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Tires 101

LT tires are of different Speed Ratings. The Service Description of the tire will give its Load Index and Speed Rating.
A good explanation of both Speed Rating and Load Index is found here:

Also read this letter on the GoodYear Web Site:

Here is a Speed Rating Chart:

This link will identify the Service Index:

From the above links you can see that the Service Description of the ST225/75R15 Load Range D tire will be 112 J.

Of course the Federal Government does not require the Service Description be placed on the sidewall of the ST tire. This allows the ST tire manufacturers to squirm out of any responsibility for the damage these tire cause.
Bringing more pressure on the tire manufacturing community can be accomplished by reporting ALL ST tire failures to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administrations Web site. That organization is statistically driven and only will respond to numbers. I see the excuse “oh the tires were old8 to 10 years old. They should have blown”. That is fertilizer. I have seen many car tires surpass that age to be changed because they were “bad” looking.

The LT225/75R16s Load Range D I put on my trailer have a Service Description of 110/107Q, found here:

This translates to;
110 = 1,337 pounds in a single arraignment.
107 = 2149 pounds in a dually configuration.
Q = Speed Rating of 99 or 100 MPH depending where you look.

Heat seems to be the nemesis of any tire.
The closer you get to the Service Description of the tire the more likely you are to experience trouble.

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One other thing they claim that ST tires get are heavier sidewalls that have UV inhibitor in them. This very well may be true; I cannot confirm nor deny.

That being said, my truck has Load Range E tires on it, it sees much higher loadings per tire than the trailer does, and they'll run as fast as I care to go just fine.

Some manufacturers make tires that are dual rated for both LT and ST. One example is Maxxis. I have their UE-168's on my triple axle Avion. The tires are marked both LT and ST. They actually do have three ply sidewalls. Most tires only have a single ply. They may be "rated" as an eight ply, or what have you, but they really only have one. Anyway, the Maxxis tire I'm using has very heavy sidewalls, is speed rated to around 100mph, and you can get them in Load Range D or E. I got D's because I wanted 235 series to match the diameter of the 700 R 15's I replaced. 225's could be had in Load Range E, but they weren't tall enough. I do not know if the 235's would clear on the Airstream's fenderwells or not. It'd be tight; the 235's are wider than the 700R15's were. Each one is rated to like 2050lbs and I have six of them, so I've got over 12,000lbs of tire capacity on a trailer that grosses at 9600. I'd call it safe

Of note: I've heard many guys recommend to not run D's or E's on an Airstream due to the stiffness of the sidewalls. Rather, they recommend C's. I can't comment on that, only to say that Avion has a much heavier frame than Airstream and they are not prone to the tongue/frame/sag/separation problems that the older Airstreams had. So you might want to investigate a bit before you get a set of the stiff tires. I think D's might be OK, but E's would probably be too stiff. As well, you must take into account the rims on your trailer. The older aluminum wheels might not be able to take the pressure that you can put into a D or E tire, and so if you put an E tire (for example) on a C rated rim and put the full 80psi in it, you may very well split the rim. That would not be good!

I run 60psi in my D's. I've pulled it about 1800 miles or so to date with this setup and no problems at all.


- Jim
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Originally Posted by CrawfordGene
Somewhere on one of a gazillion tire threads I asked the question: what's the difference between LT and trailer tires. The answer: trailer tires have stronger sidewalls. I think it came from either Andy or lewster. I take no credit. If Discount Tire (#4 above) is recommending LT for a trailer, I wonder about that. I buy tires from them in Grand Jct., but am really careful about what they tell me.

I also take no credit for a suggestion that a microphone be installed next to the tires so we could hear: "ssssss, blam, flap, flap, crash". I did do the dialogue though.
NOPE! ................wasn't ME .

In fact, I swapped out the Marathons that came with my '06 CCD (225/75-15 LRD) for a set of BFGoodrich Commercial T/A 225/75-16 LRE tires. Got real tired thinking about all of the tread sepration failures and other issues with the Marathons and decided to use the same tires I have on my Sprinter that serve me so well.

New wheels tooooooooooo!!!
Lew Farber...ABYC Certified Master Marine Electrician...RVIA Certified Master Tech ...AM Solar Authorized Installation Center...AIRSTREAM Solar & Electrical Specialist...Micro Air 'Easy Start' Sales and Installations
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Hey guys, not pinging anybody here. Please, back up your ideas with facts. Trying to keep this thread about facts that are backed up by the industry standards and gov'ment standards (not that gov'ment standards actually means much ).

There are many other threads filled with opinions. I'm trying to keep THIS thread about facts. Thanks for understanding.


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Tires 101

Here is a copy of the email I sent to the RV Safety & Education Foundation:

From: Beginner

> Date: 2006/12/15 Fri PM 10:29:21 EST
> To:
> CC:
> Subject: Tire Safety
> Sir/Mam
> Appearntly in your third booklet, under the heading"Here are a few
> defensive driving tips to keep in mind while on the road.", one of the
> tips was to "Drive at a speed that matches the flow of traffic."In
> order to prevent causing a traffic tie.
> On just about any Interstate in the country the traffic flows at 70
> mph and above. On some of these Interstates the posted speed limit is 75.
> How can you say this, given the ST tire is only speed rated to 65 mph
> and Goodyear recommends overinflating the tire by 10 psi if you plan
> to go over
> 65 mph.
> There is a disconnect here somewhere.
> How can you recommend overstressing a piece of equipment and call it safe?
> No matter you color it, spin it or flavor it, the ST tire is a 65 mph
> tire MAX.
> If you plan to run over 55 mph you need better tires than the ST.
> Beginner
> Norfolk Virginia

Here is their answer:

Sir, I agree you should never exceed the rating of any comonent or break any laws.
This is simply a guide line and applies to all types of RV's and we should & will place a note to this effect in our next revision. For the large majority of highway tires the rating will match highway speeds however in this case there is a discrepancy we will address.
I am also forwarding this to Kris Fettig (Goodyear) in order for us to incorporate the proper information.
Just as a side note his is one of the reasons we see many towable manfacturers going to LT rated tires.
I appoligize for the inconsistency and thank you for bringing this to our attention, your intrest in our program is greatly appreciated.
Again thank you.

Walter C. Cannon
Executive Director
RV Safety & Education Foundation
Just thought this exchange might be of interest. I have posted it before.

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