE top dollar results - all you get is fewer challenges. Of the two, Bob Tiffin & his family go above and beyond to resolve factory and service issues. I HOPE the brand NEVER becomes corporate (Thor) owned. I pray that the Tiffin's keep the father's philosophies on business ethics. And, yes, as long as there is no competition to AS, as U.S. car brands faced, they - and the dealer network - will not really change. Your MOST powerful action is to STOP buying the product.
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Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in having shoddy QC PROBLEMS;
The whole industry needs to get ' their act together' in Quality Control.
In Autos; I've had two Subaru's, two Toyotas, and now a Ford F-150 Ecoboost.

Can't say that for the RVs.
My first one, a Starcraft "Centennial" had so many problems straight from the factory, (through the dealer), that I lost ten days of my three week vacation, to make it roadworthy.
My next RV, a 23' Hi-Lo came out pretty good. Just some minor stuff. After six years, it was still good when I traded it in for a 2015 25' 'Cloud.
More problems!
-Leaks at the sink, three times back to the dealer to fix. (He's 100 miles away.)
-Water heater, not operative, unless I opened the outside hatch.
-Shower leaking at door.
-Very slow water flow at sink and toilet.
-Air conditioner and furnace going at the same time.
-Propane smell in bedroom, from the hot water heater.

After several times back to the dealer; it finally worked as per design.
I do have some 'design issues' with Airstream, but that's another subject.

Needing more room, and a proper bed orientation, I traded it in for a 2016 30' FC.
Am I a Bear for punishment, expecting more of the same????
Time will tell when I take it out of Winter storage.
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Cool Me Too

I have a 2016 and have had a few quality issues. Trailer spent over 2 months at the Dealership getting approvals and getting the problems fixed.
Hang in there in the end it will all work out!
I to was not impressed with "QUALITY CONTROL!"
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Airstream cult

Reading this thread and previous ones like it lead me to think of the Airstream community, including the manufacturer, dealers, and owners, as a cult. When unbiased people who are often new to the community, provide convincing evidence of serious quality and/or safety issues that is detailed, consistent, and usually undisputed, there is an outpouring of lame excuses. Things like the following: nothing is perfect, the AS is subjected to unusual forces of highway driving, and all rv's have problems. Though there is an element of truth to the comments, we would not accept similar excuses for failed airplanes, dental prostheses, high def televisions, or computers. True, Microsoft has a long history of developing software that was as shoddy as Airstreams functionality. But Apple, though also imperfect, arose to global domination as a result.

I have had great adventures in my Airstream, but would give serious thought to buying another. As a mountaineer I will not tolerate a North Face tent that leakes or an MSR stove that would not perform as expected under extreme conditions. I have owned 10 new vehicles (foreign and domestic) and as many used vehicles of all types, including those that had soft top convertibles and sunroofs. None, not one, ever leaked. And I drove many of them in harsh conditions across the country. Many were stored in outdoor environments from sub-zero to 100 degree temps.

My punch list upon delivery of my AS was over 20 items. Here a few of the more serious, and inexcusable, items:
1. Arrived home after my 30 mile trip from the dealer to find the GYM tires were inflated only to 40 lbs. (50 lbs is manufacturer and AS spec). Clearly a dealer lapse, yet many on these forums choose to blame Goodyear for their tire failures.
2. During my first trip out a week later the gray tank leaked profusely. The dealer told me the holes for the showere drain were improperly drilled. They took three weeks to complete the repair and then returned the trailer to me with a caulking job around the shower that looked like it was done by a 12 year-old and wood trim very misaligned.
3. My propane tanks were leaking by the second trip out. I had to fix this on the road. Routine maintenance? Yes, but not in the first month and following PDI.
4. Numerous screws that were missing or so poorly installed that doors fell off.
5. Windows - all but 2 - that would not open on our first trip (before hot weather) without great care and much effort.
6. Lug notes that are poorly designed with a very malleable veneer of chrome coating. Despite 40 years of changing tires, including 10 years changing to snow tires weekly during the winter months when traveling alternately to snow country and the city, I damaged three of these before replacing all of them.
My list could go on quite a bit more, but this is more than most "true believers" want to hear.
Market forces are the only remedy. And getting past the denial stage is necessary before Thor will take truly effective steps to address quality issues. Meanwhile, the AS hobbyists and cultists will continue to abet this denial. Clearly. Quite a few folks really do like working on Airstreams, but most purchasers probably want to spend more time exploring our fantastic continent than repairing a poorly designed or installed system.
The cultists here will likely label my comments unfavorably. But I think AS has a tremendous heritage and a great future IF the leaders can step up and listen to their customer and follow through with appropriate action.
"Having differences makes a difference"
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My wife and I bought a 34foot classic limited in 1995 and needless to say it had some problems. On our first trip out which was from CA to TN all the drawer slides broke. As we are able to do our own repairs we fixed the drawer slides. We now have 152000 miles on the trailer and it has never been in for warranty work. I will say this we have never had any leaks the awnings look brand new and we have never had any problems with the 12v or 110v. Electrical systems. We replaced the two coach battery's with a 225a Life Line; added 400 watts of solar using Trace Engr. Solar controllers and a Trace Engr. 2000 watt sine wave inverter. Add a second 225A Life Line over the axels for the inverter. During the summer we never have to charge the house battery as the solar provides enough energy. We also replaced the water pump with a Flojet continuous flow pump so the water pressure is just like our home. jvmang
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"Go to Jackson for repairs" is often suggested on this forum. That might be a pleasant weekend trip if you live in Indiana or Pennsylvania. But the productive time lost from work, transportation, and lodging costs of this solution is quite substantial. Would anyone take their Subaru to Indiana, BMW to South Carolina, Mercedes to Alabama, or VW to Mexico for warranty repairs?
"Having differences makes a difference"
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Anyone who buys a RV, any brand, any type, any size, any amount of money and thinks their purchase will be trouble free is in for a surprise. The industry is driven on demand not quality. A Newell motor home is much better than the Tiffin previously mentioned as the Airstream trailer is much better than a Keystone product towable but all of the fore mentioned have problems big or small. Airstream does seem to resolve warranty issues & it would be a great incentive to buy if more service centers like JC were strategically located in at least three other areas of the county to service customers.
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Originally Posted by Mrjkq View Post
The industry is driven on demand not quality.
Can you explain what you mean by that statement?

It isn't logical to me that it wouldn't be better for their bottom line to do it right the first time, rather than having people take their units in (wherever) for warranty repairs.
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I have suggested going to Jackson Center for repairs to get the best possible outcome in a day or two, if you can work it into your travel plans. Also, take your Tiffin motorhome to Alabama for the same reason.

When your car breaks down, the factory will have nothing to do with you, you're at the mercy of the dealer and out of luck if they don't know what they are doing.
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How I wish someone in Jackson Center would look at these threads-

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